Iron & Wine - Half Moon Lyrics

Halfway home in the hilltop trees
And all our footprints in the snow
And the evening glow leaving

Low night noise in the wintertime
I wake beside you on the floor
Counting your breathing

Cause I can't see nothing in this half moon
Lay me down if i should lose you.

Halfway-working on a worn-out house
And all our friends the ragged crows
And aching bones whining.

Where are we when the twilight comes?
The dark of valley and the breeze
And the frozen leaves chiming?

Cause I can't see nothing in this half moon
Lay me down if i should lose you...

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Iron & Wine Half Moon Comments
  1. lucyshoes

    My favorite version of Half Moon... how can i find or purchase this particular version?? The mando... flute...?

  2. andrew b

    Holy fuck this is good

  3. Manny Perez

    his is best when solo

  4. Art Vandelay

    Hermosa canción

  5. Drake Phegan

    holy shit that IS Marketa! Iron&Wine and Swell season ftw

  6. Rodrigo Ribeiro


  7. Guga Neto

    Is that Marketa Irglova as backing vocals???? this song is beautiful. Tks, Sam.

    Wade Haskell

    Sure is!

  8. Jake Kolesar

    is that marketa irglova from swell season?


    awesome. just breathtaking as only he can be. my life would be just worst without iron and wine

  10. Mara

    I met him after he did a show in NC and not only was the show fantastic and not only is he the most wonderful musician to ever exist, he is just the friendliest, coolest guy EVER. He gave me hugs and was so super nice. I LOVE HIM.

  11. peterjmizzi

    Love this song

  12. DaveyVsGodzilla

    Jesus! Only 109 video since September? You might edit the title to be more specific. This is high quality stuff!