Janet Jackson - Twenty Foreplay Lyrics

Sleep my love
Don't you worry
You just sleep my love
And I'll stroke your hair
Oh the sunlight on your face
As the day begins to break

When you wake
And your smile meets mine ah
My day begins
You're my inspiration
Seeing your face glow
Is the nicest of hellos

Five till noon
You sneak up form behind
Kiss and caress me
Mke love to my mind
A whisper and kiss from you
Warms my heart
Means so much
Begins early in the day

You walk in the room
In a sunset sort of mood
My emotions light up
'Cause of you
Now that evening's come
We're dress for us my love
Wine and candles puts us in a sexy mood

That 's when we get to it
Close our eyes
Feel our our way through it
I can't wait to groove ya
'Cause you sure know how to move it
You've made love to my mind
Now you gotta take me form behind
Just like in the movies
When the action begins

Let's put on a show
And we'll take it nice and slow
Oh here we go
Tell me do you want the blindfold
Tell me what you like
Baby should I do ti once or twice
I know that we get naughty
But I know you like it like that

Now that we felt this warm explosion
I know you're satisfied
I see it in your eyes
Be still my love
Let your heart slow down
'Cause I'm no through my dear
So you can't stop
Remember twenty foreplay

Can you feel it twenty foreplay
You know I need it
Yes I nned it
24 hours a day
Can you feel it
24 hours a day
Can you feel it
Twenty Foreplay
Let me feel your twenty foreplay

It's not what you said
Before we start to play
It's what you say after
That makes me want to stay

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Janet Jackson Twenty Foreplay Comments
  1. Solo 93

    Janet can be very addictive. 😏

  2. Petite grande Love

    I love, love that song! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Marie Floyd

    Mrs Janet Jackson yeah!! So much like Michael, love them both.😀👍🙂😘😍☺️

  4. Lovie Carney

    My Favorite ❤❤🥰🥰

  5. Rashard Thomas

    High school ‘95-‘96...miss those days

  6. DeeRock91 Cobbs

    Janet Was Fire Boyyy

  7. Soul Musiqlover

    Closing out 2019 with my Janet 😍

  8. B.Allen

    I luv this song. I luv Janet.🖤

  9. V G


  10. Rachel Pulido

    Where are you Arron💔

  11. Mikethegreatone killjill

    Fine ass Janet looking good sound wonderful I like this it should've got more play on it

  12. Deborah George

    I love this video

  13. theresa webb

    t makes great mi
    usic videos thid
    s is no f
    different .

  14. JMVM


  15. Tanisha Kincaid

    Dorothy danddridge💛😍

  16. PJ Mills

    The 2nd Verse Is The Most Sexy Verse Ever!! Listen To The Words

  17. Leiah Distefano

    I love your smile it alot like you brother i wish he was still here he really be happy i miss michael and i think he will be proud of you love more janet every day

  18. Shandee_Nataine

    NEVER knew this song had a video!!! Janet is the only person who can do sexy to the furthest extreme WITHOUT it being trashy or demeaning. She could teach Beyoncé, Gaga and the rest of them more than a thing or two.

  19. Cendy Mcpeak

    Her smile will light up the room always love this artist her singing is a breath of fresh air .

  20. Msvlicious

    Still listening to the song in 2019

  21. Spirit Angelfish

    I always wanted to be pretty like Janet Jackson when I grow up when I was little!

  22. theresa webb

    Janet akes great music video especially when i
    ut comes to love. I heard it aloy
    t because it is tb
    hat great

  23. Tanisha Kincaid


  24. Larry Bonds

    One of her best songs that got NO LOVE OR AIRPLAY, SMFH

  25. iamcasihart

    You’ve made love to my mind
    Now you’ve gotta take me from behind
    Just like in the movies
    When the action begins
    Let’s put on a show (can you feel it)
    And we’ll take it nice & slow
    Ah, here we go
    Tell me , do you want the blindfold?
    Tell me what you like
    Baby, should I do it once or twice?
    I know that we get naughty
    And I know you like it like that.

    Janet is the queen of everything, including explicit lyrics that, a non fan doesn’t even notice because she is so coy & lovely when she sings it & speaks it.

  26. tony barlow

    I wish she had the opportunity to play Dorothy Dandrige

  27. Dakota Mosthi

    No she's Janet!!!!!! Period!!! ❤❤💯💋

  28. Soul Musiqlover

    In love forever

  29. dvsxavier

    *_So Soothing & Smooth_* ❤️💯

  30. William Chan Chan

    Madonna's had been said : i Don't know her ! I never meet this woman.

  31. blackkatt777

    Cool menthol sound of sexy.

  32. Millicent Nicholson

    Very glamorous. Beautiful.

  33. V G

    This song

  34. Thomas Reese

    I love this song. I'm amazed it didn't climb higher on the charts.

  35. Rhonda Humphrey

    Hot like 🔥🔥🔥2019 and beyond.

  36. Malik Akeim

    Still listening and watching this video in 2019 🙌🏽❤️ I hate that they took song off iTunes smh.

  37. T J

    Is this an R Kelly remix?

    If so I’m loving it!!!

    Jorge Corante

    No it's a Jorge Corante Remix

  38. theresa webb

    Twenty fourplay is a great song from the 80'a janet brought it back.

  39. theresa webb

    Music isnt like thus sadly because this was a geeat video. Janet done a lgreat song.

  40. Lisa Smart

    As a superfan, this is my favourite JJ song. Hands-down.

  41. theresa webb

    janet turned the time back than when she made this videos don't look like this sadly.

  42. theresa webb

    This was a great video seen ot many times. Miss seening this glad it is still seen.

  43. theresa webb

    Wish there was a making of this song never seen o

  44. theresa webb

    Like this great song that's why I listen.

  45. Daphne Rodriguez


  46. Strawberry Smiles

    One of my favorite Janet song💕💕

  47. theresa webb

    This is a great song y janet ackson miss video si
    u & kther music shows from the 90's Seen this great video alot.

  48. theresa webb

    Wish music was like this old fashion this was better.

  49. theresa webb

    Janet is a musician she knew how to style in this. Heard this more than once it's like anytime anyplace.

  50. theresa webb

    Janet looks great in this Just thought about this video. gonna like this.

  51. theresa webb

    Like thid
    s great video heard it for along time.

  52. Gina Rivers

    This song sexy af and janet is absolutely gorgeous.

  53. me21464

    Wow...I have heard this song or seen this video!

  54. Schantieria Thomas

    Here's the camera baby. I need the cam era and tape

  55. Schantieria Thomas

    Slickass Janet you made love 2 my mind now you gottta to take me from behind 2:35. I like dat

  56. King Queen

    My mama played TF out of this back then and I see why 😍😍. Still a certified bop.

  57. ILoveEmilee

    I've always like this version of the song, I did not like the album version where its nice and slow, then speeds to uptempo, didn't like that.


    Janet is always beautiful, but she is SO STUNNING in this music video! After all these years, I still haven't gotten over this one!

  59. Marcela Sucha

    I love you..Janet..😘😘😘😘

  60. DW 001

    This was Michael's but they gave it to her.

  61. Jessica Ray

    Love You Much Much😍😘

  62. Lenny A. Walker

    Dorothy Dandridge comes to life via Janet🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤

  63. Norman Hunter

    Good morning Mrs JANET JACKSON HUNTER ❤🌷❤🌷❤🌷❤😘

  64. Adriana Lewis

    Now y'all know not to disrespect Marilyn Monroe but you know she took away most of the style and personality of Dorothy dandrige but I wouldn't be surprised because African American women and men didibt have as many rights as white men and women back then which made the cause of Dorothy not getting all the shine and respect she deserves.

  65. Dave Virgo

    Whenever i hear this song i have to take a deep breathe....it still has that effect on me

  66. Clotiel Franklin

    Janet Jackson 24four play is still giving good vibes

  67. Christian Fox

    I miss this song yay I found it

  68. Tony Gadson


  69. Mary Wilson

    She looks like rebbie in this video

  70. Mary Wilson

    I’m so late . Com never heard this song or saw this video

  71. L.Brandè Hilton

    OOOOOMMMMGGGGG... Janet & Michael could past 4 twins w/those eyes & that amazingly Gorgeous smile if they weren't so far apart in age.
    That is soooo unbelievable!!!


    This song is right up there with her other bonus song "70s Love Groove"


    Well the song wasn't released as a single in the USA; it was just to promote "Design Of A Decade". But prior to that, I thought this video was a "signal" to Hollywood that they should cast her in something like Dorothy Dandrige or something like that

  74. méguy firoly

    Pourquoi votre fan vous embête dit mois si vous avez marre qu'il vous ettoufe

  75. lesley vermeir

    Classic beauty class 🧡

  76. Moddie Seven

    Janet really , really wanted to play Dorothy Dandrige. She DId alot of self Marketing as did many black actresses and a few singers did. There are vintage Photos in black and white or Dorothy Dandrige that look so much like Janet. There is a resemblence.

  77. Tony Superman

    🖐I want the blindfold janet

  78. Rashaan Woodson

    Janet has a beautiful smile that can light up a room 🎶🎶

  79. Sheila Palmer

    I'm a fan of yours

  80. Sheila Palmer

    You are extraordinary

  81. Tynita Lee

    My favorite video!!!!! Absolutely gorgeous

  82. Jo’el Santiago

    Happy Birthday Janet! 👑❤️

  83. deonna dyson

    Happy janet...

  84. Deatrice Scott

    Go J ♥

  85. conrad ford

    As Jerome would say, Soo sexy.

  86. Shenell Miller

    Whose listening in 2019?

  87. Deatrice Scott

    Sexy Janet go lady ♥. I just love this song. She's gorgeous ♥

  88. Will Murphy

    She looks so much like her mom and sister Rebbie in this video

  89. CeeCee Clavelle

    2019 here!!!! ❤ still one of my faves

  90. emiliø antøniø

    listening this song in 2019!
    play it with playback speed 1.25x.
    it feels so good!

  91. M0N3Y_TE4M1214 Tv

    J.J. is absolutely gorgeous 😘... TRUE story

  92. Rachel

    She's so pretty.

  93. Gerard Cottrell White

    She can make any man goes straight with that sexy smile and body

  94. Kels Mermaid

    See you May 21st. I can hardly wait J <3 #plush

  95. mAGIC BLAck

    Janet so pretty

  96. Leshay5

    My favorite Janet song, but not this version.


    I like the design of the decade version best.

  97. blkrose721

    She is everything 🥰♥️