Jason Mraz - The Darkest Space Lyrics

Well I'm not just a song anymore
I just might be the whole damn score
I might be reeling in your head while
You're sleeping in your bed at night
Well I'm not just along anymore
I finally found what I've been lookin' for
I might be sitting in the passenger's
Side but not along for the ride
'Cause I have control of a home grown situation
I lay back and then I turn the alarm off and turn out the light
There's goin' to be some quality sleeping
'Cause quality's keeping the quality up at night
I am fixed to lay with my arms out and learning to fly

Through the darkest space
Where I try to catch up to the catch phrase
To human race I say let the games begin
Under way say in conditions that we play in
Maybe things are better this way
May the games begin today awww

Oh well...Cause I'm just above
The aggravation of love
and I raise to optimistical fortune and toasting it twice
I'm sitting high on an anytime any day night
And I laugh to think I'm crying my eyes out well isn't it nice


An open space when I finally catch up to the catch phrase
The whole damn world is your toy
Don't you want some love
Don't you want things to always stay the same
Don't you want your love to be the same as the last day

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Jason Mraz The Darkest Space Comments
  1. Mayck Angel bejarano torres

    Uno de los mejores trabajos de Jason Mraz.

  2. oracleturts

    Damn I was messaging my around the guitar and stumbled onto these chords and had to hear this song. It’s been years. I really wish he’d go back to this jazzy style of pop. We have plenty of the straight forward stuff he seems to write now.

    David Leal

    oracleturts What are the chords???

  3. MiloPearson

    I miss songs like this

  4. aston ambrose

    good song, never heard this before, why this it has only 20 likes? c'mon thumbs up!

  5. Claire Boevink

    this song is great..have always loved it!!! can't wait for the new album.

  6. Mia Teoxon

    1st time I heard this. THANK YOU!!! Wonderful song.

  7. Rennfri

    Because it isn't on itunes and is from 1999. ^_^ Only original mraz lovers know it ;)

  8. Jipsoland

    Now, the one who post a version live of this song is defenitely a GOD...

    God where are you ? ....

  9. Jipsoland

    Great, tks for the song !!!