Janine - Never The Right Time Lyrics

Yeah, eh eh, yeah
Can I hold ya?

I could hold you down
But, it's never the right, never the right time
We could change things now
But, this isn't the right, it's never the right time

Round and round, music's loud
Feeling a little drunk of that look in the side of your eyes
You and me were just cool
But, I rather be on you not the passenger side
You just broke up your hell
And I'm back with someone new
If we had more time in the same zone, he could have been you

I could hold you down
But, it's never the right, never the right time
We could change things now
But, this isn't the right, it's never the right time
Never the right time
(Never the right, never the right time)

Here we are, in my place
Would invite you up, but we know how this shit might go down
I'm twisted, confused
And I really want you
But I don't want to ruin what we have now
I could play songs, talk to you all night
Day after day
You lean over, kiss my cheek goodbye
I have no words to say

I could hold you down
But, it's never the right, never the right time
We could change things now
But, this isn't the right, it's never the right time
Ooh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh
(Never the right, never the right time)

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Janine Never The Right Time Comments
  1. riddley39

    Sick of asking why someone ain’t blown. The super talent gets stuck in the underground and the bulshit is mainstream....just how it is now.

  2. Chance Morales

    It’s finna be 2020 an I’m just now hearing this 🤦🏾‍♂️😳🔥

  3. Natasha Paul


  4. Yvette Mosley

    I HAVe no Words Could be You

  5. Cambria Allen

    I Play This Song Everyday 🥰🙃🔥

  6. Aisha Nicole

    This song make me feel sexy 😂🤩

  7. pista kiss

    170 E feliratkozó... 3,4 M megtekintés 🙌☮️💔

  8. Ken Waters

    Wow...talk about butterflies in heart...i feel like holding my woman and letting her know...that it is always the right time baby...

  9. Ayshonna Holmes

    Just got put on to this 😭😭😭🤦🏽‍♀️

  10. **LOUD Intuition**

    Janine & Alina Baraz & Sabrina Claudio could do a tour together and OMG!!! Oh & of course my BAE BAE Ari Lennox!! Ok now Bye! 😍😍🥰

  11. Proud NorskPinay

    wow u have such an agelic voice darling

  12. Jovantae Thompson

    This Is What True Love Feel Like 💜🖤🖤🌎🌍

  13. Asia Johns

    She’s so underrated. She really hit this hoe.


    H.e.r. pandora brought me here

  15. Brooklyn NY

    damn near 2020 and I'm now hearing this wth I been

  16. Leizel Galant

    Listening while the rain pours.

  17. Via S

    Who who who who who who who

  18. callysilva24

    We got some late bloomers to this joint. Janine got my ears for quite some time now.

  19. Keisha Elizabeth

    Excellently executed


    so slept on I swear you are one of my fav singers

  21. iam Lee

    People asking why she's not in the media....it's because she didn't sell her very beautiful soul.
    I just stumbled upon her today, Nov, 12th 2019. I'm so happy I did. Such a damn vibe.

  22. april reese

    How is it 2019 and I’m just now hearing this it’s a whole vibe🥰

  23. lovely essences

    She reminds me if a modern day tinisha keli ❤🔥

  24. Naehey

    this song is so sexy, idk why

  25. K LaLaLove

    ...when you're in love with your best friend...and he doesn't even know it...

  26. Joey Moima

    Everytime I see my girl who is technically not mine yet cos cowardly me keeps on hearing
    "Never the right time"😰

  27. IAM TINY

    2019? Of course 😏😎✨

  28. hajer jojo

    More thn perfect ❤❤

  29. Foxy Boop

    This song hits differently when you can relate 😥
    Still here November 2019 will hopefully be here November 2055 🌊🌊🙃

  30. SayNEh SayNEh

    Love her!

  31. Honey Sims

    it's never the right time : ' /

  32. Korrie Clark

    🔥First time Listener!!!
    D.OP.E. song!!!☝☝☝


    Her beats b havin her songs hittn ... & thats the TRUTH... I wish I was soft spoken like this ...

  34. Rah Rizzle

    This Song Speaks Volumes💯🤞🏽🖤

  35. Keandra Heath


  36. Sorng Heng


  37. DeShawn Max

    I'm the reason for all of this 😔

  38. Yumi Chocolate ASMR

    I'm embarrassed... I'm so emotional this PERIOD sucks.....fmh... ugh😖🎈

  39. ajoy t

    On REPEAT!!!

  40. Dayanara Walker

    Did I comment yet? Oh well 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙✨✨✨✨✨

  41. Tee Jack

    Wow someone just put me on to her music and I'm in love!

  42. Jerry Garcia

    Yesss girlll you did that 😭😍🔥

  43. anazarri

    She and Frank Ocean should collab!

  44. Palesa Rakhoadi

    discovering good music by yourself has to be the best feeling ever...

  45. Cal Burnett


  46. Commons news 22

    Love it

  47. Marona Winston


  48. Meechie Moreno

    Your voice is giving me chills 🔥🔥

  49. Zacc Heights

    I love me some JANINE

  50. LovelyAshley

    Why is this girl so bomb?

  51. Heavenly EarthCHILD

    Damn J are we dating the same damn dude???

  52. Knaija Murray

    Man, isn’t the right time is right!

  53. Amanda A

    I just wanna thank Soundcloud for putting me on😩. This👏🏽 is👏🏽 a👏🏽 masterpiece 👏🏽.

  54. S B

    🔥 Fire 🔥

  55. Courtney Stokes

    Love this song she is so smooth💯💯😜😜😘💞☺

  56. BusinessLawPole

    This my shit!!

  57. Ti edits

    I probably needed to hear this

  58. Raymond Parks

    This is a flawless song lyrics smoothness vocals everything

  59. BJ Capalot

    So Therapeutic 🥺❤️

  60. Honey Sims

    Haven't stopped playing since I found it. 💯😘

  61. Honey Sims

    Hey we are name twins 💖

  62. K-Rayy G

    A vibe I want to get lost in forever 🔥🔥🔥

  63. NTSU Bodybuilding

    Never the right time

  64. Libra Love

    LOVE 💙🥰

  65. Robin Miller

    I like this song. So smooth

  66. Precious Moore

    Yesss I'm In Love With Your Voice😩💜💯

  67. 3 1 5 7 3

    Still lovely.

  68. Obakeng Gatsby

    She hasn't blown up because only a few of are lucky enough to appreciate good music.

  69. Shauni Shauni

    I listen to this song 24/7 anything with Janine her voice is so soft and beautiful can't wait to hear more music from her

  70. Courtney Stokes

    Im deep in this song😁😢😳😜😜

  71. asha noel

    YOOOOOO THIS IS A DOPE ASS SONG!!! Just found it!

  72. Hayley Vitemontiel

    I love her voice she makes it so smoooooottthhhhhh❤️💯💯

  73. Mayra Reynosa


  74. Gregory Lyons

    Got this 🔥🔥🔥 on repeat all day every day , can't believe I just came across this Song .

  75. Te Skrilla

    Deserves more recognition 💕💯

  76. Collacia Hyatt

    So calm and soothing yet lit 🔥 at the same time💖

  77. Talia Seays

    Her. Song. We. Been. Look. For. The. Wong. Thing. Send. Me. Here. To. Look. At. This. Song.

  78. Talia Seays

    Im. A. Just. New. Fan. Of. Her. And. Her. Voice. 💝💝💝💝💝💯💯💯💯

  79. Mayra Reynosa

    11:12 giving up

  80. Mayra Reynosa

    I put perfume in my clit

  81. Mayra Reynosa

    Not that bad

  82. Mayra Reynosa

    She didn't like it

  83. Mayra Reynosa

    Me and you we just cool but I rather fight

  84. Mica Alves

    I Love música

  85. Zeporia

    Why am I just now hearing this song?

  86. Courtney Stokes

    Lost my twin 😞➡laniya

  87. Rainbow Lifestyle

    It won't be the right time when it comes to sex until marriage

  88. Rainbow Lifestyle

    Love this song. Taking your time with the person....

  89. Tinelle Houston


  90. Tia Joy

    Here in 2019 anyone😊❤️💯

  91. Tia Joy

    Amazing song and amazing vocals😊❤️💯

  92. Black Diamond

    👑🔥👑Right time💯💎

  93. Sleepy Sagittari

    I'm twisted, confused
    and I really want you.

  94. ladacious mitchell

    I love all your songs boo ❤️❤️🦋

  95. Lee Lee Will Do

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