Jay Rock - For What It's Worth Lyrics

Worth it
Maybe, when you go home
I don't wanna be here
Tryna fit the component
Is it worth it?
Maybe, when you go home
I don't wanna be here
Tryna fit the component
Is it?

Tryna solve my problems off this fifth of Henny
How many fucks to give, lately, I'm running empty
Struggle with who I am and who I wanna be
Got the streets and these beats right in front of me
Should I kill this nigga or should I let him slide?
If I don't, he double back, we got family ties?
If I do, I can't rap, that's suicide
These niggas telling, turn you to felons, twenty-five
I can't have my babies walking around in projects
While I'm on my bunk stressing through the process
I'd rather be a prospect, you know, god-like
But for now, many texts, this is my life
Should I kill this nigga or should I let him bye?
My momma say I'm like my daddy, I got too much pride
And she was right, mix this bottle with the lime and sprite
Hit the lights, yeah, somebody gotta die tonight

Is it worth it
Maybe, when you go home
I don't wanna be here
Tryna fit the component
Is it worth it?
Maybe, when you go home
I don't wanna be here
Tryna fit the component
Is it?

They say money's the root of all evil
I say, they power of pussy'll scar people
That pretty flower'll spoil you, then it'll poison you
You get amnesia to everything that you was loyal to
I wanna fuck this little bitch, but I know she bogus
Credit cards, profiles, bank's always open
And if I smash, do the dash, that's hocus pocus
She 'bout cash, I ain't mad, I'm just not devoted
To fall in love with, doing exotic drugs and playing inside of clubs
I'm never the one to cuff
She like, 'Johnny, you know this pussy yours and only yours
Take the rubber off and smoke passion, you could explode'
Is it worth it
If you see me on TV telling the girls about me
And all she saw was a Benz and thought the world about me
She think her nigga a lick and I got rapper money
And child support is the legal way she can ask for money

Is it worth it
Maybe, when you go home
I don't wanna be here
Tryna fit the component
Is it worth it?
Maybe, when you go home
I don't wanna be here
Tryna fit the component
Is it?

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Jay Rock For What It's Worth Comments
  1. Jae’O 3800

    Grammy shit

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    Should do a collab with AWax

  3. Jae’O 3800

    How I’m feeling on 🩸

  4. Mac Johnson

    Fif of henny

  5. Greg T

    Jay rock B rockin!!!!!

  6. Animosity Tha Achened

    Swear this song sent me down such a weird thought process and ruined my mood and relationship 😆😏🤙

  7. wanga chakwana

    Goosebumps still🌡I'm drunk even💀

  8. Benny Aguilar

    Damn hornets

  9. corey burrell

    This album is too Damn good. It's so truthful.

  10. Dominick Hannigan


  11. Enterprise Entertainment

    Fatirhidayat7....here on that Jay Rock...Real Dope...

  12. Clifford Butler

    One of the hardest songs in life period 💙🔥💯

  13. Brand New


  14. indigo mama

    Dat bass n tha real talk tho.....💪👑💯💯💯✨🕊 #facts

  15. OJ Cosby


  16. J W

    Man smh this whole track hit home fa me onG

  17. nidel george

    I see Jay Rock. I click.... it's that simple

  18. Michael Hawke

    Damn #jayrock the food we need💪🏾✊🏾

  19. Beverly McFadden

    & Child Support Is The Only Way They Can STEAL It from Me ....

  20. joshua solomon

    Real shit

  21. angelo Armas

    Que duro esta este tema 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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    Wtf 1 mil ? This deserves way more fr

  23. Ninja Huh!?

    Finally this hits a million
    Be ups Big bro‼️‼️

  24. Star Jay

    Just read a comment sayin Jay Rock would prosper in the 90s 00s 10s and prolly the 80s. I been knew bout him but recently got into him. I agree 200%

  25. Stephen Brown

    This is the most underrated album of 2018 for sure


    Its my bookmark 0:32

  27. Phillip Montes

    Rock giving me a spice1 vibe on here,but rock is rock I know

  28. some nothing

    too real man, this is a very touching song. love you Jay Rock, stay up out there all of you

  29. Glo High

    This mean

  30. Amakhosi Amakhosi

    Can’t get this song out my head 🔥

  31. Josh Reich

    A real life story teller 🙏🏻

  32. Toni Owens

    Right...Is it, sometimes. I like this, he came back right. Strong lyrics. He ain't rapping, he sending true messages.

  33. 8one7hug


  34. Robert Heard

    Like a bro to me. I told u rock

  35. Devon Arap

    Man that song is fucking fire it needs all kind of awards , keep that real WC flava flowing

  36. Sheldon Terblanche

    God bless, this song hit me hard In my time of.hurt

  37. Troy Langner

    This shit right here, this art, flow, knowledge, and lyrics are what puts Jay at the top of the industry as well as TDE in my mind. Ride the new wave.

  38. Brian Kimani

    Rock never disappoints

  39. blacktruthtelevision

    This Video is Now Playing @Blacktruth.net

  40. Josh O

    Favorite album of 2018

  41. Anesu

    I finally changed the CD in my car been listening to this album everyday since album release day

  42. T. Stamp

    This song deep as fuck Geez

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    That bad ass little sample is ori is the Artist the song is called solo off of his album 1986

  44. Sbusiso Mulambo

    Much love Rock

  45. DonkeyShine69

    I keep hearing these tracks by someone I dont know.... But now I know

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    This is my favorite song by jay rock and it needs more views

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    90's vibes

  48. Ty Mashiyah


  49. Devin Cook

    This is lit

  50. Xavia Amouri


  51. Curtis Madden

    Inspired me to write this poem after listening thanks jay rock.

    Is it worth it:
    A queen left confused
    Beaten battered and bruised on her soul he took a cruise
    Took everything she had to lose before he set sail
    When she exhaled he took her last breathe when she took her last step she fail to a vast death she used to cut her wrist and he would save her just to keep her alive to enslave her he changed her controlled her and tried to take everything god gave her the savior counts your good deeds amd your favors well i hope he showers down on me many blessings buy the words i shed on this paper because its worth it.

  52. Curtis Madden

    King jay rock coming for his just due

  53. Wizz Bone

    This nigga can really make muzic that touches a gangstz soul

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  55. SeaTheGod Gold

    S\O Jay Rock, ™

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    Classic Love From Baltimore,Maryland🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯✌💪

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    The Dopest MC

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    Maaaannnn you gon make a Brotha thank twice before da rachetness starts. Lol. But it’s respected and equally needed. Preciate the game Bro. SALUTE ✊🏾✌🏾

  63. E Music

    I’m for everything except the part where when he talked well about baby moms it was a Hispanic girl but when he talked negatively about it later they were all dark skin women smh

  64. Elbert Bennett III

    338 dumb motherfuckerz

  65. Person

    1:53 what I’m here for

  66. Polly Shakur

    I can't stop watching 😍😍 back again lol ... Music is everything

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    Damn Jay Rock you are the s*** I love this video thanks for the outcome man this is great right here.

  68. Admitted Sinner

    Deep shit dawg, im going threw the same

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  70. Hendrix Tarantado

    Damn... All tracks dude make is 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Got lyrical content and the visuals are always amazing.. 👂 and 👁️ 🍬. Its sad how most artist that drops knowledge and facts doesn't always get the credit and recognition they deserve.

  71. Breatheslow

    If you know anybody who isn't here, please steal their pillow!!

  72. Serendipity Honey

    Very creative

  73. CRYPTO Mantra

    I am from India and USA needs to seriously wake up and dunk wiz khalifa and let jay rock rise. Wiz has been fizzed out. *see what i did there*

  74. some nothing

    wow, this is amazing

  75. Donnie Mac


  76. Polly Shakur

    This Album right here will get you through it!!! Jay Rock wake em up!!!!

  77. HUNTER


  78. Jesús Malverde

    You, Kendrick and Q are some of the best lyricists in the game, I’ll put that on my mamma name💯

  79. Sam Sneed

    a cant have my baby walking around stuck in some cia mkultra project.. I rather be god like (fugal) I rather be a prospect(el forastero mc) aint no lie they transferring words and transplanting ppls words and imposing experiences world to world, city to city..no doubt my words years before this was released....cubes new album" everythings corrupt believe me real talk they recreating scenarios ,,,the probability matrix a book by dr. Robert Duncan peep that book out the got a pdf file down load for free is a must see and read.....talks about some of the issues and tactics they apply via soundwaves and microwave frequencies and lightwaves which has availability to piggy back data to those frequencies...id like to sit down with cube and how and why he came up with his verses and content of his album also....highly regarded jay roc spitting game and they understanding the mind controls ability to let a man manifest the thoughts and words and the ability to attach from a remote location applications \software which is enabling and disabling both granting freedom and taking it …..they gangsta shit that's really real and active is being conducted day in and day out..the validity of the life we live is in question the words we speak not necessarily just our own ….rap the beat ...beat the rap......shits real ...brain to computer interface/human computer interface/mind machine interface …...brain to brain interface aka artificial telepathy forced speech,,cia remote viewing ...its all relevant n the manifestation of ones life thru the struggle ,fighting for our voice our words our personal choice and interactions ..when its good being blessed is unbelievably so appreciated one you have lived and understand the creation of a personality and success vs struggle vs abusive terroristic natured weaponary taking place and occurring in a overexaggerated forcing of experiences and literally the emotions and interactions and the benefits can be graciously but the developments and uses seem to be militant and as weaponary...for all to prosper there does not neccesarily need to be so many losers and struggle....mkultra projects monarch and bluebird (rbl posse bluebird on my shoulder should I kill it reference) the fmc. frosty and loving c ..radio active rapp from way back in the day....the reference from e40 squabbles in Kansas city shoot pout in Colorado and that can be attested to by tomas m.drupy from f13.and lefty frm kbs13.and manual diaz aka tweety that those very things occurred in that order in 94 and later referenced in e40 song LIQ that came out in 97. also like suga free says in agry enuff...he been feeling frosty since 17 yrs old...meet the blacks...(black referencing the cia black ops black budget black magic)...mike epps referencing frosty or mr freeze what ever your name is in that meet the blacks movie...and also the mister freeze representation and related topic of the batman vigilante and misuse of controlling and utilizing and enslaving citizens everywhere to certain levels of expected behaviors or grouping into genres and imposing lifestyles ...deezy hollow from oside….and..being from midvalley(I remember having conversation with me and too down and snakes and a few others react and ck bill about calling it the mid and that becoming the hood there in the valley ...rapper tsp grey I believe signed to buddy.e.boy records with rapper kokanee ..anx ne and him getting arrested at Jefferson for tagging and his tag namebeing Nsane and he tagged side of opd station and that wp kcb blood gang and the mid valley becoming tha mid we gave it that name I rember me and too down and snakes and react yea from right there on warner corner house on the turn right off fireside and how we gave it the name and everyone talking brazy bigarette brew brackin bounty jail we was talking that talk back in 86 87 and these fools rapping today talkin that science cube..Imurder with my third eye,,Kendrick video showing how it go down when them ppl trying to do things contraryto that life....take over is relevant and active and its not religion or anything but referencing the crazy science and weirdness of the brain to computer interface and the sciences similar to data transferring via frequencies and sound n other means the sooo called super natural or otherwise

  80. Brady Scott

    I love everything about this song and video. Anyone wondering where good music is these days should take a look right here.

  81. Devon Marquis

    "& child support is the legal way she can ask 4 $"
    I hate to say it but...MGTOW

  82. Madmax Fiasco


  83. Butterfly Effect

    Under rated Artists definitely my boy Jay Rock done got me through some hard times

  84. David Massetti

    Should i kill this nigga or should i let him slide?
    If i dont he double back, we got family ties.
    Should i kill this nigga or should i let em by?
    My momma say im like my daddy i got to much pride.🔥🔥🔥

  85. YunRemy

    My homie just hit me from the bin says check this out. #FREEPYRO

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    All his visuals are genius 😲

  87. J Holliman

    I didnt know Jay rocks voice could be so soothing

  88. Jesse Avila

    love that I'm one of the few that knew him since 2008 who else here can say that

  89. LifeSpiller79

    Its one thing to have a...
    Great beat
    Great background vocals
    but visual lyrics combined makes an EXCELLENT song

  90. Thereisonly1Main

    WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO SAY SO MUCH IN THIS COMMENTS... I say this just too dope. #marathon. you were born with the gift of keeping it real.

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    R.i.P Nipsey Hussle💔💔💔

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    1:07 🎶Struggle with who I am and who I wanna be..

  96. Endperor

    why does this have less than 1 mill views??

    Daron Boyd

    Spread the word