Jay Sean - Fire Lyrics

Ah oh she’s fire fire oh
you know she’s fire fire oh [x2]

k Nobody do it like she do
Anything just to please you
and she doesn’t mean to it comes naturally
I cant lie she sees through me
The way that she moves me
Her beauty’s not everything

She don’t know what she does
That’s why I'm into her
I just melt with her touch (when I get close to her)
I just cant get enough (when I’m alone with her)
And I can feel myself burning

Cause that girl is fire, fire, fire
That’s why I desire, sire, her [x2]

Ah oh she’s fire fire oh
you know she’s fire fire oh [x2]

Sometimes I catch myself staring
As your doing your hair in the mirror (and I just cant leave you alone)
Some will get up and just grab you
I’m so glad that I have you
I found you
Lets do it right here and right now

She don’t know what she does
That’s why I’m into her
I just melt with her touch (when I get close to her)
I just cant get enough (when I’m alone with her)
And I can feel myself burning

Cause that girl is fire, fire, fire
That’s why I desire, sire, her [x2]

I cant stop
I know it’s a cliché
I don’t do this everyday
But let me hear you sing
Just don’t stop
Cause you’re the one that I freak with
You know my secrets
Baby I’m burning

Cause that girl is fire, fire, fire
That’s why I desire, sire, her [x2]

Ah oh she’s fire fire oh
you know she’s fire fire oh [x2]

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Jay Sean Fire Comments
  1. Kaleb Dees


  2. Trixie Smith

    Happy mothersdaythara

  3. ZAMI7R

    Taio Cruz / Ne-Yo / Jay Sean 🎵🔥

    AbbaS YanBaSaN

    Enrique iglesias

  4. Sarah Beth

    uh oh hes Phyrro Phyrro.... #ArmenianAFKguildies lol he used to sing to me in Ventrilo in like '08 or '09

    I remember when I noticed one of the tv gods was writing about me like verbatim it seemed and he was like I know how that sucks....so n so stole the "make it rain" expression from me.

  5. Vineeta Choudhary

    Awesome song /Js voice is heart warming ☯️

    Nena Rivas

    Jay sean is cute

  6. Vikramaditya Badhan

    December 2018 🙌

  7. shreyes basutkar

    love this song! but desert life here #no_girl :(

  8. don't hate appreciate be happy with your own life.

    love this song it's sweet how he describes his feelings towards a certain girl it's lovely to hear deep expressing compliments 😉🔥😍💯😂✌️💪😱👌👅😊

  9. RealTalk 2035

    I don't understand how good he sings.

    Ace Duck

    RealTalk 2035 how he sings so good*

  10. live life make life

    Jay Sean's music is FIRE! ... i am excited of what he's coming up...

  11. Carrie Edwards

    Jay Sean sings it.

  12. Carrie Edwards

    I like it

  13. Leo 13

    nice... bedroom music xD

    Deborah Watts

    Leo TV absalutly gotta find the right one to share it with :))

  14. Laurel Weber

    I'm enjoying the music thank you. Take care also

  15. Alexus Simental

    yes I am fire 💯💯😁😁

    Ace Duck

    No you got set on fire u fugly thot

  16. Tav panesar

    that girl is fire fire

  17. Raven Villa

    Love the song I listen to all of your songs.:-)

  18. Noor E

    ohhh and she's fire

  19. doros ullah

    I love itttttttttttt Kingshak Editor

  20. monira niori

    In love

  21. خالد الحربي


  22. greg barr

    this song is awsome

    Saurav Bora

    Itz so sweet song.....

  23. Zeldeus

    Almost all god damn Indian people like me listen to jay sean

  24. Gtcero Perdoli

    Jay Sean your the best boom

  25. Anshul K

    Everyone knows that he's Indian ahahaha

  26. leo fernando

    noo shit we didnt know :O ofc we did before you did and whats wrong with being indian o.O

  27. MrScherzkeks1

    The Album is still fire!
    listen it!

  28. Ilvira Lumani

    Love this song so bad <3 btw his Indian don't believe me check on da Internet (:

  29. helene hoel

    love this song

  30. J'aime ma vie

    i agree :)

  31. 008BABYARIAS

    love the song i cant find where 2download it tho any1 knoz where?

  32. Maski Marre

    so nice song

  33. StarDreamMemories

    I'm all kinds of Fire signs in different horoscopes! My rising sign and sun sign are Fire and my asian sign is fire too! So I love this song!

  34. MrCrazyh81

    could be better

  35. Ananya Bhardwaj

    LOL I ws singing this song nd my ex asked me, "who is on fire" ? :P

    Brown Boy

    jb punjabi bnda british accent me gayega toh confusion toh hoga hi 😂

    Brown Boy

    its you girl . 👍

  36. HoboGuy

    is i'm the only one see the green lscreen on this video?

  37. Hamza Asif

    @xblacknyello i knooo i want it too :))

  38. datdungfdana


  39. Salty Person

    @PlatinumRomance == wow i thought one prob was solved now its back

  40. PlatinumRomance

    @xblacknyello It just looks like a reg fade.

  41. PlatinumRomance

    @XRoxasxNamineXkh2 He is British of Indian decent. Make sense? I'm American but of hispanic decent.

  42. Amanda Calder

    @XRoxasxNamineXkh2 he's indian

  43. Salty Person

    @PrincessTeeBreezy his not indian his british

  44. Wasim Zatar

    @sisstersLove uu saying ALL islamist are terrorists? We.islamist.forbid terrorism to shut up and.get yur facts straight

  45. Moon

    I hope so ...

  46. Aditi Jhota

    18 people didn't get a girl who's fire :/

  47. Manvir Singh

    All of u people think his a Hindu or a Muslim u r stupid because he has SINGH in his name

  48. karieoki

    @XfameloverX exactly get it right!

  49. Ashsoftballgirlie11

    OMG he is amazing!!!

  50. SB169885

    Jay Sean is fire!!!

  51. Charles Millard


  52. Maureen Ahluwalia

    @XfameloverX Hes my husband :)

  53. Aymen Prince

    @HSGSA Lmaaaoo , YEH THEY DOO bro , like jus stuff on how ure post to be clean nd idk how to explain the stuff buh yeh Muslim &Sikh are similar in some wayz more than Hinduism &Muslim people thingy . Buh Sikh'z , Hindu'z , Muslim'z , Nepali'z &sum otha ppl ARE VERY SIMILAR in culture idk ytf they fight .. ? if dey stick togetha it wudnt b so ovva haslte nd gay shit everywere . People r helluh stupid .

  54. Aymen Prince

    @Vigneshtha25 lol i kno their not the same buh they hav stuff in common .

  55. Jeff Geisinger

    y does it even wat religion is?!!!! if u luv his music then that's all ya'll need to worry bout!!!

  56. Aymen Prince

    @XfameloverX Yeh idnt get ppl , lol nd Sikh &Muslim are very similar jus sayin ' =D

  57. SB169885

    @athenaluv4ever i like tis idea=)

  58. JoTehDemonicPickle

    Apparently this song reminds my boyfriend of me. Which makes me tear up a little bit, in the good way, because the lyrics make it sound like he's completely in love with this girl he's singing about.

  59. ImASwiftierx

    ure catholic,musilim,evengelic,hindu,sikh, it doesnt mathers at all. all that matters is that he has an amazing talent, so lets stop cursing and having this battle about his religion, it doesnt mattter. instead of this, listen to his amaizng voice :)

  60. Sarah Petty

    hes hot. =]

  61. Spider

    @girlsrock123456 LOL sry

  62. SB169885

    how do u know about his love btw?

  63. Spider

    @girlsrock123456 It doesent MATTER IF HES BRITISH OR NOT!!

  64. Sasoris1baby

    i claim my new theme song!!!!!!

  65. geico1212

    @punjabiqt08 yeh but he has a british accent so in britain we say fi-ya. not really fi-er

  66. punjabiqt08

    this song should be renamed "fiyah!"

  67. 95iamme

    U all are fucked up ;) Why can't people just LISTEN TO SONG! not look at how he act, how he live etc or even now they look if he is muslim hindu or whatever!
    Its really going on nerves people. You can be or whatever religium and yeah you can sing! :S

  68. YoungKiIIaX

    yall are dum fuckz. panjabi means it's a mix between sikh and hinduism....

  69. karan singh

    u guys are fuked hes sikh bitches his name is kamaljit singh jothi if im not wrong dat sounds pretty punjabi 2 me so athenaluv4ever FUK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. sahil garg

    @athenaluv4ever actually he is sikh but honestly, i dont belive in religion (any religion) im a hindu straight up

  71. nickayy77

    doesnt matter...he can sing. end of story : )

  72. Hayley Fisher

    Him and his music cant get any better can they :D

  73. BengalTiga

    @NBertuzzi who cares mate theyres amazing famous muslims sihks and hindus you name it there is it why fight for pride

  74. Harnoor Garcha

    @athenaluv4ever HE IS SIKH.......GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!

  75. Luke Greasley

    I'm Christian :)

  76. TSLstudio

    8 people don't like fire and the don't know what music is.

  77. Sunny Cheema

    @athenaluv4ever he's sikh. His name is Kamaljit Singh Jhooti. "SINGH" means sikh.

  78. Miaaed

    thumbs up for jay sean :)

  79. BigBadManPig

    ur stupid

  80. Talib Kamal

    the top rated comments about his religion...all i know i is dat he's human and awesome musician..

  81. Tharsica Vignesh

    @XfameloverX he is actually not he is hindu and hindu and muslim and sikh is not the same

  82. mrkhosalove1

    @otanimullicrank jay sean is not muslim he's Sikh and his real name is kamaljit jhuti

  83. Shanti Reddy

    he's an amazing singer!! super talented!

  84. Harnoor Garcha


  85. Tasha Nimnauth

    i love this song!!!
    It's my ringtone

  86. saruilea

    8 people are made of ice

  87. Oscar Härkönen

    I Like =)))

  88. Kuldip Singh

    @Dbzwow what the hell are you talking about mate? he's neither muslim or hindu, he's sikh.. but still, how can he be a hindu yet proud muslim?

  89. Kuldip Singh

    @otanimullicrank Jay sean is a sikh.

  90. Aileen0103

    that girl is fire fire fire..lala...

  91. President Wilders

    OFFICIAL" Jay Sean is Hindu and hes proud muslim and hes a GREAT singer.


  92. geico1212

    the one i freak with ahahahah

  93. DEVK89

    Damn..!!! im gonna light those 7 persons who dislike is on "FIRE"...!!! :-)

  94. EstellePiano

    Daaamn If you are interested in his ethnicity , Look at Wikipedia , guys.
    But i prefer Music this time .

  95. utubes95

    @otanimullicrank well done u finaly wrked it out *claps* nd i am sure u gt ur mum for that :)

  96. utubes95

    @otanimullicrank i am in high school u retarted shit.. u seriously have problems ok there is this thing called reading u use ur fucking airhead brain yea? so go do that than come bk nd if u write a comment that makes sense i il reply if it doesnt than continue writing the bull u are writing cause i dnt have time in my life for a waste of space like urself :) have a crap life love...

  97. utubes95

    @otanimullicrank o wow wat a comebk seriously? just when i thought u cudnt get any more stupid u suprise me, ur comments are fail hun so do me a favour THINK b4 u write i kno its hard for u but yea...