Jason Mraz - All Dialed In Lyrics

Marigolds and bougainvillea
Pressed against the fence
There's might be my opportunity
To finally make some sense

Climbin' towards the sky I gained a better understanding
About the sky in fact the sky starts on the ground here
When I'm reaching up I'm really reaching out the boundaries
And I'm all dialed in.
And we're all connected.

It's a simple life today
No matter what they pay me
Playing is my reward
So take it easy on the world when
She's someone else's girlfriend
Taste her cake and see how she likes you

Climbin' towards the sky I've get the other kind of knowledge
And the world is watching and waiting from the wings
So while I'm singing out I'm really thinking how astounding it is
How we're all dialed in
And we're all connected.
And we're all connected.
And we're all connected…

This spirit lies in auld lang syne
If you ain't here today you're just digging in icy grave
Bottle some hurt and fill in the dirt
And take them old marigolds away.
Climbin' toward the sky has never been my destination
'cause the only way to stop is by jumpin' off
I don't need this microphone to address the nation
Because we're all dialed in
And we're all connected
We’re all connected
We’re all connected

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Jason Mraz All Dialed In Comments
  1. Annabelle D.

    One day I hope he puts out an album with all these moody songs. All Dialed In, When I Die, and all the sad/dark ones he said he has written but he doesn't want to publish because he wants to put out the happy side of him.

  2. Maria Cordovil


  3. Veronika Küchler

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. Aras Gençtürk

    I can't find it on spotify. Isn't it in an album?

    david leal

    aras gençtürk nope! just released as a single song :)

    Aras Gençtürk

    Thank you so much for answering. I really wish to listen it on spotify though.

    david leal

    aras gençtürk oh yes same here! I am trying to make a list with all of Jasons songs and where they are available! I'll keep you updated! :)

    Aras Gençtürk

    So cool to hear that :) it would be great!

  5. LJ Livingston

    Climbing to the sky ... you see the world as one and not 1 million things.  We're all dialed in - we are all connected - when we realize this is will be the answer to peace for all.

  6. Anne Lerda

    Magnifique ! j'adore  The Best !!!! ♥

  7. Adrian Cires

    marigolds - symbol of a long life in Chinese traditions... also symbol of worries and love
    bougainvillea - symbol of money's power ... but , as how this plant is always green, this can mean eternal life..

  8. Frank

    espero, algún día , poder escucharlo en vivo . Eres grande jason mraz

  9. IntrospectiveGalaxy

    I hope Toca is on one of his new tracks with raining jane.

  10. Lucas Silva

    Eu escolho você

  11. Andreas Hansen


    Andreas Hansen

    Still Outstanding

    Puneet Gupta

    This cracked me up😂

  12. Scarlet Tökmagolaj

    Thank you for sharing! !!!

  13. brieethecheese

    Been a fan for ten years now... I thought I knew all his songs until Christina Perri put a picture on instagram saying Dialed In... The comments led me to search for this song. It's crazy beautiful. Amazing video, beautiful audio.... I hope you have more!

  14. Jakk

    all i can think of is smashing your front and back doors in, an then opening your windows

  15. haisan16

    OH MY GOD! Every damn note!

  16. solpamatt1

    The vid of this from NL was good but the crowd was very loud.... This is pure perfection

  17. ThisTooShallPaz

    Thank you times infinity. This is wonderful.

  18. Christopher Sorric

    They are unreal!!!

  19. yaaapik

    God, I love him. My life is better with his music.

  20. Kent Caldwell


  21. Tony Justin Sapsworth

    Thank you Jon and Jenny!

  22. georgiarosewilson

    I love this so so so so so so so so so so much.

  23. Eliana Scheihing

    hermoso! simplente hermoso! como es capaz de traspasar toda esa energia en hermosas melodias.. me encanta!!

  24. Sunny Emmerich

    YAY an oldie

  25. Sena Firnando

    wow...perfect performances... :)

  26. ChocolatTherapy

    thank you so much for uploading this!!! this is one of my alltime Mraz songs. and this one has even Toca on it!! thankyou!!! =D