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Ape your father's sins, your mother's mood swings
To perfection
Fall into a spin, shed another skin
Strip away all your protection

Laugh at the wonder of it all
Laugh so loud you break the fall
And you see the gathering clouds
Cry at the sadness of the world
Cry so long you break it's cold
And you hear the gathering sounds

Do everything you fear
In this there's power
Fear is not to be afraid of

Laugh at the wonder of it all
Laugh so loud you break your fall
And you hear the gathering sounds

Come, dip on in
Leave your bones, leave your skin
Leave your past, leave your craft
Leave your suffering heart

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James Sound Comments
  1. Twistedhippy

    Took my first full E to this song, 25 year's ago tonight. I cry at the beauty it brings even now.

  2. lurance johnson

    Tim Booth's/James music has been there through the worst and the best moments of my life. After my sister's murder, then 4 years later my father's suicide, and 7 years after that my nephew's drowning,they have always been a support system for me to walk me through. Without James I honestly don't know if I would have made it out alive. "He that saves one life saves the world entirely".

  3. 7bopper

    What a song!

  4. Dom Bourdeau

    good bandssss maouuuuuuuyouuuuuuuuuu riff rifff yeaaaaaaaaayouooooooooooooo

  5. andrew petrou

    Think your lyrics are a bit messed up ;-)

  6. D.j. Jumbo

    I remember, when I first heard this band, I loved them so much, back in the day and still to today, favorites were seven and laid, these days when ive had a bad day or just wanna sit back and relax with soothing music, I still listening to them, I call -james- my therapy music, im a music lover, I even bought a guitar, signed by the band...

  7. zimriel

    first time i've heard this one since 1992 . . .

  8. Apostrophe Catastrophe

    “Ape your father’s sins, your mother’s mood swings, to perfection” is the greatest lyric ever and you can’t convince me otherwise.

    Lee Goddard

    N I wudnt

  9. Mark Bradley

    This has brought back memories lost , the artwork i'd completely forgotten about and now i'm 16 again.

  10. Garry Green


  11. Pamela

    Johnny Marr (& band) still going strong; see 2019's new 'Bright Parade'

  12. navonod69

    The extended live version of this song done in Manchester is amazing!!!

  13. Gemma Mcmanus

    This song is perfect, you know that because you heard it, tell other people, love xx

    Gemcat Gemma

    Fab! I’ll tell everyone I know!! Don’t you worry!

  14. Pamela

    This is the one. Thanks for Detroit show & 2019 American tour. Top shelf

  15. Andrewww w

    My ALL time favourite track by the mighty JAMES, I loved this track when it came out and have seen them live many times and I will have this played at my funeral, I play it daily on my commute to work and even after 27 years it still sounds fresh


    Andrewww w is it really 27 years old!!!Good god,I wore this album out on cassette & my favourite track of theirs as well

  16. Amit S

    thanks mtv india backin 90s to broadcast this awesome band...

  17. Sonia Gutarra

    Soy la unica latina escuchando James y sus éxitos. 😄🙂😀 En 2019


    Aquí un gallego que conoce toda su discografía

    Cesar Gonzalez Bascur

    igual desde Chile , los seguimos mucho !!!!! conozco todos sus discos , unos de mis dos favoritos es gold mother y seven

    carmen caamaño

    Yo me sumo y sumo más por gallega

    ptkd todos decidimos

    Yo desde Tlalnepantla!

    Felipe Pañero

    Saludos desde Barcelona España

  18. Nick Turner

    I enjoyed this

  19. Paul Diveney

    Amazing lyrics, helped me through some dark times.

  20. Mark Walsh

    Alton towers1992, had just left school and this was my first ever concert, still the best live band I've seen and I've seen a hell of of lot since then

    Mark Sladen

    I was there too. Amazing concert even though it waa pissing down with rain.

  21. carmen moya

    si, suena como U2

  22. Pamela

    Danka Ramiruscorpio. Simply stunning

  23. cotzophan


  24. Chris Roche

    This brilliant song makes me tingle all over!!!!!!!1

    Scott Crookes

    Chris Roche me too

  25. Graham Furay

    I was there at the parr Hall Warrington wen they recorded it live.. 1992

  26. Stuart O'Donnell


  27. Ismail özay

    2nd James song I've listened that I admitted to love them till I die

    Ape your father's sins, your mother's mood swings 
    To perfection 
    Fall into a spin, shed another skin 
    Strip away all your protection 
    Laugh at the wonder of it all 
    Laugh so loud you break the fall 
    And you see the gathering clouds 
    Cry at the sadness of the world 
    Cry so long you break its cold 
    And you hear the gathering sounds 
    Do everything you fear 
    In this there's power 
    Fear is not to be afraid of 
    Laugh at the wonder of it all 
    Laugh so loud you break your fall 
    And you hear the gathering sounds 
    Come, dip on in 
    Leave your bones, leave your skin 
    Leave your past, leave your craft 
    Leave your suffering heart

  28. Grover Bennington

    My really bad days...😕

  29. Grover Bennington

    I love this soo much..

  30. Jon Bee

    Get goosebumps every time

    Scott Crookes

    Jon Bee me too. Weird

  31. Jacqui Cryer1964

    I’ve asked my family to make sure this is my funeral song! 👍🏼😊

    Matthew Camano

    That's so ironic you say that. I told my wife to play "Wisdom of the Throat" by James at my funeral.

    Sonia Waters

    We played this yesterday at my sisters funeral 😢, awesome song great band xxx

    Samia Raazi

    This is profound

  32. 3 KIDS

    Saw them at a warm up gig in torquay around 92. Amazing! I’ll never forget how good they sounded 👍🏻

    mighty gull

    if I remember correctly the support was rems 'out of time' album played in its entirety and was a warm up for alton towers

  33. Robert Curtis

    James(best of all time)the greatest.

  34. Simondo81

    Please change the lyrics to the correct ones. Thanks.

  35. Violet

    One of my faves👌👌👌

  36. mester Manchester

    One of the best bands to come out of the Republic of mancunia!

    PaZuZu 666

    lool good 'un mester, so many to choose from, such an Oasis....like a Factory too....ok I'll stop ;o)


    I agree... but Tim Booth came from Bradford

    Barrie Doyle

    Boston spa. Is a Leeds fan 😂 James the best band in the world 🤩

  37. Jacques de Wit

    The version of Sound they played at the 2001 farewell concert MANCHESTER arena is one of the most spectacular pieces of music and performances I have ever seen

    Lee Goddard

    Nevva saw it but watched them replace
    MORRISY at glastonebury

    Late 90z its a bit blurry


    Have to agree, I've heard many versions but that one is the absolute best.

    Craig Dixon



    Farwell HA! Detroit USA loved them 2 nights ago. 2019 show sparkled

    Karen Warner

    Pregnant with my first boy at this concert

  38. Paul Simpson

    Love this song. Bought it on 12" pure class.....

  39. Andrew Galbraith

    please play this in Glasgow this year .see a proper crowd reaction.

  40. e s

    Hidden context for a brilliant reason

  41. Jon Bell

    I was seventeen when I attended the James concert at newcastle city hall and we were not that impressed as we were used to the come home genre. Now listening to it again you realise what good musicians and song writers they actually are.

  42. James Taylor

    Fear is not to be afraid off.

  43. Pedro Plasencia

    In this song they remind me U2 in the good times, when they knew how to write good songs and be intense.

  44. Babylon Has Fallen!

    Man, I’m floating above the clouds at the moment. To quote Sgt.Elias from the movie “Platoon:” “Feeling good is good enough.”

  45. Nately22

    One of my favourites from my all time favourite band. Last bit of lyrics....Where's the primitive? Alien instinct. Somebody break away for God's sake.

  46. mark c

    james at there peak where fucking brilliant

  47. Daft Everton

    The Sound x

  48. J.J. Medusa

    Hauntingly good.

  49. Steve Nortje

    The real Macoy. Love James.

  50. jonhy marshall

    SO GOOD !!!!

  51. Jesse Campain

    happy 420

  52. Stu Walsh

    An absolute masterpiece. However, whoever thinks that those are the lyrics is either deaf of on drugs.

  53. Sarah Campbell

    Hey, I've just realised after 24 years of listening that the very first word is Ape not Hey.

    Paul Simpson

    Sarah Campbell it is 😊

    The Colour Spectrum

    And here I am, after buying Seven in '92, in August 2018, only realising this after reading your comment! I'm a bit blown away now. It was always 'hey' to me. Thank you Sarah!

    Kate Vann


    Kate Vann


    Superbike racing

    Ha I didn't know that either

  54. IThinkYouLookLarvely

    Late 1991 in the UK, was it actually mixed in mono?! It's not on Spotify, I should have bought the single!

    Lee Goddard

    Yes ya shudda xxx

  55. sg2massive


  56. rabbitsandcarrots

    certainly one of the best songs ever written.

  57. Joana

    The best :)))))))

  58. Paulo Matos

    guitar chords??????????????????????????????????????????????

    Barry Morrison

    Fuck up!

  59. SFnH

    I remember this live at Brixton Academy in late October 1991 :-) Fantastic gig, one of the best I have ever been to.

  60. Teresa Norfolk

    at the sadness of the world.

  61. Timber van Weerd

    I have always loved this song. Cry at the sadness of the world......

  62. MrVortex1977


  63. Trev Mahoney

    Produced by Youth and T Johnson

  64. standenberg

    James are Sound :-)

  65. John Grant

    one of the best bands to come out this country in fact thee best


    Who the f&%k said the wurzells

    Dylan Loughran

    John Grant indeed


    @Sciurus Rubrum Tim Booth can sing better then them all


    2 thumbs mester Manc & love from [email protected] Manchester

    Pete Grusky

    Muse and Haken ... Unbeatable

  66. rhyl14wolves

    top song

  67. nmacog

    Laugh at the wonder of it all
    Laugh so loud you break the fall
    And you see the gathering clouds
    Cry at the sadness of the world
    Cry so long you break it's cold
    And you hear the gathering sounds

    beautiful ....says it all ...


    +nmacog 'Cry so long you break it's Hold' ..makes more sense and just beautiful!

    David Reising

    +Blakdog333 Could it be 'cry so long you break it's code?' Either way, awesome song, amazing band :)

    Iain Barnsley

    full lyrics would come in handy, maybe a a wedding song!.

  68. Terry Warburton

    seen james over 20 times still brilliant live as they was in the 80s


    virgin, but not after 7/20 & w/ the p.furs. YIPPEE!!


    Me toooooo! Having been a fan from the 90’s finally get to see them this summer.

  69. seadog365

    Saw them live for the first time 4 days ago and they were fantastic, this song was on their setlist! :)

    lake fire

    +seadog365 were did you see them ?


    +lake fire Scarborough Open Air Theatre.

    Dave Snaith

    +seadog365 May 9th 2016 University of East Anglia .... Got my tickets :)

    Joseph Wong

    +seadog365 Maxwell Hall, University of Salford, Manchester. I used to work in the bar below the hall :)

    Cicky Main

    seadog365 go every year for years now, normally 02 academy Newcastle always a cracking Gig pal

  70. steve hewitt

    So brilliant.


    a cool song!

  71. v0rtex77

    τι γαμάτη κομματάρα !