Jay Electronica - Call Of Duty Lyrics

[Winston Churchill:]
Centuries ago words were written to be a call and a spur to the faithful servants of Truth and Justice: Arm yourselves, and be ye men of valor, and be in readiness for the conflict; for it is better for us to perish in battle than to look upon the outrage of our nation and our altar. As the Will of God is in Heaven, even so let it be.

[Jay Electronica:]
You know the story, when real see real, we recognize
When you see the steel flash, you petrified
Steve Jobs seen death after just retiring
Takes vision to build, God bless the dead
That's Mac, that's Pac, that's Pun, that's Big
Shit, niggas know the sunshine eternal
I burn slow like "Disco Inferno"
Burn slow like blunts with' yayo
Uh, I went from MySpace to the top of the food chain
The sperm hit the egg like a missle
Then nine months later, the celebratory news came
"Exhibit C" gave the whole world a mood change
Electronic, niggas call my album Detox
'Cause they know I'm finna bring the next Chronic
Roc Nation, Cole World, it's a wrap, nigga
Put yo' diamonds in the sky, take that, nigga
Mobb Deep

Put your diamonds in the sky
Wave 'em side to side, get jokes when you shine
As time go by, we live by an eye for eye
...an' I'll die for you, your drama is mine

Put your diamonds in the sky
Wave 'em side to side, get robbed 'fore you shine
As time go by, we live by an eye for eye
I'll die for you, your beef is mine

To whom it may concern
If it's hate, wait your turn, dig a crate, make a urn
Please, God, tell Flex drop a bomb on me
Tell the minister to tattoo the Qu'ran on me
Before the men in black try to pin a crime on me
And Rupert Murdoch and his goons get to lyin' on me
The Lord is my shepherd
So tell the royal family to order my records
And spread 'em 'cross Europe in a organized method
We could heal the planet with' a organized effort
The Jews and the Christians and the Muslims and the Buddhists
And the Sikhs and Scientologist is all of my brethren
Play this on the radio
You never heard another nigga say this on the radio
We made it out the ghetti-o
Brunch with the Rothchilds, dinner with the Carters
Jay Elect stop the press, criticalest artist
(What the fu...)

Put your diamonds in the sky
Wave 'em side to side, get jokes when you shine
As time go by, we live by an eye for...
...an' I'll die for you, your drama is mine

Put your diamonds in the sky (Sky)
Wave 'em side to side, get robbed 'fore you shine (Shine)
As time go by, we live by an eye for...
...an' I'll die for you, your beef is mine

I done sat around for years daydreamin' of this
Me and Jay biz, green gettin' twist
Kids goin' to school, we still on the bench
Early mornin' yawning, no sleep, just this
Hardcore, rhymin' like a diamond when I spit
Come hell or high water, we gon' make it out the bricks
I done graduated gladiator school, what's next?
From the bottom, only one way to go to the tip
Of the top, with these nonstop flows I invent
Bars so hard, shit hurt when it hit
My bars like prison bars, I'm trapped in the pens
Of this wildstyle hip-hop, the fuckin' strongest
Rappers on the earth, it's a curse and a gift
Black cloud follow my life, how worse could it get?
Respect, power, and money, in that exact order
I got it all, nigga, I'll break ya li'l neck

Put your diamonds in the sky
Wave 'em side to side, get jokes when you shine
As time go by, we live by an eye for...
...an' I'll die for you, your drama is mine

Put your diamonds in the sky
Wave 'em side to side, get robbed 'fore you shine
As time go by, we live by an eye for...
...an' I'll die for you, your beef is mine

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Jay Electronica Call Of Duty Comments
  1. Jermaine Warren


  2. Shawn Green

    I was always lost on P's verse on this...him and Hov still were beefing when this came out...it is a mystery!!!

  3. Lee Hitchman

    God Bless The Dead 🗯

  4. Mike Rodriguez

    Wild Style Hip Hop..

  5. ShefKutz

    Smh wack ass beat what a shame, ppl tryin too hard to sound eccentric and different these days, non-melodic forced 💩 #ripprodigy

  6. Tolu Adebanjo

    2025..just wait on it

    Lee Hitchman

    Tolu Adebanjo interesting... add me @ Instagram ( Lee Marvin Hitchman - I’m actually royalty 🥂)

  7. King Crawley

    In a time that is now driven with music being released with no album...Jay Electronica was ahead of his time...ion care if he never drops an album...what he has put out is as hip hop as it gets...period


    King Crawley FACTS

  8. Mambako Mamba

    Reggae comes close but no other music genre murders the beat

  9. Mambako Mamba

    This Is Why hip hop is the illest music art form born


    Mambako Mamba 💯💯💯

  10. Carlos Martinez

    Yeah I remember jay going crazy with the hype on Twitter the day he was dropping this. "Yo tell them it's over!!!" Shit had me so hype. And then it turned out to be so disappointing lol


    This song aged well to me.

  11. Poet RAWNESTY

    Shits from 011 he got 2017 work too and this nice

  12. Dee William

    Why ain't this got a million views?? 😈😈😈


    D' Script The content!!

  13. Greffin Renishs

    we can heal the planet with an organized method

  14. Big Dog

    R.i.p prodigy

  15. 850iStyle

    talk about an overrated artist right here ! dude has no flow and a forgettable voice ....the cats they puttin' on these days ...smh

    Sir Thomas

    Maybe u should listen to more then one song before making a fool out of yourself.

    Big Dog

    850iStyle haha you must be smoking some real good crack

    Big Dog

    Shut yo jealous HATING ass up

    Coolwater Jones

    Goofass...this shit tuff


    Fr, and the beat 🤦🏼‍♂️

  16. Fonald Fuck

    he kinda sounds like mf doom in this one lol

    Big Dog

    HES better then MF doom


    Nah, we have no proof he can put an album together whereas DOOM has more great albums than any rapper I can think of. Also, DOOM is a rapper-producer which is quite a bit more than twice as much work as just rapping.


    he is different than DOOM.

    Big Dog

    fuck MF doom it's all about jay electronica & nobody else

  17. rod Edwards

    beat is nutz

  18. Sean Dafny


  19. ZMM

    call my album detox cuz they know im finna bring the next chronic

  20. jarell stodghill

    @Spike Blake he been sign to roc nation/ Columbia for a two or 3 years. ...so what r u talking about

  21. Finessed Analyzer

    Electronica bodied this shit.

  22. bmwx3turbo

    My theory is that Jay Electronica is just playing too much Call of Duty and that's why he isn't releasin an album.


    bmwx3turbo u may be on to somethin

  23. Emmanuel Stalling

    This is garbage compared to the levels of the Exhibit songs.

  24. Laurence Blake

    Jay E is the best rapper alive without a major label debut. U rewind his lyrics more than Kendrick or j. Cole. Can't rush perfection. Yeah he's dating a Rothschild,

  25. peter K

    hes not asking for peace idiot he fucks a Rothschild bitch its in the papers.
    just another idiot willing to sell out.

  26. Nikaan Matthew

    good song jay, cant wait for your album, only thing is it looks like your mic needs to be turned up. But your awesome, Roc 4 Life!

  27. thuggin_n_buggin

    This is just trash right here... Smfh

  28. Jon LeVert

    I like the beat


    ? There is no melody what so ever i just dont understand yall who claim to like beats like these lol

  29. Qball9311

    Before anybody thinks or says it, this is not on the album.

  30. Phillylive215

    @tonystarks631 never looked at it like that thanks for that bit of insight

  31. tonystarks631

    @123459217 He asking for peace he saying we all can get together instead of destroying.So yeah lets have brunch with rothchilds and make a change,it can still get organized,even though the rothchilds do wrong

  32. Nellzartworx

    Is Mobb saying put ya Diamonds in the sky? First they join G-Unit, now they quoting Jay-Z as if Takeover never happened.

  33. MrRayDarren

    I don't know what y'all talkin' 'bout, this beat is hot!! I'm seein' a pattern here. Every time a rapper comes with some uplifting shit, satan's army is mobilized to discredit their craft. Keep going J. Elect...

    Tupac X

    MrRayDarren i agree bro wit you bro

  34. Chris BFHJVDSAvdghj

    Mobb killed this track.. but the beat is terrible.

  35. Phillylive215

    brunch with the rothchilds????? are you playing both sides of the field jay say it ain't so homie

  36. QwarterZ1

    @djayee damn right


    Grandmaster Dusty

    QwarterZ1 Foh, the way he raps now he'd ruin it.

  37. Busdnuos

    Not that it is off beat, but if it was, it shouldn't matter. 'cuz real MC's can rhyme on, or catch the rhythm on any track. People have been brainwashed by so much bullshit, it's difficult to have a decent Hip-Hop discussion these days. I bet if your Lord and Savior, Jiggaman got on this shit, there would be no complaints.

  38. OchoaPrideMex4Life

    @MrUbuntu17 true that

  39. efiwaydiL

    Lyrics beat.He go hard on this shit ya'll

  40. Gibran McDonald

    I love Jay Electronica's verse but this beat is one of the worst that I have ever heard. Where's the remix??

  41. OchoaPrideMex4Life

    @MrUbuntu17 no wonder it sounds like shit

  42. will anderson

    Jay Electronica is the shit hands down...

  43. SeymourButts69

    Anyone know who produced this?


    Jay electronica

  44. RideLXbindings

    is this going to be on itunes?

  45. trudon

    @faranives there is...evidence cats and dogs, raekwon shaolin vs wu tang etc

  46. enok813


    It's figurative. He isn't saying it in a glorifying literal manner. I feel what he is saying is that he is diverse and doesn't subscribe exclusively.

  47. jtmoney091

    jay electronica is the shit, but this beat is terrible.

  48. tonystarks631

    first he said tatoo the quarn on him.Then later on the verse he said have dinner with the rothschilds.Damn Jay who you wit!!!!

  49. Wade Licup

    This is called Call of Duty for a few reasons:
    1) A metaphor that likens J's (coming) impact on hip hop akin to the video game which has shook the industry and video game audience
    2) The beat and Winston Churchill sample harken to a patriotic, ethical anthem
    tying into...
    3) J's "Call of Duty" to change hip hop and moreso people's views on things like war, love, religion, humanity...

    There's a reason Love is in front of his name...

  50. Ventura2050

    @MrCommenterguy Quote by 50 You say Jay Elecronica is hot I say no I dont wanna hear this no more. Do you want me to convince you that G Unit is the quintessence of Hip Hop? If yes Im not going to just because i respect ýour view on it. 50 inspired Millions. Me included. And Im writing this from Germany. He made history. Lack of respect shows a lack of knowledge. And to that other guy: If you think your smart because your gettin thumbs up on yt you have to be even more retarded than I thought

  51. KatieARoman

    bout time jay elec puts something out


    Next month yeah!

  52. G. Martinez

    wtf is going on with black people these days?

  53. janellarie

    this beat is fucking horrible

  54. Eli G

    Check out

    Eli G

  55. MorettiPelle


  56. MorettiPelle

    @Ventura2050 oh cause your smart ? my comments are getting thumbs up and your getting schooled by the dummy =) OH

  57. sportsdude18111

    nah the beat's hot this is hot

  58. Ventura2050

    @MorettiPelle yo your comments here make me think that you are not able to read or at least comprehend the content of the comments , so you wont get any answer from me sorry this is too dumb for me


    Ur stupid

  59. Ventura2050

    @MrCommenterguy "kick push kick push kick push"

  60. MorettiPelle

    @FROZY24 lil wayne aint shit

  61. MorettiPelle

    @Ventura2050 ... try again . wheres your answer ?

  62. MorettiPelle

    @FROZY24 lol thats what im saying idiot .

  63. FROZY24

    @MorettiPelle haha "if lil wayne is anywhere in your answer your irrelevent to even speaking" jay electronica is the best hip hop artist out of new orleans lil wayne is the best ...........rock star?

  64. MorettiPelle

    @Ventura2050 your dumb , this is hip hop , im curious what YOU think is hip hop if lil wayne is anywhere in your answer , your real irrelevent to even speaking

  65. Ventura2050

    @MrCommenterguy No I dont realize it. This shit so wack it made me not want to spend time on listening to his music. Your thoughts about the Unit also lack a lot of Realization. But Im not the one to discuss shit on youtube so go head and listen to these people destroyin Hip Hop

  66. PisforPoetry

    lol stfu about the Illuminati. Too early for all that

  67. Phaeer

    worst fucking beat ever.

  68. TheLU83


  69. Ventura2050

    beat super wack. Jay electronica raps very bad. MOBB DEEP G UNIT too good for this

  70. wodey

    sounds like the best cry ever video