Jackson 5 - I Am Love Lyrics

The eyes of love will watch you
As you go from day to day
The hands of love will catch you
When you fall along the way
My arms will hold and be with you
Your whole life through
'Cause I am love
And I'm in love with you

I find myself in wonder
Of why I've been misused
When love brings understanding
How can it be confused
(War and poverty wasn't meant to be)
Hate is drivin' me away
'Cause I am love
And I'd love to stay

Come back lover, come back
This is where you belong
Come back lover, come back
This is where you belong
Come back lover, come back
This is where you belong
Come back lover, come back
This is where you belong
Come back lover, come back
This is where you belong
Come on back, oh yeah
Please, this is where you belong

I am love
Sprinkle myself around you
I am love
Shower my warmth upon you

I'm the answer to the question
My key unlocks your heart
I'm your friend and your lover
Your sister and your brother

Let me in your mind
(Let's get together)
You're runnin' out of time
(Let's get together)
Your wish is my command
(Let's get together)
People take my hand
(Let's get together
(Love, love, love, love)
(Let's get together, let's get together)

I am love,
Sprinkle myself around you,
I am love
Shower my warmth upon you

I am love
I am love

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Jackson 5 I Am Love Comments
  1. Edward Lewis

    FAVORITE J5 SONG..........

  2. MTN Productions

    This was the B-side to “The Lady In My Life” by Michael Jackson which was issued as a repressed 12” single on the Tamla label in the 1990’s which is very hard to come by.

  3. Scott Johnson

    Hell yeah. 1979 Chicago. They toe(tore) it up. Marlon was great. The brothers J stepped up on this one . Ps Marlon sang Jermaine part in concert !

  4. Faheem Wadud

    Greatest Boy Band ever.

  5. Jim Cairns

    Kin hell ❤️🔥 soooooooo beautiful

  6. Peter Hudgens

    My brother had the album and would play it loud enough for the whole block to hear it. I never got tired of hearing this gem.

  7. Huck Barry

    The funk!! Listen to the Get Together ALbum.

  8. Nelson Diaz

    Masterpiece!!!No computers 😎💕

  9. 7th Heaven

    We played this song on the jukebox every school day at lunchtime in the restaurant where we ate lunch. Damn those were the days in the 70s!!

    7th Heaven


  10. Jer Cap

    Ummm ummm ummmmmmmmm master classic

  11. TheEditorialSuite

    One of the best songs EVER made. Hands f-ing down!!!

  12. Michael Pittman

    This is the shit! Especially on the end when them drums kickend classic J-5 bumping still in july 2019

    Kevin Hamlet

    Michael Pittman,this is my joint they performed this on their TV show in the summer of '74 bruh, classic J5 ya dig

  13. Sal Amato

    one of the most underrated songs by the fam, the arrangements, guitar work are second to none

  14. Shadi Muhammad


  15. ErickD Jennings

    I'm the answer to the question

  16. ErickD Jennings

    Jacksons funky song Jermain and Mike tore it up

  17. Marese Addams

    Love song forever.

  18. Machiel van Dijk

    came here from the game songpop and am glad I did😎

  19. Russell Crawford

    I like this song from 1975. But Michael Jackson liked young fellows large intestine, yucky

  20. rickw1100

    One of their best before MJ became a Thriller.

  21. Ruben Rico

    one of the greatest from 1975

  22. Demetrius Dillard

    It's sad that "I Am Love" was the Jackson family's last major hit (#15 pop, #3 R&B) for "The Sound Of Young America" before "Papa Joe"--disillusioned and disgusted with Gordy's reluctance to allow the boys to write and produce their own material--herded his sons to Epic (sans Jermaine, who remained at Motown [he was also married to Gordy's daughter, Hazel, at the time]).

  23. Keith Tunstill

    The drummer broke the stix on this one. What fantastic song. I was a young man when I first heard this and it was thrilling! Still is.

  24. Craig Ezell

    This is a phenomenal number by the Jacksons demonstrating that they were gradually moving beyond the bubblegum soul they were initially noted for.It rocks. Musically challenging.

  25. Akecheta Lahpay

    This joant floats...💯

  26. TheEditorialSuite

    "I'm your friend and your lover, your sister and your brother." Man......

    Highly Favored

    TheEditorialSuite prince copied this verse

  27. Iwone Kulawa

    April 2019. First heard this on the Sonny and Cher show.

  28. Dana Heard

    The harmony from the brothers voices is outstanding

  29. Felicia Barber


  30. zenobia328

    Sooooooo good.

  31. Cas82958

    6:42 nice vocal run for a 15 yr old

  32. ken foster

    The only song J5 made where MJ wasn't the lead singer

  33. Ralph Audiffred

    Love saves the day...

  34. Lavelle Waters

    Tito killed that guitar 😮

  35. Black Storm

    Yes!!! Thanks for uploading!😎

  36. LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    sounds it recorded in Miami at tk studios.

  37. Karen Ross

    Damn I lived for Michael's part!

  38. cleveland waters

    Thanks for sharing !!! 👍🏾

  39. cleveland waters

    My god I have been looking for this song for years. I thought Jermaine did this in his solo career. It was done with J5 Dancing Machine! Favorite song as a kid.

  40. Laura McClure

    Love this one❤🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵 mama used to play this one till the album skipped🔥

  41. Michelle Howard

    Forgot about this song. One of their best.

  42. Devarn Burks

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤👍👍👍👍👍👍2019 OLD SCHOOL THE BEST SCHOOL

  43. roast beef

    The electric guitar can gtfoutta here lol

  44. Jazzanista

    Came here because George Jefferson was singing this at the beginning of an episode.

    K Moore

    Exactly. Lionel was in this particular episode too...It was centered around him. This was a big hit back in the day...

  45. Jazzanista

    The intro! Mannnnnnnnn 😢😍

  46. Roland Green

    Still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  47. Christian Leonardo

    progressive rock with r&b and bubblegum pop... what a great trip

  48. Kenny Burgess

    It charted at #3 on the US Billboard R&B chart and #15 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US!!!

  49. Mohamed SEGHIRI

    🚀C'est une bombe mais à 3'40🚀 ça devient un vrai missile. 🚀(part 1 et part 2🚀).

  50. LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    I wanna go to Miami with this jam here.

  51. Neosoulgroovydude

    Most j5 afficionados know this song. It was a hit.

  52. brian skeete


  53. Lance R Greene

    REAL MUSIC (hairhasaface.com)

  54. Pearl Jr Documentary Filmmaker

    U can't guess how Michael faked his death u must learn how
    he did becuz it's never been done b4-

    Watch mind-blowing genius of Michael Joe Jackson here:








    or dvd:


  55. Cas82958

    George Jefferson was singing this song in the beginning of episode 3 of season 1 of The Jeffersons.


    Cas82958 yes! That’s why I had to find it!!


    @Jazzanista that's really awesome. In the next episode Lionel the Playboy, Lionel and George both sing The Jackson 5 song "the life of the party".

  56. MissKarma1000

    Tito and Jermaine tho did the damn thing on the guitar riffs crossing this song over from R&B to Rock in the middle of the song! LEGENDS!


    They never played instruments on any of the Jackson 5 albums. Motown hired session players.

  57. skfj67


  58. Kimberlee Taylor

    Love Jermaine's lead vocals on this one. Just a smooth song, like melted chocolate!

  59. Talib Numan

    Wore the 45 of this record out when I was young thanks for the post great memories

  60. Pearl Jr Documentary Filmmaker

    Michael Jackson faked his death see ALL the proof evidence clues and facts here: Watch trailers www.vimeo.com/ondemand/improvedalive1 & www.vimeo.com/ondemand/alive2michaeljackson & www.vimeo.com/ondemand/aliveiiimichaeljackson

  61. Ron paizley

    Another all time fave from the j5 MIKE N JERMAINE LAID THIS OUT // they were way ahead of themselves

  62. thejazzman210

    Very underrated song. This is actually one of the best J5 songs ever recorded.

  63. Classic boxing and mma


  64. Regina Craig

    Yassss Jermaine!

  65. BOCfan

    This tune needed a third verse, too damn good to transition so soon

  66. Harry Soolia

    This sounds like every song on Funkadelic's Maggot Brain condensed into 7 and a half perfect minutes

  67. Hobert Goode

    From one Garyite to another: Thanks Joe Jackson! Rest well my Brother.

  68. Curtis Ball

    This is great. Glad to hear an unsung cut for the first time

  69. Mr Unique74

    @5:55 [email protected]:05 cold vamp & transition!! Drummer went TF off!!!

  70. Mr Unique74

    Raise your hand if your childhood brought u here :)

  71. Ruben Rico

    one of the best songs from these guys great memories growing up chicagoland

  72. way gill

    the best of the best

  73. John Pearson


  74. Luther Reigns

    My favorite song by them. The middle section is just immaculate.

  75. Jazzmayn Griffo

    i love the guitar solo

  76. zado5 v

    See ths is the kind of music we old schoolers grew up hearing didn't make us violent to each other, but our kids the new schooler's the music thy hear is violent in nature so it makes them violent an want to hurt each other, tht rap sht is at the top of the list, started off kool tho some of it was nice but dam wht happen, somebody tell us..

  77. Daniel Burns

    this song went to #15 on the pop charts in 1975!!!

    Ced Bigby

    I love pt 2

  78. Pearl Jr Documentary Filmmaker

    did you know it's NOT over yet! 100% proof+evidence+clues all based on facts proving Michael Jackson faked his death! watch this now: www.vimeo.com/ondemand/improvedalive1 & www.vimeo.com/ondemand/alive2michaeljackson & www.vimeo.com/ondemand/aliveiiimichaeljackson

  79. LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.

    after the relaxed lay back part soothes in then that hard rock coming from the shredding like blue oyster cult to Kansas. very hypnotic even j. Cole can process this. I love the getting down of the fender Rhodes keyboard chaw.


    This album came out in 1974 NOT 1972.

    Randy Johnson

    ok. my bad.


    For a rush job, it came out rather well.
    One of their best for Motown.

  81. victoria mc laurin


  82. Lady T

    Love that album cover!

  83. Maurice White

    The Very Best Jackson 5 tune.

  84. Carolyn Howell

    I have this album in my collection

  85. Neosoulgroovydude

    this song charted and they peerformed it.

  86. bruthermark

    Bro This album came out in 1974 when Jermaine was 20 and Michael 16, not 1972.

  87. DaMan478


  88. bruthermark

    I am Love was quite popular when it came out in 74, growing up in Hollis Queens at that time WBLS played the radio (short) version all the time.

  89. Felton Phillips

    God (creator) is LOVE

  90. Pearl Jr Documentary Filmmaker

    Docs prove Michael Jackson faked his death, learn all about it here: www.vimeo.com/ondemand/alive2michaeljackson 100% factual

  91. 120 BV

    Psychedelic/funk/early disco. 1974 baby! Great clavinet, guitars, and trippy synthesizers.

  92. George Conway

    One of my all time favorite songs

  93. Giles Peterson

    Don't get me wrong, I love the Jackson 5.
    But Erick The Architect took the beginning and flipped it into a gem.

  94. AsiaDanceScene

    Dancers love this song as we can groove to that first bit and go crazy to the second. Awesome song for performances.

  95. Roger Minnick

    Rodger looking for penpal in Florida

  96. RDBSoulController10

    Couse i ain't love and id hate to stay!

  97. RDBSoulController10

    I drink a lot of water man!

  98. RDBSoulController10

    Don't have nothing to say! ANALOG!

  99. Karley Jackson *

    The Jackson's where very romantic. :) I love ALL their songs.