Janis Joplin - Combination Of The Two Lyrics


Yeah yeah!

Alright, baby!

Everybody's got it,
They're all trying to feel it
Everybody's dancing and singing romance
And they want to feel more, baby.

Baby, I've got to feel you more
Hey come on, feeling good, baby, baby,
Come on and do it, come on, come on,
Come on try it with me, try it with me, baby.

Oh, whoa, whoa, mama, mama, mama,
Oh, whoa, alright, come on, feel it!
Oh, whoa, waaaah!!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,

Yeah, we're gonna knock ya, rock ya,
Gonna sing at ya now. Hmm!

Alright, alright!

Hey baby!
Everybody over at the Avalon Ballroom in the San Francisco bay
Everybody have-have-have have a lot of fun, I know!
I can tell you they're feeling good
Gotta try the feeling baby
Gotta try the feeling, gotta try.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, oh!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, yeah.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Yeah, we're gonna knock ya, rock ya,
Gonna sing at ya now.


Don't matter who you are, no,
Don't matter where you come from
You just gotta try to feel it
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon,

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, ready.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, come on, boys!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, yeah.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Waah!!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Yeah, we're gonna knock ya, rock ya,
Gonna sing at ya now.

Do do do do do do do do do do do do do.

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Janis Joplin Combination Of The Two Comments
  1. Alison Hogan

    It was tribal. That is all. ; )

  2. Martin Jensen

    Now that's how to open a show!!!

  3. Tennille Astor

    One great, great broad 💕

  4. pleiadiansM45

    The legend of "THOU-VOU THE BALD AGENT OPERATION GIS MADIAM" Μission II The search of Roza Alimonou

  5. Dr. Psychedelic

    "we where somewhere in Barstaw, on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold.."

  6. Galaxy Night

    OMG! “Combination of the Two” takes me back to the day ... 🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Mark Turner

    just can't play this loud enough !

  8. Great Western

    Meanwhile In Bat Country - A Universe Is Near

    Great Western


    Great Western


  9. cathy struska

    Now this is a psychedelic acid rock EXPLOSION....TJ STRUSKA

  10. Robert Parker

    The way that big red shark soared from right to left.. then held in frame.. 0:32

  11. wolfen244

    The MOSt retarded set of lyrics...yet a fun song. Fillmore, Avalon, Winterland. Doors, the Family Dog....Hot Tuna, Miss you Lynette.

  12. Gerardo Candelario


  13. Mishta Romaniello

    1:01 When you grab your food out of the microwave but it’s still hot.

  14. Michael Brodie

    The nastiest raspiest album in rock history. A Zap comics cover art guaranteed to offend someone somewhere & a fake audience. Audacious!

  15. Blues Chewy

    Used effectively in Bringing out the Dead.

  16. cathy struska

    77 thumbs down? I guess they were expecting Me And Bobby McGee....TJ STRUSKA

  17. Art Vandelay

    Sooo... who's here because of Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas?

  18. Keith orlandini

    James Gurley ends his guitar solo with a screeching sound like a train skidding off the tracks…...but I love it!!!!!

  19. Ted Nugent

    I love cheap thrills man.

  20. Eve Marx

    still the best song ever

  21. Mishta Romaniello

    “I haven’t missed a plane yet!”

  22. Luis Fernando Velazquez Rodriguez

    we can not stop here, this is bat country

  23. Ozeias Cotonette


  24. Gerald O'Brien

    I think the band has not gotten the respect they deserve. So much attention on Janis, and not much on them. I’ve read descriptions of them as tone deaf and amateurish. I don’t know. Listening to this, I think they kicked ass.

    Martin Jensen

    Hear a lot of proto punk in that solo

  25. AssinnippiJack

    Iconic album. Unforgettable opening song!

  26. Dr.Rockso

    ...And a salt shaker of cocaine...

  27. Debra Soiseth

    One of the best album art covers. Was it Robert Crumb?

  28. Douglas Gray

    When she inhales and sighs at 2:04, amazing, nothing like it before or since.

  29. Jason Hogue

    Here's where Janis and Big Brother helped change the world

  30. Psicodelico


  31. stephane Charbonneau

    We had 2 bags of grass, 75 pellets of mescallin, 2 sheets of high powered blotteracid, a salt shaker half full of cocaine, a whole galaxy of multi coloured uppers downers screamers laughers ,also a quart of tequila, quart of rum, cake of beer, an a pint of raw either, and 2 dozen amals

  32. Faded Alien

    this song helps ward off the bats

  33. Aaron Wells

    Before my time, but I can still say with certainty, "This is a Real Band."

  34. 420manvan

    How about some ether ?

  35. Crashus Maximus

    Better not mention the bats. Poor bastard will see them for himself soon enough.

  36. Alan Olson

    Yeah, I'm old....but damn did we have fun. Looked forward to each concert back then. Along with Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Big Brother, Moby Grape, Grateful Dead.....it was amazing. Didn't really think we were making history, we just went, danced, loved every moment and went home. As I said, damn it was fun.

    Remember My Face

    That's awesome.

  37. Steven Hoffman

    Grew up in Orange County, California, this was one of my favorite pieces of vinyl, great band .

  38. Cindy Dufala

    I had two of these original albums...had to leave behind. Still a gypsy hippie I am.

  39. Vinyl Dad

    Yeah, here we go! Alright!
    Alright! Alright!
    Whew! Whew!

    Oh, oh — yeah!
    Oh, oh — yeah!
    Oh, oh — yeah!

    Everybody's dyin', everybody's tryin'
    To feel more and feel more and feel more
    Everybody's dancin' and singin' and romancin'
    And they feel more, feel more, feel more, alright!

    Even though you've never been that doesn't mean you'll never be
    You'll feel more, you'll feel more, you'll feel more
    See the people coming in another time feeling
    'Cause you feel more, you feel more, you feel more
    Alright, yeah

    Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, now mama, mama, mama!
    Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa
    Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa
    Now baby baby!
    Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa

  40. synysterjazmyngates

    “Hi, baby!!”

  41. Raoul Fluke

    Whenever I'm too messed up to choose a song I always choose this song

    Ted Nugent

    Have u tried the butthole surfers concubine??????

  42. Bob Wells

    Who are the 62 tools who gave this a thumbs down?

  43. Andre Tucker

    Look what GOD!! did to us man!

    Ted Nugent


  44. Andre Tucker

    My name is britania and this is my song. Its called dancing with the moonlight night.

  45. Jared Hennessy

    We were somewhere around Barstow

    Ted Nugent

    When the drugs took hold.

  46. Stefon Pawlowski

    Check Rolling Stone’s IG they have a sweet article about this amazing album

  47. niviomar martins

    Comprar um LP só por causa da capa e levar um porrada no ouvido - My old and good time

  48. niviomar martins

    Comprei o LP. por causa da capa - Saudades dos LPs -

  49. Mr1087shotwell

    There is really something, like seriously, like what during this time? I love it, it's pretty groovy

    Ted Nugent

    Go to the desert and drop 10 hits of acid. Ur welcome man.

  50. Ильдар Суфиянов

    Das ist fantastisch! Danke shoon

  51. Pilfer Bean

    Janis Joplin's voice occurred in chords, like a guitar. That's unusual. Another word for it is "soul".


    whow we choose the same idea for the picture on perfil


    but my picture have a some shadow on saturn

  52. mpouka nouka

    zap comix cover

  53. Jett Rink

    "No I'm okay... I can drive alright"

  54. Rajah O'bagal

    janis is like a backing singer in this yes? gosh i never ever listened to what that guy is singing and it's nearly ten years i had this ace music

  55. Lengo67

    Thanks for publishing this in entirety. That's very nice of you!

    I love this, and your sound quality is first rate! I'm glad that others who might not have heard this might find out how great an album this is!

    Thanks again!

  56. Billy billy z


  57. genegeneish

    I was 9 years old when this came out. Loved it then, love it more now.

  58. 171apples171

    I used to smash the accelerator in my 78' Eldorado to this song every time it came on. Nothing compares.

    Ted Nugent

    A 78 GTO compares.😳

  59. mike estrada

    " I've never missed a plane yet!"

  60. HesitantEvil

    We can't stop here.... This is bat country!

  61. Jay Kapolka

    One Toke you poor fool. Just wait until you see these goddamn bats man

  62. Василий Сунакаев

    Композиция просто огонь ! Клас,супер, иихххуу! Кульно, мать чесна !

  63. Colt Classics

    "Just admiring the shape of your skull."

  64. Michael Belfer

    In case you didn't know it, this fucking ROCK & ROLL

  65. supermetalrockmetal

    360 Sound! LABEL

  66. dkelly26666

    Bringing Out the Dead.... thundering ambulance racing along...flashing lights in jump cuts...

  67. Michael Craig

    Man, I am burnin green right now, been burnin since 4:25 this afternoon, yeah...

  68. Amy Ballard Rich

    Happy Birthday Sam Andrew. Born Dec 18th, 1941. Gone too soon.....


    A classic-trained guitarist who studied musical theory.

  69. Angel Roman

    "We can't stop here this is bat country"

  70. Thomas Mulroney

    They, especially her, helped us get through the debacle of Vietnam

  71. Jamie Rose

    How did we go from this to "What Does the Fox Say?"

  72. Queenfinger

    Is this about the pleasures of speedballing? See "speedball" on why this is never a good idea. I love the music, just the same.

    Ted Nugent

    Sure, why the fuck not man?

  73. Fast Lane

    I was at the rainbow farms to dance with big brother and the holding company.trance music he called it.

  74. Carlos El Pibe Valderrama

    +1 όσοι μπήκαν να σώσουν τη Ρόζα Αλοίμονου από τα χέρια του Γιακόμπ...." Είμαστε hippies και φαινόμαστε" . RIP τεράστιε Θανάση Βέγγο!!!

  75. whinny1966

    My first album. This is still gold.
    Fuck that nil cunt bieber.

  76. Pax Romano

    This is a great example of hippie dance music! The energy!

    Luger Strömssö

    hippie dance music :D

  77. Terry Brady


  78. Egg Boi

    We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert,when the drugs began to take hold


    Greatest opening sentence in literary history


    ☮ ♫ ♪ ♫ ☮ ❤ ☮ ♫ ♪ ♫ ☮

  80. Melotone Official

    I have the Original Vinyl, Too bad it's been scratched to shit from being played too many times :)

    Galaxy Night

    Melotone Official: and my three kids crawled all over my albums when they were babies (73,74, 77)‼️

  81. 905if6was9

    This song might be responsible for 1 or even 2 percent of my hearing loss.
    Was it worth it? You're goddamned right it was.

    Kathy Harrington

    Ohh yeah I agree 😎

    Soccer_Hooligan oioioioioioioioioi

    @Ted Nugent hahahaba

    Ted Nugent

    @Soccer_Hooligan oioioioioioioioioi It aint funny man. U should see the little fuckstick.😒

    Charles Layton

    It’s made loud to be played loud, kicks ass


    When I listen to this album, the neighbors do, too!

  82. Rogercruz 321


  83. Art Kaliel

    James Gurleys Psychedelic Guitar


    James Gurley was once called "The Fastest Guitar In The West". His lead on this song is one of the best ever by him or anybody else for that matter.

  84. StA Jan

    They took the fence with them lmao

  85. makrofocus

    "We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold..."

  86. joedacrow55

    Best song on the album

  87. Raina Dawn

    Were you a hippie in the 1960's? I would loooove to talk to you if so! I'm doing research and want to hear the stories and ask some questions! Please pm me or email [email protected]

  88. marcusd92

    We had two bags of grass, seventy-five pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high powered blotter acid, a salt shaker half full of cocaine, and a whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers, screamers, laughers... and also a quart of tequila, a quart of rum, a case of Beer, a pint of raw ether and two dozen amyls. Not that we needed all that for the trip, but once you get locked into a serious drug collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can. The only thing that really worried me was the ether. There is nothing in the world more helpless and irresponsible and depraved than a man in the depths of an ether binge, and I knew we'd get into that rotten stuff pretty soon.

    matthew gallaway

    We're all lucky. Why not push the limits a little while we're here?

    Art Vandelay

    Are you ready? Checking into a Vegas hotel under a phony name with intent to commit capital fraud and a head full of acid? I sure hope so.

    shahin malekizadeh

    "Get in!"


    Been quite the experience glad Im still alive and know how to handle shit

  89. Richard Schiff

    I had the esteemed pleasure of meeting Sam Houston Andrews and watching him up close play for the studio group audition that became Journey. My God could he play that thing.

  90. tabby love

    ´68 baby, just back from the fuckin´Nam, alive, and altho 3X shot, no prob., at Lettermens Hospital, got free everythign t ballgames and conerts, so I went to this here concert, back t the world, line-up BB King, Big Brother and Santana, what a introduction back into real life...from the hellhole of A Shau Valley, with the 101st ARB Screaming Eagles don´t mean a fuckin´thang, just stared at the scene untll a hlg gal jug came our way, me and my hs bud met there, Rich Valles from South Fork HS, up in northern Cal., behind the redwood Curtain, I grabbed the jig andtook a huge swig, it was Electric Wine.....laced with LSD, man was I flyng......

  91. Dom Cruz

    "I feel a bit light headed, maybe you should drive"

    Operation Alice

    Dominic Cruz yessss (:

  92. Monica Balancier

    I felt like her biggest fan !

  93. UncleAnaesthesia

    Fucking sue-wheat.

  94. WeAreAllOne ExceptForThatGuy

    There was no one like Janis. One of a kind. Lost her too soon.

    Reverend Birdy Butch

    she had two sons - axl rose and tom keifer


    mama ma mama

  96. Peter Nolan Smith

    everyone's down

  97. Peter Nolan Smith

    nothing wilder