Jackson, Wanda - You're The One For Me Lyrics

Hey, little baby, you're the one I love so much
You're an angel you thrill me with your magic touch
Ooh, when you kiss me and hold me tightly in your arms
I wanna tell you that you're the one for me
When I'm sleeping you're all I ever dream about
And in the daytime you're all I ever think about
When I am near you you set my heart and soul on fire
I wanna tell you that you're the one for me
You're the only one I'll ever long for you're very special set me all aglow
Won't you place the ring upon my finger cause darling I love you so
Hey, little darling, I want you for my dearly one
Please say you love me I'll be the queen upon you throne
We'll be so happy I know we'll ever never part
I wanna tell you that you're the one for me
You're the only one I'll ever long for...

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Jackson, Wanda You're The One For Me Comments
  1. belisario guerra

    Original: Wanda Jackson ( U.S. ) - You're the one for me ( Steve Rowland ) ( 5/1959 ). Cover: Mayte Gaos ( Spain ) - Nene lindo ( 196? ). Sussy Vecky ( Chile ) - Eres el único ( 1962 ).

  2. alex arolas garcia

    Esta buena canción la canto WANDA JACKSON en el año 1959

  3. Shalini J

    Great song choice I love them :)

  4. Max Payne

    This song makes me think of Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone), love this song.

  5. Leon Chamberlain

    what a tune....where can i get it from...is it on CD???

    Ron Viens

    the 4 CD set on the German Bear Family records has it, unless you can locate it on Capitol 45 or lp. One of her most beautiful songs.

  6. Ronald cKRUZ



    great song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tom Smith

    @cowgirlo99 You're welcome Cowgirl!

  9. cowgirlo99

    Well Thank You so much for Posting them they sure brought back alot of memorys for me and made me feel good and think about when I was a young and care free lil girl,,,Alot of water has gone under the bridge scenes then,If you know what I mean! LOL once again thanks Tom! cowgirl

  10. Tom Smith

    @cowgirlo99 Hi, my name is Tom and I posted these. You're welcome!

  11. cowgirlo99

    I dont know who posted theses but thank you so much they are GREAT! Thank You!

  12. optandus

    This one was put out as the A-side in the UK back in '59 - very original-sounding record for its day. I didn't understand at the time why this didn't race straight up the Hit Parade - fifty years later and I still don't understand! Superb song, superb vocals, superb arrangement!