J Hus - Daily Duppy Lyrics

J Hus
GRM Daily
Daily Duppy

Yo, I'm tired of this life
I just caught a Fed case
Ended up in handcuffs
And caught a next case, next case
They found the food in the glove compartment
And took all the cash from my mum's apartment
Thank God I got bail again
I left the station
Feds on my tail again
Mulla's on the wheel
Had to tell him put his foot down
My seat all the way back and my hood down
Spin the dutchie, put something in the air
Blue lights coming from the rear
They say freedom is priceless
I just wanna free my mind
Dead or in jail, that's no legacy to leave behind
I can't say you been good to me
Ain't nothing good in the hood for me
Tell my real G's I stay bangin' for ya
I can't roll without my tool
It's the paranoia
Posted on the block in the cold weather
Banging for the ends like we don't know better
Like mummy didn't raise us with morals
We ain't strangers to struggle
We're just dutty with no leather
Beefing over biscuit crumbs
I can't talk about them looting's
But I witnessed some
If I could choose any life
I wouldn't pick this one
And mummy always knew she had a gifted son
Young rebels with no olders
Damn, I got devils on both shoulders
Who told you that this life was amazing
Stuck on probation with no qualifications
The roads ain't cool
They must of told you otherwise
Trust me I'm innocent
But only in my mother's eyes
And I know that she shed a couple tears
I was 16, I thought I'd be dead a couple years
Chilling on the ends with no money
Big fat pole, I heard them niggas wanna roll on me
All these death threats
And I don't even know donny
And if I ever let my mum down, I'm so sorry
I was broke for too long
So I started juggin'
Hell's kitchen, same place that we started cooking
Pass me a plate, and pass me the salad cream
And tell me why I always die when I'm having dreams
I had a dream that my mother had to bury me
I got rode on by the enemy
They turnt J Hus to a memory
My niggas never rid for me
It's like they no remember me
So I guess I'm on my lowly sun
Nuff' man have been there before
I ain't the only one
Listening to case, when I'm thinking bout' life
I'm only with her for the night
So why's she talking bout' wife?

J Hus
GRM Daily Duppy
Hustla Baby

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J Hus Daily Duppy Comments
  1. Asset Ra

    He is ahead the gems he’s dropping on his tweets .. if ur black and aware you would know he is smart..

  2. Saxoo

    you killed hus

  3. Joshua Pope

    This is proper fire

  4. a.ali2k5

    *Nice 🎩*

  5. Youtube User

    Pussy hole

  6. Sosa Ruhinda

    He needs to battle chip who do you think wins?

  7. Volcano Life

    I love em daily duppy raps

  8. Volcano Life

    I love em daily supply raps

  9. vShootOverDose-_-

    I do my english hw while listening to J Hus daily duppy

    Cuz is a straight dictionary

  10. BackWheelBandits 2.0

    Banger in 2020👊💚🇮🇪

  11. Faiz Hassan

    Your the best my nigga ❤️❤️❤️❤️😢

  12. Mahamadou Camara

    🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 one of the best song j hus made

  13. Mahamadou Camara

    Man like j hus

  14. Hamid Rais

    If shaytan prayed today would he be forgiven? Deep

    Rahat Ahmed

    Hamid Rais no it isn’t, the answer should be obvious

  15. Joe Roberts

    I know I'm late but J Hus u kiiiiiiiled it man!

  16. John Gleeson

    Now this is real shit. Not the wack shit everyone esle is talking about

  17. Ex DrugDealer

    The gucci drip is so severe

  18. Paul Evans

    61yrs old been a mod ,skinhead,scaly the lot into culture but these youngers bring it hard would have loved to have been young now best stuff by a mile hold your heads up high keep safe

  19. Bruhitsme_ yk.

    Zain got banged for this

  20. Martial Kinteh

    King of UK

  21. Abdullah A

    If shaytan pray to will he be forgiven?

  22. Eloquent Paradox

    He sounds like Logic from Peoples Army..

  23. Anas wizzy

    Jheeeez He Went off Wallahi !!! 🔥🔥

  24. Tim Hearn

    J hus and MoStack sound so similar

  25. Money Mike

    This guy's just too sick, Intelligent wordplay is what I live for. I'll be collaborating with him soon, remember the date and mark my words lol

  26. Hungry Pockets

    Na jhus you fucked dis serious 💯🔥👌🏿🤲🏿👏🏿

  27. Jack Murphy

    The Greatest of the New Skool

  28. J deeplock

    Treal youth culture

  29. West Banx Yaad Man

    Juju is back big conspiracy

  30. E Nuff C Nuph

    How is he rated so highly? I just don't hear it.

    Jackpot Winner

    You don’t understand music. It’s ok, plenty of time to learn.

    E Nuff C Nuph

    @Jackpot Winner yea, that's it....... My 35 year's of listening, 20 year's of playing, mixing, sequencing, engineering, writing, & producing music, just aren't enough to give me the right to an honest opinion.... What do I need to do, to earn the right of having my own personal opinion? Please help me "understand" what I should like to "learn what music is"!


    this was his first song after coming out of prison that's why it has so many views


    E Nuff C Nuph music is subjective tho, so let us with our jhus, if you dont like it its okay 👌🏾

  31. honeybeeani

    My mood goes up and down like the stock market

  32. Fabian Probz

    Now i see' best rapper alive!

  33. Korin1992 Tutt

    Sir hus yana

  34. Darren Chaage

    Manz spittin like he got no teeth 🔥🔥🔥

  35. Davieb2007

    Just wait for my tape to release...smooth as fuck

  36. Davieb2007

    Hes so good.

  37. TrueVi3ionZ

    Checkout my freestyle 🔥🔥 would mean alot 😊

  38. J Dub

    Felt every word

  39. Thedon pascoe

    One of the best daily duppys till this day

  40. Jay Peters Luke

    Straight fire that's all

  41. Davieb2007

    I think J Hus is extremely under rated. Such a flow.

  42. Musha Malcolm

    Whose picture is that, when he says I need to be a leader?


    Nahh you're uncultured🤦🏾‍♂️

    Blue Bob

    Musha Malcolm Martin Luther king and Nipsey Hussle

    Musha Malcolm

    I knew who it was, just wanted to make sure on the Nipsey one.

  43. koobs

    Shit hard asf init 😥🔥🔥

  44. Craig Magwere

    Juju man

  45. Who knows Nobody knows

    Just deeped this was 9 months ago

  46. Malik Kent

    If my name was Smith they'd have to add a wesson

  47. Mike McDonald

    Risk taker not a compromiser💨💨

  48. Shellious T

    J hus goes different

  49. MrMellowist

    What PAC track is this sampled from

  50. TheTrapperjaw

    Man in need of that beat yo. Sick bassline.

  51. Abbas Dafalla

    It's meaningfully cool such it's.

  52. Son Goku


  53. Immaculateve

    Replay value

  54. Firell Parker

    Girls who's in the EPL disliked this Freestyle

  55. Sub Solo

    still had to put a bullet in the slave master !

  56. Tyler Collins

    Straight fucking bars bro💯✈️❌

  57. Brian Mullins


    Still poppin'

  58. M

    Wordplay tho

  59. Hamid Rais

    Big bund she in the Bundesliga ! Sick !

  60. Donny Dank

    Never had ah child hood like Lizzie McGuireee

  61. Dale Richardson

    Best rap I’ve heard

  62. Mohammed said

    His hard wallah 👌👌

  63. Pa Bojang

    Gambian king mr j hus

  64. RGLD. supreme

    toooooooo much fiiiiiirrreee on the mic

  65. CJ Don


  66. kamal mohamed

    2020 whose here??, 😍😍😍

  67. Angela Brooks

    Just heard of him😭😭😭😭. I’ve been missing out. Love from Az🌵

  68. Adam Mweshi

    whos here in 2020

  69. bubz75


  70. Oscar Birch

    'They close down the youth club and build a new prison'- Tory goverment summed up

  71. Frank Russell

    Link for that jacket

  72. Cillian Flaterty

    I own that hat

  73. Gabriel Louchart

    J hus great rap

  74. Rebuild Pls

    Jhus best rapper in UK

  75. Daniel Rodríguez Music

    keep grinin

  76. Luke Davis

    Beat's slick and Hus coming tough 🔥

  77. Candice Harrington

    She's spining

  78. J Hus

    Who’s here after he announced his new track no denying?

  79. Mamadu Balde

    Auntie : What’s your name nephew?
    Me: Smith + Wesson
    Mum: We had to add “Wesson”

  80. tony2roots

    Mutant j hus

  81. MF Grant

    God Damn this has to be one of the hardest versus I've ever heard from a UK artist. Is this considered rap or grime ?


    This is UK rap bro

  82. Faraz Adris

    This ones special

  83. cheddar black black

    This was the best freestyle from a english artist in 2019 hands down.

  84. Gaga Productions

    Youths bad trust me!

  85. AYY JAZZ

    Hands down 1 of The top 3 Duppy’s

    Louis pitchley

    I reckon it’s prob j hus first, mostaxk second , Avelino third


    Louis pitchley
    J hus


    👇 👇💜

  87. Matthew Dimitris


  88. Nicholas Baker

    What's the instrumental?

  89. Sammy Messi


  90. Fk Grip

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  91. EL ARJI Faïz

    dem ringz look madd. I dot my i's, and cross all my t's

  92. Father Chris UwU

    autotune be like:

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    Iconic 👑

  94. C P

    ghostwriter going in hard tho

    Splitzy Entertainment

    What ghost writer lol

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    Had to tell the queen keep smiling 😆😆😆😆💯If you want to conquer them cause a division 🔞If my name was smithon they woulda had to add weston🔫🔫🔫💯💯😎

  96. alfie29

    mans on fire