Jamie Grace - Bella (Acoustic) Lyrics

The light in my eyes hasn't gone no where
Shining so bright, everybody can tell, oh...
'Cause when I think of You ya, my heart goes wow
The best of the best and I get to call You mine, oh...

I could go to Mexico, France or Panama
But nowhere in the world, can make me feel like ya...

When You call me Your bella
I know I'm Your mia
Love being Your daughter
I'm Your princessa
Thanks for being my Papi
Every hour I need Thee
'Cause no other papa
Could love me so dearly
I'm Your bella, I'm Your mia
I'm Your ben-thee, I'm Your zambee
Your princessa, pier-thee-fee
You're my Papi and I'm Your girl

There will never be a boy as good as You
No matter how rich, no matter how cute, oh no...
But I know someday some boy gonna try
And if he love You then he gonna treat me right, oh...

I could be in the Philippines, Haiti or Kenya
But nowhere in the world can make me feel like ya...

When You call me Your bella
I know I'm Your mia
Love being Your daughter
Always Your feela
Thanks for being my Papi
Every hour I need Thee
'Cause no other papa
Could love me so dearly...

Gracias mi Papi, no one can love me like You love me
Escriben mi cancion, just to tell You what I mean
Cuando toro kai, I know I'll be alright
Porque es mi premi, I'm excited[?] to be Your daughter
No meri eyes, no never, no never
Mi ambar eyes, forever, forever
I could go anywhere in the world...

But when You call me Your bella
I know I'm Your mia
Love being Your daughter
Always Your feela
Thanks for being my Papi
Every hour I need Thee
'Cause no other papa
Could love me so dearly
I'm Your bella, I'm Your mia
I'm Your ben-thee, I'm Your zambee
Your princessa, pier-thee-fee
You're my daddy and I'm Your... girl

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Jamie Grace Bella (Acoustic) Comments
  1. kathi Heiner

    hey jamie grace didn't you have twins????

  2. Rose Mary

    Is that jamie grace giving birth

  3. Rose Mary

    Are those cute babies twins ? Bella

  4. Faith Pedersen

    I love how you already have the cowgirl boots on her!!

  5. Thomas Bechem

    shes my baby she so adorable you should have call her adora but isbella is great

  6. its_bella Hogan

    Hey jamie I had a great idea you should let toby mac meet isabella

  7. A E S T H E T I C D R E A M S

    Twins ?

  8. Consider Cadence

    May you please do a lyric video for this song?

  9. Ruellè Glam

    Why does this song makes me emotional 😭😭😭😭

  10. Jennifer Pabuaya

    Hello Jamie!! From Philippines!!

  11. Blessing Fernandez

    Hi Jamie! Love from The Philippines!

  12. Fiene Molenaar

    𝕔𝕠𝕟𝕔𝕣𝕦𝕝𝕝𝕒𝕚𝕥𝕤𝕚𝕠𝕟𝕤 𝕨𝕚𝕥𝕙 𝕀𝕤𝕒𝕓𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕒!

  13. Jennifer Paul

    This is an absolutely beautiful song. I heard the French- Creole and that it it for me😭 🇭🇹❤. Thank you for being such an inspiration.❤ You have a beautiful family!!!!

  14. Esther Quezada

    Hi,Jaime!I am 7yrs old.I am your biggest fan.U see,I love Christ,too.love,Naomi😇😂🌅🌄

  15. Bethany Barros

    Amen Jamie I know right? All I wanna say is I'm your biggest fan u are my role model *smiles* I love u , all I could say more is trust in god for he can do so much things for u. Bye sister. PS god bless *blows a kiss"

  16. sierra remsen

    if I could ask Jamie Grace to write a song about anything it would be about cutting and being a broken little girl in a hard world

  17. Kara Barefield

    We have the same birthday!!!!!!!!!

  18. Andrew King

    Isabella is so cute

  19. Justin Carter

    Amen! Congratulations sis!

  20. Isabelle ASMR

    My name isabelle

  21. Maya Petrova

    Sooo sweet! Adorable!

  22. Katie Matthis

    I met you at six flags I'm katie and I was with my aunt bethany and you sang this.

  23. flamingo gang

    God loves you

  24. Jon Whitehead

    I always watched you from iShine and until now. I love you so much. I’m happy for you. I wish you could keep making more music.

  25. Gaelan Rushing

    Bella is so cute. Congratulations.💖

  26. Christine Gardner

    Jamie, first of all I just wanted to thank you for coming to six flags on Saturday September 14 2019, at onfire. I absolutely loved your performance. And also it made me think of my bio dad. so thank you

  27. Playtime with Essence's children

    I love this video everytime I go on youtube I click this :)

  28. Veronica Chimkono

    I love this video 😙....Jamie is just my favourite 💖 and Isabella will also be my favorite...

  29. G.M. L.

    Awww my daughter's name is Isabella..this is humbling and beautiful...to imagine her embracing this song with God is beautiful congratulations

  30. Matthew Rose


  31. Tabitha Naudelle Celestin

    I vow to play this beautiful piece for my unborn boy or girl one day. I love you Jaime grace.

  32. Shirley Plump

    She's looks like u very pretty

  33. Genesis M

    The beauty of waiting it out. I pray more girls come to know about you and just learn from your unique story 👏👏👏

  34. lynnete Kihara


  35. momof3zs

    Beautiful, may God bless you and your sweet family.

  36. Saundra Davis

    Gorgeous little baby girl <3 So proud of you Jamie!

  37. G. M. P.

    Aww you made a song and video for her!! Love you guys! ❤

  38. Tanisha Watson

    sweet video beautiful family I love this God bless you all.

  39. Johnson Family Vids & Vlogs

    So sweet

  40. slime Girl

    I wish I could meet you biggest fan love you

  41. Lisa Campbell

    The swear the 33 people who disliked this hate innocent little babies.

  42. Alyssa Johnson

    So how is your baby doing

  43. Resurrection _


  44. MissMs Mrs.

    What a SUPER BLESSING! You are all so amazingly BEAUTIFUL. Look at that precious Mommy, Daddy, Baby - FAMILY!!! LOVE YOU ALL. You sweet sister and her amazing baby & Husband too. (((HuggzToALL)))

  45. Hephzibah Makhetha

    I can't even 😢😢😢. Waterworks are real here in South Africa 😢

  46. SiempreTeAdorare Vazquez

    Oh God; you do no know how much this video make me cry! Love the song, the spanish words! Love the fact you have a " niña bella". Really move my feelings, since I will not have the chance to have a kid...due to some issues but still have the hope, you guys are so blessed. Congratulations, tons of blessing to your familia! Isabella the brave, be blessed! Be a worshiper, be the joy of your parents. God is good!.

  47. Belva Fianko

    She is soo beautiful 😍
    We give God the glory 🙏🏾

  48. King Rodrigues

    Parabens tudo bom, Nove meses passaram desde que uma nova vida começou. No aconchego da barriga, seu bebé se sentiu protegido. E todos esperavam pelo momento do nascimento. Esse tesouro conheceria este mundo cá fora e vocês finalmente veriam as feições de seu rosto.

    Agora que ele chegou, a felicidade está no ar. Tenho de dar parabéns a vocês e as boas-vindas ao recém-nascido! Começou uma nova aventura que será carregada de emoções para todos.

    Vocês têm agora para criar, uma linda criança à qual chamarão de filho #ISABELLA. Seu primeiro bebê será uma experiência que jamais esquecerão.

    Vocês são um casal maravilhoso e esse bebê terá muita sorte em estar ao cuidado de pais tão amorosos. Que ele possa aprender com seu exemplo como pessoas e crescer com todos os valores que vocês lhe vão ensinar. Que ele seja muito feliz e sua família muito abençoada!

  49. Cina Fitzpatrick

    Love this! Your momma looks great!

  50. Gracie B

    She is sooooo pretty!!!

  51. Rejoice Apejewu

    She's so cute and adorable. I love you guys

  52. Tewai Meda

    Ohhhhhhh so cute baby girl congratulations i am happy to see jamie with her husband and your cute little isabella

  53. Reese Bennett

    So happy for you two!! Such a gorgeous baby!! Congratulations Jamie!!!❤️❤️

  54. Passy K

    Our God is so so great!

  55. Loveta G

    Awww so cute I remember a few years ago I went to a concert where Jamie was talking about being #teamsingle

  56. Nyambati Kwamboka

    Oh wow! This is so super cute! Seeing the parents supporting their kids like this! This is so unbelievable! Praise God!

  57. O. R. A

    😭😭😭😭💞💞💞💞💞. God is so good....

  58. Eileen Salazar

    Such a beautiful song. May the Lord continue to bless you in all you do.

  59. caroljean161

    Love this! ❤️❤️ she is Bella!

  60. Celine Kore


  61. Michelle Mitchell

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing these absolutely beautiful moments with us! May our Heavenly Father continue to bless you all abundantly.

  62. The Rose

    Hey, lyrics anyone?

  63. Spoiala Claudia

    God loves You !😘💗

  64. Anna Luksha

    This made me cry :):)

  65. Dominique Clarke

    Awww congratulations on your own beautiful baby girl GBU XX

  66. Alyssa Small

    🥰 Awwwww!! She is beautiful!! I love y’all and I know your gonna raise her right!

  67. Samantha Locsin


  68. Sergio Ricardo Zani

    very good https://youtu.be/Qtc10qeADZo

  69. Sergio Ricardo Zani

    see my video tanks https://youtu.be/FuiCiMUnZVc



  71. Yvonne Rose Sampson


  72. gina cleveland

    Your voice is gorgeous!

  73. Névoa Rosa

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa
    I didn't even know that you got pregnant! 😯🙆

  74. LydPhi22

    SHE'S SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!! God bless!!! :)

  75. Hannah McGrath


  76. Abigail Kokales

    I seen her before and she is so nice and sings really good

  77. Sonniex4

    Congratulations! She's beautiful! 💕

  78. DeLinda Williams

    Awwwe! Awwwwe! Awwwwe! That's all I could say all through the video. Isabella is so beautiful. God bless her and keep her strong, healthy, protect her from all harm that's in this world, and may He help her to grow up to be the best representative of him. Congrats to your famuly Jamie Grace abd Aaron,also congrats to your sister and her family on the birth of their son,he's so beautiful. I am having all sorts of baby fever over here with these two cuties. Your song is very nice.

  79. Vane Montoya

    Beautiful song ! Love that you included some spanish words!! May God keep blessing you guys and your little Princesa!

  80. Keierra ReeNell

    Beautiful song! Blessings to you and your baby girl.


    So pretty..she looksl like Aaron

  82. CeeceeByrd

    Congratulatons! May God bless Bella, and her family. 😊 The very best of wishes. 💐

  83. katrina brie

    She’s just beautiful! Bella is the perfect name for her. Congratulations on her and your nephew and may God bless.

  84. Sierra Richmond

    She’s such a beautiful girl💗 she was born 2 days after my best friends birthday❤️ I couldn’t wait until she was born. She’s so pretty


    Jamie I am and have been a fan for a while I love your music and now look you have been married and have a very beatyful baby girl I love her name and to me it does not matter where you got the name from but I want you to know that you have come a long way and I am very proud that you now have a beautful family congrats to you

  86. Nime Emerald Blessings

    Stunning. God is just exquisite

  87. Chelsea Bliss

    Congratulations Jamie. She's stunning ❤

  88. Janelle H

    Beautiful! 💕

  89. God's chosen1

    So cute

  90. Chelsea McCoy

    So very Beautiful.

  91. Tonya Stadt

    God is ! And a awesome father with many blessings in our lifes!! He has given you a beautiful sweet daughter to love,hold and enjoy watching grow up. Take every day and every moment to treasure because it will go fast!! Congratulations to you and your husband may God bless your family!!😊💗 Welcome BELLA!!!🎉👣🌺👑

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  93. jason johnson


  94. lona Bennette

    Congrats on your bundle!

  95. Regalfamily Regal

    That is my name. You are really blessed to have her in your life. God bless you

  96. Blessings

    Absolutely beautiful Jamie! May God continue to bless you and your family!💝🌷🎉

  97. Rainbow fresh

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    ahhhh OMG SHES SOO CUTE Im a huge fan of you!

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    Almost two weeks later, and this still tugs at my heart💝