Iron & Wine - Loretta Lyrics

Look at the shadow on our trees
Seems to mean an early dusk
Loretta looked up, the grey sky low
Two-by-two on the bus

Water and anger in our house
Though she spoke of rainbows
Reachin' the roof with soakin' shoes
River's up, where'd she go?

You're wiser, oh Loretta
You're wiser, and only twenty-five

During the TV floatin' by
Through our room and out the door
Loretta, she prayed for what to do
If it rained any more

She was a wash-cloth wet with love
I was not, she was mine
I'm in the olive tree next door
River's up to my eyes

You're wiser, oh Loretta
Much wiser, and only just in time

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Iron & Wine Loretta Comments
  1. Sanctioned Taco

    I wonder if this is about lost love of his.

  2. Sarah McCunney

    I think this is my favorite from the album. Thanks a ton for continuing to share your music, Sam!

    Matthew Garcia

    I agree. Should have made it onto the full-length album, 'The Creek Drank The Cradle,' at the time these demos were recorded. But so glad this entire album is on Spotify!

    Zad Ras

    One of his songs that don't even make sense but still makes you feel something

  3. W - enja

    Amazing, I love this song 🎶!!