Jason Reeves - More In Love With You Lyrics

Early in the morning when I'm still so tired
Both my poor eyes hurt
You will drag me out of bed
And I will drive us all the way to church

And I will pray with you
In that front row pew
I will spend my whole life through
Falling more in love with you

Someday when I'm coming home
So late from work, you try to save the day
You'll take dinner out the oven
Black as night and set it smokin' on my plate

And I will laugh with you
When you burn my food
I will spend my whole life through
Falling more in love with you

Summer nights, the lightning strikes
So close to our house, all the lights go out
I will sing your favorite song
Along with all the raindrops falling down

And I will dance with you
Till the sky turns blue
I will spend my whole life through
Falling more in love with you

And when we pass that hill
We always talk about the house we'll build someday
And all the beauty we will witness
While we're living in the love we'll make

I will dream with you
Until they all come true
And I will spend my whole life through
Falling more in love with you

And we won't make plans
'Cause they'll all just change
Time and time again

And we might not know how it ends
But as long as we have us
That'll be enough

Someday when we're older
And our skin is worn and both our hair is gray
We won't cry when it's our time
To leave this life behind, we'll float away

And I will fly with you
Far beyond the moon
I will spend my whole life through
Falling more in love with you

Falling more in love with you
Falling more in love with you

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Jason Reeves More In Love With You Comments
  1. Jirka


  2. Tudor Verde


  3. Asres Benayalew

    Is it really true this amazing song has just 329,716 views?

  4. JPhil Ricafort

    "And I will pray with you." ❤

  5. LOR DIZZLE 410

    nice girl 🎤🎶🎧

  6. Planet Jupiter

    This used to show on UP

  7. Johanna A. Florez

    This chick followed me on Twitter and I have no idea why. I post random junk about debate and politics and other miscellaneous random junk and very little about music. I didn't follow her first (I knew her name from knowing this song but I've never actively followed her music). Does she just find my Twitter interesting?

  8. Jamie Blanchard

    I just used this as my first dance song at my reception. I LOVE IT!   I searched for weeks trying to find the perfect song, thank you!

  9. Chal B

    in this video she doesn't sing that line .... but in lyrics found online those are the words .... what ?!

  10. Roxana Tanguila

    lindo tema

  11. Helen Mamawok

    Nothing more beautiful than this song..

  12. Micah S.

    I love how it's Nelly Joy who sings the second verse that says "Someday when I'm coming home so laterom work you try to save the day. You'll take dinner out the oven black as night and set it smokin' on my plate." A relationship undictated by gender roles, yes please

  13. Joshua Carter

    My wife and I played this for our first dance :)

  14. Lide Rutkowski

    are they dating?

    Vintage Dreamer

    +SAIN eX I believe so.

  15. 7Suave

    50 people are single

  16. Leah Abugan

    Alex and Sierra should sing this!!! 

  17. Tanay Nandi

    I stumbled across this song in a moment of desperation and frustration over not being able to ask out a really close friend for some reason....that was 11 months ago....
    as of 3 days ago, she's my gf....
    @you: this song says a lot of things i would like to say to you....

  18. KimbitHyun

    My stomach always have butterflies and I start crying whenever I see this. It's so beautiful it's nerve racking

  19. Sara Hernandez Perez

    I love it3

  20. Tails0703

    silly YouTube, you are only counting my views again!

    Asres Benayalew

    This makes so much sense.

  21. Didi Benami

    Gorgeous Jason Reeves and Nelly Joy Video!!! :) two beautiful people, voices, song!! Aww :) Much love!

  22. Ana Altamirano

    OMG this song is so beautiful :') very heart tendering

  23. CRMachine2000

    OMG ur right the song is sooo good! BTW peeps use this to listen in mp3: bit.ly/Ynre3G?=flzxz

  24. 7MauerTwins

    I love this song....so heartfelt. xoxo

  25. Alex Archer

    Best love song on planet... Thanks Jason Reeves for making that kinda music this is amazing

  26. SongOfLaura


  27. RKN123

    Go to google and type in convert youtube to mp3. Click on the first or 2 website that it shows and use those. You just copy and paste the URL of the videos you want and it downloads it to your computer!

  28. smartalek 797

    Their voices are so good together!

  29. Colleen Farley


  30. Margaret Eddy

    This is such an amazing song!

  31. jorose umangay

    where can i download this song ,,what website...i really like it..it's a sweet song thumbs up!!

  32. smilepekkaz

    beautiful song

  33. TheLovatoSwift

    just lovely

  34. Mustafa Hg

    صوتها حلوو

  35. Amber Kracker

    Amazingingly beautiful song about true love. I hope to find a love like this one day.


    Dec 13 2012
    I spend more than 2 hours, listen to this beautiful song and thinking of my beloved Angel. I wish when I die I could still listen to this song.


    me and my angels favorite song ^_^

  38. xMissLinduhhh

    So Pure,
    So Peaceful,
    So Honest,
    So Beautiful.
    Deserves SO MUCH more views! <3
    Love It.

  39. Nayana Alves

    Gives a peace listening to this song, beautiful!

  40. Vu Quang


  41. Emerald C.

    So beautiful <3

  42. Smiley Deys

    more in love with you :)
    how beautiful is it feel

  43. evofemale

    This song makes me teary because I love it soooo much !!!! :)

  44. Mégane Cerbino

    i'm gonna die, this is so magical, you deserve more views, seriously

  45. Krysseh

    A bit different, but I'm finding more and more I love this sound. Could listen to this over and over :)

  46. Nguyen Kim Lan


  47. VeryLastAirbender

    I read "A beautiful arm yof trees"... Then deciphered various other combinations... Until I made out "army" 20 minutes later XD apparently this doesnt exist in my vocabulary :/ but "yof" and "beautifular" do.

  48. Serg Sanchez

    Wow, This is so beautiful

  49. villacorta86


  50. rizln

    I just love this video! I want this song on my wedding day someday. =)) <3

  51. JasonReevesMusic

    You guys are so amazing and I could never give back enough love to make up for what you give me...Thank you so much...Pass this video on to anyone you love or care for!!

  52. Darren Cummings

    ill be giving it alot of [email protected]@

  53. simplyjustjenny

    Jason is such an amazing soul! He is very kind, talented and deserves more recognition!

  54. Brandon Tao

    Jason Reeves, you never cease to amaze me with your music!

  55. Lucero Reyes

    The song i'll dance and sing from the bottom of my heart when I get married <3

  56. Tropicanna

    I love waking up and hearing those songs because they make me feel so light, so calm .. I put my headphones in and I go out of there smiling, so my days start much better :}
    You deserve much, much success James. Hugs from Brazil <3

  57. Julia S.

    Aww, that was beautiful Jason. Not to mention, you look pretty spiffy. :)

  58. Ahmet Selçuk

    G00D :D

  59. Sharon Krywosa

    So Beautiful :) I want a love like this

  60. Olivia James

    Beautiful song!! More people should listen to this enchanting music...Any more lovely songs? What wonderful voices.

  61. Kris

    oh u sing so good for a young age very pro keep it that way

  62. Shreya Alva

    Fresh song.....

  63. Keith Verdee


  64. charitylmc

    pretty song, but did she say lorve? haha.

  65. stacy boyer

    This song is so heart warming, beautiful. thank you for posting this song for all of us, its a true gift you have there.

  66. Katii Chin

    Nice song

  67. itsmrscitygirl2u

    KINDA DIGGIN THIS.. yes and i agree deserves much more than what has been given :D

  68. bryan kreuzberger

    good song

  69. Dinee Atkinson

    i Think I Do

  70. Jamie McCrosson

    future wedding song.

  71. Justin Moreno

    This is a really great song.

  72. lialia

    bEAUTIFUL :)

  73. samantha somewhere

    smh his song is like 37046364x beter than that rap shit & only 305 views ? fuck sciety -.-

  74. Jenny Marie

    Love this song.!

  75. Alyssa Henriquez

    Ohmygoodness this needs more views :O

  76. Destiny

    he needs more videos.. like now <3 !!

  77. SongOfLaura

    you deserve a lot more views.

  78. launderground

    we love jason.