Janet Jackson - You Need Me Lyrics

As a child I missed a lot of love I never had
And daddy he was distant
Never there to hold my hand
Never bought the things he'd always promise to give me
Mother made up for him always watching over me
Days would go by and we would never see his face
In my mind I'd wonder "Does he have another place?"
If and when he'd come in he would always be upset
All the kids were scared his next syndrome would be a fret

Now that you are older and you begin to see
Family's important to be there if you need
Father never taught us these things mom said to me
Now the table's turned so tell me you need me

Tell me
Tell me
Tell me
Just to me
You need me

Daddy daddy dearest, what is it you want from me
(Tell me)
I won't turn my back on you the way you did with me
Now you try to give and always faking not to cry
I'll give you what I can but I can't give what I don't have
Mother lends a shoulder, to cry on if you need
But are you there for mother when she needs your company?

Father never taught us, these things mom said to me
Now the table's turned so tell me
You need me

Tell me
Tell me
Tell me
Tell me
You need me

If you realize we need each other, we will be a closer family.
I need you, yeah
I need you, and you know that
You need me

Now that you are older and you begin to see
Family's important to be there if you need
Father never taught us, no no never taught us
Just to me
You need me

Tell me that you need me
Tell me that you love me
Tell me that you need me
Just to me
You need me

Now that you are older and you begin to see
Family's important to be there if you need
Father never taught us these things mom said to me
Now the table's turned so tell me you need me

Tell me
Tell me
Tell me
Just to me
You need me

Mother lends a shoulder to cry on if you need
But are you there for mother when she needs your company?
Are you there for mother?
Are you there for mother?
Are you there for mother?
Father never taught us these things mom said to me
Just to me
You need me

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Janet Jackson You Need Me Comments
  1. Kevin Mesa

    Can we get a Rhythm Nation 30Y.O and release these unreleased bops 👀

  2. pae242002

    Janet, Jimmy and Terry went HARD on this track!!! New Jack Swing, BABY!!!!

  3. Redd Blitz

    Time flies! It's both hard to believe and cool as to how one of Pop music's most important epic albums, as well as one of Jackson's most pivotal, is celebrating its 30th Anniversary. Looking back, RN1814 could've easily been released as a double album with the previously unreleased and/or rare B-sides as featured, as well as it to be celebrated and as equally acknowledged as one of Pop music's most successful double albums ever! RN1814 remains an epic musical masterpiece.

  4. BeautifulGamer89

    That track is fire!

  5. kevmcg

    Thank you.

  6. Marius Allen

    Demita Jo

  7. Marius Allen

    I wish Janet had stayed with jam and Lewis her music is so different I can't get into it the last album I have is Demita Up 😞

  8. Jamez Hall

    I need this song on my phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Afi Salahuddin

    😨😀😀😀😀 O MY GOSH...i haven't heard this one since my teacher played it for us to do a dance routine...a millennia ago. Thanks.

    and just think...i thought it was gone forever.

  10. Cakes

    I’m glad she didn’t go for the ‘family scandal’ album and went for the social commentary album instead

  11. Cas82958

    I hear a lot of "If" in the verses. Very kind

  12. Chi Kin Li


  13. Jaiden Daron

    I still feel this song now in 2019...man family can take u there. To some low places even u try to rectify the issues. Same shit happens and they wonder why u act distant or show like u are cold to them. I'm at that place. I love them yet. U can't do the damage & expect me not to have feelings

  14. Andrew Glasgow

    I bought the miss you much cassette single back in 1989, and was a little disappointed this wasn't the lead single to the rhythm nation album, no video and not even on the album. It's sad that her b-sides are better than most on the singles released on the albums. Who's in charge of what goes on the album and what is released as a single. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

  15. Lakeitha Germany


  16. Lakeitha Germany


  17. Ifrah Naz


  18. Eric Springer

    Wow! Should have been on the album! I love this!

  19. Rae Love

    Dem lyrics explains everything.......(let that thought sink in)

  20. Joya Saxena

    I can’t believe I never heard this gem! One of the best songs ever. She was brave enough to talk about the abuse in music, that’s a huge step. Not even Michael talked about joe in songs. This is crazy

  21. stretchgilbert


  22. frostysnow w

    The best music to listen to 💕🎵🎶🎤🎵😃

  23. jaiden daron

    This song still hits home today for me. Tears flow. ----------

  24. Rogacki Thornton

    Haven’t heard this in years

  25. King3 Hacked

    One of my favorite songs by the queen

  26. Shane Arsenault

    Ya I wonder why my dad wanted nothing to do with me either go Janet for making this song


    RIP joe. I wonder if he hears this before passing away.

  28. D'mia

    should have been a single. its one of the B´s that had me dancin doing my hair

  29. Brown Royal

    Janet's voice is so underrated!

  30. PNutty75

    I’ve had this song in my head every since I herd of Joe’s passing

  31. Carine Thomas

    Je l'adore cette femme

  32. Rock Strong

    That rhythm nation 1814 album was the truth....it's all happening today...love a Janet. The queen

  33. Taylor Williams

    girlllll i’m fixin to make this intro my ringtone

  34. Shawn Jones

    I remember blasting this cassette single in my first brand new car, Toyota Celica, candy apple red in color; Jomaine F.& me. Rip Jomaine, the biggest JanFan next to me!

    Nogger Nation

    Shawn Jones heeeey shawn Jones lol

    Neven Gravett


    Shawn Jones

    @Nogger Nation hello my friend!

  35. Cam W.

    New jack swanggin 🎶



  37. RobJohn

    That blast off at 4:10 to the end note.. is why the Jam/Lewis/Jackson magic is never ending. This song is over 20 yrs old and goes harder everytime I hear it. They came through on this shit. #bsidelegendaryness

  38. Sergio Garcia

    They should have replaced “Lonely” with this song

    Neven Gravett

    Nooo, that's my JAM too ....

    Shawn Jones

    @Cedric Voss say that!

    Ron Derrick

    Noooo! Lonely is one of my favorite Janet songs.


    Blasphemy, Lonely is a 10/10

    Earth Boy Sun And Rain.

    You tripping. Lonely is one of her best vocal performance and the music is magical. If anything, I'd be bold enough to say replace "Alright" with this if anything. In the end, it is still doing what it needs to do...reach us DIEHARDS.

  39. ᗰIᑕᕼᗩEᒪ IᑎTEᒪᒪIGEᑎT ᔕᑭᗩᑕE ᑕᖇᗩᖴTᔕ ᗰIᑎᗪ ᑕOᑎTᖇOᒪ

    Love Janet, but has ANYONE OBSERVED her nose? It’s more pointed then today. Well” she’s older still sexy.

  40. Chaitan Rao

    It was my first time hearing it. Me personally, I love it and I hear elements of a few tracks. Rhythm Nation, The Knowledge, Escapade, and If.

    Luxar Music

    The backing track is basically 'The Knowledge'. There's no If or Escapade on there

  41. honeyrainn

    This was a song and a half~It broke my heart daily that my father didn't want to have anything to do with me at all. I bumped this song everyday and cried {my dad/father denied I was his} even though he is no longer living, it still hurts from time to time

    Moonwalker 1989 P

    honeyrainn I am sorry to hear that. 😢 I believe you will reunite with him in heaven.❤

  42. Henry Ferguson

    I wonder why this song wasn't on the cd I like this


    Running time, probably. If all of the songs had been included, RN 1814 would have become a double LP comprising 2 vinyl pressings, and that would have made more expensive to print and $ell. However, it should have been a double LP.


    Henry Ferguson because they changed the theme of the album. Originally, it was going to be about the family and this was the first song recorded for that concept. But Janet wasn’t keen as she didn’t wanna be riding on the Jackson name so the album was changed to the social commentary concept and we got Rhythm Nation 1814.

    Matt Ro

    Both ppl are correct

    sion bentley

    Matt Ro true dat

    Matt Ro

    sion bentley 😎

  43. TMC Remixes

    This is actually one of my fav Janet tracks


    ME TOO!!!!

    Ifrah Naz

    Mine tii

  44. Jean Nascimento


    Earth Boy Sun And Rain.

    That metallic "ahhhhhh" sound at the beginning. For the longest time, I wanted to know what it was. It's a cymbal brush being played in reverse. She first uses it on Nasty, then Miss You Much, Rhythm Nation, Escapade...a pinch of If...then it disappeared until 20 Y.O at the beginning So Excited...and disappeared again until BURNITUP

  45. Redd Blitz

    Entire album's still epic. I edited this song right on contact after MISS YOU MUCH. 1 of her best works 2 date.

    Myleen Barnes

    Redd Blitz

  46. Richard Mcghee

    Man she should have released that as a single! i can see the video right now with her dancing her ass off!! lol

    Myleen Barnes

    Richard Mcghee

  47. Terryz T

    this is Janet! yes..

  48. DPRD JZ

    To be honest around 2011 when checking this song our country was blocked(Philippines) and FINALLY IT WAS LIFTED SO I CAN LISTEN TO THIS AGAIN.!!!!

  49. Adam.J. Raja

    This song fits on Rhythm Nation like a hand in a glove... & its the track that defo lead to smash hit 'if' afew years later 'if I was yr girl...'

    Valentino Miller

    It does ring of "If", huh? Hmm

    Eddi Goma Music

    In my opinion, instrumental-wise, this song would fit on RN but lyricwise, it wouldn't. However, this is still a fantastic song!!

  50. Terrence Edwards

    Someone tell me why Janet?

  51. Marie Libby Ryan

    loved this song, I remember recording it on one of my blank tapes!

  52. Carlos Agostini

    Reminds me of If lol

  53. Just Josh

    this is amazing omg.

    Beth Ward

    +joshuad smith I used to kill this song....

  54. Twan L. Claiborne

    New Jack Swing at its best.

    Beth Ward

    +Twan L. Claiborne No New Jack here! All Jam and Lewis!

    Kendell Chandler

    Beth Ward .....Say it Again !!!!

  55. Richard McGhee

    The jam!!!Janet!!!!!!

  56. Richard McGhee

    The jam!!!Janet!!!!!!

  57. Tiffani Butler

    I bumped this till the tape popped! She was singing my life back then.

    Shawn Jones

    I feel you on that sentiment. Although I'm a grown man now, I see what not having a father around did to my younger sister. My sister, who died of a heart attack at the age of 29, was very angry with our father, who also died 8 years later of a heart attack as well. It's always been a prayer of mine that she forgave him before she transitioned. We'd have discussion as to why she should forgive him. For one thing, it's was for her own personal freedom and secondly, it was her duty as a young christian woman. Lastly, our father was an addict and suffered from the disease of addiction. I hope and pray that whatever issues you may have had with your father have been resolved or at the very least are working towards a resolution if you're fortunate enough to have your father still around. #Godspeed #HappyHolidays #Peace #ChristIsAlwaysTheReasonForAnySeason

    Robbie Rob

    @Tiffani this is one of the most underrated tracks she did during this project.

  58. Sunchild1913

    Damn this song is pointinggggg

  59. Brittany

    Awwwww Janet wanted so badly to be a daddy's girl, too bad her father was an emotionally distant tyrant.

    Myleen Barnes

    DJ Gary

    Myleen Barnes

    utubegirl o

    Joshua McDowell

    Beautiful Woman Latoya admitted that she lied about everything she said about her family. She was made to turn against her family by her late ex-husband, Jack Gordon who was abusive and isolated her family and friends. She admitted all this in interviews after she left him as well on her reality show Life of Latoya.

    Beautiful Woman

    +Joshua McDowell you are that gullible? remember Tv is scripted. go by your hearts feeling. Yes most or some was exaggerated. but when Latoya tried to expose years ago how Joe had a second daughter nobody believed her... bingo! that turned out to be very true! the beatings by Joe? very true! the cheating by Joe??very true!! I can go on and on.

    Rall Jedd

    @utubegirl PAST NOT PASSED IDIOT

  60. patricia saenz

    She is one hell of a force. Can't no other chick do it like my J.

  61. leongirl

    I had this tape.

  62. Jazmin Truesdale

    damn these lyrics go soooo hard

  63. James Evans

    Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis created this song with Janet.  I had this  12 inch of miss u much. You need me was the b side.

    Redd Blitz

    Originally this song was to be apart of what J's label at the time wanted from her and that was a sequel to her mega breakthrough album CONTROL. However, such would never fully come into existence due to J not wanting to air out dirty family laundry, and too, she wanted to focus more on such a concept album that would become RN1814.

    Peter Schofield

    That's correct, I think the original title for the album was Scandal but Janet wanted to focus more on issues that were happening in society. In an interview, Jimmy Jam said that Marvin Gaye's What's Going On was a big influence when making this album

    Coco de los Reyes

    I've also read the less risky way was to call the album Escapade put another alum cover and start it with Miss you much, love would never do, escapade and finish with state of the world, the knowledge and rhythm nation. But the message would have been sent and felt differently

  64. X2A3

    The best song GUY never made! Under appreciated gem from JANET! New Jill Swing at its best!

    Rall Jedd

    Underrated. Not appreciated IDIOT

    Brooklyn Agnew

    X2A3 yesss !

    Christian Savart

    Jam & Lewis had their own sound imo.


    Tbh Jimmy and Lewis pioneered NJS.... nasty was a precursor to New Jack Swing. Ask Teddy

  65. Lateshia Childs

    I love it.

  66. Raj TO

    4:10 when she holds that note and the emotion behind it! Omg! Yahhhz Janet! Please come back sanging like you use to!


    Raj Eccentric she did <3

  67. Terick Whitson


    Melvin Moore

    and it wasn't even on there...

    Beautiful Woman

    +Melvin Moore he's lying because this wasn't on the album lol. why do ppl do this to fit in? lol

  68. JDAM93

    I did too. When i hear this song I was like dang!!! " The beat is hard but the lyrics are even harder.

  69. James Oliver

    Still have this on vinyl. Played it to death. Preferred it to the A side!

  70. MrKiwispirit

    omg I use to thrash this back in the day.....

  71. Linda Rasouli

    I love this keep going

    Melvin Moore

    "got that groove going..."


    i think he was,but aint now!! lol


    she is one of the greatest all around!!!

  74. shyshotcaller27

    I had this cassette tape. Memories!!

  75. Tom Lopez


  76. Alex Russo

    Joe, sweetheart, don't you get it? You cant be that stupid....well maybe you can.

  77. fulleffect29

    Sounds like "The Knowlegde"!!!!

    Dilly Dally

    yes, it's just a b-track and they ended up with the knowledge

    Myleen Barnes


  78. TheClassictvfan

    Like if you know what B-side refers to....haha!!!

    Melvin Moore

    the "better" side...

    Myleen Barnes


  79. misslittlemomma

    Man, I have not heard this since Jr. High.. This song has been so hard to find for many years.. Feels good to hear it as a grown woman! Thanks brings back memories..

  80. RhythmAddictedState

    0:34 sounds a little bit like the chorus in If!
    Btw, this rocks!!!

  81. Claire Archibald

    Luv this song! xx

  82. bear4hair

    this goes hard

  83. SequinedGBears

    JANET GOES SO HARD!!! =)*****