Janine - Hold Me Lyrics

Baby don't let me down
Got a lot goin on right now
And I need you to hold me (need you to hold me)
Baby don't let me down
Got a lot goin on right now
And I need you beside me (need you beside me)

And when it gets cold
And I'm feelin kinda lonely
I'm hopin that you're gonna put a cover on me
When it gets cold
And I'm feelin kinda lonely
I'm hopin that you're gonna put a cover on meeee (oooooo)

Baby if I break down
Will you catch my tears before they hit the ground (the grooouunnd)
Oh baby if I open my mouth
And let my darkest memories come ooouut
I need you to stick around (need you to stick aroound)

And when it gets cold
And I'm feelin kinda lonely
I'm hopin that you're gonna put cover on me
When it gets cold
And I'm feeling kinda lonely
I'm hopin that you're gonna put a cover on meeee
(Meeee, ohhhh)

Oh give me something good to feel
Touch me so I know it's real
Make it so I won't forget
And take me far from my regret
Oh give me something good to feel
Touch me so I know it's real
Never want to ask for help
But I'm asking this time

Baby don't let me down
Got a lot goin on right now
And I need you to hold me
Oh, baby don't let me down
I got a lot goin on right now
And I need you beside meeeee

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Janine Hold Me Comments
  1. Womans Domain

    2020! Still in rotation baby! ❤️

  2. TheRealMc

    Why doesn’t she have more views !

  3. Nicolalaaxo

    Got this on repeat! How am I only hearing this now?!

  4. aalutama

    here in 2020 🥺🧡

  5. Aliana Philo

    This deserves more views, more recognition.

  6. ososensational

    who all here 2020?? 🦋🤍✌🏽💍

  7. Postup_YT

    Who here in 2020

  8. Susana ._. Kaufusi

    im still here in 2020

  9. Madison Warner

    2020 anyone ?

  10. Kerry Jones

    2020 ? 🖤🎯

  11. Shayshay Wright

    2020 tappin in 💯😘🤫🥰😍💋🎂🍾🍾🍹😘🥰😍🤩😜🤪😝😛😋😉

  12. Jonaya Snowden

    Still here in 2020!!!

  13. MissDC2B

    It’s 2020, And I still listen to this all of the time

  14. Jonathan Smalls

    Here 2020, i think her and Kehlani together would be amazing 🔥

  15. Mayra Reynoso

    I'm not sing it

  16. Adreanna Cooper

    Still here in 2020 feeling every word!

  17. Kemalee Gray

    Still listening in 2020 #needsomeonetoholdme😭😭😭

  18. Toyosi Wright

    2020 thumbs up

  19. Leanna syverson

    D.A.J .....I LOVE YOU BABY

  20. Teshanti Winters


  21. Christopher Crisp

    This make me think of the first girl I 💋

  22. Larayar2323 Ruffin

    I'm here in 2020

  23. Shelbbbsss

    This song will touch me everytime . “And I need you to hold me😫😫”

  24. Nkeemah Darrah

    Got me missing my best friends up in heaven

  25. MAGNOLIA FINEST HIP hop jblock gang

    Love you arora baby

  26. Kyra Greetham

    2020 and staying 🙌

  27. Saulito Bandito

    here in 2020

  28. L’ V


  29. Kiyarra Marie

    I was listening to this song in the car and I bursted out crying because my favorite person, the person I thought I could build a connection with and tell just about anything too, and I stopped talking to each other after talking for months and I just feel so empty now, it’s so strange how a person could go to talking to someone everyday to never again 😥

    L’ V

    Kiyarra Marie its gona be okay Kiyarra trust me even tho it won’t feel like it at first . Just give yourself time to heal from this babygirl & u’ll be even stronger after it all trust me . Stay strong ❤️🙏

  30. Sawo Bangura

    Who’s here in 2020?😪

  31. * shordy

    2020 ? 😢

  32. Angel Granderson

    Anyone still listening in 2020 ? 🥺

  33. Keisha Thomas

    Still in 2020❤

  34. Tedasha Heath

    January 2020 ?

  35. Chris Yournet

    Who’s stil here 2020 my baby Janine is fire 🔥 differently a triple threat

  36. Nashayvia Poole


  37. alevyona Wright

    Baby if I broke down 💔

  38. Flawed Beauty

    I’ll be bringing this song with me in 2020

  39. Da Goddess

    Its Dec 2019 and i still really needed this song in my ear rn💕💕💕

  40. Joseph Gorman

    Damn dalila i miss u u was my queen i didnt want u too leave me i fell for u and u just left my brokenheart sitting there in mud sometimes i wonder y i let u inside why i let my guard down

  41. Nadia K

    December 19’ ❤️

  42. Liberty Green

    anyone still listening in December 2019

    Flawed Beauty

    Liberty Green we here

  43. Mylifeas kyrah

    black women voice 😍

  44. L'Nya Williamsmoore

    The time of the End is Here-Matt 24 14 jw.org

  45. Erii2Tuff!!


  46. #ARC Squad

    who is still here on 2019

  47. Loosingit_lisa Weight-loss vlogs

    This is lit🔥🔥🔥💥💥 just discover her and this song.... Kinda modern Celine Dion

  48. Nana Gnavv

    anyone still here ? Almost 2020

  49. Lilg13 2

    Man my homeboy started playing dis in the car n I cried😭

  50. Zita Puffler


  51. Lush X

    Feelings just hit me again 🙁

  52. Khanh Hoan

    this track makes me miss my Ex (smdh)

  53. NIVEA

    i love everything about this song. janine is incredible.

  54. Krystal B

    Still one of my favorite💜

  55. Leila M Smith

    I’m still here in 2019

  56. Amanda X

    Briliant!! This has literally touched me deeply!!! Your voice is absolutely beautifulllll

  57. elizabeth ramirez

    I just discovered you tonight via spotify and I absolutely am an instant fan! Your music touched me I can relate on various songs and lyric's ❤❤❤❤ thank you!

  58. alvamer v

    Yep ... my feels right now

  59. K Stackz

    Hg.Kyiaa brought me here😂😂

  60. Lambo Romeyo

    Just found this song, I am so sorry I missed it!

  61. Dominique Robinson

    Baby don't let me down )`:

  62. Blu-04m 505

    I learned the name of this song from a woman who was listening to this song in a Kroger’s, I heard it and I just had to ask her, I’m so glad this song is incredible

  63. Larayar2323 Ruffin

    2109 🖤

  64. breanna jackson

    Janine is an fantastic singer

  65. Kallem Lighthope

    😢This got me in my feels rn like got me thinking about my ex😭🥺

  66. Kallem Lighthope


  67. Crystal Rae

    Been listening to this for years after my mom passed second video that says official video ...all sound good just saying! True to the heart song!

  68. Amore C-P

    Great song

  69. sweet sweet

    Going 2020 still best 🥰❤❤❤

  70. Ja’Nice La’shelle

    My daddy passed last month 9/2/19 and this is the song that my momma listen to all the time now

    Troy Mosley


  71. Marona Winston


  72. Good Vibes

    My favorite song !!!! Her voice is magical 💕

  73. Virginia Ta’Mya

    still a mfn vibeee 😍 in 2019

  74. Simone Mbatha

    Clearly I'm a late bloomer😆. Just stumbled across her,she's fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  75. Blount Juice

    I'm a violinist, love your music and we should collaborate!

  76. Asmara Konings

    Been awhile since I last played this song

  77. B MzRaiders Martinez

    My favorite song by you

  78. Lana Agarian

    How come I’m just hearing this song now.. absolutely beautiful song 💓💓

  79. Thatgirlkiaa

    This song is my mood all 2019 I miss my man 💔🔓

  80. Neicy Bell

    I’m just now hearing this song 2019 and it’s meant she’s speaking every word that I feel I love it and yes my future wife is doing all these things I’ve been through hell and back and my baby makes sure she takes care of home as well as everything else I love you Kristina Mitchell

  81. Neicy Bell

    Omg this song is dedicated to my future wife I get tears of joy listening to this song 🥰😍😘

  82. Barry Smith


  83. Dawid Żychliński

    amazing song, love it

  84. Val Nicola

    My ex best friend show me this song that song reminding of me .. I never forget this song..

  85. chanelle Sharn

    This song bangs not gonna lie

  86. Niki Mikidee

    A song hasn't made me cry like this in a while lol

  87. vee babii

    I miss you😫😫

  88. anica app m 0qha pick pick PalatkaWatson

    This song touches my soul....

  89. Nesha morris

    🤦🏿‍♀️ idk y i listened to this at 3 am and im tryna get over this man 🗣 FUCK

  90. Shenika Cleage

    𝘓𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘴𝘰𝘯𝘨 𝘴𝘰𝘰𝘰𝘰𝘰𝘰 𝘮𝘶𝘤𝘩 😍

  91. Mayra Reynosa

    Maybe more talkative vibe

  92. Mayra Reynosa

    No sorry putaz me la rifer

  93. Andru Voss

    ❣️🔥💯 LOVE THIS SONG ❣️🔥💯

  94. 0deliciouss periodt



  95. Talia Seays

    My. Ex. Break. My. Heart. So. Much. That. All. I. Need. Form. Him. For. Him. To. Be. There. For. Me. But. He. Did. Not. Love. Me. Like. I. 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝him. So. We. Break. Up. With. Eachother.