Jamie Foxx - Rainman Lyrics

Rainman, rainman... rainman, rainman
Ca call me ca call me rainman, rainman

There's no need for me to lay out my clothes,
When she's not around there's nowhere to go,
Make no attempts getting up out of this bed,
I wanna open my eyes but I just close the curtain instead,
Her thunder storms shuts my lights off oh,
I got no missed calls maybe by tomorrow 'cause right now I can't just catch a break

Everyday it rains when she ain't laying right here I can feel the coolness in the air I know my chances ain't far
Everyday it rains, water reaches my window seal, sound reaches my ear, go then it reappears
Everyday it rains my heart starts drowning my vision gets cloudy the flood moves around me
Everyday it rains no sign of the light as the time goes by 40 days and 40 nights

Just when I thought I gotten rid of you,
I turn my face to your pillow that's soaked in your perfume,
The water's raging no life vest and I can't swim through through no,
My heart, my mind, and my soul it's lost somewhere in this deep blue
her thunder storms shut my lights off oooo,
I got no missed calls maybe by tomorrow 'cause right now I can't get a break


Baby cut my lights (cut my lights)
Back on (back on baby)
Take me I'm ours (take me I'm yours)
Cut my lights back on
Release me (release me from the sea of love)
Oh uhh oh rainman, rainman, rainman

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Jamie Foxx Rainman Comments
  1. Islay curvy

    2020 still rocking this volume up blasting 🥰

  2. Karen Williams

    This song will never get old🤟🏽

  3. Golden Love

    2019 and I'm still listening I love this song this was one of my favorite songs by Jamie.

  4. Melvin Tejera

    Classic!!! Beautiful song. Jamie is a legend.

  5. Shelin Woodson

    On repeat Anthony you played this song to death we miss you rip bro

  6. LadiieBug

    It's almost 2020 and I'm still getting the same vibes from this song 😩😍

  7. Aleksandar Ivano

    End of 2019 and Jamie Foxx is still one of the greatest!

  8. Angel Baker

    He should rerelease intuition because its one of his best albums and he got no recognition for it

  9. A Subber

    As the time goes by.. 40 days & 40 nights 🤦🏾2k19 still 🔥🔥

  10. Made Pop-o

    2019 still jamming

  11. Earl Jamison

    Just discovered this in 2019! Loving it💙💙💙

  12. Ademola Adebayo

    Still got it on repeat 2019 let's go !

  13. Veronica Marrero

    🎶🎧❤ still jamming in 2019 🎧🔥💦 we need more music jamie

    Taliyah Dyer

    Veronica Marrero yes we do 😍

  14. Tyrone Moore

    My wife loves over dose by jamie

    Bebe Patton

    Tyrone Moore my boyfriend does too!!!

  15. Donnie Gordon

    I love jamie

  16. Ebony Jackson

    2019!❤️ Jamie’s music so underrated😔

  17. Dyshawndra Williams

    Still play in 2019

  18. Iam Mz juicy

    2019 & I still play this whole album on repeat❤️💯

  19. INFPSeduction

    OMG....so beautiful. Such a talented brother.

  20. Porsha Robinson

    Still jamming to this 2019🔥

  21. InfamousQ X

    Summer of 08 9th grade🔥🥺

  22. Daughter Of God

    Love this song 2019 I'm still listening 😍😍🤞🏿

  23. Shannon Long

    listening in 2019 :(

  24. Talia Seays

    👀💝💝💝💝💝💝💝Jamie. Foxx. Have. Nice. Voice. I'm. Fan. Sexy.

  25. Desiree Grant

    2019 and heartbroken 😞

  26. Sean swann

    Strange ending

  27. Jessica Powell

    Still listening 2019

  28. J Young

    2019 still a great song

  29. Michael Spinosa

    I use this CD as my drink coaster

  30. Angel Dorsey

    2019 I'm here

  31. MsRhondawhite Rhonda White

    Still here 2019

  32. Lady V

    Still hits my heart.....

  33. Goddess Lioness

    2019 Anyone?

    Your Highness


  34. Beth Michel

    2019??? 😍😍💗

  35. MrBlactye

    This is one of those jams you keep on repeat.

  36. Heather Dear

    And the name of the album was intuition.
    Oh the painful irony 😣
    Everyday. For a month now. this fucking song😖 I listened to this song 10 years ago, memorized it, and forgot about it
    It now applies, and of course it comes to me😕

    Dammit I have to turn my stupid phone off now..

    I'll bet I spent well over half of 2018 crying myself to sleep and wishing for unreachable goals..

  37. Propagate Light

    Jamie Foxx - Overdose (Unofficial Music Video) https://propagatelight.blogspot.com/2018/12/overdose-music-video.html

  38. Gloss Queenz

    2019 almost here 😫 still listening never gets old 💕

  39. Liquid

    Classic Album💯🔥💯🔥

  40. Celeste Holt


  41. Jervonne Haith

    It would be low key Raining tho

  42. Danny Smith

    Had it on repeat. Makes me think of someone special. Its sad no one making songs like this again.

  43. Loving Life1103

    One of my favorites

  44. Judith G

    Loving this.... I can listen to this over and over again!!

  45. frederick hampton jr

    In my head 2018 Sept.

  46. Trip Star

    Listening to it right now.. This 🎵 will never get old..

  47. Memeup Weathersby

    His best album till this Date!!

  48. Morike Haynes

    Still bumping

  49. Sharonda Reynolds

    I ove this song

  50. Prime Judicator

    "Everyday it rains...." Even in the middle of summer. Y'all don't hear me, though.

  51. coco bae

    Love this

  52. BagRunnersTM Corleo

    cut my lights back on

  53. Hovie Hov

    Ma boi KILLED this album💪💪💪

  54. Christopher Carter

    My Shit 🔥🔥

  55. Traschell Barnes

    This still hits home two years after he's gone

  56. Emily Perez

    My heart is broken so I’m just goin to hear some Jaimie fox ! Always makes me feel better ! Love his music

  57. Larry Butler

    this is the best

  58. keda b


  59. QueenLee Nash

    When im not around theres no where to go

  60. Linda Vwortham

    this is my shit

  61. Christopher Carter


  62. Da'Shawn Yates

    Who here 2018 ?

    Shenita Jennings

    Da'Shawn Yates 2019

  63. Valerie Kelly

    I love dis song

  64. Kindness2030

    Love this song still to this day

  65. tracey Jammer

    Still listening! Love this song!!!!

  66. Keyah Mason

    Still jamming in 2018 😍😍 thank u Jamie

    Romesha Brown

    Thank I'm lien

  67. beghz z

    Still luv this song!

  68. Bianca Stewart

    still my shit late 2017

  69. Jonnie Rice


  70. Avis Green

    one of my favorite songs


    Man at 2:55 the emotions start flowing, she still got me in her storm,

  72. Lee Banks

    this song sends me there always

  73. Lor Woe

    Classic album

  74. Kenneth Barrett

    Stereo system is on bass in my Camaro!!!

  75. yone Burner

    Dis song is me n my wife song...

  76. Tremain Clark

    i can listen to this song every day

    Jessica Landers

    I love this song it's just so beautiful 😘😘😘😘😘

  77. Ella byrd


  78. Alexander Nesby

    I'm obsessed with this song

  79. Sephra Rutherford

    Oh yeah this song is the ish

  80. Keekee Poet


  81. Con Artist

    Release me.. Ooouh Ooouh oooouhh Rainman, Rainman, Rainman... Many songs say about this Rainman

  82. Yesenia Torres

    The Dream sings it way better.

    Just Me

    You can't merch that

  83. treana harrington

    one of my favorites..

  84. Mad MuziQ Television

    So no one knows what happened to his song Piano? I can't find it for shit.

    She Is Brit

    Me neither! Like what the hell!?

    bih bye

    ooo I just saw it yesterday on here

    Mad MuziQ Television

    @Daeja Sanders really?

    bih bye

    +MadMuziQ Moss ..yea I'm trying to find it again for u

    Mad MuziQ Television

    +Daeja Sanders omg thank you

  85. Stacey Boxley

    my favorite person singer I name all my kids after singer's but he the shit lok

  86. Dovydas Bagdžius

    Illuminati confirmed..... :(

  87. Christina Bill

    this is about him dying...he is in a coffin....back of hearse. the curtains are in the hearse....the light is the Light.... the clothes laid out are the ones he is laid out in.....he cant accept his death.....



    Rory Jones

    Christina Bill you are dumb

    PrettyEyezStarr (VLIFE)

    Christina Bill don't think so

    dee wil

    actually she's quite perceptive and I know the goddess is correct.

  88. Devin Garner

    I love this song

  89. antoine davis

    why is this song non existent now?

  90. Kanovas Alexander

    this brother is really talented...


    The Dream is. He wrote and produced the whole album. Jamie sang the hell out of the song though.


    when you realize singing is just his side job... this dude is so talented.


    Kanovas Alexander my nigga can do so much it's crazy.

  91. Tonisha Duffy

    I love this song makes me think of my love

  92. Tajenae Grady

    This how I feel wen my hubby not next to me...

    Ashley Mackins