Iron & Wine - Song In Stone Lyrics

Songbirds in the morning, had my head lost in the tall trees
I knew well, well I would say
Dreaming my dry weeds
Stray light finds its way to all of us
Say something green, it comes back
Sign light on my lips, let 'em kiss, dark leaves
Let the hands of the wrong prophets heal me all they should
Let the wine of the poison Jesus says tastes good
And all those trees lay down if you were a bird and fell into my arms

If I wrote your song in stone
If I wore your wings back home
Where the dreams in the backwater drown us far from home

Give this to the gray, it comes back gold
Birds of the morning, they may know
Know more than us, giving their hymns for life
Let the waves on the wrong water say what they will say
While the wind and the broken branches float me away
All tall tree lay down if you were the bird who fell into my arms

I could write your song in stone
I could wear your wings back home
Where the dreams in the backwater drown us far from home

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Iron & Wine Song In Stone Comments
  1. mtailgator

    Preference is the electro-jazz funk mystery school shit, nevertheless this is extraordinary in it's own right.

  2. Viktorija Jankauskaitė'

    Oh beautiful.

  3. C E

    Woodstock revisited n 2018 ☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️

  4. J.J. & Jeff

    I missed these songs. No one can make songs like this, Mr. Beam. No one has your energy,

  5. Major Cat

    It's so good!! Recommend 10/10

  6. Kerlian Ojeda


  7. Đinh Học

    all alone, sad more sad

  8. 12sin8

    getting some major Nick Drake vibes from the guitar strumming!

    Ingrid Todesco

    Exactly!! Tim Buckley vibes also:)

  9. saltypies

    I've missed this Iron & Wine. Earnest, beautiful harmonies, a simple song in comparison to his output in the past few years but it warms me up so much nicer.