Jason Donovan - Too Many Broken Hearts Lyrics

Last night you talked about leaving
I said I can't let you go
It's not just emotional feeling
I need you body and soul

You give me one good reason to leave me
I'll give you ten good reasons to stay
You're the only one I believe in
I'd be hurt, I'd be hurt, if you walk away

Too many broken hearts in the world
There's too many dreams can be broken in two
Too many broken hearts in the world
So I won't give up the fight for you

The world is full of lonely people
Who never held onto love
Last night I tried to reach you
But somehow it wasn't enough

So I said, can't you wait a bit longer
I'll give you all that a lover should give
It ain't my pride but my love that is stronger
I'd be hurt; I'd be hurt, if you walk away

Too many broken hearts in the world
There's too many dreams can be broken in two
Too many broken hearts in the world
So I won't give up the fight for you

Too many broken hearts in the world
There's too many dreams can be broken in two
Too many broken hearts in the world
So I won't give up the fight for you

You give me one good reason to leave me
I'll give you ten good reasons to stay
You're the only one I believe in
I'd be hurt; I'd be hurt, if you walked away

Too many broken hearts in the world
There's too many dreams can be broken in two
Too many broken hearts in the world
So I won't give up the fight for you

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Jason Donovan Too Many Broken Hearts Comments
  1. Linzi McGee

    OMG I was in love with Jason Donovan when I was a teenager I'm now 33 and I still think he's good looking ❤❤❤

  2. 19MW84

    2037 anyone?

  3. Gustavo A.T.

    1989 fue como el canto del cisne de toda una década fabulosa, la mejor...

  4. Gustavo A.T.

    2020 ... and still too many broken hearts :)

  5. the king

    Too many broken farts in the world

  6. QuesoideTV

    2020 anyone?

  7. Von Hernandez

    My gosh i was 18 when this hit the tune in 1989 or 88

  8. ken lim djauhar


  9. Mojamoja Mujaden

    January 2020

  10. Arlo Bailey

    He was a good looking fella before he discovered the old heroin

  11. Yoana Fuentes

    Juventud divino tesoro..😭😭😭😭😭

  12. ron donnis

    what happens to the broken hearted i know because i am one of them.

  13. Carl Aspinall

    Love this song 2020 rugbymadfan

  14. Dila Sila

    Super jason donovan i love youuh 😊😍😎💖❤👄💋

  15. Manuela Ribeiro


  16. Mayka Giertl

    Soundtrack of my life❤️

  17. Juan Castro82704

    The beginning reminds me of Wii Sports Resort

  18. Tanya Scott

    I just love this song it reminds me of my male friend I will be there for him

  19. jarir jafni

    dec 2019 ?

    Arkaan Naufal


  20. Fernando Camargo

    Good memories

  21. melani ok

    why does Kylie Monoge look like 40y.o while Donovan looks like 70y.o ??

  22. siti khairiyah harahap

    Hi Jason Donovan..my idol...

  23. Christine Baldwin

    Wow old song his songs were brill I remember him in neighbours hes better looking in this then when he was scott in neighbours

  24. AAH


  25. Antonia Fernandez

    K guapísimo es y k bien canta

  26. Ewa Gerbatowska



    Jason, thou art a true marvel.

  28. Livestream Livestream

    Yeah It’s just Jason 😍🙏

  29. Livestream Livestream

    I’ll be hurt if you walk away

  30. Luke Dalton

    I have no idea why the remainers didn't adopt this song for brexit

  31. Brandon Smith

    whos stil listening in 2015 guys

  32. mike price

    jason your a awsome singer keep on singing

  33. Freddy Lopez

    musica y tiempos que no volveran .pero los recuerdos no se borraran jamas .

  34. Dulce Nombre de María



    Que saudades dos anos 80! E por onde anda Jason Donovan?

  36. primrose morgan

    A hero for our times.
    Who knew.

  37. Daniel Esteve

    I love his house!

  38. pumpkintubs

    to many stupid tarts in the world that's what happens when you go global Jason xxx

  39. Tracy Fielding

    Happy days, love Jason x

  40. Matze Schmidt

    Cool and wonderful 😎😎😀😀

  41. Jimmy Pinet Scritchfield Winchell

    Cherished classic...still dancing...love from Texas...

  42. Dulce Nombre de María

    1989 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💖🎶💖🎶💖🎶💖🎶💖😘😘😘😘

  43. 335214785465412 987456413218481124001

    2099 anyone?

  44. Kardix Kardix

    PE EL PL ;)

  45. Stephen Harris

    I LOVE AT WHEN I SEE HIM sang this song TOO BROKEN HEARTS BY,Jason Donovan in the PLYMOUTH ,Pavilions IN THE UK a on Sunday boy can here's a fantastic singer live

  46. Chris Maynard

    S A W....very clever song producers....cheesy as hell but I like it.


    Stock Aitken Waterman are for me the best producers ever!!!!! I've got all their albums, singles, etc.

    Chris Maynard

    @cantforgetyou As an X DJ, all the SAW songs were guaranteed to get EVERYONE up for a boogie including granny too! Easy listening, simple pop music. Saw Rick Astley live 2 years ago at Bournemouth, UK and he was fantastic. UK

  47. J L

    Who wears jeans to sleep?

    toby millett

    I fucking do bitch .... neologism...jeansist.

  48. Tomasz Kowalczyk

    Just wake up in poland 2019 anyone?

  49. tota90 Toty

    i love u jason i m from iraq

  50. Jon Namit

    Ba’t ala sa videoke ito?ano kya no.nito sa song book...hehehehehe..

  51. Bea Smith

    He reminds me of Junrey Quismundo,,from Alcantara-Cebu...he really looks like Jason Donovan

  52. Alin Francisc Parv

    2o2o anyone?

  53. david dragão

    memories from Portugal

  54. JJ Trois


  55. Roney Villanueva

    Tiene un parecido al estilo de Rick Astley

  56. Steven Pallet

    I wunder who Brakes them all then old JAS - ON the DON - O - VAN ?

    Steven Pallet

    HART - BRAKER , STE - VEN simce PAL - LET .

  57. Mart diva1979

    Is that definitely Kylie in the video it looks so much like her

  58. Mart diva1979

    Brilliant song....here 30 years on 2019 ...

  59. D Tutkey

    Jason Donovan looks like hero from shojo mangas. 😗

  60. Fibby

    Omg.. as a kid I was so in love with him... for years xD

  61. bootsamou

    1.42 very very cheeky !



  63. Bram Joosten

    This guy is better than Prince

  64. Meir Wise

    OMG it's 30 years old. When did that happen?

    Brad Sed


    Niall O'Brien

    Meir Wise when it aged?

    toby millett

    Mrs mangled.

  65. Mo Ana

    Fag anyone ..?!!! Zack and mike Lund can have each other and Tony Coldesina too... u threesome of lonely ass fags go ahead ..!!!! I really don’t care ... !!! U can have him ..!!! He’s all yours fags ..!!!
    Go for it ...!!!!

  66. Prophetic Witness

    Somebody take me back to that time,and leave me there.....

  67. Edson Fernandes


  68. Diogenes Teixeira

    Sempre achei que essa música era do rick astley, só que um australiano jason donavan e o outro inglês rick astley mas o timbre de voz e bem parecidos da pra confundir totalmente se não prestarem bem a atenção!!

    Paulo Litoral

    Jason Donovan, Rick Astley, Kylie Minogue, Sônia, e Donna Summer nesta época, todos eram produzidos por Stock Aitken Waterman, por isto possuem estilos bem parecidos.

  69. Andrew Bedard

    Really enjoyed this song

  70. VirusHVEVO

    I like this one. ^_^

  71. PIERRE 29


  72. seavidahey

    Congratulations for this great idea.

  73. Gaz Owen Owen

    I would love to meet the git who said he could sing

  74. Peter Franks

    I'd kill for hair like that

  75. Mohd Nasir A.k Kaya Kutty

    Where is Jason right now?

  76. Sebastien Heujeune

    so many memories ... 😊😊😉😉

  77. Dick Ruitenbeek

    Heather Tom , actrice from the bold and beautyful 😉😌😥😢

  78. Julio Mino

    Jason Donovan the worst bubble gum cheap pop I have ever heard, all sound the same and the mullet does not help either!!!!

  79. Jon Namit

    Ba’t ala sa videoke toh...

  80. Emma Benson

    2019 n I know this word for word 🤣🤣

  81. Evelyn Aviles

    2019 first time coming across this song really new for me

    Lizzy Holland

    yeah I was born.in.10976 also loved him.neighbours too #look.up.his neighbours friends album Craig mcclachlan

  82. Andre Labelle

    love this guy

  83. Rose Simon

    What a load of 80s BULL SHIT!!!! But it was good for it's time!!!!(money for nowt) comment from Reeni

  84. yasmina54 yasmina54

    dommage qu'on n'entende plus parler de lui....

    Laurent Simon

    Il a disparu comme beaucoup de chanteurs et chanteuses de cette époque...
    Malheureusement pour nous !

  85. MrLorchen

    Stock Aitken Waterman - unforgetable

  86. john wyborn

    I rate Jason Donovan.
    He refused to be recruited by the Zionist homosexual propagandist conspiracy.
    Denying this mob who run the agendas of the entertainment industry sunk his famous career.
    His honesty and integrity meant more.
    But as for this song; one thing I've learnt about women "let them go when they want to go! Never chase women or bussed!
    They will always leave you behind."
    Dad taught me that
    This advice has served me well!!!

  87. B Spicer

    lol that guitar isn't even plugged in.

  88. swcutefung66

    My first cd love it

  89. Ximena Ramirez

    Me encanta esta canción, la encontré 😍😀

  90. Roberto Rosendo Molina Castillo

    Much thanks for this valuable initiative. Is a good way to learn english language. Also the great jason Donovan is a true australian pride.

  91. Mike Tesh

    Love Jason Donovan I've got him on vinyl xxc


    Is that like a blow up doll vinyl?

  92. agnes nilla

    So Sexy..... Love you.....


    It's Rick Astley lol