Jay Sean - Pyrite Lyrics

Babe just say you miss me, is it that hard
Too long since I heard about our love
Am I in this this by myself, yeah
We're always cutting lenses on my store bought frames
Too see something different than these blues and greys
I need something different, yeah, yeah, yeah
Cause you ain't feelin' the same

And who knows, maybe I'm crazy
That's one big maybe
And even a fool knows when it's gone, gone, gone

I know pyrite from 24 karat, yeah
Cubics from genuine diamonds, yeah
A call from a woman who loves you
And hello from a friend
I know when it's real, I know how to tell
I know the difference between what you say and how you feel
Oh oh, I know when it's real

I can tell the difference every time that you call
But I don't need a drink, I need some time in my car
Time to drive and think
Time to park and cry
You should've know you are beautiful
You should've know what I saw in ya
Please forgive me for feelin' like it's all your fault
A heavy heart can't carry blame for the loss



You might not know this, but I'm a man with pride
And it hurts me baby, deep down deep down
And I can't let go of this, you gotta know I've tried
It's pathetic baby, don't lie, don't lie
I'm a candle, you're the sun, and you're burnin' baby
Said you're burnin' baby
(Burnin' up, burnin' up)
Burnin' like the sun you got me burnin' up
(Burnin' up, burnin' up)


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