Jason Reeves - Just Friends Lyrics

What did you think I'd say
You're everything that I ever wanted
And this kind of thing doesn't just come around
Every time you go looking for it

I don't wanna be just friends
I'll never fake it or pretend
And I don't want another girl 'cause you're the only one I love

I don't wanna be just friends
That's something I can't understand
I don't wanna be just friends
Not now
Not ever
Those 2 words are bullets in my chest
Just friends

What did you think I'd do
It felt so good waking up beside you
And the way you kiss
So delicate
Doesn't come around and I'm always gonna miss it

I don't wanna be just friends
I'll never fake it or pretend
And I don't want another girl 'cause you're the only one I love

I don't wanna be just friends
That's something I can't understand
I don't wanna be just friends
Not now
Not ever
Those 2 words are bullets in my chest
Just friends

Those 2 words are bullets in my chest
And it's never gonna be the same again my love
It's never gonna be the same again

Be just friends
Just friends
Just friends

Don't wanna be just friends
Just friends
Just friends

Don't wanna be just friends
(Don't wanna be the same again)
Just friends
Just friends

I don't wanna be just friends

I don't wanna be just friends

I don't wanna be just friends

Those 2 words are bullets in my chest
Just friends

Bullets in my chest
Bullets in my chest
Just friends

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Jason Reeves Just Friends Comments
  1. Youjin park 안녕하세요

    At least he said friend. I got sister-zoned. “You are like a sister to me.”

  2. Großmaester Pycelle

    I love a girl at least 8 years but we are only friends she talks with me over other boys and say me everything I said I love her she answered :,, I dont feel the same but we can still be friends."

    And today we talked over the fz and she said that when she says be friends she never won't feel so
    I just wanted to kill myself
    I can't get her out of my head
    And I hold on in school because I spend time with her it's make me feel glad for this moment
    But when I'm at home I lie in my bed and cry until I sleep


    Still the same

  3. Leanna Jackson

    "Those two words are bullets in my chest." I've loved my best friend for a long time but if I told him he'd probably say we're only friends.

  4. kassj_


  5. Awesomest Person Ever

    This kind of describes my situation perfectly. I see how everyone else in the comments their situation. Maybe we should start a support group? I have had a huge longtime crush on my friend Hunter. We are pretty close but not best friends. He knows I have a crush on him. And its frustrating because he says he just wants to be friends. And does not recooperate my feelings. And it makes me want to kick something, scream, or cry. He is so sweet. And he's let me flirt with him and I don't know if he's dense or just doesn't care. I tell myself to treat him like a brother but every time he even notices another girl I get jealous. I don't know why I can't accept he'll never like me. I just wish he felt the same way. Or that I could just put my feelings about him inside a box and never let them back out. Sometimes I don't wanna be just friends.

    Penical Bob

    Awesomest Person Ever I feel you

  6. eduardo freitas

    Perfect 😍😍

  7. V2killah

    what hurts more is when  after a month she says it. you get back together for 2 years and a cupl months and talked about your life together then she says it once again.

  8. Anni

    One of my best friends sent me that song. I know he's been in love with me for a long time now and he asked me what I think we are. I answered that we're just friends and after listening to this song I'm literally crying. It hurts so much because I can imagine how he feels right now. But I can't just pretend or force feelings that aren't really there. My only wish is that he's gonna understand and accept it one day. Until then? I really don't know...
    Alex, you may read this. I'm sorry but I can't change it. I wish I could. And I'm never gonna lie to u about my feelings... Even if you wish I did.

    Ricardo Onzalez

    Hello, I'm in a similar position with my friend named Alex.
    I'm in love with her and she isn't with me.
    I read your comment and it helped give me perspective on how she feels right now because of me. She needs her best friend, not at an idiot in love. Especially since she's in love.
    So, thank you for giving me perspective.

    Großmaester Pycelle

    Anni when you knew it why didnt you say it to him earlier

    Stupid Potato

    Your a good person

  9. steve G

    I really hate it, the friendzone that is. I have such a huge crush on this girl. She is so amazing, but she wanted to be just friends:(

  10. cookie63402

    Tyler 😔

    lizzy young

    This comment is extremely ironic because it pertains to my EXACT situation


    how so? 

  11. Lilian wowow


  12. a Heart for Heartland

    I now two guys, and this song is so perfect for them... for these *guys*.

  13. MyBubbleInSpace

    Believe it or not, I actually got together with my best friend. A real dream come true. Unfortunately she broke up with me so now we're back where we started...

    Courage LK

    It happens bud that's why my friend and I stay friends we know we love each other but we know we don't want that to end with just 2 words

  14. Rachel M

    Hate that friendzone..

  15. Ana Clara Sousa

    Parece q ele fez uma música sobre minha história de amor *-*

  16. maria ayoub

    I'm Friend zoned Right Now,It feels worse then being rejected because you have to pretend your okay with being just friends

  17. Alfred Jones

    *Has friend-zoned so many people in the last year.* o.o I feel kind of bad now.

  18. TavLivesOn

    I feel like a shit bottle cuz I had to let this guy down and tell him that I didn't like him, and it was a little after he sent me this song and he's like "I never wanna hear this from you" ugghhhh.

  19. Gillian Navarro


  20. oOLemonzOo

    Sorry for being nosey but did you like your best friend from the beginning? Or the feelings developed later? (I've never liked a friend in that way before so was just curious)

  21. Chase Armstrong

    A moment of silence for our brothers in the friend zone.

  22. Natalie Ann

    So true

  23. Khatelyn Carter

    I friend zoned all my best friends because they are like my brothers and i don't want to ruin that relationship with them and i mean i have a crush on my best friend but i think we kinda friend zoned each other I've known him for 7 years and i just don't want to lose that relationship with him hah I'm prolly the worst girl i friend zone all my guy friends unless i like them before we are friends

  24. Sarah S

    This song = Story of my Life.

  25. Hope Lynch

    send it.

  26. hopscotch484

    This song expresses my feelings perfectly! Grrr! I'm tempted to send it to her. Haha.

  27. readingqueen811

    this happened to me a couple months ago. my friend asked my crush if he liked me and he said "no, she's just a REALLY good friend." This song is so perfect for me.

  28. Maria B

    it's hard. :P

  29. Maria B

    but it doesn't say that... and that's wht my friend told me when I told him I liked him, it doesn't feel pretty.

  30. Mark of Saints

    just went through this exact thing yesterday, kinda a coincidence i stumbled upon this video. so true

  31. Sidney Burton


  32. Nina Lancioti

    It's just like at the end of the song he says...I wanna BE BEST FRIENDS!

  33. Rayaan

    write everything in a piece of paper and give it to him...but dnt step back, maybe he also feels the same as u do, might be shy or something... Good Luck! :D

  34. Carrie Louise

    I'm in love with my best friend.. This song describes my life perfectly.

  35. Victoria Thompson

    Thanx, but it's easier said (or typed) than done.

  36. Dhaha Naseem

    Forget the chicken and think about how you feeeeel about him. And follow your 'heart' ? :D

  37. Victoria Thompson

    I hav a crush on my best friend, Tyler, and he has absolutly no clue that I like him. At least I don't think he knows anyways. It sucks cuz' I'm 2 chicken 2 tell him. Advise any1?

  38. jeffreyyw1

    theres nothing harder than sitting so close to someone, yet knowing you are the furthest away

  39. angelawellman1

    When you're in love with your best friend... And he'll never see it.

  40. Alexandra Mihaela

    There's a lot of guys out there. Girls get friendzoned, too. :)

  41. Nick

    I'm really into this girl and about a month into hanging out with her and getting to know her she told me she has a boyfriend.

  42. Megan Christensen

    Used the line "those two words are bullets in my chest" tonight because the man I love said we could go to a movie as 'just friends'........

  43. Skeelo Mineelo

    I love this song <3

  44. Melissa

    what ever happened? (:

  45. Tony Chedrawee

    1 person has never experienced love.

  46. İpek Ömercikli

    this song somehow reminded me of larry stylinson

  47. Claire Matthews

    I am in love with my brothers mate. We meet at my brothers party. We really hit if of and we flirt all the time. He has a girlfriend. He says he loves her and wants to be together forever. It kills me every time he says he loves her. forever stuck in the friend zone.

  48. Adam Williams

    Let's take a moment of silence for all those in friendzone

  49. Lee Metcalfe

    he's probably gay.

  50. Sybil K

    2:19 i was in full screen and now my eyes hurt thanks a lot lol great vid though

  51. destinyjadeleaf

    Yes. The most common oblivious rejection is the "friend-zone", but I've been family-zoned a couple of times too. XD

  52. jakekia66

    Lol maybe :P

  53. jakekia66

    To the description: Yes, I hate the friend zone very much...

  54. akinnon2000

    Cry me a river....

  55. Pandemic Bones

    a song so true it hurts :C

  56. AOhodgson

    Every song of his, is telling a story of my life!

  57. faggot

    friends with benifits is like the same thing as a couple? so you shouldnt be sad. ask him out???

  58. Maycat55

    :( Last time I saw you I told you I wanted to be just friends because I didn't want to say the words I was thinking, now I can't get you out of my head... I don't wanna be just friends no more! Come back... please... I just wanted to say that I miss you and that I like you alot, maybe even love you.... come back... for me... please

  59. epikphaylle

    Bullets in my chest.

  60. Cassandra Jaramillo

    Love this song <3

  61. Lorelei Bellman

    songs perfect for how i feel about this guy i've known for 5 years, we kinda act like a couple.. we kiss n hug but we're friends. gahh men -_-

  62. Cenedra Magargal

    Zach you were my best friend. I love you so much. You're the only person that never gave up on me. Tonight you gave up on me and moved on to your new life leaving me behind in your old life with everyone else. And yet I gave you everything I had. I was always by your side even when it hurt me to stand there and smile for you. I did it because you're the best friend I could have ever asked for, I'm just sorry I had to fall in love with you and not be able to move on and forget like you have.

  63. Kiran S.

    I laughed at the description. lol xD