Jason Mraz - Galaxy Lyrics

Well here I am
I'm sitting alone again
I'm staring up at the sky
Which at this lonely moment is my only friend
And suddenly as I gazed upon the night
Well I notice the stars
They began to shake and dance and burst
And fall into the darkness
They exploded down
I knew what I had to do
I ran up to the top of the hill
And I took a hold for you
You were the sweetest star that fell
And yes, I held onto it close
To the numbness in my heart

And then I kissed a star
Yes I did
I wrapped it up inside of a golden bow
And then I ran away
Just to find you
'Cause this was your gift
Your gift
Oh shit
A star that I kissed
Oh the galaxy that lives inside your eyes
Was in need
I said it was in need
Of a, of a brand new shining light
I said I wished to the dark sky above
That all I had was to be captured
And willingly turned over to you
I know you better now
And at this I smile
I simply gave to you
The symbol of what you are to me
You are the star that shines
And explodes with light
And I love and embrace
Love and embrace all that I can
You better take this blindess and stay away from me
And let me bask inside of your golden seam
I never knew such simple astronomy
I never knew it could come to me
And not by the ways of the heart

And call on me
To be one of those strangely dressed wise men
Who follow the stars to their love
You are such a perfect star to wish upon
Well I love you and god and I'm hopeful
Of what this lonely night may lead me to
So I said, God I'm hopeful
Of what this lonely, lonely night
Will lead me tonight
Oh well, well I'm hopeful that this lonely night
Well it shines so right
I'm hopeful
I'm hopeful of all good things
To come about
I'm wishing upon you now
Yeah, I'm wishing upon you now

Free me and let me indulge my view
Oh most beautiful you
Keeper of starlight
Take on me
Oh, oh, oh
Well here I am
I'm sitting all by myself again
I stare up at the sky
Which at this moment is my only friend
Say well, suddenly as I gazed upon the night
Well i notice the stars
They began to shake and burst
Oh it looks like they want to fight, no
They were dancing
They were romancing
Oh, they were falling in love
They falling in love all over
Falling in love all over
Falling in love, falling in love, falling in love
I say falling in love, falling in love all over
Falling in love, is my best friend
Falling in love all over,
All over again

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Jason Mraz Galaxy Comments
  1. Christi Fuller

    Some of this older stuff, I've never heard. Love it!

  2. Wheein Jupiter & Mars

    the real good old days ...

    Wheein Jupiter & Mars

    btw anyone who wants to learn this song exactly the way jason plays it, feel free to pm me and I can give you some guide

  3. david erlebach

    To the duets peace to you both in the sunsets you created and continue sharing your gifts with us all

  4. Rex Spaulding

    They just needed Chester Copperpot...

  5. B Miller

    I wish Jason would release a album with just guitar and percussion. I would buy that for sure. I like his songs in more of a "coffee shop" sound. I half to go to youtube to listen to Jason at his best.

    John Webb

    @B Miller Live at Java Joe's. It's the first album of his I bought back in 2002 or something.

    Jeff Geld

    He has one. Live at Java Joes! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/jason-mraz-live-acoustic-2001/274127659

    Vicki Cupper

    Live at Java Joe's is one of the best live albums I've ever heard. I wore out 3 CDs I listened to it so much.

  6. natalia ruiz

    First time I get to listen this song, is delightful :)

  7. KingMark Rosal

    A real musician

  8. susanne lohmann

    alles sehr gefühlvolle musik..

  9. ziv

    Every time I'm just shocked at his new songs I hear!! :)

  10. Prophetess Charlene M. Jackson

    The lyrics for this song are so romantic! I really enjoy the performance. Thank you for sending this beautiful song! It really remind me of Michael Jackson.

  11. irianny guzman

    OR BETTER <3

  12. Kyla Fish

    This is such an amazing song. And i love his voice!!!

  13. Michael Stephens

    loving Toca's socks and flipflops!

  14. Francisco Antonio

    galaxy is amazing

  15. Luciana Romão

    Lindo demais!

  16. Violeta Stepanovic

    Omg. I just can not speak and play in the same time :O He is awesome

  17. bonzwah1

    i'm kinda in love with the chord progression...i'm not sure if i've heard it before...which should be impossible...

  18. amovirgo

    I totally agree! He even sounds better live which is hard to do. After all, most people now can't sing without major editing.

  19. Windi Srilestari

    hahahah LOL.. i like your comment man... it's true!!!

  20. John Gallagher

    Considering Stardust came out after they wrote it, I doubt it occurred to them.

  21. Andrew Wonders

    Ummmm... did it occur to you or your Buddy that this is based on Neil Gaiman's "Stardust"?

  22. Jonathan Hedrick

    That last note...

  23. TokyoDrift

    Amazing!!!! como ya es costumbre en él se ve que da todo, desde su <3, me encanta! es SUPER!

  24. Dierdre Canuet

    I wished on a falling star woo hoo...

  25. Wilbert Maas

    i like how he forgot some of the lyrics around 3:20 stuck in the middle :p

  26. Criap

    Whoooieee cant wait till novermber 22nd Im gonna see him live! FINALLY!!

  27. Jasmin Tumbul

    ovaj Mraz jebe kevu, kuva ručak, pegla veš i piše pisma...kidačina na više načina

  28. Kelly Hrivnak

    This is such a beautiful song. My coaches loved it so much that they made it our winterguard music for this season! :D

  29. Jonathan Hedrick

    Jason, this is awesome. And btw, thanks for letting us read your thoughts too from time to time; we're not all cynics and creeps.

  30. Jasmine

    jason mraz could sing me the nutrtion facts on the back of a bag of chips and itd still be BRILLIANT and BEAUTIFUL.

  31. MrsMattSkiba

    When my dad wears sandals with socks I get horribly embarrassed.
    When Toca Rivera wears sock with sandals I find it to be incredibly cool.
    Love is blind -_- Lol.

  32. Eliana Rodríguez

    I LOVE this!!! Thank you THANK YOU for sharing it.

  33. serenaisgood

    How do you just spontaneously make a melody? gosh your amazingg

  34. salmanc1

    Remember this years back....what a tune

  35. Dome

    You know you have one fucking amazing voice when you sound the exact same live as you do on recording.

  36. jojo

    Wonderful!!!! "Hand-made-Music"
    Thanks to my daughter for sending this link...

  37. leochill

    less than 1 million views for these couple videos?! what's wrong now?!

  38. songforafriend

    I can't get over the part where he goes "I never nenenever nenenever nenenevr nenenever knew" @ 2:55 I just love how he works his words. <3

  39. Dinmhor

    I love it when Mraz is freestyling

  40. Phillip Lindsey

    His good buddy "Stevie" "Stevie Ray Van".

  41. RandomT00ns

    I'm so in love with this song.
    Oh, and Toca's wearing socks and flip flops :)

  42. Mauro Castillo González

    "Stevie". Such a typical name for a history.

  43. Stephan S

    who see this video in 2011 thumbs up

  44. mariahphilmrazem

    is there any way i can buy the dvd for this concert or something?

  45. bonzwah1

    can someone tell me the chords in terms of chord names? idk how to read tabs but i know chords and stuff

  46. Russet Bradbury


  47. jliz1589

    Jason Mraz live = masterful <3

  48. Olmo Weeshoff

    haha he almost accidentally threw in Did You Get My Message before he said `stuck in the middle` :p He´s awesome

  49. Olmo Weeshoff

    nvm couldnt wait fidured it myself :-)
    For anyone interested:

    0750xx - 7650xx - 3554xx - 5450xx - (then sometimes quickly back to 3554xx )

    577600 - 022100

    that´s the song in general. other chords in there are x244322, 079987, x5777x, x466xx, and some others but yeah should come pretty far with this!

    Good luck playing

  50. Olmo Weeshoff

    anyone knows the chords? its cool

  51. bangjiwoo

    also around this time it is very pure- no gf, not too much fame, no drugs so he is not really starting his celebrity had not been even got close to being touched by hollywood or big record comps.

  52. Joe Rieder

    rare? what is this, pokemon cards?

  53. Ulfy Ulfer


    That reason why he is the only one that can pull that off is because he will beat the shit out of anyone who says otherwise.

  54. VanceEllis

    @FLIGHTCOMPANY it just might be.... i didn't look close enough!

  55. dmowmow

    I like the percussion's better, the words could use some help

  56. Tanya Walters

    i was born in july 1996 :D lol. hehe, i love this song.<33

  57. erikmoua

    @surfdub123 a taylor

  58. Rafaela Silva

    The feelings and the soul of Jason sings by himself.
    Simple and Divine at same time.

  59. Danial DK Khaliq

    @xxAecioxx Toca is his nickname. His real name is Noel "Toca" Rivera.

  60. VanceEllis

    damn that 714ce is amazing...

  61. Norbert Pfeiffer

    8 people have born without ears ... :)

  62. Jane Kim

    That would be cool to say, "Jason Mraz sang my words"

  63. SkydivePhoenix

    Luckiest cameraman in the world.

  64. xxAecioxx

    @kashikimika nop, hes name is Toca Rivera

  65. Saigonac


  66. shilo rawr

    I love this songgg! thank you for writing it Jason!

  67. DanteDarcangelo

    So the Djembe player's name is Toca... and he uses Meinl djembes... Not Toca djembes... How ironic.

  68. schitt123

    what a shitty poem....

  69. Charlie Rogers

    it keeps the aspiring artist looking -reaching

  70. dbenmil

    Great stuff from Mraz as always! He's such a breath of fresh air in this crappy music industry. Now here is a guy with a God given gift, a true musical genius, real talent!

  71. dbenmil

    @Hotdawg0007 - Same here!

  72. Robbie MacIntyre

    @diegobarretoorozco its gnomey its tocas (the djembe player) gnome.

  73. diegobarretoorozco

    somebody knows what means that little leprechaun over the piano?

  74. 50daysofnight

    the sound is just fucking amazing

  75. 1710simon

    nice :)

  76. FallingStar55555

    Adoring. Amazing. !!! <3

  77. Carlizer

    I luv it when he makes little mistakes and makes it seam like its part of the song! If you didnt now the song you wouldnt no the difference. Awsome!!!

  78. Lotte Kok

    @RusswellMendez Yes, same with me too. Sometimes I think, hmm, am I the only Jason Mraz-fan? But then I read all those comments.. It's great.

  79. SnakyShaky

    Can anyone helt to find good tabs for this one? :)

  80. mojamoja

    man im addicted to this song, what an amazing song then sang by jason live oh God! 2 thumbs up!

  81. DanteDarcangelo

    @conkereye I can't agree more, if someone told me six months ago that I would be a Jason Mraz fan I would have pissed myself laughing. I had no idea how good he is.

  82. Jeff Pelton

    Thank you Stevey for sharing such a sweet song.

  83. ncanert

    it's actually a 612. when you carefully look, you can see the sides of the guitar and the 7 series uses indian rosewood for the sides and back which has a darker color where the 6 series use maple for sides & back which has a lighter color almost just the same as the wood used for the top which is seen here

  84. conkereye

    I dont even like this kind of music normally but you can tell this guy is talented , to be this fluent live is incredible!

    I like this!!

  85. kcl1966

    It's on his "Geekin' Out Across the Galaxy" EP on iTunes.

  86. Philipp S.

    it's a taylor 714

  87. stepstephoo

    @1990Olloccin lolwut thats toca rivera

  88. Zak Stark

    im pretty sure its a taylor 712 or taylor 714

  89. 1990Olloccin

    what an obsession!.lol!

  90. 1990Olloccin

    his body guard plays percussion in the vid.lol!thats awesome!

  91. jhay concepcion

    try to see lkast days on a cruise ship by bamboo.. its cool and nice too

  92. OMelody

    I love how he sings & how they play this!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Beautiful Lovely Lovely Lovely!!! MUA!!! Genius wonderful awe... illuminating Talents!!!!! I WANT TO EMBRACE YOU YOU YOU!!! LOVE FOREVA .....ETERNAL!!!

  93. OMelody

    Phenomenal!!!! Absolutely Amazing...Heavenly!!!! <3 !!!!!

  94. prettiestfriend22

    Wow, so glad he has got this song out again! Haven't heard him do this for ages. Love love love it!

  95. Martinha Santos

    a voz dele soa super bem...é arrepiante.

  96. PaceAmoreGioia

    is this contest over?

  97. Elias Cid

    buenisima musica de jason mraz

  98. Hotdawg0007

    His voice just calms me... :)