Jamie Grace - My First Love Lyrics

Once upon a time not long ago,
You came a'knocking at my heart's door,
Daddy held my hand as he fumbled through the intro,
Told me that You'd love me and You'd never let me go,

Now here we are,
Yeah we've come so far,
And You're all I ever need, all I ever need, always gonna be,

My first love,
Everything about You is love,
Flowing over more than enough,
And I love You, and I love You,
You're my first love,
Everything about You is so true,
I just wanna tell You, wanna tell You,
I'll be forever Yours,
My first love,

I wanna talk about you like all the time,
I wanna tell the whole world that You're mine,
Write it on the skyline,
Paint it like graffiti,
They can label me whatever, just as long as You believe me,

And You are my song, yeah,
You make me sing, I'll sing, I'll sing,

You're my first love,
Everything about You is love,
Flowing over more than enough,
And I love You, and I love You,
You're my first love,
Everything about You is so true,
And I just wanna tell You, wanna tell You,
I'll be forever Yours, yeah,

Everywhere I go, everywhere I sing, everyone I meet,
When they ask me who is this love I'm singing to,
I'll say it's you,
So won't you take my voice,
Take my hands and my feet, Father use this heart,
For whatever You need,
Cause You will always be
My first love,

You're my first love,
Everything about You is love,
Flowing over more than enough,
And I love You, and I love You,
You're my first love,
Everything about You is so true,
Lord wanna tell You, wanna tell You,
I'll be forever Yours,
My first love,

(I wanna talk about you like all the time,
I wanna tell the whole world that You're mine,
Write it on the skyline,
Paint it like graffiti,
They can label me whatever, just as long as You believe me)

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Jamie Grace My First Love Comments
  1. Morgan Faranov

    This song takes me back....

  2. Nassolo Brenda

    Jesus my first love... the way I love this song hmm only God understands

  3. Caloy Talon

    I'll be forever Yours, my first love. Iloveyou God.

  4. Geneva Solano Bernales

    At last! Di ko tinantanan hanggat di kita naaalala 😂 lahat na ng “your my first love nasearch na”
    Naikanta ko na rin lahat ng genra, lahat wala sa tono 😂🤘 rak!
    My First Love ❤️

  5. Mawia Langel

    nice song

  6. Jessica Weekley

    He’s my first love, and my only

  7. Kamini Joseph

    Jesus i love you so much......You are the way .....truth.....life......You are my first love in this whole world....😘😘😘

  8. Charisse Canonigo

    He's my first love!!

  9. Amy c:

    I still bump heavy to this.

  10. Brigette mendez

    Father you are my first love and always forever will be ..no man can change that

  11. Aya B.

    I'll be forever Yours, my first love my JESUS😊💖

  12. Radheson Bey

    my first love is jesus

  13. jesus 143

    I love you JESUS

  14. judith vethanbu

    very inpsirin

  15. Makayla Wilson

    I love this song it’s so true I love Jesus with all my heart

  16. Seven 05

    Hey Andrea your name and last name is just like my friends name funny the same not joking

  17. Seven 05

    My friend anr i love this song ☺️☺️☺️☺️😂

  18. Wubitu Tafesewarq

    Love is always about god our king

  19. Brenda Rucuch

    Jesus ❤️💕🙏🏽

  20. Keshika Kiran

    Love you Jesus

  21. Sara Yakob

    God blessed you beautifully, and you gave it back to him! May he bless you more and more. You are an inspiration to young kids every where. Thank you and God bless.

  22. Jared Johnson

    I love you

  23. Sarah Maurer

    I love Jesus

  24. Elizabet Gonzalez

    this song Changed my life

  25. Tabatha Ruth

    I love God does anyone agree? THANK YOU, JESUS CHRIST FOR EVERYTHING!

  26. Magui

    what a cute song!

  27. Gianna race with a beautiful face

    First love 💘

  28. Sara Ramirez

    Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love."-Revelation 2:4 dont lose your first love,Jesus is my first love.

  29. Sara Ramirez

    love it!

  30. Happiness Charles

    My first love was when my heart recognized that someone do care for me and it was upon my Christ, my Emmanuel

  31. Adriano Di Crescenzio


  32. Judith Blankestijn

    As i am trouble i listen your music them i am kick't up

  33. Leigh-saren Pinnobanregui

    He's my true love, always stays no matter what.

  34. Edan Yared

    I love this song it helped me to have an opened heart for Jesus

  35. Musicprincess 4life

    Reply if you LOVE GOD!!!!

  36. Lydia Kitilit

    yeah my first love

  37. Steven Wayland

    Jesus is my first and last love as well

  38. Oliro Arnold

    omg I just found this song 😀😂

  39. Sabor e Arte Bolos Decorados

    I love you jamie grace

  40. Kiran Bala

    be blessed sister

  41. Kiran Bala

    awesome song

  42. Kiran Bala

    my favourite song

  43. Kaylee Jenkins

    jamie grace what do you think about Pentecostals

  44. Gail Valley

    Ok, so Jamie seems to be singing a lot more about of love and stuff so...
    Is she like, now engaged or something?
    I am super confused.......
    Anyone know?

    Andrea Gonzalez

    From what I know, she's in love with Jesus. This song is not about a human love relationship, but about a relationship between a girl and Jesus, who should be our first love according to what the Bible says. I'm guessing Jamie would first need to tell us if she has a boyfriend, though ;)

    Song Salieri

    Gail Valley this song is about God being her 1st love! Father use....


    She's refering to her relationship with Jesus. God is love, so for a Christian Artist to sing primarily about their love for Jesus is normal.

    Irene Samson

    Gail Valley She is not engaged neither having a boyfriend

  45. ItzStreamBot

    Wow! Awesome Video! I Hope You Continue Posting And Keep Growing! Subbed! Mind Subbing Back?

  46. Jason Malungila

    cette chanson et merveilleuse

  47. nelly huckleberry

    🙌😘 love this song. Love Jamie Grace

  48. Natalie galarza

    love this song .

  49. stella smith

    I'm crying so sad but a good song

    Adriano Di Crescenzio


  50. Lee Brandan

    we have the same first love cutie love :)😃

  51. Gerarado Alarcon

    I love ....... god  jovanna torres is on facebood

  52. Hajnalka Bereczki


  53. rhondacrowl1

    i could sing this forever!!!!!😂😂😂😂

  54. Paige Emeraldheart

    My first love was.....hmmmm.......OH YES! NOW I REMEMBER! His name is......Jesus.

  55. Lelani Camacho

    I love Jamie grace n GOD

  56. shakainah gotru

    Beauty is not always visible to the naked eye...see hear we hear it! Good singing jamie

  57. Kyla Moss

    Jesus is my first love to

  58. Thee Quantum Pluto

    Maria! ♡ We together and she was literally my first love! haha! Luckiest guy and Luckiest girl ever!!!! For whom we are!!! :D I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MARIA!!!!!!

  59. Terrible Person From Louisiana

    listening to this song, YES it IS about JESUS, it makes so much sense!!!!

  60. Terrible Person From Louisiana

    when I first hear this song, i thought it was about a relationship with a spouse or something, but I then just remembered that the bible says Jesus is to be our first love so now I see the song must be about Him. I really need help to have Jesus as my first love. He'll come back I'm sure

  61. Bleinedi Matweta

    besides that I love that song

  62. Bleinedi Matweta


  63. Myworldspoken

    Wow awesome video! Thumbs up! I would appreciate some love back and you maybe subscribing but you don't have to. But I do really enjoy your content anyway keep up the good work!

    Andrea Gonzalez

    +Myworldspoken thank you! I appreciate your words.

  64. Sarah Salman

    i love jamie grace so much

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    +Sarah Salman aw and Jesus loves you so much too :)

  65. selena ali

    I'm jealous Jamie that you pretty much got everything down that I wanted to express myself I'm writing a poem that will be full of every wonderful thought about God but this stuff is all yours (but not God he belongs to all of us and all of us belongs to him) the way you said it all I admire that and I'll make my poem as awesome as I can because it'll be how I feel about him, and all I want is to get closer to him, that's my years resolution starting this year because I haven't really thought about God in my life despite always being there and knowing that he exists for a long time, I plan on being closer to God even after I die.

    Carolyn Thomas

    +selena ali There's no need to be jealous. God speaks to you just like he speaks to Jamie Grace. Let's appreciate Jamie's talents and gifts and listen as God speaks to our hearts too. :-)

    selena ali

    +Carolyn Thomas I know but I just want to say Jamie is something beyond great, and I know someday I'll be in my own bigger shoes because of our lord.

    selena ali

    +Petula Peyrefitte Wow, now I know how my family feels when I correct their grammar. I find that funny.

    Carolyn Thomas

    @selena ali I understand you. I'm amazed at how people allow God to show himself through them. I want this for myself everyday.

  66. hyper me

    My first love is GOD❤

  67. abby.d on the beat

    my first loooooooooove

  68. kolas dollmazayn

    its not werid its different

    Jennifer Ostling

    that What I say about my self

    ATTEBI Praising

    I love Jesus thank

  69. Cristina Renteria Ren

    you might have a sickness but god will help you you really are a god girl

  70. Cristina Renteria Ren

    i love your songs in my church they make a dance group and dance to your songs

  71. abby.d on the beat

    jesus Is my only love

  72. abby.d on the beat

    jesus Is my only love

    Cristina Renteria Ren

    i know right

    Jennifer Ostling

    +Cristina Renteria Ren Yeah

  73. Teferi Woldeyesus

    God blesses you Jamie  and  keep loving god because god loves you I'm sure of  it.

  74. Sammy Hernandez

    I love you god with all my heart

    Sarah Maurer

    Sammy Hernandez you forgot to spell God's name with a capital

  75. Chilamy Lanaja

    ganahan unta kau ko ani nga, kanta pero haskang loadinga,,, hahahaiiii... I LIVE YOU JESUS, YOU ARE MY FIRST LOVE

  76. Bellabananabelle

    my relationship with Jesus has been cold lately, this song reminds me that one man back on that cross. :-)

    Carolyn Thomas

    +Bellabananabelle Yes, Jesus has never changed his position. He is still at the "hot" place waiting for us to return...He LOVES you.

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    +Bellabananabelle Jesus loves you :) He wants you to keep drawing closer to Him

    Michael Robert Jackson

    +Bellabananabelle You are prayed for, Bellabananabelle. Remember that the story did not end there. He went to the grave and overcame death, defeated the enemy then rose again to glory. He then shared that glory with us, anyone who would listen and acknowledge Him as Lord. If you have been born again, we walk as new creations, as expressions of that love, mercy, grace, light and passion in a dark world. If not, you can seek him and call for him through fellowship in church, through prayer or through the reading of the Bible, all of these can bring you closer to Him and to a clearer knowledge and understanding of His perfect gift. Either way, you can leave the guilt, fear and shame behind you and move onward, towards the Cross. I pray that the Enemy finds no foothold in you, that no deception of dark spirit can successfully distract you from moving towards the arms of our gracious and loving Saviour in Heaven. Take faith, accept joy and happiness in the Kingdom eternal, and I look forward to meeting you there. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, to bring glory, honour and praise to the Father. Amen.

  77. Abby Pineda


    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    +yolanda pineda amen :)

    Amber Caudill

    ABBY Ericka PINEDA aman

  78. _alissa_

    Jesus is the best! he's my first love too! :-)

    Cristina Renteria Ren

    yes sometimes i sing not jeses songs but i still love him

  79. Sammy Hernandez

    Love it god bless

  80. Nerissa Montoya

    my first love is god....

  81. Nerissa Montoya

    my first love is god....

  82. Nerissa Montoya

    my first love is god....

  83. Nerissa Montoya

    my first love is god....

  84. Guiyeke Leon

    Great Jamie Grace and may God lead you in all you do.

  85. Pauline MinasVEVO

    I love Jesus

  86. Becca Rebecca

    I love u Jesus!!!!

    The spirit of adventure !

    Heck yeah!

    Thee Quantum Pluto

    Right with ya!

    Jessica Weekley

    Love Jesus forever! 💕

  87. Keryne Sam

    Jesus is my first love, and I still love him more than anything.

    Terrible Person From Louisiana

    +Keryne Sam amen :)

  88. Netanya Avabel

    Jesus is my first love too

    sister snapped

    Glory to GOD!!! :D :D :D

    Evie Robinson

    Same as me

    L.A Drawing

    Netanya Avabel Gultom true

    Diane Prince

    same here💖

    Allie Dermody


  89. Amanda Boafo

    i'm having trouble downloading your videos

  90. Amanda Boafo

    Jamie you're great

  91. Sabrina Hough


  92. Abiah McKenna Omukhango

    why does some people wright in wierd languages

    Andrea Gonzalez

    because they are from different countries... :) for them, for example, English is a weird language... :)

  93. Abiah McKenna Omukhango

    shes so cool blacks rule yeah

  94. sabayaz786

    Love love love it so muccchhh

    Andrea Gonzalez

    This song is awesome! isn't it?? :D

    Jennifer Ostling

    +Andrea Gonzalez yeah lets go fan girl

  95. Luana Oliveira

    Luana rosa. Oliveira voce es

    Gabriele Santos Correia

    Lindinha a música..Gostei!!

  96. deb alx

    It makes me just so happy like I want to sing it to hole world every thing about you is love and I love you I love you