Janet Jackson - What's It Gonna Be?! Lyrics

[Busta Rhymes:]
Ah, ah
Ah, ah
Ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah, oh, oh, oh
Yeah, Busta Rhymes, Janet Jackson
Here we go
One time

Baby, just tell me just how you feel
We livin' it and just givin' it to you for real
Baby, c'mon
Every time, we crossin' the borderline
We givin' it to you, makin' you feel fine
Turn the heat up
Better believe we gonna shine
Make your body wind
Baby, the pleasure is all mine
To my people regulatin' the dance floor
Better step to your business, handle yours, how we do it
Makin' ou people just wanna bounce and get busy because
You know that we always will hit you off, what you say
You wonderin' why you feelin' the force
And don't you worry 'cause you'll be ready to floss
More heat 'cause I always will put you on
And blow the spot to the very second I'm gone
Get your groove on
Now that you tired, I hope your body recoupin'
Because we keeping you movin' that
What we doin' and you know we're gonna

[Chorus: Janet (Busta Rhymes)]
Gonna make, gonna make, gonna make your body wet
(Make your body wet)
Gonna make, gonna make your body scream out yeah
(Make your body just scream out yeah, yeah)
Gonna make, gonna make you think them naughty things
(Make you think them naughty things)
Of me on you
(All me on you)
And you on me
What's it gonna be?!
(What's it gonna be?!)
Gonna make, gonna make, gonna make your body wet
(Make your body wet, c'mon)
Gonna make, gonna make your body scream out yeah
(Make your body scream yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Gonna make, gonna make, gonna make your body cream
(Make your body cream)
Make you have wet dreams
(Make you have wet dreams)
What, what, what, what's it gonna be?!

[Busta Rhymes:]
All my people singing and waving your hands high
Hot shit, burnin' and makin' your ass fry
Baby, c'mon, give you the shit that'll make you quiver
While I deliver the shit that'll hit you right in your liver
Always sound scannin', we never leave you hangin'
I'm always doin' my thing and my music always be bangin'
So check it, you know we always be movin' the crowd
Type of feelin' that make you wanna go play it loud
What up?
When---we---come---and hit you
Best believe we really gonna get you
No matter whatever you wanna flaunt
We be rippin' it baby, so what you want
Here we go
Pintin' a picture, we keep it hot in the winter
Now big up my people, you know I'm always with you
Flip Mode
We blowin' and takin' over the planet
Full blast, hittin' with Busta Rhymes and Janet
And you know we're gonna

[Busta Rhymes (Janet):]
We gonna make your body real wet (Wet)
We gonna make your body say yeah (Yeah)
I wanna know where my real dogs is at
I wanna know where my live women is at
We gonna make your body real wet (Wet)
We gonna make your body say yeah (Yeah)
Everybody wave your hands real high
And let me see you put 'em up in the sky
C'mon, makin' my niggaz just say "ho"
Word up, and makin' you women just say "ah"
Baby, c'mon, bringin' it to you in many ways
We makin' and takin' you people right through another phase
C'mon, we rockin' it, baby, that's how we droppin' it, baby
There ain't no stoppin' it, baby, I know we drivin' you crazy
And then we hit with the greatest of all time
No matter what you do, baby, we gonna shine
And you know we're gonna

[Chorus x3]

[Busta Rhymes (Janet):]
Busta Rhymes, Janet Jackson
Flip Mode, baby, what
(Yeah, yeah)
What it's gonna be
What it's gonna be
What it's gonna be
What it's gonna be
What, what, what, what, what, what
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh
Close the door...

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Janet Jackson What's It Gonna Be?! Comments
  1. Carolmel ATL Productions


  2. BBLove Gaming

    *This whole time I thought she said “if you have a dream what what what what’s it gonna be but she said if you have WET Dreams!!! Bruhh*

  3. Lisa Briggs


  4. Scott Baswell

    Who here 2020




    Finally realized this the song with "close the door" at the end, I've been adding it to the end of "Meeting in my Bedroom ".🤦🏾‍♀️


    How this doesn't have a million views is mind boggling

  8. Bryant Tilson

    I turned 30 recently on 1-3-20 an I have To Say God Bless The 90's. Although I'll never see it again sadly but, Wow!!!!! what a Time it was to be alive 😌!!

  9. Rose Danna Joseph

    Busta rymesis the best rapper

  10. Freddy Wilson

    Janet looked so good in this,as she always does

  11. Def Style

    Back when you actually had to have talent to get on and the internet couldn't save you

  12. Lett news

    Sheer perfection!!!

  13. Romaine Montrelle

    I miss you 90’s

  14. lochdnessie


  15. Cinnamon Davidson

    I'm disgusted. I cant believe Janet would take part in a video that's so much like the hit duet she did with her brother with that idiot Busta

  16. boogs

    The views alone let’s me know people don’t even realize how classic this was 💙

  17. shadow studios

    Video Producers: okay whatcha thinking?

    Busta: You ever heard of foil?

  18. Cecy Flowers

    So many years have passed 😭😭😭😭

  19. Brandon Hudson

    This was the jam

  20. Timika Roberts

    Busta was so sexy back then

  21. Isaiah Pisani

    the music still bumps but the lyrics and video are 100% comedy in 2020 lmaooo

  22. NINA N

    Yearz I've heard this beat😉,,!

  23. Candice Monique

    Please stop asking "WHO'S LISTENING TO THIS IN WHATEVER YEAR" that's some corny ass shit. On every damn song?!

  24. Mike Crowell

    Seriously, though. How much XP do you get for slaying the liquid crystal Busta dragon?

  25. Mai-Ling Lem Prettyflower2618

    This jam still knock in 2020 👽

  26. jaggz83

    2020 I miss the 90’s music

  27. BigSnipp

    This beat is still wack as fuck after all these years.

  28. Dolcevelour87

    This entire era of music!🙌🏾

  29. Zozo

    Hey guys can you follow me? I follow back
    I got some songs I 'm a French singer and Songwritter try to be fmous thnx to all

  30. Mike Sales

    busta looks like a hershey with all that paper platinum

  31. Nate Dog

    This has stood the rest of time. True talent. Sounds just as great today.

  32. D Demery

    The chemistry they had in the video speaks for itself ☝️💯

  33. Robin Maida

    1998 videos are the bestttt absolute no test

  34. Latasha Reaves

    Still go hard in 2020!!!!!!

  35. Latasha Reaves

    She is so sexxxi

  36. jerrod satterfield

    The best video of all time straight 🔥

  37. Megaxave

    Didn't realize until adulthood but they obviously talking about busting nuts.😂 hell that silver march and bust a dropping like rain is obviously cum.

  38. Roxanne Carter

    Busta Rhymes Was Fine Asf

  39. Deann Marie

    This song reminds me of the morning sickness I had during my first pregnancy back in 98 when this song came out. Good song though.

  40. ChillGuy2076

    This song in every late 90's porn compilation

  41. Cortez East

    Fuckin ultra sexxxc

  42. lavel brown

    Scratch the k behind the views and put the m in it's rightfully place. Must be a typo

  43. Artistic Freedom

    "Turn the heat up" YASSSSSSSSSSSS

  44. Lux Meow

    This is what I grew up with, real talent. lol

  45. S3xyK33

    Anyone else watching this in 2020??!!! Will forever be one of my favorites ❤

  46. Masuni Johnson

    This song still goes so hard!

  47. B. Baby

    This was always and have always been a feel good vibe music Busta Rhymes.

  48. Jess Kinzel

    Still great in 2020!

  49. Camille s Jackson

    90’s baby here ❤️ love this era of music

  50. Candiana

    I remember this being the coolest video ever lol still is to me 💕

  51. Unreleased/Underrated R&B Grooves

    As advanced as this video was, I'm still pissed it was robbed of so many damn awards. Hype Williams was a mastermind with the visual --- marrying creepy futurism with spicy sexiness. It was raw creativity served on a platter for us 90s/early 2000s folk and it's a pain it has gone underrated with time. I can't find the exact words to sum up how much of a travesty it is that Busta (along with Missy E) was among the gatekeepers of freaky, out-there video projects and havin' fun with it circa early 90s long before the new wave of "rappers" duplicated the same energy for today's scene. Fuck what the mainstream agenda classifies as an "award winning video" --- THIS is not a but THE standard on how to compose a music video the proper way ---- creativity included. Love Busta, Janet and my baby Missy <3

    shock toast

    Hype was all around a genius.

  52. Trice Riddick

    Lord Janet so damn hot

  53. Miss Powers

    Janet’s wardrobe on this track is a whole fucking mood! 🖤

  54. isaiah samuel

    0:33 that remind me of the nutty professor when buddy love would transform from Glob to an actual human and it makes since Janet Jackson in the movie and music video

  55. teahgurl

    2020 here !

  56. Whatucee iswhatuget


  57. Mrq Yaskn

    I remember when this came out I didn't like it so I decided to hear it now and I still don't like it

  58. Arielle Phillips

    2020 and I'm still listening

  59. Cathy Briggs

    Got to be one of the best..flip mode!!!!

  60. Solo Comics

    The song is all fine and all but what is this nightmare fuel?

  61. Nicnak Stafford

    Man this beat, video, EVERYTHING! Straight classic

  62. Kenya McTee

    This is a smooth jam!!!

  63. OTis W. Thomas III

    Aye its January 4th 2020 I'm still slappin this!!!! And Busta look like them Jellyfish from Shark Tale😂🤣😂🤣😂

  64. blankPage

    So refreshing to not see skinny jeans on a man


    This is fucking iconic ! Who here 2020 ♥️♥️

    Follow me

  66. Brittany Boone

    For some strange reason I believe Janet would have had sex with busta

  67. darth flagger

    Mathu Anderson was a genius with Jan's makeup and hair.

  68. Mister Blake

    I hated RAP until I heard Busta...

  69. NoNWO NoNWO

    When this dropped it was like WTF.

  70. sanaaira4

    Here again in 2020

  71. Matthew Brown

    in 1999 we we're anticipating Y2K , flying cars , and more futuristic music videos to come for the 2000's....... still waiting......

  72. Melinda Yates

    Best video ever

  73. Ritonto Polonko

    This song and video underrated af. RS this shit bang still to this day.
    #Lansing #MI 🗺️

  74. Kalel311 superman

    this is still great in 2020

  75. Mike Boulware

    2020 gonna make your body wet. 🥴😏

  76. Jessica Walsh

    This video is still cool as fuck.

  77. Dick Folk

    One of the boring songs and empty vids from Miss Janet.

  78. Sheree Allure


    Just me ok...

  79. Carlton mack

    This Song is and always will be a Classic Jam. One Love Janet and Busta Rhymes


    2020 !!🤩🤩

  81. Nathan Logan

    2020 and still strong!

  82. Nathan Logan

    Stop sleeping on Busta Rhymes

  83. Robert Turner

    Some say this video was very expensive. I say It and Janet were and are worth every damn cent! Janet takes sexy to a whole other level that can't be touched!

  84. 9amest

    The busta snake at 1:47 look like those things u gotta kill to join the stormcloaks in skyrim

  85. 9amest

    Hype williams is a legend, wish videos nowadays were as iconic with unique aesthetics

  86. MsKnowItall 3000

    Who is listening in 2020 ???

    Deepthoughts Herenow

    MsKnowItall 3000 HELL YA🙌🙌🏹 🔥

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    Damn I miss the deadlock busta

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    Who else is running this track in 2020?

    Shirley Old School Stokes

    The hottest ever2020!!¡!

    Rose Danna Joseph

    @Shirley Old School Stokes yes I repeat this song over and over again lol

  89. BSo AmaZin

    I dont think Busta got enough recognition for his contribution to music. Especially this video...BUSTA IS POP LOCKIN...Come on!

  90. Ms. Duncan

    This is so sexual I swear!!! Some of the best ever!!! #WatchJanet# Iconic!!

  91. Antoinette Green

    I'm here in 2020 ♥️

  92. Max Power

    Anyone else here on 2020?

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    Who would be down for a full on Busta Rhymes week on UPROXX Video?


    @Erika Michelle Why when it's already uploaded, we just watched it duhhhh.


    Put your hands where my eyes can see.

    Christina Rudy

    UPROXX VIDEO Ayo I'm always down for a full week up Busta Rhymes


    Do it !!!