Jason Mraz - More Than Friends Lyrics

It feels like we've been friends forever, yeah
And we always see eye to eye
The more time we spend together
The more I wanna say what's on my mind

Take it easy
'Cause it ain't easy to say

I wanna be more than friends
I wanna be more than friends
I wanna tell everyone you're taken
And take your hand until the end
I wanna be more than friends

At the risk of sounding foolish
I don't wanna fool around no more
If we're gonna do this then let's do this
You can fix my broken heart if it's all yours

So take it easy
'Cause it ain't easy to say

I wanna be more than friends
I wanna be more than friends
I wanna tell everyone you're taken
And take your hand until the end
I wanna be more than friends

I'm asking you to be my baby
I'm giving you my heart, don't break it
I'm crushing and I'm going crazy
Either way I know we'll make it

Take it easy
It ain't easy to say
I'll take it easy
I'll take it easy
It ain't easy to say

I wanna be more than friends
I wanna be more than friends
I wanna tell everyone you're taken
And take your hand until the end
I wanna be more than friends (friends)
I'm asking you to be my baby (asking you to be my baby)
I'm giving you my heart, don't break it (giving you my heart, don't break it)
I'm crushing and I'm going crazy (hey)
Either way I know we'll make it (I know, I know, I know we'll make it)

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Jason Mraz More Than Friends Comments
  1. Anugrah Pandi

    I keep coming back to this song ho!!

  2. purpldregon

    I have the same voice when I inhale helium...


    This song is so sweet it very calming that's my favorite

  4. ***

    Just so you know, "mraz" in Russian means "scum"

  5. Kimberley C. Hodle


  6. José camilo Martínez medrano

    Meghan 🥰

  7. chisom ibeto

    This is so cute🥺😍😭😂

  8. Suman Naik


  9. Alex Burress

    What kills me she never had the heart to say she was pregnant by hem

  10. Maeve Mallory

    these two sound amazing together!

  11. Rukey Burg

    If you read this,

    I want you to be happy with your friendships. Be kind and don't rush it, love can be really well deserved when the time comes :)

  12. Jaime Anderson


  13. Rullen Fiore

    I made a cover of this song too, 1 2 3 Go! N TAKE CARE🙌😧

    Rullen Fiore

    And ya I am being selfish so what...!

  14. Jayanthy R

    I love this song.....😉 perfect situation song ....I wanna be a more than friend....😎

  15. Elmas Nasıl Bulunur

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/639597413445393/ How To Find Diamonds / Welcome to our group

  16. Trisna Maharani

    Hard for me to find this song from radio 😭

  17. Draven

    Y'all ever notice that this song has the same rough Melody as Man Down under by Men at Work? Like overlay them.

  18. John Henry

    Riverdale: Betty Cooper to Archie Andrews season 1 epi. 1-2!

  19. Harsh Singh

    Sent this to my crush, she sent me friends( by marshmallow )

    Rooster Chords

    Too relatable XD

  20. mohsin nassak

    Merry Christmas 🎄

  21. Flavious Correia

    Wait a sec you mean love :) 😍❤️

  22. Yadam World

    Nice rack

  23. mike luve

    😭😭😭💔💖💖💖 beautiful..

  24. Santiago Bruno

    Afafafafafa faerteeee

  25. Santiago Bruno


  26. 박정재

    I'm sorry you're going to mountine
    ... you're not sensitive anymore.. from south korea 10year's old fan..

  27. Steam_bigh

    I've expected from MT something like "Dear future husband ..."

  28. Nilima Pokharel

    I wanna sing this to you but I ain't no singer💓💖💕

  29. bawihpuii khiangte

    Jason Mraz's songs are the kind you can listen and be comfortable with the whole family

  30. Miranda Kidder

    Proving that we can still have a completely clean song that is heartfelt and beautiful. Thank you! Absolutely love it and every word is me.

  31. destructorhugo27 YT

    Dr house ?

  32. Daniela Bravo

    Bro se parece un poco a Dr. House JAJAJAJAJJAJAJA I love he

  33. Subarna Mitra


  34. Mitchiegotmoves

    I ain’t know G was still making hits! Good for you dawg💯

  35. Lady Of Order And Chaos

    This song, helped me tell my best friend that I loved him when I didn't have the words. And now I'm truly with the person that is ment to be mine and me his. Thank you for providing the words perfectly when I couldn't summon it up myself. Were now 100% more then friends.

  36. Brian Paul Salmite

    its is very familiar song in me everyday i hear that its very romantic and hopeful song

  37. koro sensei

    More songs from jason mraz 😭😭😭😭

  38. Fay Cal

    Me to my friend.. I love you since our first ..you are my first and last love ..
    She : but you are just my brother 😢

    Aishwarya Toppo

    Hearty condolences to u!!

  39. Rhea marie

    i always heard it at radio

  40. Rhea marie

    ahh finally found this song!!...


    Girl finds out guy is really nice and treats her well. Decides she wants to be friends...ends up dating an asshole for the 10th time who cheats on her and the regrets it

  42. Patttwreck

    Jason: I'm asking you to be my baby
    Filipinos be like: I'm asking you to be my BEBE.

  43. Jacque Q

    Love love love...

  44. Lee Mou Reen

    Me : i wanna be more than friend
    Him: okay, lets do it! supporting each other and sharing our lives together till the end.

    I WISH....

  45. Vanya Dwichantika

    I really want to tell him my feeling. That i love him, and i want him to be mine.

    I wanna be more than friends, i want to be “yours”

  46. Jai Villanueva

    When he sang " I want more than friends"
    My friendzone ass is not amused

  47. Trang Vũ Thuỳ


  48. Prangobinda Duley

    Ooo this is nice

  49. Mr ARNOUT

    https://youtu.be/jW2WylxPKqQ helpme brother

  50. Cynthia Audia

    this song made me smile :)

  51. Meep Meep

    This is actually the first time I seen what Jason Mraz looks like, and I did not expect to see House M.D.

  52. Dawn London

    Good job.

  53. Ella-Marie Blackmore

    I LOVE this 💖

  54. Maria Magdallena

    i sing this song front him , and he still not understand my point😅

  55. Angel Clare

    To my beautiful love, I dont want to fool around no more.
    It ain't easy to see you daily without having to say it..
    Ronald Mutungi love you

  56. Zanzibar

    Cuz " I'm yours " i ended here

  57. Jo -_-

    Jason Mraz: I wanna be more than friends...

    At the same time, Anne-Marie twitched her face, shouting:

    Haven't I made it obvious?
    Haven't I made it clear?
    Want me to spell it out for you?
    Haven't I made it obvious?
    Haven't I made it clear?
    Want me to spell it out for you?

    And Tessa Violet smiled:
    But I could be your crush, like, throw you for a rush, like
    Hoping you'd text me so I could tell you
    I been thinking 'bout your touch like
    Touch, touch,…

    Me: Awwwww :)

  58. Blog Brito

    *Meghan is so pretty😍❤❤❤*

  59. Dennis Devason

    Anybody listening now

  60. Rebbecca Galbraith

    I love this song so much they need to right more songs together🥰

  61. Marak Hungyo

    Sadness: Jason Mraz is growing old 😭

  62. Aya . lockey

    We've missed you Meghan ❤

  63. Megs Inn

    His voice doesn't suits his face🤣🤣🤣

  64. Criss Fa


  65. lool gaming

    Dont skip

  66. SANTRI

    your song is always best of the best 💙 please do more sir jason mraz.

  67. Paula Muniz

    I love this song, I always listen

  68. Nicole Bowen

    Oh Jason Mraz you beautiful divine masculine using your gift of music to help heal and soothe souls who need to hear your songs 💫🌠

  69. Ahyury Bluerhythm

    Jason Mraz you are just too amazing, I Wanna Be More Than Friends!¡ x Ox
    ♡. ♡ ♡♡♡

  70. soulofmyheart21

    Wanting to be more than Friends, Soul Friends forever.

  71. LKMS Pictures


  72. Affan Khal

    I will reupload it to my whatsapp story,hope she realize😂

  73. Mikey_Suze Four

    Jason Mraz still astounds me with the way he can harmonize with women artists like Colbie Caillat & Meghan Trainor - Nicely done sir!

  74. hamba rabbani

    who is listening again in August 2019.like & like 😊

  75. 윤채영


  76. S. S.

    Less Than Lovers....

  77. Zoie boe

    I love this song because I was friends with a guy forever and then he got with a girl who hates me, and he is still with her although he knows I like him and he kissed me, I don't know what to do because I dated his best friend who is an amazing guy but him and me weren't meant to be I guess... I went from an unstoppable heart to a heart shattered into a million pieces, I'm splitting at the seems ❤➡💔

    This was a month ago and now I'm doing better than ever, he got his device taken away, I haven't found anyone and honestly don't care too, I'm over him after almost 6 months of being split up, he is him and I am me so I'm Happy


    The song is nice but the lyrics r kinda unrelatable for me...how could someone want to be more than friends..wat does dt mean..it is indirect....but yea the song was lovely

  79. GPAltaBob

    His voice could very well be the most annoying thing I've ever heard! Mind you, I can't sing either!


    I really like this song more music like this is what I want it great and it has love something where missing in the world

  81. Natalja Khmelnitskaya


  82. Antonio Lucas

    2:46 and 2:53 neste momento

  83. Babyj Robinson

    Did anyone else noticed his lips is on the side of his face And not straight

  84. Kortney H

    where was this song 12 years ago lol. Well, we finally figured it out and now my best friend and I are getting married October 19th 2019. .

  85. philip japitana

    Ok fine you win!!

    We can be BEST friends..there happy??😀👍

  86. Yei Ambi

    2.38 i like that move with the hand

  87. Ghazal Ali

    i wanna be more than friends 😋❤🤤🤤

    anyway we are more than friends 💏❤❤❤❤🤤❤

  88. Anders Nielsen

    Whos the cute'n'sexy girl?

  89. Mike Spector

    Levetina King😊😚♥️💍

  90. w o o x i

    I approached my crush first...and he look happy everytime we met each other...but i still didnt confess yet.. Hahaha idk hopefully everything gonna be fine!

  91. Elisha Topia

    I asked my crush through this song

  92. Jordan Christian

    Yess i wanna more than friends with you, no just a friend to you

  93. Love Love

    You're right, Jason✔️✔️✔️

  94. Iqraa Malik.

    I love these types of songs