Jason Mraz - 10,000 Motherfuckers Lyrics

When I wake up
And the day begins
Do I hold my breath?
And count to ten?
No, will it be three?
We'll see, We'll see
It depends on which day of the week

That I sing out, sing out loud
I'm just one motherfucker singing proud
Singing glory, glory
And yeah That'll do
That'll do

In the arms of a city
It holds no space for the friendly faces of you and me
Go make a life, not a living
Singing glory, glory, glory
Yeah Hallelu-jah

There's things to know
So I'm told
But the days they keep rollin' on so painfully playin' slow
And no room to grow
But blow by blow

You see, I always get lost somewhere
See, I already forgot
To sing out
I wanna sing out loud
You should be another motherfucker singing proud

Sing out glory
Remind me of the glory
Ha- Hallelu
That'll do

We should all keep pretending that our dreams are patent pending
You should see some of the scenes that I've seen
And I know love cause I've flown above it
And beyond it, but it's still too long of a wait

That's why I sing out
Sing out loud
We should be ten thousand motherfuckers singing out
Oh, sing out glory
Glory, Glory, Glory, Glory, Glory, Glory
Hallelu, Hallelu
Ha- Ha- ah Ha- ah ah-le-lu

I'll sing my story for you
And you'll sing for me too
And together, we will make it through
They say when you sing, you're praying twice
Don't that sound nice?
So, rise up
Come on and give it a try

To sing out
Just sing out loud
We could be six billion motherfuckers singing proud
Why not sing glory?
Glory, Glory

This is no ordinary world
We need extraordinary glory
Yeah, that'll do
Yeah, that'll do

Sing oh
Sing Hallelu....

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Jason Mraz 10,000 Motherfuckers Comments
  1. Kashi Lyric

    Dude just the name made meh click on it XD

  2. Bill Yost

    Like the hundredth time I visited this song.
    Not enough!

  3. Angélica lebrão

    Perfeita... Consigo sentir todo sentimento que você passa ao cantar... Você canta com toda sua alma❤

  4. MadsMedia

    Hey guys, this is actually my old channel! I went through a phase when I was 15 of making lyric videos, and this channel is those. I can't for the life of me remember what email address or password I used to access it, which is horrible and not the best. But if any of you see this, it'd be cool if you could head over to my more recent channel (this one) and check out the content I post here! Any channel interactions -- likes, subs, etc -- would be hugely appreciated. Thanks pals x


    MadsMedia XOXOXO

    Bill Yost

    Please do not let this song be forgotten.

  5. Candra Hayden

    I could listen to this song over and over again....ohhhh wait I do. he's AMAZING! this song should have thousands of likes. his lyrics and talent aren't noticed enough. this is real music with real meaning instead of this bull shit they are playing on the radio now.

    siege duff

    he is simply amazing....  his really incredible stuff is not "commercial" this will never get mass airplay...this is one... just one of his best... the man is brilliant

    Bill Yost

    If you like.. I like it a million times ten.

  6. Adil Syahrir


  7. Elise Paduveris

    I was at this show! It was so amazing. The mood during this song which was an encore was like nothing I've ever experienced. Thanks for making it available.

  8. Austin Griggs

    great song deep meaning

  9. orangetictacmint

    I If I wrote the song I would have had the song with Mothers and Fathers instead of Mother Fuckers as lyrics. It is far better that way. Just sayin'

    Dok FiSH

    If you don't get the point of the song at all, sure. 


    @Dok FiSH
    If you only really knew... Let the song bless you as you understand it. However, the foul language is of no need to bring the song to a higher meaning. I had to consider  my words after I heard Mr. Mraz sing the song with the word motherfucker included.

    Dok FiSH

    Sure, you could have done the song without the vulgarity. I'm of the belief that you shouldn't have to censor art, but that wasn't really what I was getting at. 

    I feel that switching the term motherfucker with the much sillier term mother-father would ultimately undermine the seriousness of the song. If it's going to be changed it would have to be changed to something with the same connotation. 

    Brody Phoenix

    +orangetictacmint I feel you weren't replied to in a perceptional opening way as it could have been. But Dok Fish has a very strong point. Art is soul. If people never tattoo'd and combined their mental/spirituality with their physical being, tagged grey brick walls or trains into amazing murals, and musicians adjusted their music for anyone or anything different then exactly what their heart is pushing out.. we would never progress. I would love to challenge you to make a cover of this from your own message for fellow like minded people =) Love all that is beautiful. Not just the paint strokes that fit in your box of acceptance <3 **Disclaimer** I don't care if I didn't use correct punctuation and I'm not saying I'm right. Just my point of view. Take what you want

    Rosa Parks

    But you didnt...

  10. Slinky Phillips

    Glory Hallaluia mutha licka..this is a beautiful song

  11. Ale Tristano

    Wow! So beautyfull song, so great artist! To me, it's the best!

  12. victor rodrigues

    Som perfeito :)

  13. cathis220

    I'm just one motherfucker singing proud :)

  14. Soe Locust

    only 8,000 views...jason mraz should be wayyy more popular than he is now. only a few of his songs really become popular, but he himself should be as known as like justin bieber or miley cyrus two autotune experts

  15. Ronit Roy

    i'm just another motherfucker singing loud....:)

  16. Jason Fieldgate

    go make a life, not a living!

  17. Stephanie W

    Awesome song. Awesome video.
    Just... awesome.

  18. Ghosty777

    Good job, love this song man! <3