Janis Joplin - All Is Loneliness Lyrics

All is loneliness before me
Loneliness before me.

All is loneliness
Loneliness before me
Loneliness before me
Loneliness before me
Loneliness before me
Loneliness before me.

All is loneliness
Loneliness before me
Loneliness before me
Loneliness before me
Loneliness before me
Loneliness before me

Loneliness come botherin' 'round my house
Loneliness come botherin'
Loneliness come botherin'
Loneliness come botherin' round my house

Loneliness come worryin' round my door
Loneliness come worryin'
Loneliness come worryin'
Loneliness come worryin' round my door
Loneliness, oh loneliness

All is
Loneliness before me
Loneliness before me
Loneliness before me
Loneliness before me
Loneliness before me
Loneliness before me
Loneliness ...

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Janis Joplin All Is Loneliness Comments

    in an effort to avoid sounding so repetitious as to be constantly repeating myself, read my comments on Blind Man, which was on the flip side of what was most likely Big Brother's first record.

  2. antonio pampani

    La più disperata richiesta d'amore

  3. green river

    Great performance rock and roll and good times rolling

  4. Stephen Curran

    Wow what a treat!!!

  5. M TAU

    So intense 🎼💕

  6. grzegorz Moroziński


  7. Rajah O'bagal

    wow that's just great!

  8. Sissel Jahnsen


  9. Michel zenitud

    Janis la merveilleuse la magnifique janis 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚💞💞💞💞💞💞😢💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓😢😎😢😢😢😢
    Tu nous manques 😢
    Bisous aux fans 😚
    Michel !

  10. Jeffrey Goines

    Un capolavoro eternale

  11. Luis Miguel garcia abril

    All is loneliness... I need a Janis Joplin to love.

  12. okica87

    best best best best best

  13. Groovy Guru

    This really should have millions of views, don't ya think!!!!

  14. Songs2Share Videos

    Love Love Love <3 ++++

  15. Randle Patrick McMurphy


  16. Earl Dwire

    tune up those guitars

  17. Sandu Dodon

    I love her,her songs and this one is among my favourites.Thank you very much for your post and best regards from Bucharest.

  18. tomberbers

    she was unique

  19. Wicked Ras

    Sve je upravo to,ako nije zabodeno drugacije.A u sustini i kad je zabodeno,opet je sve ta faking predivna samoca.Niko nikom ne isprica bas sve,nikad.

  20. tangled0janimi

    This is not an original by janis joplin. This is a song originally done as a simple one minute round by moondog, who predates janis as a recorded musician. Big brother and holding company took the tune and the round and added instrumental parts but kept a similar rhythm. More of a hybrid than an original.

    Andrew McIntosh

    +tangled0janimi Joplin was the first to admit she and the band got it from Moondog.


    +Andrew McIntosh I was not criticizing janis or the band, but the person who posted this video. The youtube title does not mention moondog, calling this an "original" and the music license spells his name wrong. I listen to and really enjoy both artists, but if you respect a musician you spell their name correctly and label things so that when people unfamiliar with the piece hear it they know where it came from and can find both artists, especially when it's someone as obscure as moondog.


    +tangled0janimi By original...i mean it's a version that was published in her official record!


    +tangled0janimi So you think i disrespected Janis and Moondog???It was just a spelling mistake which i corrected! Chill out man! You don't need to be rude or unfair!I love Janis and i respect all the musicians of the world, famous or not....

    Petros Diveris

    So is summertime, so what? What's an 'original'?

  21. Alan Clarke

    Should the date be 1968 not 1970....? Janis had left Big Brother by the end of '68....!


    +Alan Clarke I got the info of the particular track of the album from wikipedia which states that it was recorded April 4, 1970. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_Concert_%28Janis_Joplin_album%29


    JANIS DID A REUNION CONCERT WITH BIG BROTHER IN APRIL 1970 It is on the Joplin in Concert double album Live

    Alan Clarke

    Yes....you are quite right...(Y)

  22. vinicio6163

    Se hubiera alargado la introducción con más bajo y suena mejor se los aseguro!!! en todo caso es una joya del rock blues

  23. john hale

    Janis is Queen.... but Moondog is Merlin.....the Blind Magician...

  24. Max Brazzini

    moondog+janis and, two decades after, motorpsycho.
    a great song for three Greats!


    Right on! Especially Motorpsycho's version of this song on RW IV is incredible.

    Diego Gabriel Salas

    Max Brazzini motorpsico el mercado de todo amor lo que debes como puedes quedartelo

    Charley Willett

    How fucking dare you compare Moondog and Joplin to Motorpsycho... they are not even in the same dimension!

  25. DA Clifford

    In 1967, I graduated from a dumb country high school.  I went to a college about 70 miles away. My roomie had been in the Haight the previous summer. He played Janis singing this forlorn song. It was the truest thing I'd ever realized. Janis had the world on it's ear, yet she felt like this. I wasn't in the position to go to her and help her, but I heard this tune. She was a skinny, abused girl from Texas. I was a anonymous kid from Saginaw, Bay City, Midland Michigan. When she died, I felt that she'd never known a love. I wish that I could have been with her on one of our good nights. We drank & got high, or low. I know that condition. Some years later, I met a girl from Auburn, MI, named Karen. She'd been hurt, like Janis, & was 26, & was as beautiful. I loved her for 27 years until she died of a congenital cancer, that she got from her evil mothers' genes. We had 2 brilliant sons. They're still alive. I'm dying at 64, 9 years after Karen's death. Janis & I knew about pain. I wish I'd met her. D.A.

    Karen Leigh

    +DA Clifford Beautiful DA, that you cared to care. If you still here, hallo and thanks, Karen


    i hope you are enjoying with janis, kurt, amy, and karen, in heaven

    Jennivere Gospic

    DA Clifford ❤️🙏


    ya, if your roomie was playing this way back then, then it was probably the same single I was referring to.

  26. M Prywatny

    Just reaches right in and tears your guts out... Goddess of Cool... RIP...

  27. Behçet Vaiz


  28. denisse romero

    sin palabras !!!

  29. OvercomeLoneliness

    This is so good!

  30. WearySisyphus


  31. COLovesYou1

    Sing it Janis!

  32. Folkies54

    So true!!!

  33. Ricardo Correa

    loneliness is part of life - we like it or not - we wish it or not - n nobody could it make glow higher Aas a human force also than our lovely JANIS JOPLIN!

  34. Ricardo Correa

    this is THE MUSIC that identifies JANIS to me! Yes it may not be exclusive powerful janis alone song but the lyric nn specially the singing so full of pain and creative ,innovative vocals is written in her blood to my ears! I've been waiting for this "janis soul!" to be publish here on youtube! Thank you very much man! " Mister loneliness waits all us when we get home!"

  35. spiros giak


  36. missrock98


    My God you're so lucky!!!please tell us more!!!

  37. missrock98

    she could have wrote it though!!! The lyrics are so...Janis!!!!

  38. Gwyllm Llwydd

    She didn't write it, Moondog did. She just adapted it. The original was released in 1956, 10 years before Big Brother released it.

  39. ArthorBearing

    @MrBubbaloo I just looked the song up because I'm in the middle of that book

  40. Fide Fide

    Rock heaven, clearly.

  41. broskijohansson

    pretty much every Big Brother song was better live. most of their self-titled first album was so-so studio versions of songs that were phenomenal on the In Concert album and other live collections. Including this one. Not nearly enough bands these days are better live =(

  42. missrock98

    The pleasure is all mine!!!What do you mean you ever saw that night???

  43. Folkies54

    Amazing version!

  44. yellowknots


  45. Nina Nowicka

    live at The Filmore West 1970 ^^

  46. smartalek1

    My most favoritest Janis track!
    Thank u so much for posting it here!
    When you have a moment to spare, you might consider adding in a credit for the song's composer, Moondog (born Louis Hardin), too.

  47. Christos Theofanidis

    poor guy!!!I'm sorry about your cat!You know i've lost my cat one day and i was really sad!!!But it was too long ago!!!