Jay Rock - Fuck The Police Lyrics

[Verse 1: Jay Rock]
Let me tell you about this bitch I know
She the dirtiest bitch I know
She done fucked every nigga I know at least one time
She ride around all day looking for something to snatch
Picky bitch she prefer browns and blacks
Picture this call a store liquor store around twelve o'clock
A nigga walked out looking shell-shocked
I guess he knew her too shit his soda dropped
Before his can hit the ground he was up the block
But she loves when they play hard to get
She acting like she don't always get dick
Trust me it's the worst pussy you could ever hit
And if you do she'll probably wanna fuck again
Oh so he hit the fence she put the bright low on him
As he persists the sweat started to show on him
She told her homegirls she got a hot stud
If they wanted to meet him they needed to hurry up
Shit they all came through thick
Bitches in blue dresses no crip

[Hook: Ab-Soul]
I'm just minding my business
Sitting on rolls like fuck these bitches
Fuck these hoes
Some nigga call them Johnny some niggas call them five-o
But I call them bitches I call them hoes

[Verse 2: Jay Rock]
A nigga just minding his business
On a highway drunk full of chickens
She spot you roll pass she turning around
See you with your flag she flagging you down
Frantic the bitch'll even hold up traffic on your behalf
Shit it could really get tragic the bitch love the attention
In and out of jurisdictions
Got her mouth open to stick your dick in
Got the worst head you could imagine
She call it foreplay I call it sexual harassment
She pull the dude over at the next exit
Took him out the car damn near started sexin'
Hands by his testicles asking him questions like

Mr. McKinzie you ain't learned your lesson?
You've been a bad boy so I'ma really have to fuck you
Now I'ma get kinky I'ma even handcuff you


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  1. Markaveli


  2. Felecia Clemons

    The 15 thumbs down are the police in which he made this song about