Janine - Friends Lyrics

Could be lookin' at you
From a freeway trailer
If you'd handled what I'd taken
Separate loans, separate codes
No fine line, don't have to be dead right
Cause dead right could go wrong

We could be friends
We could be friends
Put your head on my shoulders

I'm Janine
Still dreamin' of a glory
Of somethin' new
I can't remember what it's like
To never wanna let go
It's all good though

We could be friends
We could be friends
Just put your head on my shoulder
And I will turn around for you
Don't wanna know if you made mistakes
I'm still waiting on your sunshine

Ooh, LA
I guess you gotta chase that ghost
Heard you bought some land in Mexico
And I said, "Way to go, man"
Cause wherever you may roam
There's a station playin' rock and roll
So stay tuned in, stay tuned in

I will turn around for you
Put your hand on my shoulder
We all make mistakes, baby, baby, baby
We all make mistakes, baby, baby, baby
We all make mistakes, baby, baby, baby
We all make mistakes, baby, baby, baby
My baby
We could be friends, for you

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Janine Friends Comments
  1. Boyd Family


  2. ash doonga

    how u r doing ...:P:P:P:P:P:PP:P:P:P

  3. Hail State_MSU Fangirl

    1:18 😂😂😂😂

  4. Miss

    Joey is so fucking creepy

  5. Wasim Raza

    2020 is almost here

  6. TheBoredOne

    I love Ross's passion

  7. That Nykaa Girl

    OMG just noticed Janine is so thin u can see her cervical vertebrae when she bends down

  8. Rebecca Lennox

    Is friends actually in the 90's or do they just pretend?


    We are interfacing 🤣🤣

  10. asmaa hassan

    I always thought that Ross's science talks was interesting

  11. Abhi Prabakar

    02:31 I JUST CANT

  12. raj shah

    How you doin..
    Man!! the girl broke him.

  13. ericsteven100

    Elle Macpherson is hot. 😍

  14. bryern andrews

    Ross's thought of living forever is just so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Galixywolf playz

    Janine certainly doesn't have an Australian accent

  16. toppa toppa

    Surly women know what their beauty dies to us

  17. toppa toppa


  18. DenalPvP

    Seen a comments about the Australian accent. Wonder if people realize that the actor who plays Janine is actually Australian.

  19. Vanessa Berberi

    Rachel and monica are much hotter than her

  20. Roy Melhado

    Whoa ho ho Joey has a new girl name Janine from Australia in the outback I wanna meet Janine please

  21. Piper

    Joey in his paradise

  22. Astuteous Maximus

    Terrible Aussie accent. It sounds like a cross between a posh English accent and a Californian accent.

  23. I speak My mind

    These women have no curves.

  24. Shimaa Abdelmageed

    Chandler 😂❤️

  25. Manthan Chilweri

    10 more years for Artificial Intelligence?? I dont think so, it’ll probably be earlier

  26. Meryam

    Janine has no ass!

  27. Maria

    When guys get rejected

  28. A Sam

    Shes a dancer and shes wearing a $27k Rolex Daytona

  29. Niraj Bhagat

    She is a Dancerrrr 😂

  30. ibrahim hassan

    That computer thing is westworld

  31. Lilliana Keefer

    2030 is 11 years away!

  32. Alex Foster


  33. Fabian Silguero

    Ross directed Chappie

  34. raj shah

    No where near what Ross imagined.

  35. sanjay rohra

    Kind a feel bad these beauty get old

  36. Worst Episode Ever!

    Janine had no booty

  37. Navjot Kaur

    2030 is 11 years away.

  38. ash doonga

    U r hot and I am loveable......hahahaha😂😂😂😂

  39. Prashanth Ravi

    Buru Bumm Bushhhhh - Chandler😂😂

  40. Shneha Prasad

    Joey looked awfully good!

  41. SayfRG2874

    "She's gonna live with *me* !!!"
    He's so adorable.😂

  42. stephen lang

    They should call this episode "Clueless."

  43. Mocha Toffy

    She has no ass I don’t like this type of bodies 🤔

  44. meet ugarejiya

    If you're watching this comment in 2019 or later you will find out 0:05 Ross is right a little bit.

  45. mayani Shahar

    0:18 I'm still waiting for it to happen..

  46. W.M.K

    Joey's statement at 3:00 - 3:03
    What is that mean?


    once you start (food --> eating) you can't stop cos the temptation is right there. you get short term gratification but what happens when the supplies runs out? the long term consequences 'could' be catastrophic

  47. Heli Shah

    Why isn't anyone talking about that sketch on the wall at 2:00

  48. Mehafooz T A

    Joey looks sooooo happy

  49. Gustin Y.

    2:43 *Savage*

  50. Fat BodyBuilder

    what is about these effeminate guys that I want to beat the ever lovin shit outta them ?

  51. spiralout72

    Where’s her ass!

  52. Tyler Durden

    4:25 I would have thought it would have been even better if Janine had said nonchalantly... "Yeah, it's called the singularity. I read about that too."

  53. burhan shah

    It's 2018 now.

  54. FJB Productions

    1:03 Joeys Face just cracks me up

  55. valar

    1999. Ooff.

  56. AB Sindho

    You Live like machine 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  57. commando1912

    Intro is so true, it will happen.

  58. Divyansh Singh

    thoughts into a computer and live forever as machine ?? okay thats how we will revive arnim zola in Captain America Winter Soldier ........

  59. Pretty Chantique

    Elle Macpherson - Australian supermodel

  60. Life is short

    Sheee she's a dancer 😁

  61. flisko

    whos the australian skirt?

  62. Wellnessmarg

    You and I are interfacing

  63. Ben Heydahosa

    Those days when Australians were the exotic for the Americans

  64. Story Time

    AHHHHHHH 😮😮😮😮

  65. Uma gr

    That's elle McPherson!!!?

  66. Hament Pandit

    Spell didn't worked on her....

  67. Gabriela Fabiola Bravo Sánchez

    Why people hate her?

  68. Zcup tv.

    1:19 joey looks like jim carrey

  69. Bruce Wang

    2:26-2:35 There's rhythm from Joey's shivering incomprehensable voice. So hilarious!

  70. Ibrahim Mohammed

    1:49 " oh man " xD

  71. Ibrahim Mohammed

    how you doin ?

  72. Claralina Insauriga

    Ross must be so close to right 2030 we might have our brains in computers

  73. Ranjan Dhakal

    Marry Her

  74. Paran0i3dchick

    Was ross talking about artificial intelligence?!!!


    Go and watch Black Mirror. There is an episode about it.

  75. Emre Bilge

    Of course she didn't like Joey. He acted like a "nice guy".

  76. alexx zed

    "I just realized I can sleep with my eyes open"
    Me the first day of high school

  77. Roze Ma

    Her voice is so nice

  78. ネコCat

    How you doinggggg

  79. Nia Hart

    J-How you doing!
    😆 lol 💕 J

  80. M Najie

    Ross predicted 2030 wtf illuminati

  81. aparajita satish

    Anyone from 2018?

  82. Nam Yi

    Joey-she is a danncer!!!
    😂 😂 😂

    Nam Yi

    Chandler -bud dum dum pish was pretty 😄

  83. Alona Sigal

    0:08 yeah I don't think so

  84. Trisha jha

    Matt looks so dashing ❤️

  85. L Ww

    i like Elle's lingerie line, quite elegant, she does know how to do business

  86. VladoTraceur

    That strange feeling when Ross in first minute is saying the basic idea for Altered Carbon

  87. Amanda G. Faller

    im actually reading that book

  88. SuperNerd

    We're getting close 0:01

  89. Nex Carter

    Thats the shittest Australian Accent I have ever heard

    Bradford Le

    she's actually aussie that's her real voice lol

  90. Adam Radiv

    Upload, Ross. Upload

  91. Spörde Spyrdenstein

    she's not hot. no curves.

  92. My Dog Is Bae

    God is that meant to be an Australian accent because it's appalling

  93. Mohammed Qureshi

    0:03 Like if you've seen this clip from one of shane dawson's conspiracy theories

  94. juhi chaudhary

    2:07 my favorite part of the episode ! And the sound he makes made it a lot funnier 😂😂😂

  95. shreya sreedhar

    I like the way Ross lifts his brow 😂

  96. Nico's Corner

    The day Ross invented San Junipero.

  97. Troll Soul

    Damn AI foreshadowing

  98. Mr Duke Silver

    She literally lmaoed