Jackson, Wanda - Wasted Lyrics

Wasted lonely nights wasted times I cry
Wasted a love so true I've wasted all the love I had for you
Wasted a lovin' heart my hands were tied right from the start
Your carefree heart will never see just what this wasted love has done to me
It's made me cry it's made me lonely it makes me sad why love's disarrayed
Wasted years and years wasted tears and tears
Wasted love that was to be now all I have is wasted memory

It's made me cry...

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Jackson, Wanda Wasted Comments
  1. umorusany

    1956 too:-)

  2. Ana Huhn

    Klasse Stimme ..... Vielen Dank

  3. WandaWacko

    She's just 15 here, but she's able to tug at your heart strings. Thank goodness Hank Thompson found her.

    Tom Cam

    She was 18 in 1956. She has got to be the best all-around female singer. She is still singing in 2017.

  4. Opinionated Times

    Is this you? Is then

  5. WandaWacko

    Just a little girl when she sang this. What a voice and what a gift to us still, so many years later. Thank you Miss Wanda.

  6. Musikk profil

    Logman - no u aint dreaming - I heard it too!

  7. john schurke

    funny I found this song @ this point of the evening Hic burrrrrp

  8. Bear Le

    absolutely beautiful, and the singin is beautiful too.......

  9. Opinionated Times

    Wanda you were a goddess.


    Still is!!! ;^>

  10. tr6922

    I have thr 45 on the old black Decca label Great thanks for posting, now I have to dig it out!

  11. ringbolt9

    awesome stuff

  12. Moshe Finkelstein

    I´m kinda fonda Wanda!!

  13. jpswain48

    Before Patsy and Tammy and Dolly, There was Wanda. She was truly the first female country star.

    Kent Lewis

    Kitty Wells & Jean Shepard came before her. Prior to them, Patsy Montana was the first female country singer to have a million seller.

  14. Günter-Volker Schmidt

    Thank you very much Wanda for this great song!

  15. Jose

    I'm so wasted right now, that not even the intense sentiment of lonely come closely to describe how i feel!

  16. imanuglyfrog

    @DixielandBaker ..and i'm STILL going through it...so you're not alone..!

  17. imanuglyfrog

    @ellroypalema You and me both, her accent just sends me.............!

  18. ellroypalema

    I just love Wandas voice....