Jay Sean - If I Ain't Got You Lyrics

It doesn't matter if I ain't got you

If I ain't got you [x4]

Hey pretty baby, you got me goin' crazy
I'm down when I ain't got you
Cause baby girl you do it for me
Won't you put it on me
I love the little things you do

So you can spend all you wanna
Dolce and Gabbana
I would buy the world for you

So I break it down
If your not around
It doesn't matter if I ain't got you

All the diamonds and the pearls
And the money in the world means nothing
If I ain't got you
And all the watches and the rings
And all the shiny things
Means nothing if I ain't got you
If I ain't got you youuuuuuuu [x4]

Yo, I had a villa in Manila
A home in Rome
Didn't matter cause I didn't have you
Had an apartment in the sky
Summers in Dubai
Didn't matter cause I didn't have you

I used to spend all I wanted
Dolce and Gabbana
But I would trade it all for you
Together had it all
But now that you my all
No that nothing matters without you


Watch sites without you
A house without you
They don't mean nothing if I'm without you it's true
Nothing it matters
Girl more than you do
And my life feels brand new
Every minute every time that you are with me
No that time girl I hope that you still be
Cause all I need in this world is you and me

Cause baby


If I ain't got you then I ain't got nothing
Said I ain't got nothing
So hush, little baby, don't say a thing
Daddy's gonna buy you a diamond ring
And if that diamond ring don't shine
Then daddy's gonna buy you the whole damn mine, haha

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Jay Sean If I Ain't Got You Comments
  1. Kamran Liaqat

    Good song

  2. Shehan Disanayake

    In 2019?

  3. Dyladaus 90an

    Love this song 💕

    Zahir Sheik

    Me also

  4. Dagonoy PCP

    2012 to 2019

  5. zeeshan azam

    Fuck it's 2019😭😭

  6. Vini Xavier

    2019 anyone?


    Vini Xavier yhhhh

  7. oy59

    so pissed this isn't on amazon music

    Messionate V

    oy59 or Apple Music

  8. Da Ni

    If i ain't got you I don't want nothing .... all the diamonds and money in world won't bring u back bye baby ...😟

  9. Netta Barbie

    Makes me think bout my bae

  10. Da Ni

    Nothing goin right without you team suicide 3

  11. Denise Castillo

    ❤😘😍🎼🎵🎶 2018

  12. Dewan Rahman

    Jay sean should be top rated! Fuck other singers 😑

  13. Denise Castillo

    Still love in 2018 ❤😍🎶

  14. Laua Tu'uheava

    Solid Ciana Cz up

  15. Dausdyla 3821

    lov3❤ u jay..😚😚

  16. Alexandra Feagins

    still love this song ☺

  17. NaTera Carter

    love it

  18. Carrie Edwards

    I like this song

  19. Mistin .M

    his voice is very beautiful

  20. Martin Ulsano

    2016 i remember my mom bought this album on cd😂

  21. Martin Ulsano

    How i started listening to r&b this man was fire 💯💯💯💯💯

  22. Shadid Hossain

    Beautiful song.

  23. Joey Lorenzo

    In the beginning it sounds like he said "it doesn't matter if I eat dog shit" LMFAOOOOO!!!😂



  24. Ameera khaled

    Love it 💕

  25. Gaurav Dimri

    Very nice lyrics

  26. Moses cruz

    Nice song <3

  27. Muhammad Gerddy


  28. Marcus Marshall

    I like the song, but that face...*_*

  29. mj guarino

    If I aint got you baby, everything means nothing :(

  30. SuperBroly Kakarott

    Nice song AMAZING 

  31. Kennethda2nd TOC boss

    This song is amazing lol

  32. Demintha Jayasinghe

    And my life feels brand new
    Every minute every time that you are with me
    No that time girl I hope that you still be
    Cause all I need in this world is you and me <3 

  33. Tatha S

    lindo <3 thank u me too :)

  34. Ear Wax

    Sooo good! >:<

  35. ezzalden Fathi


  36. p12219

    it's weird how you made that comment, to get top comment.

  37. 8bit gamer plays roblox

    I felt the same way about us

  38. Kaique Nascimento

    If aint got youu

  39. nathan jones

    Cuzzz baaaaaabbeeeeee

  40. cadetgc

    If I ain't got you yooouuuuuu!!!!

  41. Hinda Ismail

    I love this song !!!!!!!!

  42. Paramjit Kaur

    Listening to this in 2013

  43. Tracie C

    Listening to this in 20--. lol

  44. Cooliomix

    as if fuck thaaaat

  45. Cooliomix

    yhyh im gunna do that.....

  46. Zoe Sutton

    actually, now it's 2013.

  47. Jaclyn Lam

    thumbs up if you agree XD i kid. and i thumb'd up

  48. .LuVr_GuRl14::

    Iif i ain't got jew hahahahah lol

  49. arshi bhandal

    luv this song

  50. Grant Hopson

    If I ain't got Jew?

  51. Young Nemesis


  52. Liz Pimental-Walsh

    @MzKrispyCreme I sooooooo agree!!!!!

  53. Fareena love

    Nice song jay :)

  54. Fareena love

    Nice sing jay

  55. Liz Pimental-Walsh

    Luv the way he says Dubai....never thought I'd say that. Lol

  56. Johnny Hsu Huang

    really great

  57. Christopher Valdes

    loved this track I should do a cover on it

  58. Nishwant Auluck

    If i ain't got Jew?

  59. pawan muggowal Ginny

    if i aint got yew..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. baraza abdi

    i love this

  61. Johnny Hsu Huang

    nice voice really like you

  62. dareangel

    Love you soo much it hurts! :'(

  63. dareangel

    Mariaam Gw 3

  64. Ciocan

    Jay is the best

  65. Resi93

    I really hate when the top comment is about anything else but Jay Sean.

  66. Young Nemesis

    dam nigga wud uppp hahahah yeah do ya thang strange minds krew

  67. Johnny Hsu Huang

    damn good

  68. MadamLuna

    :O <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  69. MrCrazyh81

    needs a better beat

  70. Aishah Phalapree

    @moodygarcia11567 LOL

  71. Lily Ali

    why the hell do people post "thumbs up if ur listening to this in 2012" bs?? yeah ur listening to it and why the hell should it matter. if ya ask me that is just REALLY stupid. i bet a million other people can agree with that as well.

  72. MuzicDude18

    My only way to be cool is to get people to give my comments thumbs up,lookin ass.

  73. Desert Moon

    Thumbs up if you think people like Kingeric259 and moodygarcia are retarded as fuck. :D

  74. geico1212

    Stop being "thumbs up" whores and enjoy the song. -_-

  75. Siret S

    Thumbs up if ur listening this in 2012!!!!!

  76. Nubia

    this my shit! lol love this my song

  77. Damian Lambert

    i really hate the people that try to get thumbs up for videos by saying something like " thumbs up if your listening to this in 2011" like obv most of the ppl are now or 2012 if ur reading it later and others saying " like if u listening to this in whatever year ahead of what we are its really kind of sad

  78. nvrshoutharmony

    Sexiest man ever, i love you jay sexy!

  79. Lene Chawda

    Sound Trip!!!!
    This what you called Great Music
    I just Love It!!!!!!!!
    Worth it.....

  80. rajat rao

    best song

  81. Ricky Nuom

    best jay sean song

  82. Christine G

    I had a villa in Manila, a home in Rome <----- love that line

  83. Brian Estremos

    i like this song! :)

  84. MzFullmoon

    2:58 - 3:14 Hilarious <3

  85. MzFullmoon

    This song is soooooo sweet, definitely one of my favorites <3
    I dedicate this (and the song) to Jay Sean's music:
    What would I do ... If I ain't got you :)

  86. MPATRICK310

    This should have been a single. Great song.

  87. joshua angel

    yea young nemesis if i aint got you then i dont knw what i would do haha get high Till you pass out n drink Till tha room is spining HAHA

  88. 786lilmizzsunshine

    @sunsetwithlove haha alright...i feel stupid now lol... =]

  89. sunsetwithlove

    CFM are my boyfriends initials, and RGD are mine....:D u understand now?:)

  90. 786lilmizzsunshine

    @sunsetwithlove what lol...as far as i know CFM and RGD are not any of his initials...his initials are KSJ

  91. sunsetwithlove

    his name and my name...:X:X:X:X

  92. 786lilmizzsunshine

    @sunsetwithlove wats CFM and RGD?