James Brown - Hey America Lyrics

Hey America, it's Christmas time
All year long you've been given me the peace sign
What did what happened at the present time
Right now I see more than a million peace signs
No more

Hey America, don't you think its about time
After more than a billion of the peace signs
For me to start coming your way
And people to start the common mind
Let's meet don't you think its about time
For after more than a million of the peace signs to start coming your way
And you got common mind
You got...
Let's play it together
Let's be together
I mean you and you and you
Let's start another year together
Right back when you were free
Even a man I'll never see
Let's be together
Let's be together
Love one another

Hey America, it's Christmas time
God gave us something let us celebrate it
Quit cryin' God gave us something let us celebrate it
Let us celebrate it
Hey one mind
Hey America! huh
Don't you think its about time
Well after more than twelve months
A billion peace signs
Some say right the others say straight ahead
Right on straight ahead
After half a million straight ahead
Tiger sits straight ahead
Hey Danke schön huh...
This is the United States you know
Everybody let's do it together
Half a million


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James Brown Hey America Comments
  1. Rickey Henderson

    After listening to this Prince went and made Controversy.

  2. Kevin Stephens

    I Love this

  3. philippe oria

    j'ai 9 ans j'entends cette chanson dans la chambre de mon frère il s'est enfermé avec son copain Sam pour danser ...j'en ai aujourd'hui 52 et quel souvenir ....

    Charly Amartino

    formidable moment votre frère devait comprendre l'art !

    Abdel Salam Moulaye

    Gardez, svp, de bons souvenirs, bonne continuation, et bon courage dans la vie!

  4. Fredrick Tucker

    I have the album and the promo copy on 45 in my DJ 45 box and they are hard to find trust me I'm a James Brown fan for years plus I went to his funuel almost 10 years ago something I'll never forget