Jacquees - Waves Lyrics

[Dej Loaf:]
Let's have, sex on the beach
Playing in the sand
Just you and me
Hand in hand
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon

Bust that pussy open like a coconut
No more sneaking cause we all grown up
We ain't gotta answer to nobody do we
Got me fiending got me ready got me like ooh wee
We done been through hard phases
We been at it all week
Why you gripping on your pipe
Baby you can trust me
First saw you told my girls yeah I like what I see
I know this fame shit crazy it's gon be what it be
I wanted you that whole night but I just kept it quiet
You and your boys were bout to fight bout start a riot
I was chilling looking fly you know that Givenchy
She be hanging with them gangstas
But she dress so chic
Like let me rip you out of that
Oh yeah let's make us a scene
Starring you and I and put it on the big screen
The waves coming
The waves coming
The waves coming

Anybody ever had you can't have you like I got you now
How do I know? Cause I have control
I'm responsible for your smile
I don't smoke but I'll take a puff
Been crushing on you since you had braces on
We be in our own little world
Fuck what they be doing

Yeah let's have beach sex
See he ain't even hit yeah he missed
Now I be curving, swerving, got you lurking
On all my social media I ain't perfect
And you ain't either
But I believe in us like I believe in Jesus
So you can't fuck this up
Nigga I'm a keeper
So what you wanna do
Are you gonna keep her

Assume the position baby both legs up
Yeah it's in between your legs
I be giving good love
You don't know another nigga that a do you like me
And you ain't gotta tell nobody who you sliding with me
Told my nigga I'm a get her, I'm a make her the queen
We both flashy, high fashion, we be rocking McQueens
We should cash in on a mansion really follow our dreams
I got the cash in a bag it wouldn't fit in the jeans
And when we sexing we be going like the shit for the screens
And I ain't flexing I go harder for your moans and your screams
If niggas testing, I'm checking, 9 come with a beam
Pulling up in a Lamb and some Bape Supreme
I ain't doing shit to be extra
Tryna show you I'm better
We be on a whole 'nother vibe
Tell the truth don't lie

[Dej Loaf & Jacquees:]
(Silly... Nah that's you)
Let's have sex on the beach
Playing in the sand
Just you and me
Hand in hand
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon

Uh huh, what?
The waves coming

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    2019 [email protected] I cane to the comments just to say this....”I LLLLOVVVEEEEEE THAT DEJ LOF believes and respects and represents Jesus Christ....uuuuuuuuhhhhhhh-“”””””””””SO MUCH RESOECT TO THE STARS ⭐️ ✨ WHO STICKS TO THERE MORALS AND BELIEFS IN JESUS AND IN GENERAL ( and didn’t sale out)””””””””””””””””””.......SO MUCH LOVE💗-“YOU WILL BE GOING TO HEAVEN”,and the others straight to Hell in gasoline draws,o yea I almost forgot “JAQUEES” IS A BELIEVER IN JESUS CHRIST TOO.

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