Jae Millz - Dutch Masters Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
They act like I wanna get fame off dissing niggas,
Like I ain't already got fame off dissing niggas,
That's one thing I do, got if I ain't got shit on niggas
Youtube me, they watch my battles more than ya singles nigga
Recite some of the most clever shit ever made
And by the way I ain't battle in bout a decade
Yo, don't be mad at me for catching darts
Ya'll niggas through and let's keep it moving, respect the art
I just wanna smoke and chase kush clouds
And celebrate Obama, no longer stressed bout what Bush allow
I wish I can supply the world with pounds
'Cause dutch masters make the world go round

Check me out

[Verse 2:]
Mind over matter until the day that my ashes are scattered
Or til that evening at my casket
It's lower then them green stims that grow out of that brown dirt
That ground work, is what calculates and totals to your town's worth
Where I'm from, girls only care bout that brown purse
Black girl lost but Louis Vuitton made her feel she found earth
I can't just apparent that miss ladder
All I can do is teach my princess better
Nas was right on time with that daughter's record
He came out with it the week I found out what my girl was expecting
Now I'm so geeked I wish I could supply the world with pounds
'Cause dutch masters make the world go round

[Verse 3:]
Before my grandmother died she said nothing is promised
So that's my proudest fact
So proud in fact her grandson naming his album that
Shout to Harlem, it's only right that I style in raps
Put gold around my wrists and fingers
Kneel down a smile for snaps
Yea, jailhouse pose
For my soldiers in them jailhouse clothes, salute
Listen to the sentences, I just thinks you could tell I know
What the fuck I'm fuckin talkin bout
From hell I arose
Now it's 10 toes on this cold world that they place the nigga in
But I'm good, I got nigga skin
You say I'm a whack rapper? That's cool
Being a black man on earth, I've been called worse
That's why I wish I could supply the world with pounds
'Cause dutch masters make the world go round

Smoke something bitch

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Jae Millz Dutch Masters Comments
  1. Tical Benjamin

    Smoking a Dutch now. Berry fusion

  2. William Ross

    Jae Millz Always Spit That Real Shit

  3. Adcity Claro

    Es pista propia, alguien me dice de quien es la pista ?

  4. Sean Siggers


  5. trapp foo

    my song

  6. Miguel Terrazas

    damn, first verse and beat go sick...

  7. rcfamwow

    dope beat

  8. MyerCRE

    1st Place

  9. slimmee22

    Wat song is dis of Curren$y?

  10. BreezyMula

    jetlife beat

  11. Jalen Edwards

    i think this gonna be on Dead Presidents 2

  12. punishment916

    i fux wit dutches, but I reps Pistolvania, land of da papers, cigarillos and backwoods

  13. ROD

    "Where I'm from girls only care about that brown purse, black girl lost, but Louis Vuitton made her feel she found earth" DAMN!


    Most underrated

  15. 88Doug Martin

    Wow, song's tight!

  16. Justin J-Monk

    wtf is this guy on ymcmb they fucking suck this dude needs to get with currensy or some shit or maybach music

  17. Joshua Rodriguez

    Thumbs up if you think the government should legalize Cannabis so everyone can smoke like this. Please support


    Very underrated

  19. hankhhh12

    That was dope

  20. Mike Belsito

    I'd blaze up some dutch masters, with one of my fav rappers. I hope this comments found, cuz dutch masters make the world go round.

  21. 518NorthSide

    thats whats up we should link up i be rappin and shit and i need some original beats im tired of going off these industry beats whats a good contact?

  22. The Youngstars

    we produced the song/beat

  23. BP98201

    Yes jaw millz

  24. 518NorthSide

    did u make it?

  25. DrewSmoothTV

    My nigga finally putting some real shit out finally millz

  26. heavydedicationtv2

    behind the scenes on the way

  27. The Youngstars

    we produced this! follow us on twitter @The_Youngstars!

  28. The Youngstars

    thank you!

  29. JohnG Beats

    #Smoke1 2 it.

  30. Mike McIndy

    He making songs like he unsigned ..this that real shit ppl like..

  31. Richard S.

    nigga shut up

  32. skyghost

    wayne loves NY people but the few who run NY give him and his team a hard time you wouldn't understand your bread to small to think so big

  33. skyghost

    this shit hard as fuck played it back like 5 times

  34. Andre Wallace


  35. serrribral

    Best track I've heard from Millz since he signed with YMCMB.

  36. Romeo615Videos

    song is a dope track...props jae

  37. Richard S.

    THIS nigga from ny, and the team that co sign him doesnt like his city, waste yute ting

  38. 518NorthSide

    This beat is crazy!!!