James Brown - Any Day Now Lyrics

Any day now
I will hear you say
Goodbye, my love
Alright, and you'll be on your way

Then my wild beautiful bird
You will have flown, oh, hit me
Any day now, uh
Love gon' let me down, and you won't be around

Any day now
When your restless eyes meet someone new, alright
And to my sad surprise
Then the blue shadows will fall all, all over town
Come on, hit me
Any day now, good God, huh
Love will gon' me down, ho, and you won't be around
HO! OH! You won't be around
Now let me tell you, huh

I know I shouldn't want to keep you
If you don't wanna stay
But I'll still love you forever
I'll be holdin' on for dear life
Holding on this way
Begging you to stay
Oh, ow

Any day now, uh
When the clock strikes 'Go'
You'll call it off
And then my, and then my tears will flow
Then my wild beautiful bird, you will have flown
Any day now, uh, hit me
Love gon' let me down, 'cause you won't be around

OH! Don't go away
My, my, my, my, my, my, my beautiful bird
My beautiful bird, my beautiful bird, my beautiful bird
My, my, my, my, my beautiful, my, my, my, my
My little loving bird
Hey, hey hey hey, ow, don't leave me

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James Brown Any Day Now Comments
  1. Archie Thomas

    I heard a different JB version of this as a teenager.

  2. InduperatorRex

    Tony Hawk: Project 8 brought me here

    Mark Zuckerbeck

    oh hell yea