Jay Rock - They Say Lyrics

[Jay Rock]
Growing up I was a knucklehead
Boy you never listen to me, that's what my mama said
I'm from the projects, I ain't never had shit
Me and my older brother, we had to share a mattress
No heat, no lights, had to keep them candles lit
My daddy left me at eight, in and out my life and shit
Gang bangers, dope dealers replaced my father
Neighborhood hustlers taught me to get them dollars
That's when I became a problem, product of my environment
It's hard to grow up to be a doctor or a fireman
when you constantly seeing that G-ride tires screeching
and them shots firing all the time, it happens frequently
The hood inspired him, to be a G
I bled for the game, did it all for the letter B
The big homie gave me the name Jay Rock
This ain't no rap gimmick, this a real life story of Watts living, nigga

[Chorus: Kendrick Lamar]
You can take, me out the hood
But you can't take the hood out me
And that's the way that it will forever be
And I can't help it, I'm gutter
Why should I change now
when all my life I've been gang banged out?
That project shit run deep in my veins now
And I can't help it
Ooh, my Lord knows that I can't help it

[Jay Rock]
Let me take you on a detour, east side Watts
Niggas who go in projects
Follow me home to my black and white apartments
Police roll through with caution, scared to death
The homies got tats across them
Capital B.H. over they necks, since birth banging the set
Even hoes banging the set
Some ain't, but most is hood rats, they looking for the buck
Them trash cans lay in the street, ghetto technique for drive-bys
For the low them five dollars will get you high
Dice games, YGs, fist fights
Six-fo's, El Co's, G-rides and mini-bikes
Might see a couple of zombies late night
Off what? Off pipe
Membrane dead right, no lie
Something in the bushes, either the AK or the .45, no lie
Raised in the ghetto with rats and roaches
Smokers on porches getting high off yola
It's colder north, but my city's the coldest
Where we ain't promised to see the morning, nigga


[Jay Rock]
You could take me out the hood, but the hood will never leave me
I'm still banging, I'm still hanging
The only difference is I'm not slanging, nickels and dimes
More like slanging these rap lines
Verses of truth, when I step in the booth
Niggas know I pour my soul for the struggling youth
For that fatherless son who needed love, so he ran with a crew
Grew up before his older brother did, gin and juice
replaced the pain I knew, carrying thangs to school
Them niggas was tripping, I wasn't banging the blue
But they had to respect me, I never ran from who?
Nobody, put my faith in God
It's amazing how I overcame them odds
On my momma, this past year, my life has slightly been revised
But notice I said slightly
cause me being absent from where I came from, that's unlikely nigga


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Jay Rock They Say Comments
  1. Alejandro Blue

    This some real shit that's why this song stays low key. You got Feel his words to love this song. Watts repping

  2. Tom G

    Absolute slapped
    rock was the first to blow in tde for sure all the pain he went through hope he can relax now or whenever he can! what a geeza

  3. Stephanie Dorame Lil Steffy

    Fire song idk jay rock but i know his brothers stevie jason n the homie Dman tat fool is cool asf n his sister n of course MaMa D mrs Delores now shes a gangsta mama dont fuck with her i miss u guys much luv n respect god bless yur friends fron the Gilbert st.apts n fullerton.....

  4. kevin boetticher

    dre beat/50 hook

  5. Tom G


  6. Tom G

    This song resonates hard with me and I’m white and from the U.K.! Lol. Rock is so versatile. I can always rely on a headbanger in his old true to self tracks. Bumpah!


    This shit hard asf 💯💯💯

  8. Cole Wyatt

    yooo if you listen to Many Men and this at the same time, the piano cords are the same, just played in opposite order or some shit

  9. YUPPY

    all i hear is 50 cents voice saying :Many men.

  10. Alexander Raphael

    Jay Rock has been a problem, and this song is a perfect example

  11. PleaseStandBy

    but wtf xd??? i know 7 years this sound nd only 70k views? this must b a JOKE

    Mi vagi

    Pff yeah.. 7 years already! The youth don't even know about this I guess... they only know these new dudes.. lil yahty.. don't even know how to spell his f*cking name haha! Glad we both know good music ;)

    Tom G

    Los Angeles Confidential Radio hell yeaaahh!

    Richard J.

    little boys don’t bump this


    Dechir la prod

  13. Peter Omarah

    beat is so fucking badass

  14. Jules Kincaid

    @NewEraKidd0323 Oh you thought bout 50 too when you heard this ?

  15. iPartyHardcore

    @MostDopeClick even the course sound just like it lol


    sorry can you explain to me what Jay Rock meant saying "I wasn't bangin the blue"? did he mean that he wasn't representing the Crips (that wears blue)?


    Jay Rock is known for being a Blood

  16. MostDopeClick

    I could swear this dude made the beat to 50cents many men? lmao the beginnings sound so alike.

  17. Marvelous1

    This shit is too hard

  18. hiphophead555

    OH THE IRONY!!! it's actually you're stupid. well done you called someone thick and can't even string two words together bravo bravo mummies clever little angel.

  19. Spec Goody

    Its Phonix...and he's done 50 Cents I'll Do Anything , Jadakiss ( Kiss My Ass) a bunch of songs for the Game etc...dudes a beast!

  20. hiphophead555

    his flow is impeccable on this the hook makes 50 cent wish he could do it as good coz lets face that's all 50 can do lol and as for the beat shit the fucking bed it's dr dre on steroids ......oh wait bad analogy hahahahahahahaha

  21. Christopher Gonzalez

    if you like this song listen to jay rocks code red wit kendrick they both did way better on that song.... and this song is amazing


    Shit banging like to nines....

  23. NewEraKidd0323

    Old 50 feel

  24. fozzy menace

    Like If your Feeling Kendricks 50 cent flow On this , I know i am.

  25. Mi vagi

    Search for: (Prod. By Phoenix) on youtube. Then you get other songs. No idea if it's the same Phoenix, but it are 'hip-hop' songs, so I think it is.

  26. Geoff Gottfried

    @dgotti69 dre beats shit on beats like this one. Dre just taking his time cause he keep second guessing himself on this songs/beats, he's just filtering everything and keeps adding new. detox will drop early/mid 2012.

    Super Super

    he still didn't

  27. Mi vagi

    Don't understand why he didn't kept this song, and Diary Of A Broke Nigga for his album.. I mean, your first album that's what it's about.. why not drop 2 of those.. in my opnion classic's on your first CD instead of a mixtape..

  28. JayroyMusic

    can someone get this beat?

  29. JOaRiDrAN55

    Beat is soo Gd I actually Liked a video for the first time :]

  30. Slam Jamz

    dis beat is fuckin sick fuck wat da rest say...
    so is the whole production

  31. timmy chong

    beat is way too repetitive, i wondered y didnt keep this track when this mixtape dropped, and i listened to this beat and reminded me why.

  32. R McKenzie

    Jay rock aint never been mainstream .. he been rep BHW!! && Nip always been true to 6oh'ss ,

    just cuz they got dough they aint gotta be on the streets .. they got lil homies to hustle for them . No Feds

  33. pheagles22

    @dgotti69 i can see what youre saying, people change up when they reach success....but think about it. They're adjusting their lyrics with their life. I don't really want to hear Jay-Z or Em rapping about poverty anymore, regardless of the fact that it made them huge. That's not them anymore. Music SHOULD progress with the artist its about growth and evolution, the best artists change their sound and stay dope. That goes for every genre not just hip hop.

  34. pheagles22

    @dgotti69 nah not really datpiff. all day every day i sift through nahright, 2dope, str8hiphop, hiphopdx, lastfm, and youtube suggestions, cig or not. So get out of here with that "im a bigger hip hop head than you" shit cuz you don't know me lol.

  35. Mi vagi

    @pheagles22 I Think dgotti69 means the type of music, type songs, that nipsey makes, This song is a real hood song, nipsey also made hood songs, but.. the last time it's a little bit disappointing, I love this songs with a real story in it, nipsey can make them to, but last time being a bit soft on lyrics, but i agree with what you say! But i have the feeling dgotti doenst mean that, but i can be mistaken haha

  36. pheagles22

    @dgotti69 isnt that the point? wouldnt you rather get out of the hood than stay there? You're basically hating on the dude for bettering his life and becoming successful. This coming from a dude that doesn't even really fuck with Nipsey's music.

  37. TruGouki

    @dgotti69 chill brah first off im not azn and i never said i was a crip, nor do i act like it im just a regular nigga no g or anything like that. Im just a fan of some real rappers and Nipsey is one of them. If thats your opinion of him then whatever i cant change that, but you should show him praise because he made it instead of calling him a bitch.


    @TruGouki yo azn boy' if u were a real crip, ud agree that nipsey got soft.stop tryna act like u bang hoovers, or fudge town.real g'z will tell u tha same. nipsey is aint hood no more.man'im over here on fig roa real close to slauson.erry body knows hes got rich, and turned into a bitch

  39. TruGouki

    @dgotti69 Lol Uhhh Brah, Blue Laces, I Dont Give a Fucc, & One Take 3 all raw. He's still hood and raw but he's rapping about different stuff it's called progress man cant always rap about the same thing.

  40. IcecreamLeGenD

    nipsey is still great bro !

  41. Mi vagi

    @dgotti69 Yeah I Agree with you, I miss his old good songs, like: been around, they roll, rich roll and those shit.
    But I Think Jay Rock is really inproving


    @vangilst like nippsay husstle. i luv nipssay, but ever since he got a lil rich he aint as raw and hood. listen to the new nipssay husstle mixtape. there isnt one really good hood banger


    @vangilst see this is knda how chronic 2001 was, raw and hood...dre is a fukin billionair , he cant rap bout anything like this without everyone knowing hes a lyar. that wut erryone expects 2. errybody waitin on detox cuz we think were gunna get songs like "the watcher", "still dre" but he knows that ppl r gunna b dissapointed. 2001 is still the best cd i think, and u cant really duplicate that shit. dre was never this grimey and raw tho... jay rock stay in the hood, he dont wanna loose flow...

  44. Mi vagi

    @dgotti69 Now we finally know why it takes so god damm long haha!



  46. Keizer Soze

    new dudes pop up all the time in the rap game & are usualy lame as hell & are one & done but JAY ROCK seems cool & real. I seen last thanksgiving or even 2008 thanksgiving ? that he hooked up NICKERSON GARDENS I think thats where he from ? well he hooked his hood up NINO BROWN style & he aint even blew up yet so that shows his prioritys