Jamie Grace - Reverb (Interlude) Lyrics

I'm a free bird, I don't march to a drum
But Your heart is the kick and I'm only the reverb
So whatever You say, I'm Your echo effect
I'm Your echo, I'm Your reverb...

Tryna build a box, got a 4 by 4
Tryna fit me in, man, Ima need more
Got a 6 by 6, 10 by 10
Just gimme 16, Ima drop you in
Ima girl on a beat, tryna be an MC
But we all know I make pop CD's
I can drop a beat, fake like I'm cool, but I was homeschooled
I can write a song but can't right my wrongs
I'm a broken vessel like the rest of y'all
My heart is heavy, my boots are scuffed
Truth is, real talk, I'm not enough
I can't be myself 'cause I'm not my own
LA, Atlanta ain't my home
I belong to the King who gave His life
And everyday might be my last night
So I stand up, shoulders back
With confidence I tell the world that
Never gonna be as good as we think
So raise a voice and be...

A free bird, I don't march to a drum
But Your heart is the kick and I'm only the reverb
So whatever You say, I'm Your echo effect
I'm Your echo, I'm Your reverb...

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Jamie Grace Reverb (Interlude) Comments
  1. Christine Marie

    I love it!!!!

  2. Alissa's corner

    this hits so deep. I knew this song existed but hadn't really clicked with it, and BOOM there it is in my feed exactly when I needed it

  3. Fanny osorio

    I like the song but its a little to short

  4. Melissa Chisholm


  5. Nisha Khatoon

    Your songs are the best then hollyn

  6. Guitar Stuffz

    Most ironic thing about this whole song..There is no reverb at all lol

  7. Selah Davis

    The truth is that daughters of the king shouldn't be caged. Thank you, Jamie!

  8. A Art

    Who disliked this and why

  9. Hayden C

    I had more fun when I was homeschooled rather than public and private schooling

  10. Anton Emmanuel

    I love this song but it is too short

  11. Emma Nsiimire

    I never knew she could rap

  12. Francesca Romilus

    I haven't word for describe you Jamie Grace i'm a young singer but for me u're a real role model so you highly entertain me and pull up me too Jamie 💗

  13. Joel Alexis

    I loooovvvee this song so much it has so much meaning jamie grace continue to use your for for the lord

  14. Theoriginal Goat

    Sending love and prayers from Africa ur the one who got me to start listening to Christian music and I'm so thankful ❤️❤️💙💙💛💜💚🖤

  15. Hadassah Hayes

    GRACE sooooooooooooooooo. good

  16. Fiker Marekegn

    god bless you!

  17. Romilus Christa

    Woah cool

  18. Maya Petrova

    Sounds great!

  19. Ashley Jaff

    We love you Jamie. Just as you are. You’re loved.

  20. Maria Reyes


  21. Maria Reyes


  22. Alysson Tvedt

    I am homeschooled!!!! ;)

  23. Kobi Brown

    I'm homeschooled to👍 God bless you🙏

  24. Marie Larios

    Jamie Grace, We Thank you for All of Your Great Contributions to Humanity. You are a Vessel of Beautiful Bubbly Light Energy that you Wear on the Outside. Shine your Light Brightly as You Lead others to Jesus. We Are Here, Always. We Love You All. Yahweh, Jesus and Uriel 🔥🔥🔥

  25. NMumbi Chege


  26. G.B Afrika

    All the way from Kenya still live your songs 4yrs on.

  27. Emiry N

    JG make the song longer pliz

  28. maggie c vlogs

    love this song....

  29. Cookie Bug

    Jamie your my hero! You Isabella and Aaron are so cut together ! Your my fave singer ! I wish I could meet you so bad ! I have been listing to you since I was 5 years old ! I am 11 now ! Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️ much love from maddy

    Cookie Bug

    And you helped me so much !

  30. Diane Moody

    I hurried up and clicked on this. That was beautiful. You have a beautiful voice I would buy your CDs. 🙄💖🌹🌺🌺💋 this was a year ago.🙏🏾

  31. MelaninBarrGoodness

    0:30-0:40 I like that🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍

  32. Abigail Dueck

    Man, she's better at rapping then singing!!! you should sing more rap!!!

  33. Tigger Cub Animations

    I am homeschooled too

  34. TypicalModerator

    It hits different at speed: 0.75

  35. Be Your self

    Jamie pls make more songs likes this
    God bless you

  36. Anisca Scott

    😻so awesome song

  37. Emily Wollum

    I love this song! I wish it were longer, yes, but it works out that it’s short because I need a song shorter than 2 mins for a dance solo and this is perfect!!

  38. Oyi_d expression of grace beloved

    This is beautiful

  39. Faith Watts

    i was homeschooled till i was in 3rd grade! also here's the thing homeschooled kids are cooler!

    Lucelena Lima

    @bruce tenhave yeah! It's so true!

    bruce tenhave

    although I'm probably really weird in some people's eyes.....I'm the kind of person that likes to stand out

  40. Rhema Word

    Why so short?? Jamie, please write like 10 more verses!! Love it!

  41. Abigail Tuffour

    massive thumbs up.... it's on repeat

  42. Robbins Family

    like it when she says (homeschooled!)

  43. Himidi Kuundu

    But the song is so short!!!! need it to be long

  44. Himidi Kuundu

    Love it!!!

  45. Vedawattie Ram

    La, la, la... LOVELY!!!

  46. Glopy mystique

    Pure Talent..

  47. Coolkid23

    I'm homeschooled

  48. Abrar1Ali Channel

    Much love from Saudi Arabia

  49. Brittany Moultrie

    I hit reply 20 times

  50. elise griffiths

    are you really home schooled i am

  51. Nikki Hofmann

    So cool

  52. Shelly Marshall

    Can you please rap more I love this song

  53. Hannah Bird

    I love this song I am a free bird

  54. Rádio America Gospel

    Brasil Ouvindo Jamie Grace, WWW.RADIOAGOSPEL.WEEBLY.COM

  55. Emanuel Van Rijn

    To all the home school kids but really everybody, I don't believe the point of her song was to saying anything about how you are raised making you better or worse. I believe that more so, the point was to say that "this is my back ground, we are all broken, but check this out, God is still using me, brokenness and all to give him glory and lift up the kingdom, and he can use all of us" Mrs. Jamie Grace, please correct me where I'm wrong if you see this, or add to it. Either way, great song, better message!

  56. Blazingwindfairy Knight

    My favorite favorite favorite song from the album!!! Love you Jamie, thank you for always being real ❤❤❤

  57. Aethiopia Salmon

    i love this song so much


    OMG you did a great job rapping

  59. Damaris Grâce Kounakou

    this song make me fly in her words. thanks jamis grace for your voice

  60. Sammy The Golden Retriever

    130 people don't know what Reverb means..

  61. Samuel Vernon

    Love the Rap skills. We need more

  62. John Sheffield

    Spectacular Jamie, ...Glory To God! ... My wife and I go to a women's prison facility 7 times a month. We're going to play some of your vids!

  63. Neisha Larbi

    You can rap?😱😱😱

    That rap blew my mind

  64. Aleena Poulo

    I feel like Abba is using this song to soothe me at the moment—I’m addicted even though I listened to this song quite a while ago. It’s really helping me to recover my joy and remain calm amidst the fear and the stress. Thank you so much!

  65. Steffanie Acosta

    R u doing that I new York.

  66. Mia

    #Homeschooledtwins Lol!

  67. Beth

    love it

  68. CBCI Mutebi

    I love this. She was able to create a whole song in less than 2 minutes that was AMAZING. But some people cant create a decent song in 5 minutes. 😂. Love you Jamie.

  69. Anonymous Guy

    Uh wow that was n-nice.

  70. Jedi Crush

    No Jamie no. 😯😶🙄😏😐🤔 Uh no. No. No. No. No. For this I can go listen to Nicki Minaj. What I gotta listen to you for??

    bruce tenhave

    Jedi Crush what?

  71. Danim Bryan

    I love your songs

  72. Cathy Coomer

    Keep it going.your amazing.May God keep on blessing u free bird.

  73. Yedidiya Wubneh

    jam wow +grace = bless!!!love u!

  74. Wydeck Academy

    i'm home schooled to

  75. RM Barnuevo

    She's so cool.

  76. Leanne’s Live

    1:25 looks like shes going to throw up

  77. Angelique Alvarez-Avila

    Jamie omg 😮 that song made me cry 😭 this I felt the holy spirt

  78. Bella Brown

    yes girl,,, yeeesss, keep going, we are listening aqtually

  79. Beth Garrison

    I thought she was saying "free bird" 🐦

    ...even after seeing the title of the song.

  80. sOn flower

    This is not something Ive heard from u Jamie but I'm totally hoping for a whole album To sound like this

  81. kristin mawsyn

    Love the way you rap God bless!

  82. Stephanie Rincon

    Please please please make this song longer !!! I love it

  83. dobre number 1 fan

    ♥♥♥yur vids;)

  84. dave mengeasha

    I love this song

  85. PrakRuthiiiii

    Can you please make a longer version of this Jamie!? Please please please please..

  86. Lu B

    Youtube should have not just like and dislike options, but a Love option so I can hit it 300 times for this song!!

  87. J Bird

    Me and my family are absest

  88. Yaa Nkansah

    can you do 1hour of this song please

  89. Allie Dermody

    and now she's married

  90. Jazmyne Bryan

    what is your song "FIGHTER" about?????

  91. Nohemi Stambaugh

    Love this song Jamie!!!!

  92. Anna D

    Addicted to this song 😍, wish it was longer though 🤔....love from #India

  93. genice beasley

    Hi Jamie grace this song made me cry u are so wonderful and I love you:Mariah a big fan😊😊😊💕

  94. Ronniece Vibz

    i choose joy!!!!!

  95. henry kamwenje

    I like your shoes

  96. Anna Brown

    This is the best!!!! I’ve listened like 10000 times