Jarreau, Al - She's Leaving Home Lyrics

Wedn'sday morning at five o'clock
As the day begins
Silently closing her bedroom door
Leaving the note that
She hoped would say more
She goes down
The stairs to the kitchen
Clutching her handkerchief
Quietly turning the backdoor key
Stepping outside she is free.

(we gave her most of our lives)
Is leaving
(sacrificed most of our lives)
(we gave her ev'rything
Money could buy; bye bye)
Something inside that way always denied
For so many years
She's leaving home; bye bye.

Father snores as his wife
Gets info her dressing gown
Picks up the letter that's lying there
Alone at the top of the stairs
She breaks down and cries to her husband
"daddy, our baby is gone"
Why would she treat us so thoughtlessly
Could she do this to me?.
She (we never thought of ourselves)
Is leaving
(never a thought of ourselves)
(we struggled all our lives to get by; bye bye)
Something inside that was
Always denied for so many years
Leaving home; bye, bye.

Friday morning at
Nine clock she is far away
Waiting to keep the appointment she made
Meeting a man from the motor trade.
She (what did we do that was wrong)
Is having (we didn't know it was wrong)
Fun (fun is the one thing
That money can't buy; bye bye)
Something inside that was always
Denied for so many years
She's leaving home; bye, bye

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Jarreau, Al She's Leaving Home Comments
  1. Robert63675

    It is really tragic

  2. Dalfi Fran

    Jazz player usually tend to overdone with their interpretation.
    But this is a beautiful rendition of The Beatles and Paul McCartney classic "She's Leaving Home "composition from Sgt. Pepper.
    Kudo's to Al Jarreau for such amazing cover and bring this song with soul.

  3. Liznlou Lacey

    For Mom n daddy. R.i.p. Love always your baby daughter see u when I get their💖

  4. David M. Alexander

    Masterful vocals from a legend R.I.P.

  5. David M. Alexander

    Al did so much justice to this song I thought it was originally his to begin with.

  6. Demetra Washington



    just listen to the vocals on this song. A beautiful Beatles song, sung by a master vocalist. Love it so much, Sing Al...Sing Al.

  8. Addison Johnson

    I had this album, truly one of the greatest jazz vocalist of all time!!!

  9. Edgar Oliveros

    This version suits so poignant all life decisions. A masterpiece.

  10. Lenora ALMEIDA


  11. Michael Hunt

    One of the greats! The best are quickly leaving😢

  12. Cherlyn Scott

    I went through two CDs becauae I love all all the songs!!

  13. bradley king

    ...any competition?

  14. Oldemar Murtinho

    Os rapazes de Liverpool assinariam embaixo essa bela versão recheada de climas feita pelo magnífico Al JARREAU e seus ótimos músicos.
    Essa canção é uma das mais bonitas composta pelos geniais John Lennon e Paul McCartney.

  15. Leatha Gyamfi

    Splendid cover!

  16. Anthony Carter

    Such a heartbreaker. This 90's kid adores it, and several others on the album.

  17. Edward B Morgan

    Al Jarreau and Kathleen Battle did a masterpiece with My Favorite Things, Great rendition of a classic song

  18. S Hill

    This song takes me away somewhere familiar

  19. Hasan x

    Best version of this song.

  20. Carol Vaughan Davis

    I have LOVED this song for 35 years...never dreamed I would live it (in some regards)...the circle of life.

  21. Gary Cummings

    Still the voice I go to when I struggle to handle some days and nights. Always Al.

  22. PencyLola Dembow

    Loveeeeeee 👍🏽❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹💯💯

  23. Celestine Williams

    You are truly missed there will never be anyone who can take your place rest in peace

  24. Edward Escobar

    What a gorgeous, bittersweet, and tender reading of this Lennon/McCartney classic.

  25. William Biddle

    Isee one thumbs down...will the tone deaf moron please stand up. That is all.


    Fantástica esta versión de Al Jarreau, de este excelente tema de The Beatles; como suena tan distinto con la magia del jazz y de Al!; muchas gracias por subirla!

  27. Susie Dean

    When my eldest went away to college 😭👶🏽👀👈🏿. For four years it was just us two. Now she's forty with family. I still see my " little girl."

  28. Bea M.

    Nobody like you Al. You sure will be missed for your uniqueness to interpret such beautiful songs like this one. RIP man of great soul!

  29. John McNoriell

    It's a Beatles tune...excellent rendition...R.I.P. Brother Al

    Mijra Achieng

    we all knew that. I like it better than the original beatles version and better than that on Jarreau all fly home album

  30. Paul Escamilla

    RIP. One of the most original and beautiful voices of all time. Thank you for all the music.

  31. Jerry Hoyt

    This Beatle song is so good that every time I hear it I just want to cry. And since this song is on my favorite Al Jarreau CD, I get the feeling very often. Al has the best version of this classic. Kudos to Lennon and McCartney also.

  32. YS HUFF

    A gorgeous body of work, this song....this WHOLE album for that matter!! 1 of my absolute faves. What a voice...will truly miss my all time favorite musicals artists but his music, his voice will live on 4ever. RIPower Al JARREAU. ♫♪♫♪♥♥♥

  33. curtisTea

    One of the few Beatles covers that's better than the original:-)

  34. RAMLIA1

    Great song !

  35. Sam Bear

    Another of the greatest has joined the angels, having given his all for us to enjoy into eternity. Godspeed, Brother Al. Your joy will ride with all us fans of good music forever.

  36. Mitchell Bluitt


  37. Gail Briggs

    I have this album.....Every single track is beautiful....Rest Well Al Jarreau!

  38. Oli Bastien

    bon voyage aux pays des musicos al, tu nous fera toujours kiffer.

  39. Demetra Washington

    I'm so tearful.....I tried to make every concert when he came......I will miss you dearly....love you always Al Jarreau

  40. Sylvie Declas

    Un grand grand artiste, dont les chansons m'ont fait vibrer. Notamment celle-ci, que j'ai fait tourner encore et encore sur ma platine. Celle-là et bien d'autres. Merci Al Jarreau et RIP

  41. Rico Jazz

    RIP, you will be missed

  42. Soter França

    meu deus!!!! chorando aqui...

  43. Gavin Tabb

    My father raised me on his music. One more late, great dinosaur. RIP.

  44. clo - nada

    RIP :'(

  45. d0walden

    One summer day, while on a day date with Rand Oliver, we stopped at the "Childe Harold" near Dupont Circle on 20th st NW Washington DC. An engaging young man in a tee shirt came over to our table and introduced himself, we talked a bit then he went on the bandstand a while later and started singing. That is how Rand and I met Al Jarreau and became instant fans. My favorite song by Al Jarreau is the Beatles, "She's Leaving Home", I am filled at this moment as I think of his passing. Hey Rand, You remember? Let us enjoy each moment.

  46. Rita Lagunas

    R.I.P Our Love! Your beautiful voice lives in each one of us! What a "Class Act!" Always love you!

  47. Burton Dogan

    RIP,,,,greatness,,,,,i always thought Al was half french

  48. joanne jones

    rest in peace brother

  49. Olivier

    Master AL !

  50. Derek Rucker

    I burned up my Kenwood stereo . i played it so much.. CD. could be album of the year any year.. 😁😁

  51. artmusicfood

    "Stepping outside, she's free" When I first heard this as a young adult, I identified with the girl. Now, as a parent, I feel for the parents "Daddy, my baby is gone"! Master musician.

  52. hfxsue

    Thank you Al Jarreau may you rest in paradise 12 February 2017 xxx

  53. Georges Prudenté

    I thank you for this excellent sharing.

  54. Khayakazi Makhaye

    I used to listen during my daughter's pregnancy m still in love with it

  55. Karen Jaynes

    I love this man, my brother turned me on to this genius... his voice is an instrument. Allot of his songs because of how beautiful his voice is makes me cry not out of sadness but because to hear such beauty sometimes hits me hard.... this is one of my favorite pieces. I saw Al this summer June 25th in New York, I am a fan of Michael Jackson as well who passed away on June 25th, so to hear the voice of Al Jarreau on such a heartbreaking day was a blessing and brought me such joy....thank you #AlJarreau.

    Susan Meyer

    Karen Jaynes I just got turned on Al's version a short time ago. It always reminds me of my daughter and how she was happy when she moved on in life. I cry because, sadly, she died at the hands of her boyfriend. Someone she met after she moved on. Bye, bye.....😪😪

    Mijra Achieng

    @Susan Meyer oh that is so sad. My heart goes out to you.

  56. Mary-Anne Bopape

    I first heard this song over 10 yrs ago when my kids were small. My firstborn daughter is now 23, wants to leave home & I can't let go. A friend brought this song sharply back into my life & it hit home! Amazing how music can speak so boldly into life situations. Great song and Al J. is just magnificent!

  57. livvytod livvytodd

    Everything Al touches turns to gold!

  58. CHEF Daniele Steel Aprea

    Neil Larsen

  59. amsedelm

    Beatles covers usually suck bad. But, this is out of this world. Wow.

    Dave Stahl

    exactly...this and EWF "Gotta Getcha Into My Life" are the two best....


    amsedelm yup...

  60. Celita Jamison

    One of my most cherished albums...........

  61. Valery Kumin

    from Russia, with love to this song lasting over 40 years... 

  62. Martha Lynn Foster

    This was always an amazing song to me I had one of the original albums of this.

  63. Armando Cruz

    Que versión tan linda!!!!!

  64. Miles Strickland

    A recently deceased friend introduced me to this track over twenty years ago. We were both parents of young daughters. The lyrics really hit home and this became one of my favorite Jarreau songs (of many). Now when I listen I think of my times with my friend. Rest peacefully Keith.

    Maurice Quick

    Miles Strickland , I too, was mesmerized by this haunting rendition, upon my first hearing this song. My baby girl was 2 years old then. Earlier this year (January, 2017) I survived cancer. My daughter, now age 22, Graduated from college, moved out of town (new job) and I still love his version, over the original. SIP Al.

  65. Johnny Taylor

    Love this song!

  66. Leo55BabyBoomer

    Thanks for the support. You too are loved!

  67. jimuleda

    the "london lads" still deliver. (i love Al & company for this version).

  68. John Smith

    Great version of this song. I'd never heard it before.

  69. Lotusblossom2again

    Oooooh, so sweet Al Jarreau. So sweet.

  70. Sam Bear

    I remember buying this album from the late and greatly missed Tower Records store in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago. They had listening stations in that store, and this was the song I played. I'm telling you, hearing this for the first time took me way away somewhere--I still hear new and beautiful things in it whenever I hear it anew. Simply perfect.

  71. rubyred596

    just herd a girl sing this song on american idol and here i am playing now what a song by AL

  72. missdmisty

    Was watching American Idol a girl sang this song sang the Beetles version. I was born in 63 and didn't know the Beetles origionally did this song. Al made this his. Beautiful!!!!

  73. gauthier christine

    benson et al jarreau ont berce mon adolescence...

  74. Leo55BabyBoomer

    I remember when I turned 17 yrs. old and called home to tell my mom I wouldn't be coming home that summer. I could feel the pain in her voice, however, I could also feel the pride in her voice. Why? Because she knew she had taught me everything she could to survive and now it was time to put all that teaching into action! MOM, I know you are looking down on me. Therefore, you can take credit for ALL that I am...much love!

  75. yholden

    Can you convert it on cd or dvd? It would be fantastic!!! I searched on internet but doesn't exist

  76. MaySun74

    Who sings the original? I never knew there were other versions

    Robert van Ruyssevelt

    Its from the last century - the Beatles

  77. layoutzz

    It's heartbreakingly beautiful.

  78. onlyjaz

    Top shelf..Originally bought this Cd from Walmart when it first came out with the complete session LIVE (studio session on dvd) and damaged it during a move to NC. Unable to buy it again. One of my all time hurts for which I may never recover. Wherever he plays, if you have never seen Al, get to see him and clear the bucket list. He is worth the price of admission even if you are blindfolded...the ultimate compliment1

  79. thelasonj

    I tend not to enjoy remakes, but this song gets me everytime. Al's version. I think it's simply lovely. I love you, Al. Thanks for posting this. My soul needed this tonight.

  80. walkelc

    one of my favorite albums

  81. Rodney Davis

    Out of all of the Al's songs, this is one of my favorites...Bye, bye!!!

  82. Carol Davis

    A wonderful song for parents who send their children off...unfortunately, we don't want to see them leave, but such is life..."Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6
    Al Jarreau's version of this song is so heartfelt.

  83. ddnice80

    Get well Al

  84. markbra

    I have this concert on VHS !

  85. Magr1946

    Al Jarreua, Patches, Marcus Miller, Joe Sample...........OMG! ! ! THIS is just an amazing song, sung beautifully by Al Jarreua. I have loved it for years, and it continues to
    "touch" me.

  86. Rudy Baiocchi

    @88Habitrabbit1 no, she's running away from her family with a man. That makes a lot of difference.

  87. Sam Bear

    Gorgeous! Al is the man! Saw him in Las Vegas at the old Desert Inn years ago--he tore it up!

  88. Gary Cooper

    This classic cover of the Beatles tune "She's Leaving Home " requires the Tenederness of a Al Jarreau. The melancholy lyrics about a surburban college student leaving her parents to go off to college . . . or wherever, is requires Tenederness, Insight, and Soul>

  89. msbeesho

    Wow ! Joe Sample on Piano, So Beautifulllllll.........

  90. Florencio Morales

    Que versión!!!!!!!!!!!!!,sacaron lo mejor y mas aún de esta joya de The Beatles,gran arreglo de Marcus Miller y Al Jarreau...fantástico

  91. Johnny Taylor

    Where can I see you in concert Mr. Al Jareau? You are mos def part of the healing process for me!!!!

  92. starstream42

    This is the best cover of this tune that I've heard....I Love it. Al's the Man!

  93. heng berk

    Wow, by far the best beatlescover I've ever heard! Al is a great singer and the beatles are... wel need i say more?

  94. bills2go

    This is the kind of music our young kids needs to hear. Music that has a meaning to life. I have my daughter listening to this because one day my baby will be leaving home. Thanks so much for posting this song.

  95. Patut1

    @msmandrill1 I concur!

  96. msmandrill1

    Wow,heard this for the first time last night on WHUR's Quiet storm and I was so close to the computer speakers that I actually heard every word that was being sung and I wondered if the words to this was on Y.T.This song and every little detail about it is exquisitely performed.This is heavenly.Perfect for a cool porch night w/Arbor mist in that special someone's arms,or a long night-drive to nowhere in particular.I'm sorry,it just took me there.4give me.