Jason Reeves - Back With Me Lyrics

If time was moving backwards
The smoke would turn to trees
And ice would melt from water
And rivers run from seas
And fall would follow winter
And summer'd turn to spring
And you'd be back with me

If I'd paid more attention
Heard every word you said
If I'd thought about you more
And me a little less
And if I would have noticed
The things I didn't see
Then you'd be back with me

Back in these arms
That are empty without you
Back in my world
That revolved around you
Tears would run back
To my eyes
The rain would fall up
To the sky

If our love was a movie
And I saw it in reverse
The end would never happen
Cause goodbye'd come first
And all this pain I'm feeling
Would turn to ecstasy
And you'd be back with me
You'd be back with me

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Jason Reeves Back With Me Comments
  1. 지단

    This song needs to be famous.

  2. Turquoise Rose


  3. Susana C

    esa sombra negra que paso? , que extraña imagen ummalgo oculto hay ahi?illuminati?? :O

  4. Ann-Marie


  5. Carol Celina

    Jason, this video is amazing, you really should dedicate more of your time for your photography, I am a big lover of all your art. Music, photos, writing, you are amazing in all of them!
    (ps: your instagram is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen)

    High Dive Heart

    @Carol Celina Thank you so much for these gorgeous words and your love. I send mine back to you!! XO Check out my new duo High Dive Heart.

  6. Roger Laqere

    Your music heals and that's all that matters. Money and Fame pales in comparison to what you're doing,Jason Reeves. You Sir, are awesome! Thank you

  7. Nanciefy

    Jason Reeves, your music is amazing!

  8. xxurstar4lifexx

    this is my first time hearing this song...and i just broke down! i can totally connect with it. this is now one of my favorite songs. i love your music and your lyrics to every song<3 so meaningful . this song is so beautiful

  9. Lithiya Loshini

    Damn the song's good! (;

  10. Jenny Marie

    Oh wow..i just stumbled upon your music and it is amazing. And you have a fan for life now. Keep up the wonderful music.

  11. Milto Neto

    you are amazing Jason Reeves! For me you`re the biggest inspiration that i could ever had! thanks a lot ! keep being this kind of person forever !!!

  12. JasonReevesMusic

    You are all amazing for watching/listening....thank you beyond words...!!

  13. Christina Pagliarulo


  14. Dxila

    Jason Reeves.... You're a boss man! Love your music.

  15. Aleef HS

    This is really really good. :')

  16. Lilian Viviane

    its show soo much emotions that make me cry

  17. Lilian Viviane

    Its a very nice song, like always Reeves. Congrats

  18. Catherine Rouquine

    Beautiful song !!! This new album is really good !

  19. Chimika

    such a deep& beautiful song.

  20. Cindy

    Jason Reeves.. Master of Lyrics.

  21. bellefleur16

    "If My love was a movie, and I played it in reverse, the end would never happen, it's good-bye to come first." That is by far my favourite part of this song. It makes me cry and think of all of the fall-outs and situations I've been through, but this song it beautiful. I've been listening to it all the time, with its catchy tune and thoughtful lyrics. I listen to other music, but your songs always block out their words. Thank you.

  22. Malin Melin

    This made me cry.
    Amazing song, and amazing lyrics.

  23. Chad P.

    Super love this song!

  24. Jeannie

    I love the song! Your singing is awesome and your words are true.

  25. Guilherme Santos

    I love ur music so much, u pass te truth in what u do .. its so natural and beutifull, u inspire me a lot as a guitar player, too much i think haha :) I hope someday i coud go to america just to watch u and play with u, hopefully, but thank u for sharing everything :)

  26. Amyphants

    Now this is the music i loved and missed ♥

  27. thenonc

    im in love with your music jason...all of your songs are so megical and special,every time i hear one,it feels like my brain is smiling (:

  28. FreedomWalker77

    beautiful Jason!

  29. inlovewithlove12

    This song has been stuck in my head all day. :) I love it!

  30. legendarymarvels

    I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

  31. legendarymarvels

    Don't stop making music Jason. It's wonderful.

  32. Paola Marcato

    What a lovely song <3 always a great job, jason!!

  33. PinoGoesRawr

    This is so touching. I can't even explain how beautiful this is.

  34. Nachteule

    Hey, no need to apologize! In this case my present will be the anticipation that I will get from listening to the new single! :)

    Btw, in my opinion you are a lyrical genius. I just love the way you play with words! - Keep up the good work!

  35. JasonReevesMusic

    Thank you so much for listening and caring so much! I hate to say this to you but my album isn't coming out until May now. We had to push it back to get it right. In good news though, the 2nd song and first single from the album IS coming out on your birthday still, at least that's what is planned. I apologize for the disappointment, but hopefully having the single released will suffice..!!

  36. chloe star

    Had this song on repeat for the past few hours, really incredible

  37. Nachteule

    The new album is coming up on April 17th! In other words: ON MY 18TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
    Jason, I'm so into your music, I really really really love it! :)
    At the moment nearly everything goes wrong for me, haha! However, finding out that your new album will come up on my birthday made me just smile brighter than the sun! :DDD

  38. Lisa Marie

    oh my goodness, this is absolutely amazing, phenomenal, brilliant, incredible.. i just can't find the right words :)
    thank you for every single word you sing, Jason! ♥

  39. Marissa S

    amazing, love it!!! i have it on repeat [via youtube playlist] <3

  40. enrique zuniga

    and what about his WONDERFUL draws in his notebook! i love his art style :) he’s AWESOME!!!

  41. justaeverydaydreamer

    Love it. xo

  42. Aaron Zimmerman

    If the rest of the album goes like this.... I may have a new favorite. Much more of a real sound! Love it!

  43. PhantomMask

    Jason is probably the most underrated amongst today's artists..

  44. Logan Horton

    wow. cannot wait to hear more songs.

  45. Shelley Hierstetter

    this song came at the perfect moment in my life. thank you for always being so relatable and just plain inspiring.

  46. markinhos3

    ‎...lessons that come from pain..

  47. William Morgan

    Wonderful song @jasonreeves, and the video is very well done.