Jamie Grace - Daughter Of The King Lyrics

[Jamie Grace:]
They tell me I'm too young
Tell me I'm not beautiful
I'm not good enough
I'm not worth anything at all
They tell me I dream too much
I got my head in the clouds
Maybe I'm just hoping
For something better than what I see now
A world where every girl knows

The Maker of skies, the Maker of seas
The Maker of every beautiful thing
He made you, He made you too
The mountain high, the river wide
He tells the sun when to set and rise
And He made you, He made you too
You're a daughter of the King
So tell me, what does that make you?

[Morgan Harper Nichols:]
So put your shoulders back
Don't you know that you're beautiful
You don't gotta tell 'em that, no
Just walk around like you know
And if you see our sister (if you see our sister)
Looking like she forgot
Like her dreams got crushed
You better remind her

The Maker of skies, the Maker of seas
The Maker of every beautiful thing
He made you, He made you too
The mountain high, the river wide
He tells the sun when to set and rise
And He made you, He made you too
You're a daughter of the King
So tell me, what does that make you?

[Jamie Grace & Morgan Harper Nichols:]
I'm sorry if nobody ever told you (ever told you)
Or treated you like it wasn't true (it wasn't true)
But dark or light, thin or wide
You are precious in His sight
And He loves you
He really loves you
So I gotta tell you
I just got to tell you

The Maker of skies, the Maker of seas
The Maker of every beautiful thing
He made you, He made you too, yeah
The mountain high, the river wide
He tells the sun when to set and rise
And He made you, He made you too, ohh yeah
You're a daughter of the King
So tell me, what does that make you?
You're a daughter of The Most High King
So baby, what does that make you?

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Jamie Grace Daughter Of The King Comments
  1. Iva

    Wow Jamie! I love this. I’m ur biggest fan!❤️

  2. Naomi Brewer

    ❤️❤️❤️ this song is so encouraging!!!!

  3. Lois Nana Asi Odoi

    I love Jamie Grace so so much.God richly bless her

  4. Asta _ Taylor

    My grandma just sent this to me and it’s my birthday and I’m crying

  5. Kim Flores Donan

    Awesome gospel song. Love you Jamie and Morgan. Wanna sing with you. God bless 😇❤️

  6. Debra Jackson

    Thank you girls! I heard you two sing together on relative race and really enjoyed it. I'm glad that you're publishing more music together. God has given you both so many musical gifts. No offense to Jamie but Morgan, I love that deep full sound that you have! Keep praising.

  7. Justin Carter

    Hallelujah 🙌

  8. Moromi Dajel

    Great song❤️

  9. Luke Abplanalp

    Thank you so much. This song is helping me through some rough times. God bless you all and remember that you are a daughter of the King of Kings!

  10. Kylee the Cook

    I was just doing my homework when I was listening to this song and I heard the lyrics "What does that make you" and it really just made me wonder. So what do you think that makes you? Just think about it...

  11. Courtney Prince

    Why do people thumbs down i dont understand

  12. Claudia Ortego

    yuré voce is beutiful good is god

  13. Asunset

    so beautiful, he made us😊😊

  14. Roopa Susan

    😄😍 Beautiful song👍... Yes, we are fearfully and wonderfully made by the creator of heaven and earth ..

  15. جنوبي FM

    Face msehe

  16. Keturah Gardner

    I love you for this 😭 ..it’s been on repeat for the last hour and I’m totally wrecked. Bless you beautiful. 💕

  17. Ali Gummer

    It is beautiful

  18. Jinky Joy Jaralve

    Hi I'd like to ask permission to use this as a a background music for a video made for me. Sharing His love and grace, thank you! :)

  19. Karin Randmaa

    this gave me chills ❤

  20. Blessena Mandapuram


  21. Camila Duque

    This is absolutely beautiful, inspiring and encouraging♡

  22. 천사 Angel

    I really needed to hear this ❤

  23. maryna porto

    woau!! it's a really beautifull song

  24. Sharon Martínez

    This is one of my favorites.
    keep it up Jamie :)

  25. Kemigisa Allelua

    He made me tooo am a daughter of a king

  26. Jessie Gonzalez

    We are sons and daughters of the Father the maker of all creations I thank God for calling us all. Its a shame thow not everyone answers Him as he calls us by name to become adopted By Him our God and Father...Beautiful song ...He is knocking so open the door and let Him in His name is Jesus Christ Lord of All Son of the most High Mighty GOD...Prince of peace...Oh Father we need you everyday Give us faith to believe in you whole heatedly by trusting in you by your spirit leading us through the days give us strength to do what you want us to do by surrendering all to you all over again each new day you provide for us...In Jesus name; I pray Amen.❗

  27. Anastasia Eghan

    Jamie,I love this

  28. M D

    He madeyoutoo

  29. Judith Ateng

    I am a princess. Beautiful song.

  30. Victoria Sudduth

    Dear jamie i love your music

  31. Dami LOLA

    I cannot explain the way Jamie's songs get me. Honestly, I feel like I've know her forever. Her lyrics her always like the story of my life.

  32. Nneka Ifejeh-Nwajei

    Jaime I am a big fan love all ur song right from the beginning I have all ways loved ur song till this time very inspiring songs God will continue to bless u #my model#

  33. Court Simmons

    Thank you Jamie for this song, I can always feel God's love for me everytime I hear this song. The imagery and message are both beautifully clear😊 thanks

  34. Lucy Gaid

    I needed this like everyone says thank you for being the spirit lifter. This is exactly what I am thinking.

  35. Ebey Morah

    Such a lovely song!!!!

  36. Ruth Humes

    Such an beautiful song!! God bless you!!!!

  37. Yadira Ramirez

    Beautiful song!

  38. Nhana Equah

    lovely song this song is so inspirational. thanks Jamie. God bless you

  39. Victoria Sudduth

    i have been on repeat 20 times now my mom has cancer I'm 11 you are amazing thank you this helps me through the pain i have had to grow up so fast when my mom got cancer i don't really get to be a kid thank you jamie grace you are amazing

  40. Ginger Wall

    Thanks Jamie, I really needed this!

  41. Charity Muturi

    your songs are played in Kenya where barrack Obama was born proud of being kenyan

  42. Vitu N

    This is beautiful Jamie and Morgan

  43. Sarah Lopez

    What a beautiful song!

  44. Mine Oweh

    Gosh, I really love Jamie's music. I feel she needs so much more appreciation, so underrated. I love this so much. It's like it calms my soul. I thank God for you Jamie and all the people you work with to give us this blessing of music. <3

  45. Lucy Gaid

    You never disappoint in your songs. You've so many people. Jamie thank you so much for this song and all the others. Thank you to all the song writers who always inspire us and help us through through their songs or raps.

  46. Victoria Sudduth

    my 2 other comment were on my phone now I'm am using my school laptop and i made the last 2 comments last night now i am making a new one for today you are such a empowerment to me and a inspiration and also your new song games has inspired me i had no friends last now only one but we don't go to same school thank you JAMIE GRACE you are awesomely amazing and wonderful i can't say it enough you are a inspiration

  47. Victoria Sudduth

    PS you have been my favorite artist since first grade thank you

  48. Victoria Sudduth

    I'm going through a very rough time my mom has cancer and I felt crushed before I heard this song Jamie grace PS I'm 11 years old and I'm a middle child of 5 kids none of us adopted I miss my mom while I'm at school and home can't wait for her to come back home thank you Jamie I'm crying happy tears right now this is the first time I felt better since my mom got cancer thank you Jamie I can't say it enough

  49. the random kids

    such a amazing song *crys* in not in tears right now!😢😭😭😭😢😰😰😰

  50. Rebekah Chhav

    jamie grace, you are so amazing. this song touched me so much. I am in tears. God bless you and Morgan. Continue to write music and never stop being the inspiration you are. Love you.

  51. Stephanie Sampson

    This songs makes me wanna cry. It is something that I am trying to still learn. Thanks Jamie your music always encourages me.

  52. Marie Constant

    It was amazing to see/hear you perform at No Greater Love last weekend and singing with Reba too. I didn't realize you were signing after your performance. I hope I could've shaken your hand and tell you in person how much I love your work and your voice. It's a blessing what you do and who you are makes a difference. I am a 25 year single myself and I have been inspired hearing you speak and through your music. Praise God for the journey He has taken you on and for the journey ahead He is leading you on.

  53. Sonia Perez

    Repeats all the time

  54. Nissi Hires

    I love this song, I needed this today 💕💕

  55. Kevin Kev

    Thanks for letting God use you. There are women in my life who forgot about God's live for them. Others who never knew. Will share.

  56. motunrayo babatunde


  57. Jasmin Flores

    Yeah I am a daughter of the king..😍😊

  58. Bianca Morgan

    Sooooooo proud of both of you!!! May God bless you and your family. Greetings to your mom😍😘😍😘😍 Keep up great work. I assure you, we will meet and connect one day. beautiful song

  59. Grace Content

    JAMIE GRACE your awesome you give me joy I love your songs. I hope I can come to your concert but I have no money

  60. Lee Brandan

    Hey Jamie grace how are you doing are you feeling alright? I'm here for you if you ever want to talk about things you've never talked to someone about before. God loves you

  61. nathan MINGANDJA massamba

    I like your duo is wonderful, Jamie Grace and Morgan Harper do a lot of ft

  62. Taylor Baggins

    Wow, great song. So beautiful and deep.

  63. Taylor tme


  64. Wadlonde

    Waw!Thanks a lot! Be blessed!!!🙏

  65. Claude Nkouambia

    really bless by this song!!!😊

  66. Betsy Bastidas


  67. Brooke Elizabeth

    your voice is so beautiful and this song is so beautiful it makes me cry :)

  68. Jana B.

    You're beautiful inside & out Jamie! PS crying as the song played...😪 amen😄🙏👍👍👍👍👍👍

  69. Debra __

    God bless you Jamie!!

  70. ardenBcho

    Love this so much!!! 😭😭😭 it's so perfect, we are daughters of the king!!!! ❤️

  71. Jamie Faith

    I love Morgan's voice and this song is so beautiful :) <3

  72. BrittNicoleBR

    Let's take a moment to talk about THAT ALBUM COVER!!!!!! So freaking cool!

  73. Manny cruz

    i love you soo much you inspier me

  74. Theaondra Cawley

    I love this song.

  75. Niyat Berhe

    Thank you for the message of this song it really helped me change my persepctive to something positive, and reminded me that I can help others by reminding them of this. 😏

  76. Rebekah :3

    This is the first time I've heard you for years and my gosh I'm about to cry! You've literally just became one of my favorite singers and I love how you have natural gift of god of singing and not one of those auto tuned singers!! Thank you soon much! You have made me more confident in myself through this song! God bless you!

  77. Emareky Malany

    Love this song

  78. zkih


  79. Nahomi Camacho

    👍👍👍👍👍👍💓 love it

  80. Jaelynn Cassidy


  81. Sing Talk Laugh Li


  82. Freedom In Surrender

    Hey everybody Godbless your all beautiful and so important!' I have a channel called Freedom come suscribe for inspiration and encouragement

  83. Aiyana Wolfe

    This is absolutely beautiful

  84. Donizeti Duarte

    Lindíssima canção!

  85. Susan Spann


  86. Genesis V.Galarza

    😭♥️ Love this song

  87. Jolly Jillian

    I super love it Jamie! 😍💕

  88. NwokeabiA Jason Emeka

    I luv this...keeps ringing in my head

  89. Miracle H

    I just felt like listening to it over and over!!! WOW!

  90. stella o

    beautiful song

  91. Jennie M

    She sings great! This is powerful in vocals and lyrics

  92. Zachary Smith

    Brilliant my sisters in the faith...simply brilliant...a holy message that is so needed during these times....please press further your voices are needed

  93. 4EverSisters

    Such a beautiful song! You will always be a TRUE FRIEND to us! Bless you and your family :)))))))))

  94. Cat marian

    This song helps so much right now

  95. Nomi Nieto


  96. Miquela (cover)

    You did an amazing job jamie! (:

  97. maria Godinez

    Jamie it is so wonderful that you make songs by your heart and that is the gift that god gave you it is very wonderful😋😀😉😌😸😇😇😇

  98. WildGaming17

    Hey. I was at w.o.w this evening. Just wanted to say you did awesome. Your music touched me and I had a blast there this evening.