Jackson, Alan - I Wish I Could Back Up Lyrics

I wish I could back up and start all over
Cause now I'd know better the best way to love her
The words I would tell her the time I would give her
I wish I could back up and start all over

Time takes you places you never knew you'd be goin'
It softens the edges of memories you're towin'
It changes the reasons
You wanted to hold her
I wish I could back up and start all over

I wish I could back up and start all over
I'd make the first time feel like forever
Not to be younger may be just to be smarter
I wish I could back up and start all over
Time takes you places you never knew you'd be goin'
It softens the edges of memories you're towin'
It changes the reasons
You wanted to hold her
I wish I could back up and start all over
I wish I could back up and start all over
Days I would take back nights i'd wanna make longer
Moments i'd never just throw over my shoulder
I wish I could back up and start all over

But it's never too late to wanna do better
Love's never easy, changes just like the weather
Some days it's raining some are sunny and blue
There's never perfect but there's faithful and true
Time takes you places you never knew you'd be goin'
It softens the edges of memories you're towin'
It changes the reasons
You wanted to hold her
I wish I could back up and start all over
I wish I could back up and start all over

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Jackson, Alan I Wish I Could Back Up Comments
  1. ME A

    Oh God. I wish I could back up and undo the mistakes I made. Lost the one I truly loved through selfishness and pride. I still love you Linda and always will. I'll never forget you. Thank you Alan x

  2. Linda Gunter

    I wish I could go back to 2017 and I hope you are having a wonderful day and I love you so much baby.

  3. manuela mauder

    PASS OUT TIME,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. manuela mauder


  5. Mateo Espinoza

    this song is so beautiful

  6. Наталья Дейнека

    Очень красивое исполнение и сама песня!!!!!!

  7. Lucy florence Lewis

    Realy reminds me of my dad who past away nearly 3 years ago.


    I really wish I could back up and start all over if I had the Chance not doing prescription medicine

  9. Leti Romero

    This song allways makes me back TO California ...

  10. Yuhara Watson

    Very very sweet nice 👍

  11. Sherry Descoteaux

    I don’t know how but I just listened to “ I wish I could start over. What a beautiful song and I can certainly relate to the lyrics. Bless you.
    From Alberta 👍

  12. olga Meureureu goin

    J'adore les morceaux à Alan Jackson une très belle voix

  13. Lazarus Kariuki

    Allan is a real blessing to the entire universe...live long Allan Jackson

  14. laninturismo

    Beatifuuuuuuul song

  15. Casper Scott

    Happy birthdays to a brave patriot and a faithful wife. The years go slower alone. Too young to die but by God you took plenty with you. A soldier first

  16. Chirs Tran

    I wish I could back up. I Love you so much CT, i wish I could start all over.
    Love You Chi Tinh.

  17. Ngala Hansel

    Makes me think of this girl. She really loves me but she doesn't have curves and boobs (which I am really into) but she's got the sweetest kindest heart. She is almost my age and I'm told it's better to be with a girl much younger than you as the man. She broke up with me because all these thoughts led me to start ignoring her. Should I go for a girl that looks the way I want or what?

  18. thistimenextyear77

    Deep words Mr Jackson 👌

  19. mick mark

    this man will see heaven, his songs have really built me

  20. Debrah Hartmann

    Love this song

  21. Linda Gunter

    My tablet froze up on me earlier and I had to learn that all I had to do was to turn it off and turn it back on and it would be fine. I had to spend the night without it and feel like an idiot when I got it back on. This MS really sucks it is a good thing I still look good for 58.

  22. Linda Gunter

    I just got back from Church and I am not going to be able to text you on my phone because I am an idiot about modern technology baby.

  23. Carolina R.

    Alan Jackson is a DIAMOND 💜🌷🌷

  24. Carolina R.

    Alan Jackson is a Dream 🌹

  25. Carolina R.

    ALAN JACKSON IS COUNTRY MUSIC 👏🏽👏🏼👏🏾👏🏿👏🏻👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿👏🏻👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿👏🏻👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿👏🏻👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿👏🏻👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿👏🏻👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿👏🏽👏🏻👏🏿👏🏽👏🏻👏🏿👏🏼👏🏻👏🏿👏🏽👏🏻👏🏿🤠💖💖

  26. Carolina R.

    ❤️💜💜 BRAZIL LOVES ALAN JACKSON 💚💚❤️💖💖💜💜💚💚💚❤️💖💖💚💚❤️❤️❤️💚💚❤️❤️❤️💜❤️

  27. Carolina R.

    LOVE YOU FOREVER ALAN 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💚💗💚💚🇧🇷

  28. Laura T

    this really says it all. I wish so much I could go back. Alan Jackson always speaks to my heart. The other one that really gets to me is From A Distance. I'd never heard that or this before. So glad it's on YouTube. I could listen to him all day.

  29. Turbo

    Dedicated to Christine :( Mario x

  30. Israel Salazar

    💙💙💙this song brings back memories...❤❤❤💋💋💋

    Sally Martinez

    I like that song too,

  31. Tonya Reddinger

    I kow how you feel and feeling mutual and I wish I could do same thing too

  32. Pamela Knowles

    💕💕🎶✌awesome Alan Jackson

  33. Angel Martin

    "I Wish I Could Back Up" by Allen Jackson is best song ever!

  34. Betty Gomez

    Wish I could back up ,,but to late for that ,,couldn't ever start over ,,great song ,,,

  35. Boitumelo Tatlhego

    Believe me its almost everyone's wish..."backing up" thank you AJ you always outdo yourself

  36. Ora flores


  37. thistimenextyear77

    Quality 🤠

  38. Marieaigleblanche Trudel

    André beauchamp

  39. Christine Bories

    This song is lovely my daughter and her husband separate for a year terrible times for them both why both still loved one another but so happy she got back together with him few months ago and a new baby is on its way so one happy nan

  40. Linda Gunter

    Ì wish you còuĺd back up and start all over so we could be together. What do you think now baby? It would be a preþty good beginning for old age. Waybe you don't have any money left to have a relationship with me but you couĺd at lèast let me know something.

  41. Linda Gunter

    You could bàck up and stàrt all over here i àm baby and i àm just waiting. I love you so much and the future could be incŕedibĺe.

  42. Linda Gunter

    My memory does really suck but i will nener forget you Alan.

  43. nessa Mckinney


  44. nessa Mckinney


  45. bing BING

    it echoes to my soul. .... ☺

  46. kees r

    i love this song iits tell my feelings

  47. Jackson Jack

    It aint that hard to back up lyrics.

  48. Lisa Maurine Hinrichs

    This Song just tells it just tells it in a different perspective Way to us All !!! Thank zyou Mr. Alan Jackson for listing to all of Mr. Alan Jackson's Songs !! Lisa M. Hinrichs 💚💜🎵🎷💞💗🎶🎵

    DW Love


  49. Lisa Maurine Hinrichs

    Never is to Late , !! You & others as well , Have to Try Your Best , to Give It Your All & Don't ever give up on That Certain Special Someone!!! Life is Way to Short & Precious!!! Sincerely Lisa.😉😘💛💦💖💚

  50. Juan Rubio K

    i wish I could back up to love my girl because I love her so much & her love me so much too 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 i love u Andera

    Sandra Ncube

    ncoooow 😍sweet

  51. Lisa Maurine Hinrichs

    We all live our Lives to the Fullest each & every day !! I am glad I don't take Life for Granted ,& never will ever , What I know from my relationship with anyone, you don't ever lie to each other ,Always talk things over weather it's bitter sweet or not !! Be Very Honest & Truthful to each other !! . Thank you Mr. Alan Jackson,Very Beautiful Song!! Lisa M.Hinrichs.🎶💜🎻💞

  52. Sharon French


  53. Stacey Barr


    khaled elmasry

    this is the same place that I used to run to every night with my lost love and good old memories , country love songs , why we enjoy the love pain

  54. Cass Scott

    there is never perfect but there is faithful and true.

  55. Theo Grieve

    you only make a heart love someone for so long and then it ends

    Linda Gunter

    I have not even combed my hair today deprècition reàlly sucks.

    Linda Gunter

    ßòmeone likes what i have to type is it you love of my life? Life would be so much like liveing if it is you Alan.

    Linda Gunter

    I'm back it does not take any time to go to the kiþchen..

    Linda Gunter

    What do you want to read now how happy i am going to be if you ever do show up here.

    Linda Gunter

    How are you doing do you feel as lutty as i am hopefully so.?

  56. Joana Pereira

    Maravilhosa música

  57. Michele Williams

    Don't we all!

    Jennifer Dijames

    OH yes we do.

  58. zefita leandro

    I leve you Alan Jackson,os vídeos e as músicas dele . . .

  59. Simone Vieira

    queria comecar td de novo........linda

  60. Ron Leighman

    I wish I could back up and turn right instead of left, change the wheels of fate do it right.

  61. Helen Williams

    I would like to say these word to my baby girl sara I love her and I do miss her so much

  62. William Fillingame

    This song brings back so many good memory's for me but time dose change things for a person and i wish i could have had a second chance..

  63. Laercio ferreira bezerra Ferreira Bezerra

    Que elohim abençoe a todos

  64. Marge Ramalho

    Eu tambem gostaria de fazer um back up e começar tudo de novo.
                          Linda música linda linda.

  65. shyamoli100

    This song always makes me cry so much!!!


    Me too.. very much. Back to better times in my lonely life.

  66. bearded schlim

    there s never perfect, there s just faithful and true

  67. cathy cath

    i wish a wonderful life....

  68. Marlene Wagner


  69. Christopher Deering

    this made me want to die then be reborn to make love with a dead rabbit and a toast :) good times though this songs kind skadghaildli;gvtikeatlrgl

  70. Ron Nelson

    Same here. Sadly, we can't. All we have left is the memories.


    Yeah I wish the same thing,I'd do it all different,and keep my wisdom.If I knew all I know now,I'd like to back up, and start all over!

  72. Me-R

    takes me back in time I don't even know.

  73. Lee Tinh

    @fox7seven : She will be in your heart 4ever.......

  74. Kohnen Rainer

    Super Tolle Alan Jackson is the best

  75. TheChiken Man

    Yes. But love can heal those wounds. All you have to do is give it a chance. Even when you feel you can't.
    "Yesturday is history, Tommorrow's a mystery, but Today is a gift. That is why it is called the Present." Love it as such.

  76. SVRKitten

    Love Really Kills,My Heart Is Stiched But The Wounds Are Still There.

  77. Marv S

    There's no doubt in my mind that if this scintillating song had been the first single from his wonderful 'Good Time' CD, that it could have conceivably been one of the very biggest hits of his exhilirating career; this is one song of his that I wish lots of country statrions would play once or twice a day, although it was never released as a single.

    Thanks for supplying those awesome lyrics.

  78. Suzanne fereiro

    One Of a Kind ....Soul Touching song!

  79. Jiannamarie1

    Alan is a handsome man :)

    Jennifer Dijames


  80. cherewykk

    If this song was released as a single it would have hit #1

  81. Cody S

    @Mourmaline Yea if they disliked this song they have no idea at all what love means,

  82. Cody S

    This songs hits it hard on the head. It's exactly what I wish I could do with my ex gf. I screwed that up bad and I just wish that I could do it one more time and make it right.

  83. MAR_I_MAN

    Best song

    Lisa Maurine Hinrichs


  84. Melody J

    Wow..whoever disliked this song doesn't know what love means.

    khaled elmasry

    I feel connected with every women who lost her love and getting healed with country love songs

  85. Wayne Farrell

    this is a nice song i want to try to sing this and i think its its in (G)

  86. rstory10063

    @RATCRAB Know where you're coming from Ratcrab. Know where you're coming from . . .

  87. nickw09

    @xJacobHallman yea it dose.. makes me cry when i hear it

  88. Karl-Oskar H

    I like what you said there :)

  89. 60fatman

    The words say it all. Either get busy living or get busy dieing. Let me tell ya young man in the foolishness of your youth be very careful what you ask for. For as a leaf in a tempest try as you may you can NEVER go back.

  90. Jim Shelton

    True. If I had known that I would live as long as I have I would have taken better care of myself, and my relationships, I would hope. Sigh. Looking forward -----------.

    Lisa Maurine Hinrichs

    hello Jim Shelton , Don't ever Give up on Yourself , or Someone that Means The World Deal in Your Heart of Hearts !! I am Lisa M.Hinrichs , I am married to my husband,. for 33 years ! Sure we all have Our Ups & Downs with Each other Jim Shelton, But Try Not to Ever Give Up on your Very Beautiful & Special Lady , !! You keep Trying my dear, !! Don't give up that easly , if your situation did work with your Lady , ,I would Very Persistent & tell her Exactly The Way You Feel About her !!! I am trying help you , Sorry if I said anything out of line , But it No Gut No Glory ,You go For What you Believe in Mr. Jim Shelton !!! And Good Luck to You Mr.Jim Shelton !!! that I truly mean for you Jim!!! Sincerely Lisa M. Hinrichs.Keep Your Chin Up , Keep Trying & don't ever give up at All , when the Time is right for it you will know !! Good Luck to your Coming Future!!! Lisa M. Hinrichs.😉💫💫🎷💫:-):-)

  91. Jiannamarie1

    Beautiful voice...very elegant sounding music..and seems like Alan is really singing from his heart like many other great country singers..he is my fav!!

  92. Colin Owens

    i agree with everybody i love a gurl and we fought to nights ago and i just wish i could back up and start all over btw alan jackson is the best out there love you alan

  93. tamuin tamuinn

    norsk tekst hade vert kult ;)

  94. Jucelena Lino

    Simplismente eu estou apaixonada pela voz do Allan!!I love you Allan!!!!

  95. David Martines

    All our lives have a different story....but its all about the same thing.....LOVE.

    Lisa Maurine Hinrichs

    David Martines , You are so Very Right about, Everyone s Story in All of Our Lives!!! Thank You for your comment David , & good luck to you in your life!! Lisa M. Hinrichs.