Jagged Edge - Crying Out Lyrics

Can I ask you something
Huh, huh
JE boys
Can you hear it

[Verse 1:]
Why can't I have a good girl (freak)
And I wanna give her the finer things, not just designer things
What I'm talking about,
Nothing wrong with that whining
That I'm talking about quality type
If you wise, if you wise
If you was a doctor you could pull out your tool and listen to my heart
Hear what its sayin
No delayin
I'm prayin
My heart is sayin, sayin
Boom, boom...

Time that I'm with you I hear my body crying out (crying out...)
Say you hear it to, don't judge me I'm just cryin out (crying out...)
Lookin for a good girl
Listen to my heart and hear the way it moans
Oh, oh, oh...
Listen how it moans
Oh, oh, oh...
Do you hear the way it moans

[Verse 2:]
With a love in my near future
Ain't talking about the kind you give all you got but in the end you still lose her (lose her)
I'm talking bout the kind who truly understands and she knows how to treat a man
Yes, she do
Yes, she do
Talking bout the kind that stays down with you to the point her friends think she is stupid
That is what my heart needs
That's what my heart needs

Time that I'm with you I hear my body crying out (crying out...)
Say you hear it to, don't judge me I'm just cryin out (crying out...)
Lookin for a good girl (can you hear it to)
Listen to my heart and hear the way it moans (oh, oh, oh)
Oh, oh, oh... (hear me moan)
Listen how it moans
Oh, oh, oh... (yeah, yeah)
Do you hear the way it moans (just hear my cryin out)
My hearts cryin out
Oh, oh, oh
My hearts cryin out

Oh, oh,
My heart is crying out
Now, now

Time that I'm with you I hear my body crying out (crying out...)
Say you hear it to, don't judge me I'm just cryin out (crying out...)
Boy I got you
Lookin for a good girl
Listen to my heart and hear the way it moans
Oh, oh, oh... (and you know I'm hurtin)
Listen how it moans
Oh, oh, oh... (baby you should know I'm cryin out for you)
Do you hear the way it moans (you should know I'm hurting)

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Jagged Edge Crying Out Comments
  1. candy redd

    Still here in 2020


    This was mah shit! needed a video.

  3. Fernando Fishing Florida

    Burner for life

  4. I Am Shabrina the Co-Creator none

    damn the memories 😊

  5. Debroah Taylor

    2019 still bumping

    Ivory Miller


  6. NYLA Harmon

    2019 Guhd Girl 😙👑

  7. Kellisha Smith

    Still listening to this in 2018

  8. Lachelle Coleman

    Why can’t I have a good Girl A Freak lol🙏💋🔥😂

  9. Raymond Warren

    my sister love they songs but this song is her favor one

  10. Keiland Terrell

    sum of the funnest days of my life I fell n love and had two beautiful sons cuz of this album

  11. Lucker Loyd


  12. Michelle Woods

    My husband was murdered by the police but since i uses to play this track out, it reminds me of him. i miss him. I still love him so much and he loved me too. best MAN ever. i will always love him

    Ness 2cute

    Wow so sorry for your loss

    Cameshian Harris

    I'm sorry for your lost😢

    Fletcher Earles

    Sorry about your lost. I send my prayers.

    Roch fray

    Aw amazing what a bangin tune to remind you of your beloved hubby!!❤❤ my heart goes out to you girl!! xxxxx

    Willie Turner

    Michelle Woods my condolences ❤️💯

  13. J Rio

    millennials killed r&b

  14. MsMesha Ambitious

    this NIGGA got me crying out. love this song its my heartbreak shit

  15. Natosha Meeks

    MY heart crying out for you Anthony Florence!!

  16. dj blaxx

    jagged edge boyz to men dru hill and next bring hits real damn hits je is the group now

  17. Terri Thompson

    luv thiis track

  18. Kendra R

    love this song

  19. Nimorri H

    I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL #MemoryLane

  20. Joseph Johnson

    This is [email protected]

  21. Jheyanneify

    This song should of had a video. it deserves it

  22. ZAzzah N

    aaaaaaw!🙌 still my Fav song ever..now I'm missing my boo boo😍??

  23. Milk Shake

    Still my favorite song in 2016😍😍😍😍😍😍💗❤💗💖💖

  24. 707 MoneyMack

    Bring real r&b back

    Benicia Wilson

    Lavelle Montgomery aman

  25. Gregory Brooks

    this is my jam

  26. ladybug8712

    I miss them...

  27. Don And mom

    Love this song

  28. mutabarukadada

    Love everything they do. This is one of my favorites

  29. Teaa B

    too many songs I love!! 💕💕💕 my mom has all their albums listening to them play as a youngin

  30. majamdah

    Wowwwww...pure vocal talent!!!

  31. Lil Uzi A

    Listen my ❤️ & hear the way it moans 😩😩

  32. crazychiq

    Still play this over and over

  33. Lacie Stegall


  34. Camelia Iordache

    Love this boys!

  35. Gunter Butler

    the jagged boys?still keeping it raw?

  36. helema ismail

    love them!!!

  37. Spencertorry Brown

    Old days

  38. Julisa Mcmillian


  39. Nalouchaa

    Awesome song! I miss those days...

    M Poly

    I know what you mean... I had some good and bad times in the mid 2000's this album takes me back to.

  40. Jaybabi25

    With a love in my near future...ain't talkin bout the kind u give all u got...but in the end u still lose her..

  41. Jay D

    Angel maree.I.feel u.ma.big fan of je.only r n.b I.rock.wit holla.back

  42. Ashley Tillman

    crying loud out....crying crying loud out

  43. Panelope Pritchard

    This is my ish!! ❤ When I was little I used to make my mama play this over & over again :)

  44. crazychiq

    One of the best songs on this album

  45. Tittlesnhizmouf

    sad face sumbody hurt ...awww...um itz bomb femalez n diz world dat luv dey man and want dey man to guide dem n way dey iz suppose to go...trust

  46. Mo91607

    some real R&B right here! YELP....

  47. Mo91607

    this is the ish and yes you can play this shit ova & ova again neva gets boring Ya heard me!

  48. FalyFal

    True story Sheena

  49. DeeDee Campbel

    So miss real R&B music.

  50. GaleMagnus


  51. BlackSugar419

    they dont. bitches now days wanna just party, they aint about shit. they dont want to settle down, they dont want to take care of us men, they dont care about our feelings and our emotions. they put absolutely no thought into any of this. only thing that matters is there friends and anything and everything but you....

  52. Omgitsdeez

    Love it. Such a great song

  53. Troyon James

    Gud memories 2dis song luv it keep it up JE

  54. Miya' Yahlana

    Good girl cryout2

  55. ronald richard

    dont judge me im just crying out yea i feel yu on this some females just dont understand but JE Do some of yall ladies really need to listen to this song

  56. wr513

    Oh yes!!!

  57. Drea B. Vivian R. Ragland-Bridges

    LOL!!.... Lawd!!.... they stumbled upon sum grown folks music,huh?....

  58. Charis Davis

    Im the girl ur looking for ...........Ive always been down for the past nigga I was with.........

  59. Charis Davis

    club music

  60. TYE11911

    OMG! OMG! BOOM BOOM My body just crying. WOWWWWWWW

  61. adaneneh

    My ish hear my body crying out!!! Dont judge me lol....Nuff Said!!! They r the bomb...

  62. Santiago Marcano

    hear what i'm saying, not dalaying, i'm praying my heart is saying BOOM BOOM BOOM

  63. Santiago Marcano

    when i talk about

  64. doreen brown

    I'm talikin about the Kind that stay down wit u to the point that her friends think she's stupid''''WOW REAL SHIT!!!!

  65. D Dorsey

    this is real music

  66. tamicka

    love it....wrong ablum cover

  67. M1F_EH

    @chitxgirl :They are very special with a very special talent. I love them and Yes...JE Forever.

  68. smcg36

    This is Dedicated to Dorian Franklin Shaw!!! Get @ me man!!

  69. Megan

    omg i love this song...just one of those songs that you play over again never gets dull

  70. LaViva

    LOVEEEEEEEE this song !! you should see my JE play list on youtube! lol love these boys

  71. Robert Tanner

    i think this is their best song

  72. DJ Dab

    A lot of mean ask this question. Why can't I have G.O.O.D. Girl (FREAK)? #lovemovement

  73. 1sexymona

    Jagged Edge is the TRUTH!!! These dudes sing their azz off!!!!

  74. Ibn El Sadiq Bey

    Toast to everyone that still believes in the real RnB shit!!! It's on the rise again fa sho'

  75. Rahab Mc

    jagged edge will ALWAYS be one of the best rnb artist ever !



  77. Keyoni Adams

    ilove this song

  78. nicole jarrott

    love this song je fo life

  79. Hashauna Farmer

    Best damn break up song hands down...my heart is crying out...

  80. ctaya15

    This is my ishh!

  81. Taushay Best

    I love this song! My man sang it to me and put it on repeat and made love to me....oh,oh,oh....he heard my heart crying out and he came thru for me...i guess this gonna be our wedding song lol...just let the word carry u...JE ALLDAY BABY...i promise

  82. tarjay35

    OMG I have been looking for this forever! Hurray!

  83. Hannah

    HAve every cd they have ever made...they dnt get the shine they need...best R&B group better than 112!!!!!

  84. koaSmoke

    Can you say "Underrated"

  85. teasa12

    @chitxgirl not enough credit at all! I've loved JE forever....BIG FAN of them!!!

  86. nubeea

    I love music you can feel

  87. Leslie Arnelle TV

    their voices are yummy!

  88. Tj Jones

    I Hope sooooo Cocobunny!!!!!!

  89. Diondra B

    Love it. Still sounds good.....

  90. ATLGALadee

    This is my shit!!! I Luv these guys!!!!

  91. casapia88

    i really thought jagged edge is one person ....

    dammn now there 4 sexy boyz

  92. Sharmel Mitchell

    I love this song too!!!

  93. Tj Jones

    im not talkin bout the kind u give all u got but in the end u still lose her!!!!!!!!whew dat sh&t hits home!!!!!! talkin bout the kind that stays down wit u to the point her friends think she is stupid!!!!! thats what my heart needs!!!!! thats some hard sh&t to find these dayz!!!!!! that love ur granny had for grandad or mama had for pops is almost unheard of now!!!!! but ima hold out till its right!!!!!!

  94. faialfnf

    jagged edge are one of the best ever r'n'b groups ever!!!!!

  95. Terry Bridgeman

    welllllllllllllllllll put yo truz me these guys are R&B