Jay-Z - Jigga What / Faint Lyrics

Jigga what, Jigga who?
Jigga what, Jigga who?
Jigga what, Jigga who?

You gon' need a vocal in, right?

Motherfuckers wanna act loco, hit em wit, numerous
shots with the fo'-fo'
Faggots wanna talk to Po-Po's, smoke em like cocoa
Fuck rap, coke by the boatload
Fuck dat, on the run-by, gun high, one eye closed
Left holes through some guy clothes
Stop your bullshittin, glock with the full clip
Motherfuckers better duck when the fool spit
One shot could make a nigga do a full flip
See the nigga layin shocked when the bullet hit
Oh hey ma, how you, know niggaz wanna buy you
But see me I wanna Fuck for Free like Akinyele
Now I gotta let her take this ride, make you feel it
inside your belly, if it's tight get the K-Y Jelly
All night get you wide up inside the telly
Side to side, til you say Jay-Z you're too much for me

I am a little bit of loneliness a little bit of disregard
Handful of complaints but I can't help the fact that everyone can see
these scars
I am what I want you to want what I want you to feel
But it's like no matter what I do, I can't convince you, to just believe
this is real
So I let go, watching you, turn your back like you always do
Face away and pretend that I'm not
But I'll be here 'cause you're all that I got

Got a condo with nuttin but condoms in it
The same place where the rhymes is invented
So all I do is rap and sex, imagine how I stroke
See how I was flowin on my last cassette?
Rapid-fire like I'm blastin a Tec, never jam though
Never get high, never run out of ammo
Niggaz hatin n shit cause I slayed your bitch
You know your favorite, I know it made you sick
And now you're, actin raw but you never had war
Don't know how to carry your hoe, wanna marry your hoe
Now she's mad at me, causer Your Majesty, just happened to be
A pimp with a tragedy
She wanted, us to end, cause I fucked with friends
She gave me one more chance and I fucked her again
I seen her tears as she busted in, I said, "Shit..
there's a draft, shut the door bitch and come on in!"

I am a little bit insecure a little unconfident
Cause you don't understand I do what I can but sometimes I don't make
I am what you never wanna say but I've never had a doubt
It's like no matter what I do I can't convince you for once just to hear
me out
So I let go watching you turn your back like you always do
Face away and pretend that I'm not
But I'll be here 'cause you're all that I've got

I can't feel the way I did before
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored
Time won't heal this damage anymore
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored

Hear me out now
You're gonna listen to me, like it or not
Right now
Hear me out now
You're gonna listen to me, like it or not
Right now

I can't feel the way I did before
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored

I can't feel the way I did before
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored
Time won't heal this damage anymore
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored

I can't feel
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored
Time won't heal
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored

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Jay-Z Jigga What / Faint Comments
  1. Kelly Anseli Ruiz

    Quem curte, aqui Brasil 2019 😎

  2. Vortex

    This what i call music, best collab i ever heard made both songs 100 times better


    Simplemente "Épico"

  4. Iden Ticlla

    alguien pongale subs porfa :'''v


    2019 e eu aqui assistindo..
    15 anos depois viciado nessa fusão fodástica demais ...

  6. Maolen Vin Pelaez

    Put y'all hands up now!

  7. FearTheMenace

    2019 I'm still here motherf*cker!

  8. z sebastian

    This was my favorite songs they did together

  9. imanual mahida

    One of the greatest collaboration in the history one hell of a concert that was

  10. Marcelo Barbosa

    Brasil / November / 2019

  11. NööBęśt

    That scream ,damn . This has to be the best performance I’ve ever seen so far of Linkin Park in my own opinion .

  12. Alemzhan shamsidenov

    three vocalist

  13. lennon Krane

    That moment wen jay-z said wow lmao

  14. Иван Шишацкий

    Я один узнал об этой песни потому что её переделали в Смешарики-версию?

  15. Sullen Taylor

    I always wait for the moment Jay Z is like oh fuck!!

  16. Satriaguna Adhitya Pratama

    best guitar sounds!!

  17. Lalit Wanchoo

    The Crowd is Lit AF🔥🔥

  18. David Holzer

    I don't think people realize how revolutionary this was. This wasn't a one off collab or mashup. They managed to produce a whole album and recreated all these songs perfectly flowing the hit songs from both jay-z and Linkin park

  19. lReiDelasXD COBR

    Algum BR? 🇧🇷

  20. XponenT

    2019 🔥🤘

  21. Yaswanth Sethuraman

    That moment when jigga what roars biaaaaaaach 1:53

  22. Patrick Neal

    I feel like in every song Jay Z seems consistently impressed with how hype the crowd is. He clearly didn't watch any concerts prior: this is tame as fuck for an old LP concert 😈🤜🤛

  23. Breezy Bree

    Fav song of all-time! 💙💙💙💙 RIP Chester

  24. Daniela Ferreira

    I miss that so fucking much

  25. Jéssica Bonfim

    2019! ❤🇧🇷😘💁🏻

  26. Jay E

    08/06/19 and still one of the best collabs ever...

  27. MuHaMeD H

    Keep going

  28. 장종민

    한국인입니다. 전설을 들으러 왔습니다.

  29. Roger Redfield

    Here in 2019 once in a lifetime experience this was

  30. GiovaneWo Moura

    Jay Z says: UAU HAHA

  31. Audio Now

    When that guitar comes in at 1:06 OMG!

  32. Anil Jaiswal

    They Created History !

  33. Igor Tokarski

    3:15-3:19 Jay-Z throwing his bottle of water, but then probably nobody noticed it, so he said "I won't be ignored"

  34. Big Algernod Trilla

    Rip chester

  35. 都田直子


  36. rushan akmal

    When J'z about to go "Chester form"

  37. Hany Moy

    Chester Bennington handsome😍😍
    The legend everlasting

  38. Lalit Wanchoo

    The crowd is LitT af...!

  39. Matthew Kulyk

    hell yeah Jay-z and Linkin Park are great together

  40. Yuda Satria

    im here after homicide.

  41. Henrique Kenzo

    3:13 Jay-Z is disappointed with you.

  42. Jotaro Joestar

    2:35 goosebumps🤭

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    Still watching @ 2019..

  44. Vivek.M

    your gonna listen to me like it or not

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    Plateia privilegiada

  46. Spider-Man 2099 Channel

    This sounds horrible

  47. Rido Pakpahan

    10 april 2019

  48. Alison K

    Chester's Voice=Goosebumps I miss him :/

  49. Robert Lewis II

    They shouldve went on tour together honestly! This is iconic! Can’t believe I just heard this now in 2019!

  50. donne one

    Ooooooooooouu... 😎🗽

  51. owen

    1:06 foda quando guitarrista vem kkkkkkkkkk

  52. Егор Шпиньков

    как там уууууууууууух

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    Mike é um gênio

  54. leandro konstansky

    vichi o a voz desse preto e muito feia

  55. Jose Salazar

    I'd u can make Jay z say wow then u made it

  56. VacantNap1

    3:17 why won't be ignored

  57. Влад Ялта

    Очень жаль Честера!

  58. Carla Scicchitano

    🇧🇷 2.019

  59. Patrick Healy

    Muhfuckas Betta duck when the fool spit

  60. Bernardo Dias

    2019 🇧🇷

  61. Swaraj Naskar

    Brad be like, "Hold up, the main jam is yet to come"

  62. Roblox TV Network

    make the no voice version

  63. Rafael

    tinha que apanhar o imbecil que da dislike nesse video

  64. Farid Cárdenas

    The best of Linkin Park

  65. emil starczyk


  66. Deepnil Vasava

    I'll do anything to just go there and jump like an a** hole

  67. Kev Renner

    December 2018 and this still bumps

  68. Neil Royston

    Still friggin goosebumps when I watch this concert this was friggin awesome and especially when Brad comes out raising his hands and then jams it !!!!! Lit !!! Rip Chester!!

  69. Random Thoughts 777

    Never used a pen !

  70. Vipith Tharayil

    2:54 jay-z astound by chester scream

  71. Vipith Tharayil

    Chester be like.."cool shit i feel like im rapper too"

  72. Peter O'Hanraha-hanrahan

    This collaboration really took people by surprise at the time and is one of the best genre mix-ups of all time in my opinion.

  73. patrick piet

    Thums up

  74. Leonardo Lacerda

    Talento nato
    Esses caras são foda pra Caralho

  75. Bonafide Rarity

    Best mashup ever!!

  76. David Lor

    You are eternal

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    the best of hova

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    Sends chills.. Love it best collab,,

  79. Karyne Liborio

    Essa dai é da hora mesmo ein

  80. Willie Robinson

    2018 still wishing for another one!!

  81. Bala ke

    *Rap + Rock =* 🔥🔥🔥

  82. Sadeka Humaira

    Jay-Z's reaction to Chester 😍

  83. Frank Crisafulli

    Did I witness jay z scream at 1:54.....

  84. Victor Farias

    vim pelo Rennan da Penha 😅

  85. Its Sonje baby

    2:47 Jay Z was like "Breathe Boy"
    Sept 11 2018 anyone?

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    make some noise come on yaaa

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    Jay-z trapping

  88. descolado da Silva

    Alô seus feladaputa

  89. kevin ostering

    Why can blacks say the n world but it’s racist if a white person says it. If one race can’t say shouldn’t the other not say it.

  90. Ingrid

    2:34 How can a scream be so beautiful?? I have any other words to describe it hahahaha HOLY SHIT, I'M GETTING INTO LINKIN PARK ONLY NOW, AND I REGRET SO FUCKING BAD... Chester you'll be fuckin missed... he was so talented, damn.... what happened to him is so sad.. Glad he let his mark on so many people with his talent. ❤

  91. Player

    R.I.P. Chester Benotong

  92. veeencenzo


  93. josecostamoura moura


  94. josecostamoura moura


  95. josecostamoura moura


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    1 year since the farewell of Chester, we'll remember your songs buddy, viaje bueno.