Iron & Wine - Me And Lazarus Lyrics

Me and Lazarus, we shovel all the ashes out
Black bare linens blowing 'round
Back and forth and up and down
oh oh woah, guess I had nowhere else to go

Me and Lazarus kept bailing on the riverboat
Floating by the choir rose
Bobbing in the ebb and flow
oh oh woah, guess I had nowhere else to go

He's an emancipated punk and he can dance
But he's got a hole in the pocket of his pants
Must be a symptom of outstanding circumstances

Me and Lazarus, we fiddle with a baby spoon
Fever flowing through the room
Far too long and way too soon
oh oh woah, guess I had nowhere else to go

Me and Lazarus, we pick up papa's white boy blues
Hand-me downs and Sunday shoes
Never made the local news
oh oh woah, guess I had nowhere else to go

And I'm a liberated loser that can roll
But where my pocket was I'm peeking through a hole
A couple second-chances surely would console me

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Iron & Wine Me And Lazarus Comments
  1. rodica zwilling

    Wunderschön 🌺

  2. S Watt

    This is more honest and soulful than the album version. I like this much more.

  3. kwijung

    I like this better than the album version by far

  4. Gabriel Robinson

    Anyone know the chords? Different tuning?


    It's A5, G and D...
    But with a capo on third it puts it in the key of C (which I think is the same as on the record)

  5. sulaimanswaleh

    i.....should grow a beard......

  6. JBLuv311

    Where is his sister and who is that other lady in her spot?

  7. alberts1985

    Boom...... blazin up

  8. Jango Fetty

    What's wrong with you?

  9. andrewsohott

    the featured video scared the crap out of me.

  10. Daniel Walker

    @loverer45 Wtf, that's exactly what I'm doing, soup and all haha.

  11. Benyahia

    Who's Lazarus

  12. tabitha brannon

    *bread man

  13. tabitha brannon

    lovin the breadvman and lovin the tastey tuneage c:

  14. White Robot Film Commission

    i like it better than the studio version!

  15. enZo

    @StopTheInsanityMan hahaha wow that does look like him. wouldnt that be something, Beam and Reynolds? epic!

  16. StopTheInsanityMan

    At first it looked like Tim Reynolds was pickin on the mandolin. lol

  17. rainy daze

    Just chillin, eating soup, and watching Sam Beam. Great afternoon:)

  18. landers1983

    Sam is awesome, we should all take a tip from his music, plus this is beautiful, and if you don't think so, go back to listening to the pre-produced pop shit, and all that so called "rock" music that the studios are shitting out. God bless you Sam, you keep music alive in my heart and others!

  19. Fecal Octopi

    i had to adjust the volume on my computer quite a bit to be able to hear him

  20. runtismaximus

    @SuperNoobTroll tool

  21. SuperNoobTroll

    cant wait til The Hangover 2!!!!