Jamie Grace - Heaven (Fix Things) Lyrics

I know your history
You are the one who sees
And you fix things
I've read it in a book
I've heard it from my friends that you
You fix things
And I believe

Everything that's broken is in your hands
And you hold the power to turn mountains into sand
And you can make a river out of dry land
But you won't always fix things
On this side of heaven, heaven, heaven
On this side of heaven, heaven, heaven

I've welcomed you inside
My empty life and you
You fixed things
Mended relationships and
Made me better than I've ever been, yeah, you
You fixed things
And I believe

Everything that's broken is in your hands
You hold the power to turn mountains into sand
And you can make a river out of dry land
But you won't always fix things
On this side of heaven, heaven, heaven

I'll scream and I'll cry and I'll pray
I'll beg you for however long it takes
For you to fix things
Please fix things

Even though I'm broken, I'm in your hands
So won't you take my fear and turn it into sand
Let my faith be like a river running free in dry land
Cause I know you'll keep fixing things, yeah
And you'll fix everything, yeah
In heaven, heaven, heaven
In heaven, heaven, heaven

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Jamie Grace Heaven (Fix Things) Comments
  1. Kalkidan Abo

    2020❣️. Such a beautiful voice, beautiful message and a beautiful lady🤗.

  2. Anna Daniel

    Wish it had an instrumental I love love love this song ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️🦋

  3. Lidia Silva

    I love your songs. I am still crying 😂😂😇😇😍😘🙇👧

  4. Maria Reyes


  5. E C

    Made my daughter cry happy tears...

  6. Abigail R.

    I’ve just now heard this song, even though I’m a couple years late 😆
    Thank you, Jamie for sharing this!

  7. Insing R. Wung

    "...But You won't always fix things"
    That's so true yet so difficult to accept 🙏🏾

  8. rosemary ncube

    This is really amazing🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭

  9. Valerie Davila

    Love u Jamie grace 😘😘❤️💖


    still singing along in KENYA ADHORE IT

  11. udhay karthika

    Hey jamie grace can i be your number 1 one fan😃

  12. musica gospel

    Linda musica❤👏🏽

  13. Mildred Nzau

    He makes all things beautiful in His time. Keep the Faith

  14. Loserxz

    i cant believe my timing i started listening to this and i had to stop so i could talk to a friend and he apperently hates me so that sucks

  15. Jem my

    The first time I listened to this song,I loved though I didn't completely understand it.Now it just speaks to where I am now.My current jam.Love it.Keep blessing us with songs from God

  16. Shirley Clark

    I love this amazing powerful beautiful song

  17. Jen

    One of the most beautiful songs on this planet

  18. Maribel Gutiérrez

    Jamie Grace tu vida ha sido ejemplo para la mia. Saludos desde Guatemala 🤗

  19. J Bird

    That was great

  20. Rittany Afia Underwood

    Thumbs up

  21. sheeba harry

    Tearing 😪

  22. Feliz-Sara Graham


  23. Solomon Onah

    This song has taken me through my darkest times. I lost my mother and it broke me. God bless you Jamie Grace.

  24. Trent Carmon

    This song you singing is a blessing

  25. Emmanuel chulu 19992058

    God's own country Child

  26. Raychel J

    This song has helped me through depression! Thank God for fixing everything ❤️

  27. Amanuel Gebretsadik

    i've listen this song when many part of my life was broken...can't stop crying, and waiting for God to fix my things. #Jamie love u so much and God bless u & ur family. Nice song with beautiful melody. ...

  28. Riley Curtice

    Your amazing... keep going don’t ever stop!!! Wow your amazing, I love your song heaven (fix things)

  29. Petra Bernard

    Prayers for your Mom. God DOES fix things...

  30. adonu khamo

    This song makes me cry... love this song ❤❤❤❤

  31. Naomi Mogi

    Jamie come to Kenya.., 😊😊

  32. Emily Bledsoe

    Beautiful. Brought tears in my eyes. Thank you for the reminder Jamie!!

  33. Ayantu Asfaw

    i like you're song but if u don mind let me ask u something; if you're true christian why u use anti Christ society sign if you're true christian singer????

  34. 1001 Ways To Earn Money Online

    I have this song on repeat

  35. 1001 Ways To Earn Money Online

    beautiful voice & beautiful song xx

  36. Nina Flores

    Wow, Jamie this is outstandingly beautiful! This, my dear sister, is a good song. Praise God! :-) love you. I felt this one.

  37. Ana Jones

    what a talent for composing!
    God Bless you🤗😙

  38. Ana Jones

    La amé!😍

  39. Ms Gregory

    I cried through the entire song... this really touched me more than I anticipated... thank you Jamie I pray for your mom!

  40. 1001 Ways To Earn Money Online

    sounds like country

  41. Ahreliey Luna

    Thank you jame grace god touched my heart and I was crying thank u for this song very much 😭😢😓😥😰👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😊😊 keep making songs please

  42. onyinye uwaezuoke

    You really look sad in this video compared to your happy self.

  43. Mitovieya Faith

    Hmmmm...I have no words. Beautiful lyrics and brings comfort. I love the part that said I would still keep believing.

  44. Gabriel Egwell

    The Music you Sing is Irresistibly Inspirational.. I Love it..

  45. Syisha Johnson

    Yes Jamie glorify the One who made you with this beautiful voice and you kinda song like miley Cyrus

  46. jocy d

    Can u make a kareoki video from this song

  47. Gabrielle Camarena

    you can make a river out of dry land.....please, fix things.

  48. Emma Noel

    Easily, EASILY, my favorite song you’ve ever written. God really reached me with this one. It’s so amazing to know that even when, in my eyes, He doesn’t “fix things”, it’s ultimately in His hands and for His glory. Thank you so much💜

  49. Crystal Mora

    Beautiful Couple you and your fiancee. Super Delighted for you. =) The Father IS Always on Time & Loves We Forever Put Him FIRST as our Hearts Our Whole in His.

  50. Crystal Mora

    LOVE U Jamie. SHINE BRIGHT. HIS GLORY IS Perfect IN OUR Weakness HE HEALS ALL HIS WORD IS THE TRUTH> Blessings On your Marriage. Shalom.

  51. Liene svärd

    This was sung from the heart. We continue believe and pray even when we don't see results because we know that God is good and can fix things, one day everything will be perfect. I think about the verse in book of Revelation 21:4 where it says that there will be no more pain, death, and mourning.

  52. Sharon Philip

    This is an amazing song.It speaks truth directly to our hearts.Way yo go Jamie Grace.

  53. Jem my

    Beautiful.Your vocals are so smooth and captivating

  54. Diana López Gómez

    Wow!!! Majestic, sublime and deeply touching performance.

  55. Natasha Reldnach


  56. Natasha Reldnach

    Moralistic therapeutic deism in a subtle form.

  57. Lewis Omilo

    Woke up this morning with this song heavily on my heart. Each time I have played it today, I've found strength through its depth. God bless you Jamie.

  58. Gabrielle Camarena

    Great Job!

  59. Ermilande Pierre

    Beautiful 😀😀👩🏾‍🎤👍🏾

  60. Amoo Bolaji

    Jamie ur songs are inspiring to me.More Grace sweetie plenty love from this side of the earth.

  61. God Girl

    Having a lifelong autoimmune disease and allergies to 4 different foods i love this song so much because it reminds me that in Heaven our body’s will be Perfect and FREE FROM ALL SICKNESS, it gives me so much hope!

  62. Vig Momof4

    You rock! when I was Two years old I was listing to your songs and stared to sing them when I was three! And I still am I sing everyone of your songs at my church :D

  63. evelyn Vallejo

    BEST SONG EVERR!!! 😜💖❤

  64. Asher’s Life

    Thanks this is such a good song

  65. Husam Ezzi

    Gosh. What a beautiful voice and a performance.

  66. Charity Mueni

    heaven it surely is

  67. Andrea Corea

    So cute

  68. Miranda So

    I've played this song so many times over the last couple of months. Thank you so much for sharing this, Jamie - the words and the music are healing to the soul. <3

  69. Scilla Tachie

    Amazing one Jamie. Absolutely love it. God gives us what’s best for us even if we can see it in the interim.

  70. Richard -theRichie- Salam

    Beautiful! and I relate!

  71. Jeannette Williams

    You inspire us

  72. The Art In Me


  73. Viollah Twinomugisha

    This brought me to tears.Lost my mum last year due to cancer.....it made me think of her. But i understood that it was time for her to go meet God. I know God loves us, but He couldn't fix it.Thanks Grace for the hearts you are touching. Love you

  74. Marion A Namukasa

    wow, it's a great song ,this is what i really needed to hear now. thanks Jamie.
    much love💕💕💕💕 from Uganda -East Africa

  75. 예쁜보라색

    As i started to listen, it moves me and i think it really touched to me! Love it! God bless you♡

    Margaret Broste

    Thank you, Jamie. From another one who God is currently choosing to carry through instead fix to glorify Jesus name, I salute you. #EDS #spinalcsfleak #Chairi1

  76. Raycee Mwatela

    you are my role model

  77. Brian Watts

    What instruments were used...please answer

    Milton Gardner

    Piano, Pad, Acoustic Guitar, and a String Ensemble

    Milton Gardner

    Is that what you were looking for?

  78. J Sto

    Your killing it J! Your a songbird..

  79. Shekinah Glory

    This video no longer plays for me what's going on I love this song!

  80. Kali Hill

    Jamie Grace I love your songs

  81. Angela Frantz

    You are in my prayers girl. If there is anything my husband and I can do for you please don't hesitate to send me a message on Facebook. It is under Angela Frantz! Love you girl!

  82. Marie Daquano

    Hi Jamie, i have just listened to you sing . Beautiful song. Beautiful voice. Thank you for that. I know alot of people with TS+ but they don't mention God. I am so glad to have found you and that you sing for God. I actually offended a bunch of people one time because they don't believe.

  83. Debbie Lynn

    ‼️ I Reacted to this Video‼️ Check it out! https://youtu.be/k3hAiYMt_h4

  84. Anrison Vestine

    Amazing Jamie... bless you

  85. Robertluis Martí

    Wao! Preciosa canción.
    Gracias Jamie Grace.
    Mi esposa y mi hija de 8 años te amamos!
    Sarah escucha “It’s a beautiful day” todos los días antes de ira la escuela y aun el peor día tu canción le hace sonreír.
    Tus convicciones sobre la vida y él noviazgo no son comunes en este tiempo pero pedimos a Dios que tus virtudes sean imitadas por muchos. Sigue adelante.

    Somos de República Dominicana y vivimos en Texas. Dios te bendiga mucho, mucho más.

    Recuerda que Sarah Lucia te admira y nosotros también.

  86. Onyinye Emenike

    Hello Grace. My name is Onyinyechi from Nigeria but you can call me Joy. Im really inspired by your ministry and enjoy your songs really well. I do sing too but really want to grow into writing songs too. i will keep listing for more inspriation. love you

  87. Nixie

    Wow! This is so powerful. Amazing ❤

  88. Wend-pouiré Sophia Laurène M. Rouamba

    There are things that we, as a child of God we will have to fix ourselves. And God will be always there to guide us on how to fix them. That's why we have the name of Jesus. There is power in Jesus name and this power has been given to us
    Luke, 10:19 - Behold, I give you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy. Nothing will in any way hurt you." .
    We should never neglect the name of Jesus and the power in his name.

  89. Wend-pouiré Sophia Laurène M. Rouamba

    Jamie grace you're healed of all sickness in your body and all bad spirits disturbing your life in Jesus mighty name. Cause Jesus delivered us from all limitations, sickness and we're no more slave
    Be healed and blessed in Jesus name

  90. BarakA Oder0

    Your songs are just inspiring

  91. Jose Lopez

    Beautiful song. Loved ir.

  92. Yaoi Otaku

    I’m shook ❤️🤭

  93. cinnamon slice

    Awesome lyrics...Beautiful song..🎵🎶🎵🎶
    Lord please fix things!!🔊🔊

  94. unicorn lover

    can u do a music vid to dance on

  95. Liz W Kamau

    @JamieGrace may God fix whatever is broken in your life. That's my prayer for you

  96. Juliet Murathi-Karichu

    Amen!!! Our God is the ultimate fixer of things....His power is never limited by anything. And even if sometimes He doesn't fix the things in our time, He always has our good in mind....always loves us and always provides the Grace and comfort in those times. Thanks Jamie for this song....much love from Nairobi, Kenya

  97. Micalah

    Oh my goodness 😍

  98. mar b

    Lovely song ❤️ and God bless your family don’t lose faith

  99. Nadia Sanchez

    wow !!powerful, to close to my heart...