James Brown - Blues & Pants Lyrics

Yeah, hey, c'mon!
Gotta have it, uh.
Baby, sweet little angel
My lord!

Let me tell ya baby what you mean to me
Let me tell ya baby what you mean to me
When you get time, you're all right

Hot pants, you see, I need 'em in the mornin'
To fill me up all though the day
I need them in the evenin'
To tighten my game on my man
Can't do without it, you know I love it

Hey, hey, hey-y-y-y-y-y-y
Hot pants, when I need 'em
Hot pants, when I want 'em
Hot pants, I gotta have it

Ow! Ow! Uh! Get goin'

Gotta have it
Baby, can't do without it
Stronger lovin', fighter lovin'
I need it, I need it, I need it

A two-faced woman and a devil's man
Cause all the troubles from above again
A two-faced woman and devil's man
Snaggin' through the towers will make you mad
Don't change it, got to rearrange it

Hot pants will make the difference
Will make the difference
Will make the difference
Will make the difference
Whoa! Stop the bus. Ha
You need someone to love ya
You need someone that they can have ya
Hey, hey, down bass, hit me

[James Brown:] Ren! Ren!
[Ren:] Yeah
[James Brown:] Pull on your pants. Ha! I mean your long pants.
Ren, pull on your pants. I mean your long pants and burn your horn.

Jimmy! Hey Jimmy! Your pant's too short. Ren! Ren! Ren! Hey Jimmy move out.
Hey Jimmy, hey Jimmy, move out with your little funny horn, man. You haven't said notthin'.
Move out with your little funny horn. Come on Brad, bring out your black hornin' out. C'mon

[James Brown:] Go on to the head. We need some head. We gotta have some head. You bobbin' your head, ha ha ha. We need some head here
[Someone:] Yeah
[James Brown:] Can we get some head here?
[Someone:] Yeah
[James Brown:] Can we get some head?
[Someone:] Yeah
[James Brown:] What you laughin' at, man?
Can we get some head?
[Someone:] Yeah
[James Brown:] Can we get some head right here?
[Someone:] Yeah
[James Brown:] Hit it Jimmy, then hit me

Do that one more time, da-na-na-na
C'mon now, hit me now
Do that again, I like that, hit me
One more time
What do you say, cheese? One more time

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James Brown Blues & Pants Comments
  1. Mark Elsenberger

    Sampled by Nicki Minaj in the track "Barbie Dreams"

  2. Lock Star Goddess

    iI remember this songas "HotPants" my grandma's BFF Clevella bought me some short shorts when I was like 6 1976 despite how politically incorrect it would be perceived now) and I would dance around to this!

  3. Sharon Johnson

    All right youngins ..
    The head comment means to go to the top of the song or the bridge. Long live the 60s. Pure funk just makes you feel

  4. Sharon Johnson

    Can never get enough of James. Pure funk with a Capital F. Long live the 60s and 70s.

  5. Santoz Diogo

    PRA CIMA!!🇧🇷

  6. Michi-Hiro Tamaï

    First Aid Kit for our souls !

  7. Richard Marshall Bowman

    Them pants must have been soaked in funk!

  8. BotEditor 04

    Yes I too change my face with a spray of meat

  9. who8myfish


  10. Motelcalifornia2

    Gotta hav'em!
    I need'em!

    Put on yo' pants!
    I mean your long pants!

  11. elaine catarina

    Isso é uma viagem,manda muito essa lenda do soul.amooooooo.

  12. Dominic Evans

    I swear this sounds like that song in Love Jones when they was steppin at the club.


    It is...I was looking for it myself...lol

  13. Pharoah Monk

    Make it funky, Godfather.

  14. Pedro Canedo

    Hip Hop

  15. johnny solvang

    Cool Smooth Groove...

  16. Héctor Torres

    just dancing while my dog drinks water

  17. Phil DA

    dreams of fucking an rnb bitch

  18. Rakehell Acrimonious

    The ghetto boys brought me here

  19. Rakehell Acrimonious

    James brown aka uncle James is the god father of hip hop everyday you hear samples of his music in old school hip hop

  20. GamingQC

    Speed 1.25 is cool

  21. Black Power Archives

    7:58 "Going to the head" means going to the top of the song. Old school R & B singers will tap the top of their heads to indicate to the musicians to go to the beginning.

    Sharon Johnson

    Thanks for EXPLAINING to the youngins on this post. They think it means something else. Long live the 70s and James

  22. elaine catarina

    esse é o cara mandou muito,vai ai meu salve.

  23. Miss Helena

    What would the world do without James Brown

  24. Moneymakin Zymir

    James inspired biggie biggie inspired Kim Kim inspired Nicki who next

  25. Justin Wollmann

    When James Brown said “Can we get some head?”

    I felt that.

  26. mrstep2me

    I started small time, dope game, cocaine. Pushing rocks on the block I'm never broke mayne!

  27. Byron Jones

    Those that Step to this Fantastic Tune, will wind up leaving unforgettable footprints !

  28. Motelcalifornia2

    (8:00) Sounds like he said, "We need some head right hee-uh!"
    I could be wrong.

    Lewis Goudy

    It's a term of art, like "bridge" and "break". Wikipedia has articles on all three.

    Miss Super Hottie

    that's exactly what he said ...

    Sharon Johnson

    Alright youngins.... it means go back to the bridge.

  29. antwaun falkner

    GUY sampled the intro on their song "gotta be a leader"

  30. Vasco Silva

    nicki minaj barbie dreams sample is from this song

  31. Eric Rushing

    The pure musicianship is enough for me. The funky soul is just bonus

  32. Manny Badabing

    Can. WE. Get. Some. Head. Up. In. Hear.....

    Watchoo laffin' at.

  33. Manny Badabing

    My pants on fire....oooof$fff

  34. NoMIND!

    Can WE GET some HEAD right HERE 8:20


    Doesn't sound like Greatest Hits album. I'm Confused.

  36. Herman Maye

    Ya'll heard what the god father said he need it me too Hot Pants in the moing dig it

  37. otretas

    Any egirls want to play ow with me and patrick?

  38. cguns98

    Can we get some head

  39. آدم سلام

    7:58 Did he say "we need some head, can I get some head"? 😆😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂LMAO!!!!!!!! I can hear why his band is laughing.

  40. Mark Meade

    Soul Brother No 1 😎

  41. Craig Davis

    James Brown's music is the blueprint of Hip Hop culture man.

  42. Craig Davis

    R.I.P.Mister James Brown!!!🎧🎧🎧🎤🎤🎤🎵🎵🎵💗💗💗🙏🙏🙏

  43. Craig Davis

    The Godfather Of Soul!!!

  44. Craig Davis

    Super Cee Lover and Casanova Rudd-Do The James Brown!!!

  45. Naykat

    I don’t know why James was giving Jimmy such a hard time. That shit was smooth.

  46. Dirtiest Nastiest

    5:22 "Hey Jimmy, your pants' too short". Then, it sounds like he says "Get out of here with that white horn, bring a black horn in there." haha if so, hilarious. Wow James Brown, not very PC, so triggered.

  47. ELVIS1975T


  48. sfk1973

    A two bit woman and a jealous man, genius 😃

  49. Alejandro Parras Torres

    Always fresh. Impossible not to move the feet

  50. Crafty Crafty

    I clicked on this purely to post a comment about how good this is and how I love it when the brass section roll through the scale.
    Just got lost in the moment and nearly forgot to say anything. Love this so much. And yes, I've been with JB since before any of the samples mentioned in the comments.

  51. Maryna Barbosa Ferreira

    Clap back, we gon' clap back
    We goin' clap back, we gon' clap back
    (Let's take 'em to war niggas!)

     Anyone else ? xD

  52. joe

    Almost crashed my car when he said can we get some head lol

  53. Mohamed gelle Anshoor


  54. Walter Souza

    Uf, me vuela la peluca. Gracias por tanto James!!! Se me mueven solos los pies apenas suena esta música.

  55. Sandy Oeznur

    That "AAAAAAH!!" together with the organ gets me every time 1:52
    Sounds like he really got to have them hot pants
    ..what does he even say there?

  56. kuraidjinn

    Can we get some head?😂😂What you laughin at man? He was talking to me directly!

  57. blackl1steddrums

    The real question is: CAN WE GET SOME HEAD?


    Bon choix.... éduquons les masses..

  59. Manny Badabing

    Fred, put on your long pants......🤤🤘

  60. Manny Badabing

    Uh! There 'tis. Epic soul....😁

  61. DADAMON 99

    2 0 1 9

  62. DADAMON 99

    James Brown Leyenda.

  63. The Scatman

    "Do the James
    James, James, James
    Brown, Brown, Brown.......!'

  64. Missbecky28

    We need some HEAD...Can we get some HEAD right here? What u laughing at??😜😀😂

  65. Kenan Sungur


  66. aminadaze

    Rock Steady now.....

  67. aminadaze

    stank face dancing

  68. antonio morgante

    the best of funkyyyyyyyyyy music

  69. Ray Burton

    My nigga! This jam flows! Can I get some head? I was a kid back when this song was released. I damn sure know what head means now! RIP butane James!

  70. Julius Hall

    Funky Funky Funky

  71. Stefan Simpson

    Horace brown, things we do for love.

  72. Lance Kelly

    Geto boys scarface had the best sample

  73. Liota Rose

    The original original beat never knew it was James brown

  74. Rishad l

    I don't dance but this shit makes me want to get up and do all types of shit

  75. Fernanda Soares de Souza

    Obrigada por postar

  76. Chris Renfroe

    That's the only way to profit is to recycle 🤔

  77. Celio Andrade

    Nicki Minaj Sampled this Song with new hit Barbie Dreams

  78. Celio Andrade

    Nicki Minaj Sampled this Song With Barbie Things

  79. Ziad Obaid


  80. Marquise Williams

    Horace Brown brought me to Nikki who brought me back to Horace which brought me here lol

  81. lanyjah peterson

    Here from Nicki

  82. Ignat Andra

    *electronic music plays* Space pants!

  83. Kommander Snide

    I can’t find a damn tab for this song!! I love the riff and I wanna play it so bad!

  84. Elizabeth Rose Mohammed

    Came here from nicki minaj

  85. TASH

    Thanks Lost in vegas

  86. AFunDad

    Lost in vegas? Anyone?


    AFunDad me lol 🙋🏾‍♂️

  87. Jeremy Walker

    Nicki Minaj's (Barbie Dreams) brought me here.

  88. David Richardson

    James Brown birthed hip hop and it's subgenres after it. He also started _trap_ and _mumble rap_ at the same damn time.

  89. Uriel Valle

    dreams is a sample

  90. Tracy Grimshaw

    Nicki brought me to lil Kim, who brought me to biggie, who brought me here.. WHO ELSE?????

    Not so Yummy mummy

    Lost in vegas reaction to barbie dreams brought me to biggie then to james brown would never of known!!

    Kenny Abron

    TLC what about your friends

    Anwar Philip

    Super Lover Cee and Casanova Rud- I gotta good thing.



    Cliff Webb

    I came straight here.

  91. Freddie Byrd

    Paid attention when this song came back in the day how the drum an bass hung so close which is really what it's suppose to be not like today the Rythem so ou out of wack and with James playing the Oragan blend makes it much better

  92. darnell dorsey

    This is skate music. Dorsey skates.

  93. Neosoulgroovydude

    can we get some head! marvin joked about head. but it was about the drummer.

  94. Neosoulgroovydude

    love jones. steppers.

  95. Slipping Jimmy

    Definitely one of my fav JB tracks. The brass section at the end moves me into a different gear.

  96. KelseyBoyTv

    Can we get some head 🤣🤣🤣