Janet Jackson - So Much Betta Lyrics

Tired of being number 2
I can do what she can't do
So much betta I'm for you
So so much betta I'm for you

Don't need another
I can prove it
Just let me love you
Watch me do it
Believe in this
Make a wish
Come see your girl
I'll change yout whole world

Tired of being number 2
I can do what she can't do
So much betta I'm for you
So so much betta I'm for you

Don't need another
I can prove it
Let me love you
Watch how I do it
Believe in this
Make a wish
Come see your girl
I'll change your world

I'm what you've been missin
You might need to jump on this

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Janet Jackson So Much Betta Comments
  1. Candlelight Productions

    Love the audio production -- stereo mix-down is so freakin' fun!

  2. Symone A.

    This was the song back in middle school

  3. Moxie

    thought i heard daftendirekt

  4. 1984musicman

    Radio slept on this hit.

  5. ToMeR

    Legendary shit. Only janet can do that

  6. Elca Plna

    Nejlepší píše

  7. SpongeBob SquarePants

    Daftendirekt is here lol

  8. m0y0


  9. ohh

    "Come see your girl, I'll change your whole world"😎

  10. Diego Emilio Gutierrez Gutierrez

    DUFT PUNK ??

  11. Evil Gravity

    My favorite of hers <3 <3 <3

  12. K. R.

    Let's go A+merica...lol

  13. Emeons Cosplays

    Daft punk 😍

  14. Darian Domonick Davis

    Underrated dance song of 2008

  15. Hackosef

    Da funk back to the punk c'mon

    SpongeBob SquarePants

    yes when janet was sample daft punk daftendirekt

  16. Lori Owens

    I looooove the rhythm of this song. ❤️

  17. Aaron Paniagua

    Da funk back to the punk, come on!

    SpongeBob SquarePants

    yes when janet was sample daft punk daftendirekt

  18. LOCA GIRL 36

    Sexy as f*ck ❤😎✌

  19. NIAIN

    Irgendwie muss ich mir die ganze Zeit vorstellen wie sich Michael dachte, ich könnte auch mal was mit den beiden machen. Ich glaube ein Song von Michael Jackson in Kooperation mit Daft Punk ouhhh shit das wäre wahrscheinlich zu krass geworden.

  20. TSMG


    SpongeBob SquarePants

    yes when janet was sample daft punk daftendirekt

  21. KT Zone

    Dat backmasking tho

  22. atlnikka

    This shoulda been a whole song I love this

  23. ohh

    I love this track... love the backmasking

  24. Michael Robles

    Fun jam my jam!🎶💟

  25. Michael Morales


  26. Merlyn Myrkur

    Hopsin's Sample for Undercover Prodigy.

  27. Carrie Michele

    I looked for this for about three mouths...

  28. NuroMusic

    Power is so much better than money

  29. Miss Backyard Camper

    Come on and jump on this! Haha! 😊

  30. Cheetoisokay

    DAFT PUNKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Skyler Oliver

    The only thing I hear is "Dafunk back to the punk come on"

    SpongeBob SquarePants

    Skyler Oliver it's from Daft Punk They are sample Daftendirekt

  32. Teo Larrosa Granolleras

    Da funk back to the punk, come on!
    "Daftendirekt" - Daft Punk - "Homework" Album

  33. DPRD JZ

    Discipline era have the best singles that time dance music rises. Rollercoaster, Rock With U, So Much Betta, Luv, The 1(with Missy Elliott and Feedback however due to the annoying blacklist and Janet's separation from Island records promotion of the album stops and MJ passed away.

    P.S Before House, hip house, electro-hop and electro-R&B became mainstream, Janet included those genres in Discipline album. She pushed herself for this but this album left underappreciated.

    K. R.

    No habla ingles Mr. Estrebin!.. El Pago de la ciudad va en Camino..Porque le hablo usted mentira a la ciudad?

    Misty Nights

    I knew Missy was in some of these pieces!!

  34. rifoist

    I remember reading a review of Discipline and it mentioned the Daft Punk sample. I knew I was gonna like it!

  35. Andrea Robinson

    so much better am 4 u....he knows that. lolz

  36. Lance Boyle

    Play that.... One M 0:00 re Time

  37. Eddie Byers

    Janet Jackson the best new old

  38. Eddie Byers

    Love this song

  39. Zuri Matthews

    2016 and I'm still here.

  40. ConnorIsOkay

    her voice

  41. Kerry B.

    yassss 2pm brought me here lmao

  42. jjbluesam

    this has to be the weirdest fucking song ever. daft punk is great though

  43. Mitch Grube


  44. Shayleen Smith

    I absolutely love working out to this song💋❤

  45. Billy D Johnston

    I hear some back spacing.... Love it!

  46. Austin-Tyler

    this should've been the lead single then feedback I think that the album would've fared better then.

    Michael Bosket

    Wrong feedback sky rocket on the charts this could of been the 4th single if luv had a video


    +michael bosket Top 20 isn't the best skyrocket. Low lead single. 19 isn't sky rocket.


    +michael bosket Lol wrong. yeah right.


    when you're blacklisted, it's pretty much like a number 1...

    Kevin L

    lol as much as i LOVE this song (my fav on the album), I think Feedback was the right lead single...but it should have been a single

  47. Michael Bosket

    This album should of sell good


    +michael bosket It almost sold 200k in it's first week, also, it debuted at No.1, which is amazing considering that Janet had a radio ban at the time.

  48. Michael Bosket

    Wish me made a video


    michael bosket me too

  49. Genomizer

    LOOOOOVE this track soooo much!!!!

  50. Aayush Varma

    The total swag Daftendirekt is in this song, that's enough for it to be epic af

  51. atlnikka

    Love this song 👌🏿🙌🏿💯

  52. Chris M


  53. dancinghiphop metalqueen

    can't sit still!!   :)

  54. GalaxyMagician

    Daft Punk and Janet together? I like! 👍

  55. Roy Watley

    I bump this

  56. Cluv22

    This is indeed strange.....BUT I FUCKIN LOVE IT! Go head baby

    Nula Cascarejo

    I thought so but I love it. So catching.

    Misty Nights

    Nula Cascarejo- I'm a Missy Elliot fan so this weird distortion stuff I love!! I better work on my Missy Playlist next...I could have sworn some Missy influence was in this piece! lol

  57. Camlov2019


  58. Moonwalking Rocky

    LOVE THIS!!! <33333

  59. Déborah David

    We made a choreography on this song :)

  60. Jennifer Grau

    Omg so cool !

  61. Maurice Adams

    I practice to this song everydayy!!

    (Flawless Groundz Crew)


  62. Kira Pink Ninja XD

    why can't we all just get along?

  63. VallyreMusic

    I love this song, I love the album... Janet!!!

  64. Jmichael

    nah janet fans are crazy bout this song....

  65. Alex David

    daft punk vs. janet jackson? sweet.

  66. Maiko Martin

    Bitch I came here for this song.

  67. keg2014

    Leave it to Janet to take an amazing Daft Punk song and make it even better <3 :D

  68. foxychum


  69. Jesús Gómez Molina

    I can´t stop listen this song!!

  70. Renzosky_25


  71. Renzosky_25

    @FreddyLopez321 NOT TRUE

  72. Zimplony

    @Transformer915 You know it ;D

  73. Melo Monserrat

    @Zimplony *Da Funk back to the punk

  74. AidenKing

    Janet Obviously has a good taste in music, she has daft punk in her song!

  75. linda marie

    Lee Kikwang brought me here.

  76. Zimplony


    SpongeBob SquarePants

    No it's called Da Funk Back to Punk C'mon

  77. Jaka Kjiir

    @mizzjackson96 like this... this is shit

  78. crescentguys999

    OMG -- copy, paste, Daftendirekt!

  79. Nicole

    @vanessam20p samee i can hear it all day:))

  80. paul cristina

    so much betta but i'm not 4 u

    Kiana DavisPennington

    paul cristina so much betta we don't belong together lol

  81. Allan M. Hanson

    @mizzjackson96 this is one of my janet fave songs :)

  82. Allan M. Hanson

    noone gives credit to Keiko for singing the chorus :(
    i love u keiko!!!!!!!!

  83. Bianca Smith

    Yeah..I love that shit >3 :D

  84. vanessam20p

    0:04 to 0:14 is my favorite part <3

  85. Candy Minaj


  86. kimbleniemi

    @MsTracie I could not agree more!! Brilliant album. Deserved more success. I listen to these songs all the time.

  87. Bianca Smith

    So much betta I'm for you !!!!That's right babe <3

  88. Bartek Kapała

    moze byc

  89. Brownsugar M

    Good song. I listen to these songs and wonder why the albums weren't promoted better cause hearing them now...they are really good and original.

  90. liacashmere58

    @FreddyLopez321 Im a Janet fan. Who the hell is Daft Punk?

    Nicole Aguilar

    liacashmere58 the best elecrionc dj's of all time 😂duh


    The people whose sample is literally in the song, "the funk back to the punk, cmon" yea thas daft punk my guy

  91. DaNny DuarTe


  92. Neptune Pisces

    I might need u to jump on this! lol thats the best line ever

  93. mmmyeah7

    @TheCrazyHeidi fart bass for real

  94. Ducksoni

    The beginning does not sound like Janet : )

  95. Ducksoni

    Who is there at the beginning says,''So Much Betta? ''Whose voice is it?

  96. Vera Tcaci

    Orgasmic song! Isn't it??

  97. JoseLobo75

    only like 5% like janet j. while the other 95% are daft punk fans xD

  98. Oh!sama

    @vshortyNanna that's exactly what it is: one of those songs that repetitive and gets stuck in your head, but it's the kind of song you want to hear again, unlike a lot of popular songs.