Jamie Grace - Revolvin' Lyrics

Oh my gosh, can't believe she's dating him
I heard he asked her out in farmville
Twitter, Facebook, everywhere
Don't tag me in that picture,
I don't like my hair

All this stressin' keeps me busy
Oh, but thankfully

I'm finally revolvin'
I'm finally revolvin'
I'm just a little bitty speck
in this big ol' world
I need a weekend with all my girls

Eye shadow, eyeliner and lip gloss
Give me half an hour before I can leave the house
I need to look cute, I need to look fly
Imma take a while, y'all can leave me behind

My phone broke a week ago,
I asked my parents for a new one but they said no
I haven't been able to text and I'm goin' insane
Without my T9, I feel so plain

All this stressin' keeps me busy
Oh, but thankfully

I'm finally revolvin'
I'm finally revolvin'
I'm just a little bitty speck
in this big ol' world
I need a weekend with all my girls

Oh, I don't like when my internet's out
and I cannot write on your wall
Don't like when my cellphone's whacked
and I cannot text you or call
Don't like when I realize I have 15 cents
left on my iTunes card

But I'm finally revolvin'
I'm finally revolvin'
Oh, I'm just a little bitty speck
in this big ol' world
I need a weekend with all my girls

I'm finally revolvin'
I'm just a little bitty speck
in this big ol' world
I need a weekend with all my girls

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Jamie Grace Revolvin' Comments

    nice song aawit naman sis

  2. solomon teka

    I KNEW IT! I didn't imagine the song it's real!

  3. Courtney Prince

    Hey you, yay you have a great day and never forget god always loves you

  4. Crazy Kitkat


  5. Phililp Russo

    Had know style.

  6. Phililp Russo

    Had know style.

  7. Phililp Russo

    Not to good

  8. Oliro Arnold

    haha so funny sending to my silly 😄😂

  9. Karen Hernandez

    Omg😁Like, is so cool this song LOL 😂😂 🎶♩🎹🎵

  10. Mary_is_Dan

    HAHAHA O Jamie, this song is... every little bit of lovely. I love that you wrote a song about your day. So, beautifully weird.

  11. coolgirl

    i broke my phone and what does revolin`

  12. Aljss B



    its pretty simple :) It is possible to have a testimony without standing on a pulpit. whether it is raising your kids to be strong independent followers of Christ or simply being the best you can be throughout life. anyone can talk and share some sort of hardship. But to follow god throughout your life is the real measure of faith.

    Aljss B

    +Aaron Kolm I'm 10
    So say that in English please
    😂😂😂 :)


    being a good person is legit.

    Aljss B

    +Aaron Kolm ok thanks

    Raissa Phalone

    this song tells us that all this material things we have like phones technology even internet itself should not overtake us.don't stress urselve for nothing instead revolt n focus to God for peace n eternal happiness.

  13. Emmanuel T

    the world is revolvin' because of GOD

  14. Zoe V.

    This song is so cool

  15. Christin Thompson

    Love it, thx. For the reminder jamie

  16. V Q

    i dont get this song at all

    Hailey the swimmer And swiftie

    VincentQuimby then you don’t get life

  17. Janet Hernandez

    Don't get the point of this song

  18. nattaly Barrios

    Jamie Grace do u have instagram. I love how u remind us to be us and how we should stop careing what other ppl think and we need to see and worship God more thx for everything :) :) :) :)

  19. Ava Somera

    JAMIE!!?!?!? what happened?

  20. hallehaack

    Awe this isn't on her new cd I got it ready to fly her new one and this isn't on it

  21. LV51sfan91

    I need to cut back on technology usage in my life. This a great song to remind us all of how silly we are. We depend on gadgets, phones, television and internet for too much. We need get back to God and depend on Him and put our focus on him. Thanks for the reminder Jamie Grace!!! Good song.

  22. Hannah Crawford

    That so me

  23. MrGerald41

    I love it so much to @angellol143rose

  24. Ruth Otasowie

    :) God bless!

  25. marisarose

    i think she wrote this when she wasn't even famous

  26. totZ uchicha

    very nice song ever...

  27. ntanco

    Luv this song "I need to look cute I need to look fly im gonna take awhile y'all can leave me behind" totally me ! : )

  28. julianna H


  29. courtney cotter

    herd he asked her on farmvill(:

  30. Summer OConnor

    oops, I hit post on accident =B i wasn't done. this song reminds me of all my crazy friends! Love you guys! ;)

  31. Summer OConnor

    absolutely love this song :)

  32. alexis caraway

    I loveee this song


    i don't like when my internet out and i can't write on your wall don't like when my cell wak and i can not text you or call i don't likr when i relalise i have 15 cent lift on my i tune care.


    twitter facebook every were don't tage me in that picturn i don't like my hire!!!

  35. shelby roberson

    Love thus song !!:)

  36. Cece H.

    hehe, so funnY!

  37. Cece H.

    Hehe, this song is funny! ^_^

  38. BabyLizardbeth

    I love it! Great jog Jamie. Every girl needs a weekend with all their girls. :) Revolve tour needs to come back to Kansas City

  39. mkkesk

    "Don't like when I realize I have 15 cents left on my iTunes card"

  40. Brittany Bursack

    Love this song!!
    Its now my new favorite song ever

  41. Makenna Olson

    "Don't tag me in that picture I don't like my hair." exactly

  42. Marina Anaya

    don't tag me in that picture I don't like my hair xD

  43. DANI


  44. Teresa VanC

    Guys she made the song for a teenage girl 2 day long conference and how we came toget away from a lot of the everyday stress an try to just be with god and have fun

  45. Charlotte Wilson

    I don't c much meaning here

  46. jacqualine hurley

    no but still

  47. Kayla Pietrobono

    i dont really think this song is true 100% cuz i dont think we would go insane if we couldnt text

  48. jacqualine hurley

    it is about all her problems and that she can not wait until revolving which is a 2 day confrens

  49. autney ramseur

    This song is just wonderful<3 I listen to it 24/7!!

  50. chihuastek

    This song is so meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  51. Eva Kimpwene

    LIVE THIS SONG!!!!!.....all ov us can relate :)

  52. cupcakes122422

    "Don't like when I realize I only have 15 cents left on my itunes card" story of my life :D

  53. Tiffany Buys

    I heard her do this at the Revolve Tour last year, but this year Revolve skipped my town :( I hope they come back next year!!!! LOVE THIS<3 so true!!!!!!!!

  54. Hanna Srour

    went to revolve about a month and a half ago... had the time of my LIFE but it was just on a saturday, not a whole weekend...? anyway it was the best day of my life and i loved it sooo much.

  55. Julie Nash

    @kelli17283 What is the story???

  56. michel'LE star

    how old is she???

  57. Cary Mckinney

    yes revolve (: my favorite place...

  58. Kris Mull

    I like the song but it sounds like she duzzent enjoy singing tht song

  59. Joyous Hain


  60. Elizabeth Arent

    i feel this way alot i love this song!! : D

  61. Krizza Bullecer

    @mortmort97 try God Girl.. its very nice and has a catchy tune :) Im A GOD GIRL that WHO I BE :D

  62. Mariah W

    @Michaebs96 me too

  63. lakers9623

    I love this song I also like( hold me ) by her too

  64. anacrophobic

    Although written for teenage girls, I can still relate (I'm a 33 year old guy)... I just moved apartments and spent a week with no internet or cell phone. So, suddenly shut off from the outside world, I thought I was going to go insane. Then, after a couple of days, my friends came by to hang out, and we went out and had some dinner together, and everything was right with the world once again. I guess it's not so much the electronics as the people they connect me to that I needed.

  65. 7jesuskitty7

    LOL! That happened to me too! My cell phone broke and I couldn't text!! Argh! What a pain!!

  66. Ashley Mishler

    omg thats SO cute xD

  67. Zandrea Jensen

    awsome song

  68. edmund reyes

    Grabe yan! Ang ganda!

  69. Little EJ

    She's a little bitty speck in this big ol' world but she's still amazing... and Jesus loves her like crazy!

  70. Fianca Bl

    I love this song a little 'bitty' very MUCH

  71. Mitch B

    @mortmort97 Thats the exact same with me!! OMG LOl.... First hold me.. then holding on... then into jesus... now this X]

  72. Hannah r

    Such a cute song!!!

  73. Kirstin Marie

    This was the first song i heard by miss. Jamie... LOVE IT!

  74. joyfulbeam

    Hahaha, I heard this at Revolve, which incidentally is where I found out about Jamie Grace. I've been a fan since then.. I hope I can go to the next Revolve. :)

  75. Mariah Mast

    @MsEnnSee The song is talking about things teen girls go through.....for example: We wonder why other girls date certain guys, we need to look cute, need a half hour before we leave the house, don't like it when our internet is out, or cell phone is wacked, or we only have 15cents left on our Itunes card, or when our phone breaks and our parents won't buy us a new one. Hopefully that helps you!!

  76. Unleashthaneesh

    Maybe someone can enlighten me...cause I love her voice but I don't get this song...

  77. Franki Bolling

    Thumbs up if you've been to revolve and heard her sing this song!!

  78. Mariah W

    it describes everything a person worries about and how people think that the outside is what counts,everyone does it without even realizing it,it is one mixed up world we live in!and now obamas here to mess it up some more!

  79. Mariah W

    to Facebook it goes! along with holding on!!

  80. Mariah W

    @supergleek314 hold me is the first song ive ever geard bye her!!this is the 4th!

  81. Mariah W

    jamie grace-still my favorite christian singer!

  82. Ayda Abraham

    loool, this is funnnn!!

  83. Alexa De Alejandro

    i like the lyrics they make a story i like that love dis song